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  1. Lol , a also see he laboring to throw a 10 yard out route
  2. They was giving hooker chance to prove he can stay healthy
  3. Not going up tempo more and running out of shotgun instead of from under center
  4. They was gonna ultimately try to fit Malik and Blackmon as 2 playmaking safety’s but hooker health just isn’t worth the risk and Willis has been excellent with tackles he rarely ever miss one ,
  5. Clark and the other guy didn’t get many reps thru the week smith was injured on Thursday and the ref was ridiculous with the holding calls Nelson got called for 2 or 3 of the 9 or so holding calls
  6. Yea he is never gonna be like Hines in that regard but screen game and dump offs type plays he’s gonna he productive
  7. One thing he doesn’t get enough credit for is , he looks very good in the pass game
  8. Rivers is average at this point in his career , i know we not going anywhere with him but I don’t mind the young Qb learning from a true vet but these young guy now a days come right in and can play but I do agree with decision to sit the rookie and let him learn
  9. That was a bad call , no way around it. If a wr caught a ball like that it would be ruled incomplete cause he didn’t maintain possession and let alone a defended catch when I guy has his hand in there
  10. Yea I agree frank has a real short lease on Taylor but rivers have unlimited rope , vet making rookie mistakes is ok but rookie making rookie mistakes they get punished
  11. Yea I liked what I was seeing out of him , like he learned from last week on the goal line when he tired to go thru and under , this time he went over got the TD , yes he fumbled , but he hasn’t put the ball on the ground all year and the ravens is one of the best at taking the ball away. He fumbled on a play he was being aggressive put his pads on a guy and was carrying the pile it’s unfortunate that he fumbled and it lead to a Td but he made a mistake being aggressive it’s not a reason to bench him
  12. 1 fumble and he was done , frank benched him
  13. Nope let him learn from the bench we need him to have full offseason of work , he may very well be the starter next year
  14. Taylor was looking good until before he got bench cause of the fumble ,
  15. If frank had rivers on the same lease he had Taylor on rivers would be in trouble
  16. He missed pitman to a on deep ball
  17. They shouldn’t have benched Taylor so fast I know he fumbled but he first couple runs was good.... bad call on that pick by ref smh like who could they call that a pick and fumble
  18. Also idk if it’s just me but we don’t seem to run the stretch play idk if it’s because of rivers lack of mobility I used to love watching Peyton stretch run and how it sets the play action up , but you are 100% we need to be better and running schemes and running back need to hit the open holes better and not just do the “pagano” 2 yards and a cloud of dust type runs
  19. We need to be more effect in the run game and we do leave a lot of yards out there. But What I’m saying is I don’t want to abandon the run because we getting 3 yards and go full pass mode cause I think we will lose game from turnovers vs playing the field position game and relying on def we have a great punter lol and good defense this year. I’m not saying I don’t want to score 50 a game if we can but we need to protect rivers from him self throwing 45-60 times a game
  20. Watching every game this year Ty looks a step or two slower
  21. We need to upgrade the TE position more than wr I think , the biggest issue I see with the wr group is we just don’t have someone to legitimately take the top off the defense after losing parris. Ty just doesn’t have that ability anymore so a lot of our passes are contested catch not the easy run by a guy type passes. And to me when u don’t have a guy that can take the top off of the defense it’s like a trickle down effect defenses play tighter coverage, LB cheat up more etc...
  22. I said that , with parris out we needed to move Hilton to the slot. It’s not a knock on him he has been a great player for us but at this point in his career he is just not as quick and doesn’t have the same speed he once had, Even his hands was questionable at times this year with easy drops. Now can he still be effective yes I think he can but at this point I don’t see him winning the match up against the opponent top Cb.
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