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  1. I have a 21 Sanders jersey hanging in the closet.. man that guy was a beast. One of my faves of All Time
  2. Love Mack and think he’ll have a good year, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hines in a bit more. Faster, catches the ball, a Reich player for sure.
  3. I think anything under 9 wins would be shocking.. the schedule is tough but this team is good and should be better than last year.
  4. #6 Daniel Jones.. won’t be the best QB drafted and will be remembered for who went after (Josh Allen and Hockenson)
  5. Best - Banogu (he’ll have the biggest on field impact) Worst - Willis Sleeper - Okereke Wish - Sweat Passed - Sweat UDFA - Robinson Grade: TBD - depends on where that 2nd falls next year and who we grab with it.
  6. If they (CB) really liked him I’m glad they went and got him. Get somebody you love rather than two picks later.
  7. McAfee announcing that pick might be the greatest draft moment I’ve ever seen..
  8. Best WR now at 46??... maybe Ferguson falls there for the D-line.
  9. Good pick. Seriously though.. how great was Reggie Wayne!!
  10. I’m excited.. could be a trade, likely to add a couple players to the Colts team.. let’s go Ballard!!!
  11. I’m not going to bash Ballard because obviously he knows more about these players than I do.. but man, we could of walked away with Sweat and Brown at 34.
  12. I don’t believe anybody has him listed, but I could totally see the Colts taking Dalton Risner with one of their 2nd rounders. Character guy, can play tackle or guard.
  13. I’d rather use 26 and 59 to move up and get an Edge guy.. draft a CB or WR with the early second..
  14. 100% but he’ll be long long long gone by 26
  15. I’ll say Colts trade 26, 59, and next year’s first to get into top 10 and take Sweat. I still made guesses for 59 in the event they don’t trade up!
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