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  1. People just don’t understand the significant upgrade Wentz will be to Rivers. I can’t wait.
  2. There’s lots of time to add a LT, maybe get another CB and WR.. the toughest thing to do is get a tier 1 high level game changing QB, and Ballard did that at a bargain price. The off season comes down to Wentz. We’ll be fine!
  3. They traded for a franchise QB. They have the deepest talent at RB. Drafted an Edge most had as the best in the draft. Have a few holes to fill and it’s only May, lots of time left. People seriously don’t understand how good Wentz is going to be.
  4. It’s May.. can everybody take a breath and calm down. The Colts have had a GREAT off season so far. And it’s May. Lots of time. It’s the Colts division. Book it!
  5. Odeyingbo? instead of Marshall or Bolton or Brown? yikes
  6. Oh man.. horrible last 10 picks.. Come on Ballard, I trust you!
  7. They had the number one overall pick lol They better have a good draft
  8. The pick that could have been Fields? He was taken, at 11. So you’d have Wentz AND Paye or just Fields, because it would have cost at least this years 1, next years 1, plus to move ahead of what Chicago offered. They’ll draft or sign a LT. I hope they don’t move Q.. he’s a gold jacket Guard, leave him be.
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