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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ballard add somebody we’re not even talking about.. maybe a guy Frank really likes and wants to be his guy.. Jared Goff? Mitch Trubisky? But I really hope it’s Matty Stafford.
  2. 1. Stafford - He’d be elite behind this line, with this running game. 2. Watson - Texans would never trade him in the division but one can dream. 3. Carr - Don’t laugh - he had a better QBR than Rivers and Stafford. 4. Prescott - I think the Cowboys keep him but if he hits the market look out.
  3. The Colts CANNOT go with Eason or Brissett next year.. it’d be a waste of prime years of Buckner, Nelson, Leonard etc.. The roster is too good and too close to go with a late round rookie QB. Look at the final four teams left.. all have elite QBs. Even Brady.
  4. Keep Q at guard. He’s one of the top 2 or 3 guards in the league. Sign a replacement and draft for the future.
  5. Reich is going nowhere. Drops, off-sides, and misses FGs cost us. The team won 11 games. Geez people, take a breath.
  6. I get the pass on Wentz. But Stafford? He’d be an elite QB behind this line. No thanks to a rookie QB. Too close to being a SB contender to go with a rook. Can’t waste a year of Buckner, Leonard, Nelson being in their prime.
  7. Move on. There will be some good options available.. Stafford, Darnold, Rodgers, Trubisky, who knows what teams might do.
  8. Yes to Reich. Rivers was great but we still need an upgrade.
  9. Houston isn’t trading him. Houston DEFINITELY isn’t trading him to a division rival.
  10. Another mistake. That’s how you lose in the playoffs.
  11. Maybe Reich really likes somebody that will be available at 22?
  12. Too many mistakes. Reich bag call. Turay off side. Dropped passes. Now a missed FG. You don’t win as road underdogs in the playoffs with these mistakes.
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