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  1. Was my favourite Colt for a few years. Changed the game in the Super Bowl when he cause the fumble.
  2. Mo Alie-Cox. I have high hopes for Burton and Doyle. But Rivers loves his TEs and if Cox can get it going early ya never know...
  3. They’ve added Buckner and will hopefully get a full season from Turay. Rock was coming on at the end. Rhodes could do well in the system. Should be at least 4 or 5 new starters.. stop talking about last year.
  4. Don’t feed the trolls. We have an ELITE Dt. We have an ELITE Lb. If the ends can generate a little pressure our D could be lights out. Add in the fact our o-line should be great and produce a strong run game - keep the D fresh. Bold Prediction - Colts finish with a top 5 D.
  5. Burton. Rivers loves his TE and Reich knows how to use him. Ebron numbers from year one.
  6. I’ll go with OBJ. If the Browns start slowly he could probably be had for pennies on the dollar, and he has all the talent to be a top WR in the league. On D.. give me Von Miller. Again, if Denver loses a bunch of games, maybe they sell. Imagine him and Buck coming to get ya!
  7. Won’t be a popular choice but I’ll go with Nelson and Buckner. While Nelson is highly thought of, I still think people underestimate the impact he has on the team. He’s a beast and he changes the whole look of the team. The Colts used to be viewed as a finesse/soft team and now they are among the best in the league. Add Buckner to the list because I think people don’t understand the Nelson like impact he’ll bring to the D line. It was a high cost so people are questioning the trade but he’ll be a popular jersey by the end of the year.
  8. I voted Yes for a simple reason - Colts are Playoff contenders, and once you get in anything can happen! Just get in the dance and go on a run! Who had the Titans going on that run last year? Just. Get. In.
  9. Colts 3-1 Titans 2-2 Jags 2-2 Texans 1-3
  10. Kelly and TY. Houston is aging and will be replaced by the younger guys. Mack is likely gone if Taylor plays well. The rest.. depends on the season they have.
  11. No. I said big trade.. Teams always fail and have star players traded.. I’ll say Pittman struggles a bit and they add a WR
  12. Mack plays with a chip and runs for 1400+ yards. Rivers and Hilton have instant chemistry and Hilton leads teams in receptions, yards and touchdowns. Buckner is as advertised, leads the D to a top 3 ranking. Ballard adds to the team during the season and makes a big trade.
  13. Pro Bowler three seasons in a row. 28 years old. I know we have Glow but he’d look pretty solid on that Colts O-line.
  14. 1st half seems kind of easy and 2nd half is tough.. need NEED need a good start to the season!
  15. Buckner and Clowney
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