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  1. He hit the ground almost a half foot before the ball.. even if the laces are out that’s a miss. How many points has he left on the field?
  2. Long drive, kick a FG with less than 30 seconds left.. win the game.
  3. Need a turnover or sack.. swing the momentum. Hold them here...
  4. Hate that about football.. the guy is trying to break tackles and gain yards, he wasn’t down.
  5. That’s on Frank.. hand the ball off, kill the clock, and go into half up at least 10. Plus you get the ball coming out.. just dumb.
  6. People can argue all they want but AV costs the Colts a W already this year, if he misses another kick this game and the Colts lose they have to replace him.
  7. 21 yard punt.. plus Denver gets the ball to start the third.. ugly ugly ugly
  8. Go get a TD and still have the lead at half.. all good folks
  9. Another penalty on Rock.. well into the red zone now.. yikes
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