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  1. I’ll say the Titans win it.. just a guess
  2. None! There’s no one player you can bring in that’s going to push this team over the top, so why spend big on a trade when it’s getting you nowhere. Save the draft picks and build next year..
  3. Niners are off to a hot start.. could see them being interested.
  4. Vinny.. although he misses another kick today and he might not be a Colt for long.
  5. Cut him. Not the popular opinion but he’s not the guy he used to be.
  6. Oldest guy on the team (AV) costs the Colts a W. Leave the rookies alone.
  7. Painful.. Hilton and Campbell gotta stretch the field.
  8. Maybe it’s my rose coloured glasses, but I think the OL will be a huge strength this year. QN is a beast, Kelly should be healthier and stronger than last year, AC is still a good left tackle and Smith and Glow are young and still growing into their prime.. I’m guessing Mack and Hines have big years behind this beast!
  9. No James and No Gordon for the Chargers.. Colts win 28-13 all other AFC South teams lose.. Colts lead division after week 1.
  10. It’s a good signing.. a young guy like JB or even CK benefits from having a good vet holding the clipboard and talking through games and film. He’ll improve the team without stepping on the field.
  11. I’d do it depending on the trade price.. with our O-line, a stud RB could be a monster. and I love Mack, but Gordon is a step above.
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