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  1. Colts 24 Ravens 13 Ravens have less than 90 yards rushing
  2. Colts win 35-10 Defense dominates. Taylor scores a pair.
  3. Colts 42 Seahawks 25 Taylor goes for 200+ total yards.
  4. Biggest play in Colts history - Manning’s first snap. From that moment on the Colts have been in the upper echelon of NFL teams. A couple bad years with injuries but when they are healthy they are contenders.
  5. It’s the same price as Wentz PLUS Kwity Paye. I’m happy with what Ballard did. Wentz is going to be great.
  6. All this Carson talk, will be be great will he be horrendous.. what nobody has mentioned is Ballard. A guy with a better football mind than likely anybody on this site gave up a good amount of draft capital to get him. If Ballard wants this guy and Reich wants this guy.. works for me. You don’t build a Super Bowl team and bring in a question mark at QB. They know what they have. He’s good enough to get the Colts where they want to be. At least Chris Ballard thinks so.
  7. Wentz is going to have a huge year. HUGE. He’s got a great arm, is mobile, will have a running game, and has never played behind an o-line this good. Pro Bowl/MVP considerations
  8. The division will come down to Titans and Colts this year. I like what the Titans did in the off-season.. their corners got lit up last year so losing them doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, I’ve said it many times in these forums, people just don’t understand how good Wentz is going to be with this line and running game. Colts win the division, Titans snag a wild card.
  9. No way were the Colts trading up for a rookie QB. The cost was too much and the roster is built to win now. You don’t win a Super Bowl with a rookie at the helm, and the Colts want it all this year.
  10. Seems like the price might be a 2nd round pick. Could we afford that for the 2023 draft? His salary is huge.. wouldn’t do the trade if it meant we’d likely lose one of Nelson (not gonna happen), Leonard (nope) or Smith.
  11. Reggie Miller was a SUPERSTAR. Are people serious? He was the guy you wanted to take the last shot. Had ice in his veins. Get out of here with this talk that he wasn’t a superstar. If not for the Chicago Bulls and the greatest player of all time, Miller would have won in Indiana. I idolized Miller growing up. There was no bigger superstar in all of sports for me.
  12. Don’t sleep on Dayo either.. once he’s healthy and in the lineup he is going to have immediate impact.
  13. I voted Davenport. No reason. Just a guess.
  14. It’ll be Wentz and Taylor. I know the OP asked for one only but they’ll be great because of the other. Wentz is going to be a top 5 QB, he has a line and a running game - look out. Taylor will become more involved in the passing game, but will establish himself as a top 4 rusher.
  15. Just bought some Raiders Colts tickets for January.. see y’all soon!
  16. Call me optimistic but I’ll go with 13-4. D will be better with Paye and Dayo when he plays. Wentz is a huge upgrade. Taylor is gonna have a season to remember.
  17. Favourite was Q. I was sick of the sacks against and wanted a good line. Changed the culture of the team. Least was Eason. Felt they drafted a QB just to take one even though his skill set was clearly not gonna translate to an NFL starter.
  18. Far better. The most important position in football is QB, and Colts upgraded huge. People really forget or don’t know how good Wentz is with Frank. Best Oline he’s ever played behind. Great running game. Add a TE (maybe the rook comes in?) and this O is lights out.
  19. Love it. IF he plays week 1 the Colts will have the best Oline in football. Cant wait for the schedule release on Wednesday.
  20. Hope NFL Shop adds Dayo’s jersey soon.. not on the drop down list yet. He’ll be the Leonard of this draft, where other teams fans question the pick and then wish they would have grabbed him. *** Disregard - you can custom one, ORdered!! ***
  21. People just don’t understand the significant upgrade Wentz will be to Rivers. I can’t wait.
  22. There’s lots of time to add a LT, maybe get another CB and WR.. the toughest thing to do is get a tier 1 high level game changing QB, and Ballard did that at a bargain price. The off season comes down to Wentz. We’ll be fine!
  23. They traded for a franchise QB. They have the deepest talent at RB. Drafted an Edge most had as the best in the draft. Have a few holes to fill and it’s only May, lots of time left. People seriously don’t understand how good Wentz is going to be.
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