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  1. Reminds me of Burlseworth...Sad..Hope he can bounce back from it not sure I could..
  2. Aren't they expanding rosters because of 17th game? If so we can afford to carry a few extra guys for depth...
  3. Admittingly I don't know much about Leno so if Ballard thinks he is a better option than Fisher thats ok by me...
  4. I was under assumption new media deal kicked in next year? If not, even so the big jump is coming soon enough so no need to worry the $$ will be available...
  5. My issue with that is if Leno was really that good would they cut him? You don't waive good LTs..Fisher was because of injury
  6. Even if he cant play this year which he will..You get him..He is still relatively young and is a Proven close to elite commodity...
  7. You realize the cap will go up next year minimum 30 million probably more right?
  8. Eric Fisher is set to visit Colts next week...Just saying..
  9. We got depth for days now..1 of these guys is gonna end up a BEAST, maybe more than that..I really like Kwity..Seems to be a Mathis/Harrison combo freakshow, and super intelligent and driven..I see All Pro potential with him..
  10. I think the plan is to band-aid it till Fisher is ready ..
  11. Villanueva I think Ballard is making it pretty obvious by lack of desperation for a tackle..I would bet a significant amount of money Fisher is the plan..
  12. What an incredible pick! This dude will be a weapon 100%...
  13. Its about as sure of a sure of a thing as it can be honestly..Given his connection with Ballard, our need at LT, and available money..Ballard would be stupid not to be on that like a bloodhound.. I believe he probably has it locked up already..
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