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  1. When we passed on DK Metcalf I literally felt sick to my stomach..
  2. Thank you..people treat him like he is a messiah or something..Ravens took a chance on Jackson..We could've found a way to get Jackson..We could've found a way to get Herbert..Just frustrating..Id rather try to win at all costs like some teams do, other than being overly cautious and being mediocre..
  3. I wanted Gruden bad..Say whatever you want but the Raiders are nasty..Great things come to those who take great risks..Safe rarely works
  4. We got Milktoast players coach again in Reich...That NEVER works
  5. Does anyone remember when we had a chance to get Mike Vrabel ???smh
  6. Meh..Look at schedule..We are never ready at start of games ..Its deja vu , just like Pagano era..I call it like I see it
  7. Gonna be middle of pack again..And what really worries me is he was gonna hire McDaniels ..F*ckin get your wallet out after this season and pay Jim Harbaugh whatever it takes to bring him here..
  8. Its been 4 years and probably no playoffs again..
  9. Ballard seems to draft a lot of guys made of glass...maybe its bad luck At least he tried...all I can say
  10. We need more guys with dog mentality..We have 4...Nelson, Leonard, Blackmon, and Houston..
  11. Its sad to see good players go to crap organizations and get destroyed by incompetence in front office..
  12. Im not against Darnold either if Jets haven't ruined him already..He looked good end of last year..
  13. No...Id like us to try and do something though..A practice squad guy we signed off street looks to be #1 receiver..We couldve drafted Metcalf which I wanted..Could have drafted T.J. Watt which I wanted..I don't know man..I don't like the looks of things..Brutal schedule coming up
  14. Trust me I know Grigson was trash, Im just saying..His record is better than Ballard..We were 8-8 with Pagano and starting 5 different QBs.. At what point do we see the results?
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