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  1. Seems like it because they aren't contending any time soon..I always thought Arrieta was a competitive guy..
  2. Baseball is about strategy and suspense, trying to speed it up takes away from what sets it apart..
  3. Yeah I think he signed a 1 yr deal for this year..He was 14-5 last year..I think he will be 4th starter..They really need another big time pitcher, hopefully they pull Arrieta...
  4. Hopefully Yankees bring Lincecomb in. I think he could be an effective guy in the bullpen if he no longer can start..
  5. There is no pressure in all sports like a major league pitcher feels in playoffs..
  6. I can't wait to see if Ohtani lives up to the hype..I was hoping Yankees could get him.. Hasn't been a player with his skillset in recent times..Bumgarner is closest I can think of...
  7. It takes a certain personality to be successful in New York for sure..Ice in veins is an important trait..
  8. I really like Arrietta, he is the real deal..I think all the pressure he dealt with for Cubs makes him perfect fit for Yankees...A lot of great players can't handle the New York spotlight..
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