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  1. jshipp23

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Henry Anderson is a talented player we just gave away regardless of scheme fit..Some of these moves boggle my mind..We had a chance to really kill this draft..Hopefully I'm wrong..At this point I tgink I'd rather have Grigson with a good coach who can develop players..
  2. jshipp23

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    What the heck....It's like we are intentionally trying to suck...
  3. Ballard is so unimpressive so far it's hard to even comprehend....
  4. jshipp23

    Players can no longer lower helmet.

    Football is popular for a reason, the danger and violence is what what makes it so intriguing.....Are they gonna make boxers and ufc fighters where pads and not allow kicks or punches to the head because guys can get hurt? Are the gonna ban auto racing because you can be killed?
  5. jshipp23

    Players can no longer lower helmet.

    It's an instinctful thing to lower the helmet, no way to police this...The helmet to helmet, and targeting rules were enough already...There is NO WAY to make football safe...Might as well play flag football now...
  6. jshipp23

    Players can no longer lower helmet.

    They are ruining football...It's a dangerous game, and these guys know what they are signing up for..They are paid accordingly as well..No one is forcing anyone to play the game...These penalties are going to completely change games and alter the outcomes..
  7. jshipp23

    Rams sign suh

    Well, Wade Phillips is gonna have him self some fun next year..
  8. I think we can beat anybody except Cleveland...
  9. I'd bring in Vaccaro, I wanted him in the draft....Still young with a lot of natural talent..
  10. Ridley reminds me of Anquan Boldin..I wouldn't be mad if we did that either to be honest...I want St.Brown too in 2nd or 3rd..
  11. He will take Chubb or Nelson if they are there, I would too..Fitz will be BPA if they are gone though and we will find a place for him no doubt..
  12. I think he will do both..He is letting everyone else run out of bullets..Then he will be there with a pile of money to snag the diamonds..He will get double the haul of talent for same price..The 1 guy he needs to splurge on is Suh..I see what he is doing now and it's brilliant! He is playing Chess when everyone else is playing checkers..
  13. Fitz is a blue chip talent..Cant go wrong wherever you decide to play him..He can fill the Melvin hole or play with Hooker and it'll be Interception city..I would take him with a smile on my face if Nelson isn't there..