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  1. This my main concern..If we don't spend it we have no chance of possibly improving by bringing a guy like McCoy in...We have plenty of cap so why not bring some guys in that could make the difference in the playoffs or be insurance if the young guys don't develop or get hurt...I can understand the philosophy when rebuilding or if we were against the cap, but we are favorites to contend..It seems like now would be the time you spend to add pieces that could make the difference...By not spending there is a guarantee you won't improve by bringing in talent, if you spend and they don't work out you can always cut or trade them...By not trying you will never know...Also, injuries WILL happen so why not spend to the cap at least with 1 or 2 yr deals that won't effect future? I'd rather have a backup option then not do nothing and when someone gets hurt or has a had year not have an option behind them...Even if we overpay for 2 years for McCoy why not do it???? It is always better too have extra tools, than not enough, especially if you have the means to get them...
  2. If you notice the teams that contend year after year spend to the cap.. Patriots, Chiefs, Steelers, Rams, Seahawks..They don't have years back to back to back 50 million under the cap...I know we are good, but we could be better, just saying.. I'm not sure Irsay means it when he says he will spend...
  3. So if we don't spend the 13 million for 1 or 2 years what does that get us? How does that make us better??I could understand if we had cap issues but we don't...
  4. Cleveland ain't gonna be no baby..It would not be fun to play in that stadium in the playoffs either...
  5. McCoy also had 21 QB pressures to go along with 6 sacks..That is very good for a DT..He would instantly be our best player at the position..This is a no brainer if we truly want to win Super Bowl..Zero risk..We have been way under the cap for years now going straight into Irsays bank account..Time to go for it, no more we are still rebuilding excuse..A 2 year deal will have zero cap ramifications down the road..
  6. For one he won't, but I'd rather spend it to try and get even better than just let it sit..It will be a 2 yr deal, won't affect signing our young guys when they are due..
  7. Figured I'd see one of these comments pretty quick, this forum is so predictable..We have the most CAP in NFL why not use on an All-Pro at a position of need when we are on verge of competing for a Super Bowl? What are we saving for? How about making a bold move and trying to win it all?Also, unlike Suh, McCoy is Perfect scheme fit...If we don't sign him it's because Irsay doesn't want to spend period..
  8. Agreed, I want to win and 100% know he would be an asset and was the difference for the Rams, and almost got them the Lombardi..I think it comes down to us being cheap..No more we are building excuses, one or two impact vets can be what gets us to the top..A 1 yr 12 million dollar deal will have no cap ramifications..There is minimal risk and potentially major gain by making this move, it would give us elite talent on all 3 levels of the defense and free up guys like Houston, Turay,Sheard, and the Maniac to make plays because Suh has to be accounted for still even at this stage in his career..
  9. Suh's average is still better than anything we have at that position..Odds are he would prosper in the culture we have here and we would get his best in my opinion..
  10. You would be a fool to not want Suh..We have plenty of cap to use on a 1 or 2 yr deal that won't affect cap in long run..He was Rams best player in playoffs and will help us stop the run and get pressure up the middle..There will be injuries too, always is and he is a nice horse to have in the stable...Could be the difference on defense..
  11. Giants haven't been making good choices lately, the end is near for Gettleman.. I'll go ahead and predict that now..I do like the Lawrence pick though..
  12. Fair enough... I'm starting to hope for Deebo Samuel even over Metcalf now anyways...We don't necessarily need a cb , at least not this early as you pointed out..
  13. We trust me I get what you are saying I just like his talent I think he can tackle if that's what he has to do..He will get us turnovers and lockdown big time guys we can also adjust schemes to talent we have since we have legitimate NFL coaches now...
  14. He gets interceptions, and can lock down other teams number 1 receivers and will be BPA..Some good O-Lineman left too, but we need WR and defense more...All the DT's I liked all got picked up it sucks..Hoping for a combo of Greedy and Metcalf, or AJ Brown with first 2 picks.. Greedy can tackle just picks when he wants to...lol
  15. Metcalf is dropping because of injuries, his measurables are Calvin Johnson like, I hope we get him and Greedy Williams..
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