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  1. Im no fan of Grigson but he did legit have us in hunt at least..This right now is sad
  2. Lots of hall of famers...Do we have any other than Nelson? And Nelson starting to have injury problems already
  3. Grigson makes them both look bad on that stat..lol..Ozzie Newsome is the benchmark..Ravens are always good regardless..In an off year they r 8-8..I love the RAMS GM as well seems super aggressive trying to win and hired McVeigh..Same with Sean Payton with Saints they always empty the barrell trying to win , and are always in the hunt...
  4. Personally i wouldve paid up for Harbaugh or Gruden...Jim Harbaugh is much better suited for pros and has ties here and the Raiders r starting to look pretty tough...idk
  5. Vrabel was there and he looks pretty solid with less so called talent...
  6. Belichik would go 13-4 with this exact team and it'd look completely different..Coach is more important than anything besides QB..You can still win without elite QB though if you have right coach.. They get contract extensions just like grigson and ballard did...Groundhog day
  7. Frank and Chuck were same animal gameday decision wise they are both awful...The difference is guys played for Chuck...Its plain as day a now after a few years He could also try drafting a good cb or pass rusher as well...
  8. Thats my observation too...Super soft and never ready and thats been years..
  9. We are 0-3...Been 5 years? When are we gonna be good? Teams win with avg qbs and i think Wentz is better than avg ...We have invested heavily in both lines in draft and salary and we get dogwalked 1st 3 weeks? Should i be happy or hopeful? Now we are in cap trouble as well....smh
  10. You would think with all those 2nd round picks he would hit on one by accident by now..smh
  11. Exactly...Now he has resume and when you look at resume relatively not that hot now..All the excuses about QB we invested heavily in both lines so should be able to win without top 5 qb...But lines have been dominated this year? What r we investing in or drafting? Every year its injury or QB excuse..Every team has injuries...
  12. He had a lot of bad luck with oline injuries..Neither were good but not gonna throw grigson under the bus we got to afc championship with him and pagano..And i pagano was better than Reich and thats hard to say..At least they PLAYED for Pagano..They act like they don't care with Reich..Just an observation..
  13. Hey...I can see the talent..last few years i havent looked at prospects nearly as much and haven't been on that much, but when you really really look at it and think about it Ballard has missed a ton! And done virtually nothing in FA
  14. On paper Grigson was better...Neither are really good..Ozzie Newsome is good
  15. Luck made his fair share of mistakes...We need some legit receivers tbh
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