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  1. They are decent, especially Slayton..Engram and Shepherd are hurt a lot though...
  2. See, I've also watched games where he was very accurate..He had a bad game, he was amped up playing against Brady and was off...I wouldn't judge him off that 1 game...Youtube the Bucs and Giants game last year..He played great that game and brought them back to win..
  3. "The young quarterback, he is still trying to do too much..But God bless him, he is hard to handle, and he is a kid who thinks he can make a play.."-Bruce Arians
  4. I still love his talent...He tries to do too much and has a horrible line...He is still young..With good coaching and maturity I believe he will end up being a great QB..He played bad last night I agree... I hope he plays awful and they give up on him and we can get him for a bag of peanuts..
  5. Depends on pick..for a high 3 rd maybe
  6. Also check Jim Harbaughs availability..Time may be rignt to pull that trigger
  7. Wrong..there will be several talented qbs available in offseason via trade or free agency..If Philip looks good roll with him another year..Im pro Philip Rivers..its refreshing to have a qb that can read a defense and get rid of the ball..
  8. I'd give a 3rd for Darnold or a 1st for Jones..
  9. DeMarcus Lawrence, Zach Ertz , or Julio Jones
  10. He does have a lot of Talent...I wouldn't be against it , but I prefer other options..Maybe Eason is the guy..NFL is funny like that..
  11. Replace Darnold with Daniel Jones and pray the Giants keep losing...
  12. Im not against that..Unfortunately none of us have seen Eason perform in a real NFL game..So speculation on him is irrelevant at this time..We can hope all we want..Im glad they are redshirting him though..Maybe we hit lottery, or maybe he fell to 4th, and we passed on him twice till 4th round was for a reason..
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