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  1. A lot of folks have no sense of humor then. I look forward to hearing more from Maj. Rivers.
  2. A lot of folks have no sense of humor then. I look forward to hearing more from Maj. Rivers.
  3. I used to agree with this. In the past I thought he was way over the top on how much he would yell at his OL. Obviously you have seen him play a lot more than me, but the times I have seen him play over the last couple of years he seems to have chilled a lot. I can't remember who they were playing last year, but he was just getting hammered and not one time did he take it out on the OL. Andrew Luck should have had some of his OLs arrested for assault and battery for the beatings he took, but not one time did you ever see him barking at his OL. That should be handled by the coaches. I hope that is the direction Rivers is indeed heading. Regardless I am still excited to have him for the positives you have mentioned. Like you said he is such a competitor and really wants to win. I think that's why his ints went up so much last year. He was pressing way too much thinking he had to do it on his own. I truly believe this fresh start in Indy will be a blessing for him and us. I think he is going to play very well for us.
  4. Stats are overrated. How many games did you actually watch him play? He is double and triple teamed just about every play. His play allows other guys that aren't double teamed to accumulate worthless stats.
  5. I don't think it would have mattered what defensive scheme we used Monday with the effort we gave. To me it looked liked we had no interest in playing that game.
  6. I like the fact he is on the wr to make a play. Better than being so far off and getting burned. Football is a physical game. He will be fine
  7. I just think it was a silly play to run at that particular time. Calling it on 3rd down would have been more reasonable. I would be the first one to criticize conservative play calling. My dumb Gamecocks try to run it up the middle all the time and keep getting stoned. So I would love to see them try something like this play that was called. However, when KISS is working, and I'm not calling you stupid, then stick with it. Make them stop you before you try something else.
  8. I was thinking about this. We could easily have 2 picks in a row. Their first pick in the 2nd round and our last pick in the 1st round
  9. When we are gashing them up the middle and have a second and 2 inside the 5-yard line please don't try to be cute again and run a silly play when you don't have to. Especially on 2nd down. I understand they thought it was going to work and we're probably surprised it didn't, but why even take the chance the way we were dominating up front.
  10. Collinsworth said Cain was wide open on the trick play, but they never showed it in the replay. I would definitely like to see him get some jump ball opportunities down around the goal line
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