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  1. I like the fact he is on the wr to make a play. Better than being so far off and getting burned. Football is a physical game. He will be fine
  2. I just think it was a silly play to run at that particular time. Calling it on 3rd down would have been more reasonable. I would be the first one to criticize conservative play calling. My dumb Gamecocks try to run it up the middle all the time and keep getting stoned. So I would love to see them try something like this play that was called. However, when KISS is working, and I'm not calling you stupid, then stick with it. Make them stop you before you try something else.
  3. I was thinking about this. We could easily have 2 picks in a row. Their first pick in the 2nd round and our last pick in the 1st round
  4. When we are gashing them up the middle and have a second and 2 inside the 5-yard line please don't try to be cute again and run a silly play when you don't have to. Especially on 2nd down. I understand they thought it was going to work and we're probably surprised it didn't, but why even take the chance the way we were dominating up front.
  5. Collinsworth said Cain was wide open on the trick play, but they never showed it in the replay. I would definitely like to see him get some jump ball opportunities down around the goal line
  6. Because Wilson made a bad pass on a simple throw he should complete most of the time he can't make the throw. A tough throw by my standards is when a QB has to drop it over a lb and in front of a safety/cb or a timing throw before the wr even comes out off his break. Having to hit a guy running wide open in the end zone when all he has to is lead him is not a tough throw.
  7. I'm not trying to be a wise guy but exactly how did Brissett throw him open? He was wide open on his own. That was an easy throw that any QB in the league should complete. And if he would have thrown it behind him it would have been a bad pass.
  8. The best part of the play was running and extra 40 seconds off the clock while trying to get them to jump. I will admit I was mad they didn't snap it. I thought for sure they were going to punt after the timeout. Had they run the play without running that extra time off the clock TN would have been in a lot better shape time wise on their last drive.
  9. I actually called for a running play before the snap so I definitely liked the call. This was probably already brought up in the 6 page Vinny thread but if not does anyone think we would still have gone for 2 if it were for the win. I think Reich actually would have since we were on the road and I would have loved the call win or lose
  10. I've never been a part of a world record and this thread might just reach record level. So if it does I'm happy to do my part
  11. I personally don't think a QB has to win a SB to be considered great. If having to win a SB is the standard to make a QB great does winning a SB automatically make a QB great. The answer is no unless you consider Jeff Hosteler, Doug Williams, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Joe Flacco great QBs. Those guys don't even belong in the same conversation as Luck and Marino when considering who is the better QB.
  12. I have never heard someone criticize Luck's mechanics until now. I'm no QB expert but I have always heard you want your QB to throw over the top as much as possible. In other words no 3/4 or side arm throws. Luck has one of the best motions I have ever seen. And as others have stated when he wants let it rip he can do so with the best of them.
  13. He must have been really tired the first month and a half last year. I'm glad he fixed it.
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