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  1. SC-Coltsfan

    Do our backs have this in them

    We would have had a lot of picks to move back up the draft to get him. I doubt very seriously we would have had to give Washington our whole draft . NO offered it and they wisely took it.
  2. SC-Coltsfan

    Do our backs have this in them

    Every time I think of Edge it reminds me of how mad I was at Polian for not making the trade with that doofus Mike Ditka. We could have had all of their picks and still got Edge. If I recall Polian said he didn't want to do it because he didn't want to pay for all of those picks. Crazy
  3. SC-Coltsfan

    Ballard press conference

    Mod edit, merged title: That may have been the best press conference I've ever heard Thank you Chris Ballard. You da man Edit: My favorite part was when he practically admitted that he was a goofball for not hiring Frank Reich in the first place. He knew he had the right man and how special he was after Reich took full credit for the loss against Houston in overtime.
  4. SC-Coltsfan

    Reich's approach/gameplan heading into Saturday

    The good thing about this team is if we do choose the conservative option it has a better chance of succeeding because our run game is so good.
  5. SC-Coltsfan

    Teambuilding and Tanking: Colts Edition

    Nope. MN would have had the number 1 pick if they, us, and St Lou all finished with 2 wins. When they won their 3rd game in week 16 that knocked them out of the #1 spot and put us back in.
  6. SC-Coltsfan

    Teambuilding and Tanking: Colts Edition

    I don't know if teams tank on purpose or not but I have never been so mad after a Colts victory than I was after we beat Houston on that Thursday night to temporarily lose our #1 pick. Thank God Minnesota screwed up and beat someone that very next Sunday to give it back to us. If we would have beaten Jax that final Sunday I may have broken something. I"m sure Minnesota would have loved to have Luck
  7. I thought for sure that someone had already posted this, but I looked through 4 pages and didn't see it. The guys on GMF were saying that is the key to our success before the Houston game because every time we get a defensive turnover Jacoby runs down in the end zone to celebrate with the defense. I'm not sure when he started doing it, but they have clips of him doing it in the last 4 or 5 games. And sure enough he was there celebrating in the Houston game also. Good stuff.
  8. SC-Coltsfan

    Oh boy according to Colt's fans!

    Just to summarize this thread. If we can't run the ball, we can't win. However we will be able to run the ball and we will win. That is all.
  9. SC-Coltsfan

    On this day 23 years ago we beat #1 seed KC 10 - 7

    Yes we were a 5 seed. If we do win this week I sure hope we don't have the same type of excruciating loss like we did against Pittsburgh in the AFC championship game. That might be the worst I ever felt after a football game. We were 1 play away from winning that game at least 3 times.
  10. And I believe we were a 6th seed then also. Hmmmm? I remember watching it.
  11. SC-Coltsfan

    BR just loves.....LOVES Colts last draft

    I obviously missed him when I was going over the depth chart. I thought he was no longer on the team .
  12. SC-Coltsfan

    BR just loves.....LOVES Colts last draft

    The hit rate on our 2018 draft is insane. I'm not sure what the staus of Fountain is but when you consider the only other not contributing is an injured Deon Caine, who was playing well and looks to have a bright future, is just crazy. The 2017 draft wasn't too shabby either with Malik Hooker, Quincy Wilson, Marlon Mack, Nate Hairston, and Anthony Walker. I'm not sure what percentage of a draft is expected to play a significant role but I would assume 5 out of 8 is better than average. For those that are wondering Terell Basham, Zach Banner, and Grover Stewart were the 3 that didn't pan out.
  13. SC-Coltsfan

    Just Can't Get Enough Of Watching This O-Line

    I love to go back and watch how the DL and LBs look in the 4th qtr after facing our OL all game. There is a noticeable difference in their willingness to engage with our OL. They have a lot more energy and aggression in the 1st qtr than they do in the 4th that's for sure. I love it.
  14. SC-Coltsfan


    Blaine Gabbert was the reason they only threw for a 100 yards. He was awful