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  1. I personally don't think a QB has to win a SB to be considered great. If having to win a SB is the standard to make a QB great does winning a SB automatically make a QB great. The answer is no unless you consider Jeff Hosteler, Doug Williams, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Joe Flacco great QBs. Those guys don't even belong in the same conversation as Luck and Marino when considering who is the better QB.
  2. I have never heard someone criticize Luck's mechanics until now. I'm no QB expert but I have always heard you want your QB to throw over the top as much as possible. In other words no 3/4 or side arm throws. Luck has one of the best motions I have ever seen. And as others have stated when he wants let it rip he can do so with the best of them.
  3. He must have been really tired the first month and a half last year. I'm glad he fixed it.
  4. "No phone calls. No texts. I'm going dark until the season is over" Frank Reich https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2018/02/13/how-colts-coach-frank-reich-landed-job-hes-always-wanted/332660002/
  5. https://www.nbcsports.com/video/what-if-josh-mcdaniels-became-colts-head-coach I can't really argue with anything they say except for the reason why Reich wasn't on anyone's radar for a head coach. From what I remember Reich said he wasn't going to do any interviews until after their season was over. I believe that is the only reason he was still available to us. I have a hard time believing someone else wouldn't have scooped him up if Philadelphia didn't make the run they did
  6. Add Banogu and the 2 vets Sheard and Houston and we look like we have a nice rotation at defensive end. Which means these guys should be all fresh in the 4th quarter going up against a worn down offensive line. The best defenses are those that get a lot of pressure with only 4 guys just like the Mathis Freeney defenses back in the day. I am very excited to see how this years defense materializes. It definitely has a lot of potential
  7. FYI for those just clicking on this thread. Houston interview starts a the 8 min mark
  8. I doubt any GM in the history of the NFL has hit on more draft picks in their first 2 drafts as Ballard has. So at this point there is no doubt, and if he continues to draft like he has then Ballard will be the one everyone else will be compared to.
  9. Guess who the Colts drafted in 1971. Yep. A RB. Don McCauley at #22 in rd 1. That is crazy. Now it makes me wonder how many times a RB was drafted and we didn't make it. Edit: It's happened 9 times when we didn't make it. 7 times in Baltimore (53, 56, 61, 67, 70, 79, 80) and twice in Indy (93 Faulk and 99 Edge)
  10. I'm glad to see he is human. I am a paraplegic and anytime I see someone that looks like they need help changing a tire I stop and help. It's the right thing to do
  11. If by better coaching you mean better play calling then I agree. It's fun watching the creative play calling on offense. I could almost call every play that was coming under Pagano. Of course it helps to have an OL but we are very unpredictable with our play calling. We will run when I think a pass is come and vice versa. Our calls on D are pleasing for the most part also
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