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  1. Hahaha. You really think Q is going to take it easy on someone. He would pancake is grandmother if he went up agsinst her in practice. There is not a more competitive guy on our team and he isn't taking it easy on anyone or in any situation. I bet as soon as we signed Buckner Q couldn't wait to go up against him.
  2. The reason he's coming back is because he knows he won't have to play for the next 3 years. Rivers is going to win us a Super Bowl this year and then get a new 3 year contract.
  3. One of my buddies growing up used to call him Hurt Jones to razz me and get under my skin. It worked. I punched him in the face
  4. Doesn't make sense to be a 5 point favorite at Houston in week 13 and only a 3.5 favorite at home against them in week 15
  5. He would have if the Pitt WR didn't knocked it out of his hands.. 35 second mark of this clip. If Warren could have been a little faster or a little taller to stretch for the first down on 3rd and 1 the Coryatt play wouldn't have mattered. Watching those highlights, actually LOWlights, bring back some painful memories.
  6. We are so lucky as Colt fans that our guys in charge put so much emphasis on character for our players. Pittman like just about all of our players are so well spoken and articulate. And my wife doesn't tighten caps on bottles either
  7. Who else besides me chuckles every time you see that come up?
  8. I had no idea he was so fast. 10.3 in the 100 is a burner. Love the pick
  9. I started pulling for them in 1970. I was 9 years old and as most kids do at that age they pull for someone that is good. Blue was/is my favorite color and Dallas and Baltimore both had a lot of blue in their uniforms and they were both good. Two of my friends already picked Dallas so they wouldn't let me, so I took the Colts. I haven't read the whole thread so I imagine most everyone in here has a story they have shared to prove their allegiance to the Colts. Here is my story. I was in a serious accident in October of 1980 and was in a medically induced coma for 5 days. The firs
  10. A lot of folks have no sense of humor then. I look forward to hearing more from Maj. Rivers.
  11. A lot of folks have no sense of humor then. I look forward to hearing more from Maj. Rivers.
  12. I used to agree with this. In the past I thought he was way over the top on how much he would yell at his OL. Obviously you have seen him play a lot more than me, but the times I have seen him play over the last couple of years he seems to have chilled a lot. I can't remember who they were playing last year, but he was just getting hammered and not one time did he take it out on the OL. Andrew Luck should have had some of his OLs arrested for assault and battery for the beatings he took, but not one time did you ever see him barking at his OL. That should be handled by the coaches. I hope that
  13. Stats are overrated. How many games did you actually watch him play? He is double and triple teamed just about every play. His play allows other guys that aren't double teamed to accumulate worthless stats.
  14. I don't think it would have mattered what defensive scheme we used Monday with the effort we gave. To me it looked liked we had no interest in playing that game.
  15. I like the fact he is on the wr to make a play. Better than being so far off and getting burned. Football is a physical game. He will be fine
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