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  1. Sure thing, winning Super Bowls are super easy, the hard part of this will be the Redkins need a worse record than the Dolphins.
  2. After Turay was hurt why didn't the game clock start up? Both teams were out of timeouts and we just got a sack. They waited to start it on the hike.
  3. This is my worry. The boo-birds story for Luck was overblown in my opinion (it wasn't that many fans and other cities would have done much worse) but the front office is setting us up for failure if Adam costs us the game against the Falcons.
  4. I'm pretty sure the Steelers will get a 3'rd round compensatory pick. So it's late 3'rd round vs. 4'th in your scenario.
  5. He might even be fifth... remember the kid we claimed on cut weekend?
  6. Where did you get that crazy idea? TBH though he's a mismatch for all our corners.
  7. And some nickel linebacker too.
  8. Much more than Collins. Collins has lost his confidence plus they would play just a few snaps anyway.
  9. Nonsense...Desir would be inactive instead of Tell. No changes needed so Kelly to the 53.
  10. Byard came into the league in 2016, he is just getting into his prime. Even with you knocking down all the names I threw out there, you were still able to find 1 guy you'd take.
  11. I understand not liking them as a team but this isn't rational at all.
  12. Then you seriously, like seriously, are wearing Colts colored glasses. Jurrell Casey? Derrick Henry? Taylor Lewan? Jeffery Simmons? Kevin Byard? Dion Lewis?
  13. I highly doubt it. If we do I'll eat crow on Sunday.
  14. There is a zero percent chance we only have 52 on our roster come game day.
  15. The Seahawks got in 1 year at 7-9. Our division isn't bad enough to where 7-9 could win it for us though. I think we'll win 8 or 9 games.
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