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  1. I think it translates to "Super Bowl" LOL
  2. We did trade down to get Nelson.
  3. Adalius Thomas is the only one I can think of. Maybe that signing made them weary of doing it again.
  4. So why couldn't he be conforming with Dakich and JMV and not McAfee? I think a lot of people conform on the radio because of the FCC, which has no power over a podcast.
  5. Wow, this could be one of the better off season moves made.
  6. To tell you the truth his overall numbers surprised me too. I knew that Brooks had much better numbers but was surprised at how little Bailey did when I looked it up. He never even had 30 catches in a season.
  7. He barely had 1000 receiving yards in his career, Brooks got that in his first year.
  8. This is how I do it, although I just right click or press and hold on my phone and click open in incognito tab.
  9. This TE you describe is already on the roster. Is the practice squad big enough for 2 developmental TE's?
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