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  1. He will definitely be prepared for it!
  2. I believe Houston traded away their first rounder.
  3. Hooker was drafted with the previous scouting department, Blackman with Ballard's. I'm not sure how much difference it makes but I'm sure it makes a difference. I think if you look at all drafts the answer is pretty clear. On kind of a side note, I was reading something the other day and it said we have one of the most stacked rosters in the league.
  4. Excuses? So you're so close minded that you can't even allow that maybe, just maybe one of the "excuses" could actually be palatable. The "excuse" is really simple here. Their YouTube channel was up before being drafted. The Colts knew about it and still drafted him. 2+2=4, Colts are fine with their YouTube channel since they drafted him. Pretty easy stuff really.
  5. It doesn't work like that. An injury to a player today has no effect on an injury to another player next week. Sorry, couldn't resist!
  6. Me too, I just wish his super bowl win came against someone else.
  7. This trade really makes our deal for Buckner seem like a steal. Plus we signed Buckner to an extension, which I don't think Seattle did.
  8. I was about to say something similar. Which was...when did we last have a home game against them?
  9. ...or he could jump offside and give the game away.
  10. Williams is already gone, and he hasn't been signed yet. So at most 1 of these would be picked up. I think there is a better chance of us picking up someone off waivers than someone claiming one of our cast-offs. Certainly the most I can see be claimed is 2, and that is with us only keeping 5 on the active roster. Who are the possible 5 you see getting picked up? Biggest one for me is either Patmon or Fountain. Johnson was a free agent and we just signed him back recently so I assume there wasn't too much interest from other teams. I 100% agree with
  11. Sure thing, winning Super Bowls are super easy, the hard part of this will be the Redkins need a worse record than the Dolphins.
  12. After Turay was hurt why didn't the game clock start up? Both teams were out of timeouts and we just got a sack. They waited to start it on the hike.
  13. This is my worry. The boo-birds story for Luck was overblown in my opinion (it wasn't that many fans and other cities would have done much worse) but the front office is setting us up for failure if Adam costs us the game against the Falcons.
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