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  1. I was about to say something similar. Which was...when did we last have a home game against them?
  2. ...or he could jump offside and give the game away.
  3. Williams is already gone, and he hasn't been signed yet. So at most 1 of these would be picked up. I think there is a better chance of us picking up someone off waivers than someone claiming one of our cast-offs. Certainly the most I can see be claimed is 2, and that is with us only keeping 5 on the active roster. Who are the possible 5 you see getting picked up? Biggest one for me is either Patmon or Fountain. Johnson was a free agent and we just signed him back recently so I assume there wasn't too much interest from other teams. I 100% agree with this. All in all, we are a lot closer to the 10 than before Ballard got here. It's a total reversal really, with Grigson signing multiple waiver wire cuts every year. I wish I was as optimistic on the wide outs as you though.
  4. This TE you describe is already on the roster. Is the practice squad big enough for 2 developmental TE's?
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