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  1. fatboy

    Undisputed Colts vs Cowboys Hater Skip Bayless

    Skip Bayless probably wishes we all forget his great RG3 love fest at the expense of Luck. Skip’s the * guy who talks endlessly and thinks the more he talks the more you believe what he says. Best to ignore his nonsense.
  2. fatboy

    Extending some love to Jim Irsay

    He owns Garcia’s Tiger. For that alone, I like Irsay. However he constantly has Twitter trivia for nice prizes to we fans - that’s awesome.
  3. fatboy

    Next Five Colts Games

    I keep hoping we’re on a roll, but we barely beat Jags (fortunate fumble) and were down 10 to Phins in 4th Quarter; both home games. A win is a win, but few are ever easy.
  4. fatboy

    What's up with the Malik Hooker bashing?

    So some people tired of hearing ”potential” and tired of Hooker being injured. If he were placed on waivers there would be claims made by 31 teams. Now no one is saying release him, but him on our teams is clearly an asset that 31 other teams would love to have. It’s time to stop Hooker bashing - it makes our fan base sound moronic.
  5. fatboy

    Great Win! Let's build on a turning point!

    Amazingly enough, I think if playoffs started today, a 5-4 team would be playing. We are 4-5.
  6. fatboy

    Trade for le'veon bell

    Steelers get a 3rd Round compensatory pick if he leaves (according to Shefter), so we would have to least give them a 2nd Round pick and hope he signs after this season, but it would be at a huge price. The 2nd Round pick sounds like a deal, but doubt he would sign a long term deal with us and I doubt we’d want to pay it. So a 2nd Rounder for one season?
  7. fatboy

    Mike Simon on the bubble

    Cutting Simon is simple.
  8. Barring injuries, we are set at Safety and TE. If we manage to get a starter one week before the first game, it’s because of a very weak position - namely RT. Anyone else will be rotational player at best. Nothing I’d get too excited about.
  9. The Lenzy Pipkins era has begun
  10. Fredd Young anyone? How about a Walter Murray??
  11. fatboy

    Colts select Braden Smith OG at 37

    I’m not sure if Mewhort will ever be healthy; another addition to Oline is in order. We clearly need ILB now.
  12. People say Guards are not worth a #6 pick. Well Free Agency told us OGs can command $15mm/yr. that tells you there is a premium on the OG position. I’m good with the best lineman in the draft being a Colt.
  13. fatboy

    Trading down at #6

    I’ve watched the Browns accumulate high picks over the last several years; they were 1-31 in last two. At some point, you need actual players and not the dream of top players in the name of a draft pick; I don’t value additional picks in future drafts so much. A pick next year will not make this year’s roster. I’m not against trading down if the board falls a certain way, but I don’t want to trade down for the sake of future “potential.”
  14. fatboy

    Draft implications

    Whoever we get at 6, many people would have been excited if we chose him (pre-trade) at 3.
  15. fatboy

    New OL observation

    While I hate he thought of a Guard so early in the draft, after seeing that list I'm warming to the idea! With us looking at FA Centers, one wonders if there is concern with Kelly.