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  1. Fredd Young anyone? How about a Walter Murray??
  2. fatboy

    Colts select Braden Smith OG at 37

    I’m not sure if Mewhort will ever be healthy; another addition to Oline is in order. We clearly need ILB now.
  3. People say Guards are not worth a #6 pick. Well Free Agency told us OGs can command $15mm/yr. that tells you there is a premium on the OG position. I’m good with the best lineman in the draft being a Colt.
  4. fatboy

    Trading down at #6

    I’ve watched the Browns accumulate high picks over the last several years; they were 1-31 in last two. At some point, you need actual players and not the dream of top players in the name of a draft pick; I don’t value additional picks in future drafts so much. A pick next year will not make this year’s roster. I’m not against trading down if the board falls a certain way, but I don’t want to trade down for the sake of future “potential.”
  5. fatboy

    Draft implications

    Whoever we get at 6, many people would have been excited if we chose him (pre-trade) at 3.
  6. fatboy

    New OL observation

    While I hate he thought of a Guard so early in the draft, after seeing that list I'm warming to the idea! With us looking at FA Centers, one wonders if there is concern with Kelly.
  7. fatboy

    Instant Karma

    You don’t want to be that team that veterans, who turn out to be uninspired, look to for one last big payday before retirement. By overpaying, you’re inviting trouble. Stay the course - with untapped cap money, we’ll have nice additions. Someone will get an addition with us releasing Hankins. We will have money to do the same.
  8. fatboy

    Should Colts tag Vinitari

    I doubt any teams are going to be beating down the door of a 45 year old kicker and offering huge dollars, with is what a tag insures. I’d think Colts want him and he’d be happy to return. Ought to be easy.
  9. Q: What’s really good for a “servicable” DE? A: lots of things of course, but a pass rushing player on his opposite site! Chubb please.
  10. Lots of similarities (bad ones) with Josh McAhole.
  11. fatboy

    Can the Colts get draft picks?

    At least we stuck them with useless Dorsett and broken DAllen. I never thought Mc Daniels was some second coming of Vince Lombardi anyway, but the way he did this is classless. I prefer people who want to be here, and he clearly does not. Screw him.
  12. fatboy

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

  13. fatboy

    What is G. Doyel's problem?

    I assure you that if Doyle read this, he’d be rubbing his hands together and smiling, and use it as motivation for his next hatchet job.
  14. fatboy

    Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    i don't think those three will be Colts next year but for three different reasons.