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  1. We couldn’t stop the run during Super Bowl winning year until we got McFarland. Here’s hoping for a fresh Booger.
  2. We have a team in contention for the division and playoffs right now. A draft pick does not make tackles, blocks, catch passes etc. until next year. Trading Hines hurts the team right now and there are no guarantees next year’s pick will amount to anything.
  3. McAfee’s comments were funnier (and should be used over Reggie’s). But once the bill is kicked off, I doubt anyone will be especially motivated from either.
  4. 10; we’re loaded; the question is QB and Brissett is ready
  5. Knocks on JB was completion percentage and holding onto the ball too long. Reich’s offense is based on quick throws which should help both issues.
  6. In 2017, Jacoby had the Colts in contention to win, late in most games. His biggest knocks, as I recall, were completion percentage and holding onto the ball too long. Given the vast OLine improvement, the quicker passing game installed by Reich, better talent across the board, and his added experience (remember he went from 3rd Stringer in NE to Colts starter in 10 days!), Jacoby is much better poised to succeed. Jacoby is not Luck, but if Trent Dilfer can be a Super Bowl winning QB (not to mention a pretty spent Peyton in his last season), it’s clear to me that Brissett has a chance to surprise.
  7. Brissett managed 4-12 with a greatly inferior team, and had Colts in position to win late in most games. He’s also been practicing with first team all camp compared to all of eight days from being the Pats 3rd Stringer to Colts starter. While I cannot think of one thing he does as good or better than Luck, he’s no Curtis PInter.
  8. If not for Irsay, we’d know less.
  9. Being a new fan, remember some of the caliber of RB the Colts have had: Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk, Edgerrin James. A trade for Trent Richardson was a disaster, but he was an early draft pick by Browns and projected to be a top flight RB. Nothing against Mack as he’ll be the starter, but fans get excited at the mere mention of Zeke (and Laveon Bell) as we’ve seen top backs on the roster almost routinely.
  10. Lost in all of this is that he has two years left on his contract. It’s hard to argue his “me first” mentality.
  11. How about “playing Buffalo, Miami, Jets year in and out is preferable to Titans, Texans, and Jags?” The point is the same - playing against a slightly depleted Chargers versus one at full strength is to our favor, and we need every win we can get because the AFC South is going to be very stout this season.
  12. It’s a season of survival - we don’t have automatic divisional wins (Buffalo, Miami, Jets), so a win aided by roster depletion can be very helpful for playoff seeding down the road. Hey, why not be optimistic?
  13. So how much is enough of a donation to count? How does one propose finding cures for cancer without large amounts of money? Would you feel differently if you had cancer? Do you not think Irsay is sent requests for charitable contributions daily, multiple times? Look in the mirror before replying.
  14. Lots of Colts fans make that game every year
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