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  1. fatboy

    Texans TD

    Think of it this way: Had it been overturned, it would have been the story of the game. It wasn’t, and the attention was rightfully on the dominance of the Colts.
  2. fatboy

    K.C. -5

    We were underdogs to Texans today. KC has a frightening O, but their D is weak. They were 3-3 over last six games. We got this.
  3. fatboy

    Colts sign DE Geneo Grissom

    I think if it was bad news, Lewis would have been out in IR.
  4. fatboy

    Where are the Naysayers?

    Found one
  5. fatboy

    Tyquan Lewis

    We’re all guessing, but it looked like a knee on knee collision; I’m hoping a bruise.
  6. fatboy

    Titans game

    Been there - Titans fans were congenital. You can park downtown and only have to walk across the bridge over the river - stadium is just on the other side. Nashville is as fun a city around. You can walk up and down Broadway and fall into any bar for great live music (almost any time of day). If you like it a little quieter away from downtown, the Gaylord (near Grand Old Opry) is beautifully decorated and a nice place to stay (and is managed by Marriott, so “family and friends” discount applies if you know someone employed by Marriott). If you are in the fence, I’d recommend going - you will have a great time.
  7. fatboy

    Jets draft pick

    I don’t think Jets regret the trade whatsoever. In fact, I’d say if the draft was held today, the top picks would be the same. Mayfield, Barkley, Darnald, Chubb, Nelson have not disappointed.
  8. fatboy

    Report: Leveon Bell eyeing Colts

    Ballard’s stated approach is to reward current players that deserve a bigger contract. Signing Bell is not consistent whatsoever and not only will limit the generous cap space we have, but would likely cause locker-room dissension against the organization. I seriously doubt Bell will be a Colt; actually would worry if he did.
  9. fatboy

    Trading Jacoby Brissett in 2019

    We way over value nameless future draft picks. Trading Brissett leaves us with a backup QB hole likely to be replaced by us using a draft pick or signing a worse veteran. The odds of a draft pick for him actually contributing goes down as we talk third round, and the contribution is seldom immediate if at all. And by all accounts, Brissett is a good scout team leader and a good locker room guy. We have a good roster, three nice picks in upcoming draft, and a ton of cap space for Free Agents. Trading Brissett seems at best to be a distraction than a means of improving the team. And if Luck is out a few plays or more next season, Brissett has proven to be a good backup.
  10. fatboy

    ESPN NFL Week 16 Power Rankings, Colts @ 9

    Yay another list.
  11. fatboy

    Undisputed Colts vs Cowboys Hater Skip Bayless

    Well for the record I didn’t watch the clip!! I tune that * out as best I can.
  12. fatboy

    Undisputed Colts vs Cowboys Hater Skip Bayless

    Skip Bayless probably wishes we all forget his great RG3 love fest at the expense of Luck. Skip’s the * guy who talks endlessly and thinks the more he talks the more you believe what he says. Best to ignore his nonsense.
  13. fatboy

    Extending some love to Jim Irsay

    He owns Garcia’s Tiger. For that alone, I like Irsay. However he constantly has Twitter trivia for nice prizes to we fans - that’s awesome.
  14. fatboy

    Next Five Colts Games

    I keep hoping we’re on a roll, but we barely beat Jags (fortunate fumble) and were down 10 to Phins in 4th Quarter; both home games. A win is a win, but few are ever easy.
  15. fatboy

    What's up with the Malik Hooker bashing?

    So some people tired of hearing ”potential” and tired of Hooker being injured. If he were placed on waivers there would be claims made by 31 teams. Now no one is saying release him, but him on our teams is clearly an asset that 31 other teams would love to have. It’s time to stop Hooker bashing - it makes our fan base sound moronic.