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  1. The public pressure will not be to cancel the season, but to proceed with it. Sure, there will be some infections with all the grunting and close contact pushing, and those infected players will have to quarantine for a few weeks. On the plus side of that, presumably they return with some increased immunity. Let's note that even without a season, the players and their families could be infected. One thing I would hope and expect the league to do is daily testing of the players. That's a good way to stay on top of any infected players. These are all fit young men in the prime of health (except for some extra fat on the linemen). Their chances of serious illness are very low. Hopefully, in a another few months, there will be more additional therapies available, like injectable antibodies. I assume the Players' Association will vote on whether to play after the policies are set in place. I can't imagine anything other than a near unanimous vote to play. A daily Q-tip up the nose is not the most pleasant thing, but the alternative is missing a valuable season in the NotForLong. For the general public, it seems the best way to deal with the virus is massive testing and contact tracing, along with widespread mask use. Pretty much the opposite of what the US is doing, but that's what countries which have had success have done. Hiding at home is medically effective, but it's unsustainable and economically disastrous.
  2. Easy. They will go forward because the NFL is a business which makes a LOT of money. Both the owners and the players have way too much to lose if they cancel the season. So, they will not do that unless ordered to do so. The teams have had a lot of time to make preparations for cautionary procedures. No doubt there will be locker room changes. Beyond that, the public interest in football will be very high, as a way to bring some normalcy to these tough times. There almost certainly will be some players missing action while in quarantine, but football fans will accept that, and it's really not that much different than normal seasons where ACL and a host of other injuries often occur. If the league were to grant a temporary, one year increase in the roster size, that might be a good idea.
  3. Any player in the NFL could be injured in training camp and miss the season. That's a given. That should not disqualify speculation by fans based on a player's abilities.
  4. Thanks. That explains things.
  5. Most people have been saying that he has tools, but needs to sit and learn for at least a year. If you think that is building him up to be more than he is, I disagree. Yeah, he's 4th round for a reason. The reason is he isn't ready for minutes this year.
  6. Could be related. He is pretty tough and doesn't take guff from fat boys.
  7. Just building up the practice squad, at this point.
  8. Speed and explosion. Attributes you'd want in a good pulling guard.
  9. Are we going to carry 4 RB and a FB on the roster?
  10. What is the correlation between Wonderlic score and measurable success as an NFL quarterback?
  11. I also believe we are at the stage now where quality is preferable to quantity. The last few years, the roster was depleted, especially on defense. So, CB traded down to fill the need for bodies. I think we are (mostly) past that now and drafting a lot of players will mean that too many might not make the roster. Might as well fill the fewer roster spots with the highest quality we can get. We might well have another trade-down where it makes sense, but I would equally expect a trade-up. I expect to see more of the type of maneuver CB did to get Khari Willis.
  12. WR and TE are two certainties in the first four, IMO. The other two positions taken are debatable.
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