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  1. il vecchio


    The only problem with putting promising players onto the 53 is you have to also take one off.
  2. I'm not taking this to light. I'm taking this to peace and happiness.
  3. I enjoy the chance to see everyone on the roster out on the field over the 4 pre-season games. We get limited reports and highlights from training camp, but I like to see for myself.
  4. il vecchio

    TC Day 4

    Might've been. We should hear more about it.
  5. Yes, it's doable, but not easy. Would likely mean making a difficult cut somewhere on defense.
  6. Curiously, I still don't see Okereke's name on the Colts' Transactions page. All the other draftees are listed there as having signed contracts.
  7. He and Sheard will be great mentors.
  8. Doesn't really matter. You just plug away, regardless. KC gets attention. NE gets even more. It's a part of success, and it means you're doing something right. So, I hope the Colts keep getting attention.
  9. Height and length are fairly important metrics for a DT. Helpful in batting down passes. In Hunt's case, they have also helped him block kicks.
  10. Why cut a DT just because you drafted a DE/LB?
  11. Because the team can carry only 53, and with an emphasis on having a good rotation of pass rushers, for example, something has to give in terms of what your ideal number would be at some other position, and that might easily be RB.
  12. Out of the 7 picks still to go, at this point... I think they will pick at least one RB. Need some more quality competition there for camp. Also think they will pick a G, T and maybe 2 LB
  13. Recent discoveries indicate that around 9% of the genome of the Negativians derives from Denisovans, suggesting significant interbreeding. Scientists continue their search for the genes most responsible for the expressed negativity.
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