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  1. I'd say trying to go head to head with Vinatieri against father time and hoping to win that one is what cost us the playoffs.
  2. If any other player had cost us two games this season they'd be gone tomorrow.
  3. Where do the Colts rank with the 2018 class? Must be higher than #8.
  4. Irsay let Peyton go, so it's silly to say he would never trade Luck if the price were right. Also, besides the fact that JB is younger and playing very well, the locker room knows that Luck walked and JB is a solid teammate.
  5. Looks tough. He is just too fragile.
  6. He's very good, and is exceptional this year. Last time he was in a contract year he also played very well, but then dropped off the next year. Hope that doesn't happen this time.
  7. If his shoulder were still an issue, your conjecture might have some merit. In any case, the NFL likely has no authority over retired players. I'll guess that Robert Mathis is no longer being tested.
  8. You can't possibly know this season is going to be mediocre or not just 2 games in. If Vinatieri hadn't had a meltdown, we'd be 2-0. And JB might have below average passing yards this year, but he'll also likely throw fewer than average interceptions. In any case, I fully expect him to improve throughout the season, and since I lack your crystal ball, I am reserving judgment until more data come in.
  9. Yeah. Better be able to pass protect and also receive.
  10. It's a lot harder to catch a quick pass when you are expecting it to be high over your head instead of right at you.
  11. Actually, it is overrated, if Vinatieri stays now because of what he's done in the past. He'd be staying because of his reputation, or "rating", if you will.
  12. Something must be done. That last incompletion by Tennessee is the only thing that saved the Colts from two straight losses because of Vinatieri. Not really fair to the rest of the players.
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