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  1. il vecchio

    Dallas Clark

    I was extremely impressed with his color commentary. His knowledge about the game and its nuances was why.
  2. il vecchio

    Colts draft spot

    Yep. The Patriots are at the bottom of the draft year after year, and they keep going deep into the playoffs.
  3. il vecchio

    We’re not suppose to

    The Colts are not supposed to be here. The pressure is on the Chiefs.
  4. il vecchio

    Kenny Moore

    I believe that was on 4th down and he returned it maybe 5 to 8 yards. Always great to have an interception, but not much more huge than just batting it down, there.
  5. il vecchio

    Irsay post game

    It's always hard to tell with him.
  6. il vecchio

    Colts ran for 200 yards

    I will be surprised, since the D line needs help more.
  7. il vecchio

    We have a shot at the division!

    That's the easiest and most succinct explanation of the case.
  8. il vecchio

    Report: Leveon Bell eyeing Colts

    Agree completely. Irsay, in particular, will not be fond of yet another rebuilding year. He's been patient to this point, is probably thrilled with Luck's recovery from injury and will want to get as much out of his QB's talents as possible while he's still in his prime. The Colts have had a couple of very good drafts and have enough cap space to upgrade where needed. Next year begins the "win now" mindset.
  9. il vecchio

    Andrew Luck Thinks He's Done As A Receiver

    The 2015 fake punt is now the second worst play in Colts' history, IMO. That play only risked one game. Seriously, I can't fathom the stupidity of calling the play yesterday. If Luck gets driven into the ground and lands on his shoulder wrong, then I'd hate to be in Reich's shoes.
  10. il vecchio

    Sackless streak 5th longest in..

    He comes across as a team captain. At least as a seasoned vet and not a rookie.
  11. il vecchio

    Indy is a great place to visit!

    Could be because the wealth gap keeps growing and is the greatest it has been in my lifetime, and I'm in my 60s.
  12. il vecchio

    OL gave Luck time and made room for Mack

    No sacks, and 5.5 yards/carry. Good job by the OL!
  13. il vecchio

    Colts @ New York Jets Game Day Thread

    Nope. Smart thing to do with a team this young is to let them get experience and spend the money next year.
  14. il vecchio

    Colts @ New York Jets Game Day Thread

    Not good.
  15. il vecchio

    Great game by Ebron

    Swoope was also excellent, in a much more limited role. Darn near had 2 touchdowns.