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  1. il vecchio

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    Let's go way out there and convert the surface to sand, like beach volleyball players play on (spherical granules that don't stick easily to your skin). Playing half our games on that surface would about guarantee that the Colts would lead the league in fewest injuries, and that's a key to post-season success. Sure, there wouldn't be quite as much speed, but that's true for both teams, and a big factor in reducing brain injuries. The game would still be just as exciting. Knee and hip injuries would drop, significantly, as would shoulder separations from reduced forces on ground impact. The players would love to have extended careers. Fans appreciate seeing their favorite players stick around longer, too. Equipment changes would be minimal. No need for cleats (that reduces hand injuries when stepped on). Just a light shoe with a good rubber sole. One stadium change required is that overhead lasers would need to be installed in order to still have lines. Overall, probably cheaper surface than turf, too. What do you say, Mr Irsay? If you like the idea, I can send you my contact info so you can send me a check for my consulting work. And if Goodell dismisses the idea, remind him that lowering the league's liability for CTE greatly reduces league expenses, besides simply being moral.
  2. il vecchio

    Steve Ishmael

    Marvin had elite speed, but I think his route running and ability to catch are what made him special. Reggie was certainly fast, but was his speed elite? How about Jerry Rice? I don't think his 4.71" 40 time qualified as elite. I think speed is important, but I'd put it maybe 3rd on the list behind catching ability and route running. If you have those two, you are going to move the chains.
  3. il vecchio

    The new is SLICK!!!/Questions and problems (merge)

    Seems a little glitchy and slow. I use the mouse-over, thread pop-up feature a lot just to know if I have an interest in clicking on a thread, as many of the titles are misleading or inadequate. That function seems slow. Maybe it will be worked out over time.
  4. Hope he shows film both of himself and of Marvin.
  5. il vecchio

    Welcome to the team Skai Moore

    Leading an SEC team in tackles and interceptions is very impressive.
  6. il vecchio

    *** Colts UDFA Tracker ***

    Obviously, drafting 11 guys makes it tougher for a UDFA to make the final 53.
  7. il vecchio

    Ballard's Draft Brilliance

    I'm fine with this draft. I can see that Ballard puts a premium on athleticism, and believes in coaching the players up. With that in mind, I had hoped that he might take a 7th round shot at Jordan Mailata. The guys is only 20.
  8. il vecchio

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    On the bright side, any teams switching to a 3/4 will probably have some hard working, experienced 3rd round 4/3 players available to us for the low price of a 7th rounder. Looking forward to getting those.
  9. He'll never be happy. No matter who we picked, he'd be complaining.
  10. il vecchio

    Trading down at #6

    Chicago doesn't have many picks to trade to go along with their 8th. They have the 39th, but I doubt they will give that up to go to 6. If they would, I hope CB will take it, whether Chubb is available or not..
  11. il vecchio

    Trade Down Mock

    5th round pick?
  12. Good question. If you mean how many ever start, I'd say at least 150.
  13. Nelson is too good to pass on!
  14. il vecchio

    Trading down again.....

    I wouldn’t complain too much about it.
  15. What would be Buffalo's motivation in giving up so many picks? Who are they trying to get ahead of that makes such a trade necessary? I've haven't seen many mocks that show a QB selected by TB, CHI, SF, OAK or MIA.