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  1. When I saw the title, I thought this thread would be about the far more important aspect, his impact as a receiver. Doyle had one catch for 4 yards. Baltimore's Andrews had 11 catches for 147 yards, 2 TDs and 4 extra points. Andrews ran good routes, used his body to shield the ball from defenders, and had impressive YAC. He was the difference maker in the game. Doyle? No, not so much, despite his significant contract. Doyle will never be at the level of Andrews, but maybe MAC could be.
  2. Seems a conditional pick for Mack would make sense and make the trade more palatable to GMs and potentially more profitable for the Colts. Mack does have demonstrable skill, but his availability is a question mark.
  3. That's one way to get a build-up of antibodies.
  4. Maybe consider trading Campbell (a potential #1 WR) for a LT.
  5. Actually, your comment doesn't make sense. Suppose I say "he might of enough money". Make sense?
  6. I enjoy it, too, but why does Wentz outrank Reich?
  7. I'm curious as to how Carter O'Donnell has done in his development.
  8. Not at all a kicking expert, but it sure looked like he didn't quite get it all. The kick seemed to be spinning faster than most longer kicks do, indicating more of the energy of the kick went into rotational motion than translational. If that's so, then perhaps he hit the ball a tad lower of center than normal.
  9. I have no idea if Ballard is one of the top GMs or not. Seems best way to measure that would be post-season record, ultimately. In any case, I am personally happier with him than I was with Grigson, even though Grigson won an Executive of the Year award.
  10. I'd say trying to go head to head with Vinatieri against father time and hoping to win that one is what cost us the playoffs.
  11. If any other player had cost us two games this season they'd be gone tomorrow.
  12. Where do the Colts rank with the 2018 class? Must be higher than #8.
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