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  1. He's very good, and is exceptional this year. Last time he was in a contract year he also played very well, but then dropped off the next year. Hope that doesn't happen this time.
  2. If his shoulder were still an issue, your conjecture might have some merit. In any case, the NFL likely has no authority over retired players. I'll guess that Robert Mathis is no longer being tested.
  3. You can't possibly know this season is going to be mediocre or not just 2 games in. If Vinatieri hadn't had a meltdown, we'd be 2-0. And JB might have below average passing yards this year, but he'll also likely throw fewer than average interceptions. In any case, I fully expect him to improve throughout the season, and since I lack your crystal ball, I am reserving judgment until more data come in.
  4. Yeah. Better be able to pass protect and also receive.
  5. It's a lot harder to catch a quick pass when you are expecting it to be high over your head instead of right at you.
  6. Actually, it is overrated, if Vinatieri stays now because of what he's done in the past. He'd be staying because of his reputation, or "rating", if you will.
  7. Something must be done. That last incompletion by Tennessee is the only thing that saved the Colts from two straight losses because of Vinatieri. Not really fair to the rest of the players.
  8. I thought he did a really good job and will continue to improve. That TD floater was perfect. I'm happy with him as the Colts QB.
  9. il vecchio


    Well, back in its drawer for another year.
  10. I would swap out Brissett for Castonzo, unless of course being the QB makes you Captain by default. Apparently, it does.
  11. Well thought out response. Thing is, unlike in past years, every guy in each of those positions appears to be deserving and able to step up and play, if needed. We'll see soon how this all plays out.
  12. I'd like both a vet QB and Kelly, also, but I don't like the idea of cutting two guys from what looks like a good roster of 53 to make it happen.
  13. Judging from skills in spelling, I'd say many people read nothing but message boards and personal texts.
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