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  1. I'm curious as to how Carter O'Donnell has done in his development.
  2. Not at all a kicking expert, but it sure looked like he didn't quite get it all. The kick seemed to be spinning faster than most longer kicks do, indicating more of the energy of the kick went into rotational motion than translational. If that's so, then perhaps he hit the ball a tad lower of center than normal.
  3. I have no idea if Ballard is one of the top GMs or not. Seems best way to measure that would be post-season record, ultimately. In any case, I am personally happier with him than I was with Grigson, even though Grigson won an Executive of the Year award.
  4. True, for scoring the most points, but when you are up comfortably, it's an opportunity to test and try other players and components of your offense, especially those that you feel need some extra development in a season which has lacked the time for that. Getting game tape on what didn't work against an NFL defense is a valuable tool to have.
  5. We get it, you are not a fan of JT. Your point is duly noted.
  6. Looks like they didn't get your memo to tank.
  7. People often say "everyone" when they mean some. I'll venture that most GMs knew Mahomes was not taken too high.
  8. Thankful for his years on the team, but trying to somehow defeat father time would be an effort in futility.
  9. How many times was he injured in these 4 years? More than twice?
  10. That's always the biggest cost of any new addition.
  11. The public pressure will not be to cancel the season, but to proceed with it. Sure, there will be some infections with all the grunting and close contact pushing, and those infected players will have to quarantine for a few weeks. On the plus side of that, presumably they return with some increased immunity. Let's note that even without a season, the players and their families could be infected. One thing I would hope and expect the league to do is daily testing of the players. That's a good way to stay on top of any infected players. These are all fit y
  12. Easy. They will go forward because the NFL is a business which makes a LOT of money. Both the owners and the players have way too much to lose if they cancel the season. So, they will not do that unless ordered to do so. The teams have had a lot of time to make preparations for cautionary procedures. No doubt there will be locker room changes. Beyond that, the public interest in football will be very high, as a way to bring some normalcy to these tough times. There almost certainly will be some players missing action while in quarantine, but football f
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