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  1. Recent discoveries indicate that around 9% of the genome of the Negativians derives from Denisovans, suggesting significant interbreeding. Scientists continue their search for the genes most responsible for the expressed negativity.
  2. I assume he was named after the character. That, in itself, is pretty funny.
  3. I thought it was a good game. Both defenses played very well. But the most enjoyable part was just watching Edelman. I've always believed of all the receiver skills, speed is the most overrated. I put it 4th behind route running, catching the ball and YAC, and Edelman is superb at all of those.
  4. I was extremely impressed with his color commentary. His knowledge about the game and its nuances was why.
  5. Yep. The Patriots are at the bottom of the draft year after year, and they keep going deep into the playoffs.
  6. The Colts are not supposed to be here. The pressure is on the Chiefs.
  7. I believe that was on 4th down and he returned it maybe 5 to 8 yards. Always great to have an interception, but not much more huge than just batting it down, there.
  8. It's always hard to tell with him.
  9. I will be surprised, since the D line needs help more.
  10. That's the easiest and most succinct explanation of the case.
  11. Agree completely. Irsay, in particular, will not be fond of yet another rebuilding year. He's been patient to this point, is probably thrilled with Luck's recovery from injury and will want to get as much out of his QB's talents as possible while he's still in his prime. The Colts have had a couple of very good drafts and have enough cap space to upgrade where needed. Next year begins the "win now" mindset.
  12. The 2015 fake punt is now the second worst play in Colts' history, IMO. That play only risked one game. Seriously, I can't fathom the stupidity of calling the play yesterday. If Luck gets driven into the ground and lands on his shoulder wrong, then I'd hate to be in Reich's shoes.
  13. He comes across as a team captain. At least as a seasoned vet and not a rookie.
  14. Could be because the wealth gap keeps growing and is the greatest it has been in my lifetime, and I'm in my 60s.
  15. No sacks, and 5.5 yards/carry. Good job by the OL!
  16. Nope. Smart thing to do with a team this young is to let them get experience and spend the money next year.
  17. Swoope was also excellent, in a much more limited role. Darn near had 2 touchdowns.
  18. Rather than post the same tired s--t over and over again here, why not just find another team to be a fan of? When Ballard is gone, you can consider becoming a fan again. Make sense?
  19. Jonathan Williams (RB) signed to the practice squad; Jeremy McNichols (RB) waived
  20. No, it's not any wealthy person. The vast majority of wealthy people get their income from capital gains. That's a low 20% tax rate. A professional athlete's income is primarily earned income, so he pays the higher earned income rate. To me, it's backwards that people who are born into wealth pay a lower tax rate than people who go out and earn an equal income, especially now with lower corporate taxes. And the lower corporate taxes mean even more capital gains income. That's a windfall for the people who own the majority of all stock. As for the wealthy paying so much more in actual dollars than most people, well, that's just a good argument for how extreme the wealth gap has become, and a widely used technique to disguise the fact that they pay a lower rate than working people.
  21. Awesome!! Can't wait to get the top pick in the draft!
  22. Let's go way out there and convert the surface to sand, like beach volleyball players play on (spherical granules that don't stick easily to your skin). Playing half our games on that surface would about guarantee that the Colts would lead the league in fewest injuries, and that's a key to post-season success. Sure, there wouldn't be quite as much speed, but that's true for both teams, and a big factor in reducing brain injuries. The game would still be just as exciting. Knee and hip injuries would drop, significantly, as would shoulder separations from reduced forces on ground impact. The players would love to have extended careers. Fans appreciate seeing their favorite players stick around longer, too. Equipment changes would be minimal. No need for cleats (that reduces hand injuries when stepped on). Just a light shoe with a good rubber sole. One stadium change required is that overhead lasers would need to be installed in order to still have lines. Overall, probably cheaper surface than turf, too. What do you say, Mr Irsay? If you like the idea, I can send you my contact info so you can send me a check for my consulting work. And if Goodell dismisses the idea, remind him that lowering the league's liability for CTE greatly reduces league expenses, besides simply being moral.
  23. Marvin had elite speed, but I think his route running and ability to catch are what made him special. Reggie was certainly fast, but was his speed elite? How about Jerry Rice? I don't think his 4.71" 40 time qualified as elite. I think speed is important, but I'd put it maybe 3rd on the list behind catching ability and route running. If you have those two, you are going to move the chains.
  24. Seems a little glitchy and slow. I use the mouse-over, thread pop-up feature a lot just to know if I have an interest in clicking on a thread, as many of the titles are misleading or inadequate. That function seems slow. Maybe it will be worked out over time.
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