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  1. After observing this forum for over a decade, here are things I've seen ( we shall call them axioms). 1. If players aren't picked in either rounds 1 or 2, people have a hard time accepting them or believe in their potential. 2. If the a position of perceived need was not taken care of in axiom 1, then the draft was already average at best 3. If it's a player they really love but was taken outside of axiom 1, then axiom 1 no longer applies 4. Players current performance and ability are always the defining factor, no future coaching or improvement is ever factored into
  2. I understand Dayo might not play until 2022 but wonder if this means later in the draft we will see a Ben Banogu trade for a 6th round pick like we've seen 2 times in years past with Hairston and Wilson. Hey Jets...
  3. I really want to know who this bad charay person they were referring too. They said what if he fell in the second. Is that to pick 54 or is it because they want to trade back from 21 to early 2nd? Ahhh. I'm wondering if it's someone like Ronnie Perkins at 54
  4. I wonder how much that is scout's blowing smoke about a player so he falls a little further than expected. I would do that if I were a scout lol
  5. Nope. I abstained. More worried about the Colts not getting a fair trade partner than IF they will trade. Ballard isn't settling
  6. I will say, @chad72 built one heck of a third of a team with Jacksonville in this draft. I was following along these nights and every time I saw the pick come in, was like this is unreal. 7 picks in the top 100
  7. I think this shows what a couple of people here in the forum have said. That this draft I think is going to shock people because of the mock drafts they've been seeing the past 3-4 months. It's almost like before anyone should be allowed to see a mock draft, they should have come up with their own first (and done whatever youtube watching they wanted on players). Then people would be able to take the bias out of their thoughts.
  8. Will the Colts trade the first-round pick? Abstain Will the Colts trade another pick in the draft that's not first round and also not part of this exercise lol? Yes Round 1 #21 A LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (Notre Dame) B OT Christian Darrisaw (Virginia Tech) C OT Liam Eichebenerg (Notre Dame) Round 2 #54 A OT Walker Little (Stanford) B TE Tommy Tremble (Notre Dame) C DE Joe Tryon (Washington) Round 4 #127 A DE Shaka Toney (Penn State) B OT Brady Christensen (BYU) C CB Benjamin St-Juste (Minnesota)
  9. I mean I think the Colts would do it in a heartbeat but I don't the Cardinals would. In this scenario we are basically saying Tell is worth a very early 3rd round pick. And most teams are looking for a little extra, so we would be looking at Tell as worth a very late 2nd which they surely aren't going to think that Tell is worth that much.
  10. The more I sit here and think about it, the more and more I'm starting to talk myself into it. I personally would love someone like Darrisaw at 21 (I think he solves the biggest missing piece for a decade+). But if not there, then you can obviously take JOK who is a pure definition of a deference maker on defense to go along with Buckner and Leonard, and rising star Blackman. And then at pick 54, maybe that's where you trade back and hope to get a very late 3rd or early 4th. And with trading back, maybe someone like Walker Little will be there to solve the OT problem. And then with
  11. I agree. I think you can line JOK at LB, S, pure rusher. I honestly think he's one of the 5-6 "difference makers" he mentioned today.
  12. How does a 4-1-6 truly work? Is that like a Dime package with 4 corners and 2 safeties or could it be 3 and 3? If it were 3 and 3, then my goodness we could get JOK and it be ridiculous
  13. I mean if we look at what Ballard has done, yea there are clear needs in the draft from what we see (LT and DE) and I'm sure he will get them filled via this years draft at some point (I mean I feel like Irsay has even been saying so the past month lol). But there are also times when Ballard surprises us because he sees past the current draft/season and sometimes to me almost knows that an injury is coming. For me I look at past drafts and think why did you draft him. 4-6 months later, I'm like, Ballard you genius you've done it again. Examples for me are: 2018 draft, 2nd Roun
  14. Thanks for the invite but I'm going to decline. I love just checking in and seeing the excitement. I would probably end up missing my time window and you all would just pick for me lol. You all are doing a great job btw
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