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  1. I'm not able to listen to the audio now, but was there any mention of Eason in the podcast? I think of all the QBs (outside of the top 4 that keep getting mentioned: Burrow, Tua, Herbert, Love), he is the one I'm most intrigued about. Even more than my recent tape viewings of Fromm.
  2. I totally agree. You put a strong armed QB in a system where he needs to be a dink and dunk, and I feel like you are wasting that talent. But then you have a QB like you mentioned (Herbert) going to some air it out offense and you are not allowing him to succeed. The other elements to these guys being successful are if the teams have an above average Oline established to help protect them. We've seen that so many times before where a team drafts a QB, they get killed and they are either out of the league or they develop some bad habits/tendencies with the ball. So many fascinating pieces to the puzzle that either makes it or breaks it for a QB succeeding in the NFL.
  3. I see what a lot of the posters are saying in this thread and agree on multiple fronts. I do think that this draft is one where we need to come out with a young QB to groom. To basically take advantage that most likely Jacoby will be starting in 2020 and that that player can learn what it takes to be in the NFL. But what I don't get is, if Ballard really likes his QB, why he has to take him at 13 (unless its someone like Tua/Herbert/Love). If its someone like Fromm/Eason/Gordon, don't you think he can choose to be a little greedy and try to get a blue chip prospect along with his future QB? Look at Russel Wilson, what if the Seahawks knew that was their guy they wanted when the draft rolled around. They could have taken him round 1 and lost out on Bruce Irvin or round 2 and lost out on Bobby Wagner. Could they definitely lost out on him, dang straight they could have. But they rolled the dice, felt how the draft was, and knew what luck they could push until they couldn't wait anymore.
  4. There have been a lot of first round QBs picked that have been horrible the past 10 years as well though. I just trust that whatever QB is taken and whichever round 1-3, that at least a "team" is being built for the long haul for that particular QB and that that QB will get a pretty good coach/QB whisperer to groom him.
  5. Nice! Yea with a clean pocket, I've seen him definitely be able to hit a receiver 50+ yards down the field and drop it in a bucket. And as we stated before, he definitely does not have a rifle arm and I'm not sure I've paid attention to see if he can throw across his body on the move. I have definitely seen him be able to make passes on the move towards his throwing arm. As well as be able to throw down the field while taking a shot from a defender. I'm more of a logical person, so I like to go with what my eyes see and try to figure out what it is that makes people like certain QBs in this draft. As I stated in my intro thread, I really think this is an interesting and pivotal time in the next Colts era. So its fun watching some like QBs that have flaws or point out flaws, but then the very QBs that the do like, have some of the same tendencies or other flaws that they disregard. I'll definitely be asking more questions on the other QBs as I go through them.
  6. I'm not doubting you by any means (I've read you and other's perspectives so much on this forum), but when people say a QB lacks the arm strength but that QB can hit a receiver down the field 55 yards over the shoulder, how much strength is needed? Now I do totally agree, that he (Fromm) appears to not be able to throw a pass on a rope, so to speak.
  7. The accuracy, the touch, and the quick release. A thing of beauty.
  8. I've seen several people equate Fromm with Jacoby now. Is that due to people thinking just strictly "Game Manager"? Because even though I don't see Fromm as this blue chip prospect right now, there definitely seems like there are differences. Jacoby can fire a pass with some heat on it, whereas I don't see Fromm being able to put that kinda speed on it. But then Fromm to me as a great deep ball touch. It might only go up to a max of 55 yards, but hey, I'll take it. Just look at Brees. And then there is definitely the differences with how Jacoby/Fromm stand and maneuver in the pocket. Just trying to understand why I see the comparisons of the two?
  9. I know anything is possible but does anyone see a player like Kristian Fulton getting picked in the top 12? There is usually that head-scratcher pick early in the draft (according to media/armchair GMs).
  10. For me it's the following. If people want to look at Love's 2018 season (which is definitely valid), I think the same should be done with Fromm's 2018 season (30 TD). You can even see down field shots from him that were perfectly placed. Burrow Tua Herbert Love Fromm Eason Gordon
  11. For me, my rounds 1 - 4 are: 1 (13): Javon Kinlaw, DT 2 (34): Austin Jackson, OT 2 (44): Jake Fromm, QB 3 (75): Denzel Mims, WR 4 (112): Jason Strowbridge, DE
  12. 1) Chase Young 2) Derrick Brown 3) Isaiah Simmons 4) Jeffrey Okudah 5) Joe Borrow
  13. I just feel like if we came away from the draft with a DT, QB, WR, TE from the first 2 rounds of the draft, then that would be awesome. And with the ability to trade back in the first (maybe Philly's 21 and 53 overall), the Colts could also do something like the Redskins did last year which is trade their 44th pick and next year 2nd for around pick 26ish. Giving the Colts potential selections 21, 26, 34, and 53 to come away the likes of Cole Kmet, QB of Ballard's liking to groom (with 5th year option), Justin Jefferson, and Neville Gallimore. Which would allow for next season's draft to be OL and more Defense. Granted this scenario all blows up if A) Anthony Castonzo retires, B) Derrick Brown is still at pick 13, C) What happens in Free Agency
  14. Does anyone get the feeling that this draft may lean towards fixing the offense side of the ball whereas years past the draft capital has been invested more into the defense?
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