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  1. I agree with others up here in that it's just Ballard trying to get all this stuff communicated with potential picks of other teams in advance. Why try and wait to do all this communication for the first time during the draft when this draft in itself is historic because of it being virtual. I'm sure Ballard has his small list of Blue Chip prospects that if they were to make it to a point in the draft where they are still there, then hey, maybe it is worth trading up for to get this Blue Chip prospect (regardless of position). Plus I feel like if we were to trade, there is always the chance to trade next years 2nd or 3rd along with out 34th. Especially when you can recoup more picks this year by trading back from 44. And knowing you can trade your 1st next year to move back (if we wanted picks that badly), and we will most likely get 1-2 comp picks.
  2. Round 2a - #34 A Brandon Aiyuk B Austin Jackson C Jalen Reagor Round 2b - #44 A Cole Kmet B Trevon Diggs C Michael Pittman Round 3 - #75 A Matt Peart B Jake Fromm C John Simpson Round 4 - #122 A Ben Bredeson B A.J. Green C Jack Driscoll Round 5 - #160 A Michael Ojemudia B Anthony Gordon C Colby Parkinson Round 6a - #193 A McTelvin Agim B Derrek Tuszka C Van Jefferson Round6b - #197 A Derrek Tuszka B McTelvin Agim C Van Jefferson
  3. I'm not able to listen to the audio now, but was there any mention of Eason in the podcast? I think of all the QBs (outside of the top 4 that keep getting mentioned: Burrow, Tua, Herbert, Love), he is the one I'm most intrigued about. Even more than my recent tape viewings of Fromm.
  4. I totally agree. You put a strong armed QB in a system where he needs to be a dink and dunk, and I feel like you are wasting that talent. But then you have a QB like you mentioned (Herbert) going to some air it out offense and you are not allowing him to succeed. The other elements to these guys being successful are if the teams have an above average Oline established to help protect them. We've seen that so many times before where a team drafts a QB, they get killed and they are either out of the league or they develop some bad habits/tendencies with the ball. So many fascinating pieces to the puzzle that either makes it or breaks it for a QB succeeding in the NFL.
  5. For me, my rounds 1 - 4 are: 1 (13): Javon Kinlaw, DT 2 (34): Austin Jackson, OT 2 (44): Jake Fromm, QB 3 (75): Denzel Mims, WR 4 (112): Jason Strowbridge, DE
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