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  1. I concur with a lot of folks here in that Darrisaw would be an awesome pickup. But I just can't see him falling to us. And with that the Colts trade back and form the following Oline: Jalen Mayfield (LT) Nelson (LG) Kelly (C) Glowinski (RG) Smith (RT)
  2. Interesting indeed. I would have definitely taken Paye in this case. I just find it fascinating each year with the holes that the Colts have on their roster and how each year Ballard seems to fill a good amount of them via re-signs and "smaller" free agent acquisitions. Because us armchair GM's find it easy by picking certain positions via Free Agency and then support our missing pieces via the draft. Too easy for us haha. With that being said, if Ballard doesn't get an LT via free agent, I see no way he passes up an LT early in the draft (1st or 2nd round). Which leaves us wonderi
  3. Christian Darrisaw (OT) Joseph Ossai (DE) Kadarius Toney (WR) Pat Freiermuth (TE) Keith Taylor (CB)
  4. I think I've started telling myself that Ballard will do both types of trades we've seen from him (I mean isn't this what we love during draft season, being armchair GM). I can see Ballard trading a good ways back and going all the way to the top of the second round, getting a third a maybe a 4th/5th as well. Then taking that 4th/5th rounder obtained and moving up from pick 54 like he did with getting Taylor last year. And with this 3 picks, take Liam Eichenberg (OT), Pat Freiermuth (TE), and Jordan Smith (DE)
  5. First off I'm pretty happy he's coming to Indy and we get to see someone who hopefully can shine for the next decade. And I'm super happy we still have our 1st and 2nd round picks this year to really upgrade this roster. As far as the picks given up in this trade, it was going to happen regardless of what QB you wanted (either Vet or going up in the draft and getting "your" QB). And plus we've seen Ballard hit in all rounds of the draft (front, middle, back end of the draft). And he will most likely recoup these picks he just gave away. Either trading back or what I keep beating the drum about
  6. 1. Sign Bud Dupree or Leonard Williams (DE priority) 2. Sign Ahkello Witherspoon (CB priority) 3. Try to trade back in 1st round to get future 3rd rounder and use 1st round pick eventually on Kadarius Toney (our Tyreek WR version) 4. Draft LT (Liam Eichenberg, Brady Christensen, etc) in 2nd round
  7. Thank you! I know I made light of the trade but I think I would definitely do this for two 2nds (just wondering if the trade assets could be lowered because if the salary coming back). Because then the Colts could hopefully revive Wentz, basically have a replacement for Burton (with Ertz), and a potential long term solution in Dillard. And then with the 1st round pick, get a starter at DE or CB. And who I love in the draft, Kadarius Toney. And I'm still betting that a lot of players aren't re-signed this free agency by the Colts, that way Ballard can begin implementing
  8. How good is Dillard if added to the trade package? So far I've seen nothing but terrible RT play and injury about him. I mean it feels like adding more players to this trade (Ertz being on the wrong side of 30 and salary cap concerns) plus Dillard (injury and unknown) starts to feel like what happens on this forum during mock drafts. Where people are like hey I traded 32 times in the mock and got all of the 7th round picks
  9. I'll ask this because I think I've seen more NO's to bringing on Darnold than I have seen Yes's, why are people against trading for him? I'll be the first one to admit that I don't watch film of offense and know anything on what mechanics I should be looking for. I usually only look at defense and see how players use technique, hustle, demeanor, etc. So is it people just don't like how Darnold plays? Is it they think he would cost too much? Is it because people don't like the idea of having a 23 year old QB (with 3 years experience) with also having a rookie/,5 year QB on the roste
  10. I have to say, I think Jaelan Phillips is the EDGE I would want in this draft. I really like the "balanced" EDGE types like Voch talks about because we've seen what happens when offenses take advantage of certain aspects of defensive ends. With all that said though, I would not draft him. The concussions and him retiring from football due to having all those injuries realllly scares me. And I don't even blame him from "retiring" from football because being hurt and being hurt constantly sucks. But now we are talking about heading to the big boy league with bigger and faster players
  11. I definitely think that has merit. Because: 1) What if the QB you drafted doesn't pan out (Jalen Hurts) 2) You trade your other QB who gets "fixed" and begins playing good football again 3) Because of #2, people then question the return you got in the trade 4) What if the trade assets don't pan out to anything
  12. Same here, I work developing things in Azure as an Engineer and come to this board for comedic relief and all things Colts
  13. Ah thank you for the clarification. I like how that second post says "Its clear from my wording", at work we say if you have to explain what you said to someone, then most likely it wasn't clear to begin with.
  14. It says "we made a better offer" suggesting that they countered the Colts with something else. I mean, isn't that what countering is supposed to be?
  15. I know this probably isn't realistic but I think I would actually take this deal. Because then I would try to: 1) Maybe get real crazy and trade a current or future 2nd and maybe future 4th to move up and get the best LT in the draft 2) Trade back and recoup draft picks
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