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  1. Would have gotten it done if we had a coach that didn’t choke in big games.. (bills game)
  2. No. That’s a terrible move for them lol.. they had a lot more issues then a backup rb.. especially in the first round? No maybe in 3rd or 4th but not in the 1st lol
  3. Lol jags will be jags!! Now that ruins fantasy football .. James robinson ain’t going to high anymore
  4. You guys think any chance we trade up for a LT in beginning of 2nd round?
  5. Tell me why they bashed his technique the whole time showing him off.. talking about we have to coach him up a lot and talking about his two hands punch
  6. Ballard going to not take someone who we expect watch...
  7. Been waiting all year for this day! Let’s get baby!!!!
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