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  1. tweezy32

    Dear Darius Leonard:

    Yeah that's all I see is just how he is going to get it. They don't even mention anyone else besides von miller and mack. I personally think Leonards stats are better then Donalds. And Darius missed a game too.
  2. tweezy32

    Dear Darius Leonard:

    If he can get a couple more int. And sacks he should definitely be DPOY. I say maybe 2 more int. And at least 3 more sacks he should get DPOY. his tackles will come and if he gets the other two stats up my god no one will be able to compare to him.
  3. tweezy32

    Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

    Who got that strip sack again?
  4. tweezy32

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    Lowered helmet still. Can't do that. Flagged for it anyways
  5. tweezy32

    2019 free agents

    Definitely need to get barr in here. He's a beast
  6. tweezy32

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    Lucky it wasn't a flag. Lowered the crown of the helmet and smash him into a new dimension with it
  7. tweezy32

    Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Hopefully they keep on losing! Going to love their really high 2nd pick!
  8. tweezy32

    Rookie Rankings After 9 Weeks

    Well they are obviously wron and clearly don't know what they are talking about. Leonard should be #1
  9. tweezy32

    The Luke

    Does anyone know which division we face next year in the NFC? I've been waiting to face the bears and packers so I van go to those games! Dad likes the bears and friends like the packers and I would probably only go to a colts game for those two teams as of right now! I'm hoping we face that division next year. I don't remember the last time we face that division.
  10. tweezy32

    Darius Leonard Rookie of the Week again

    Ive see multiple links that have Leonard as the 2nd best defense of rookie. They have derwin James as the best defense of player for rookies which is bull crap
  11. tweezy32

    Adam Thielen

    I'll have to stay with luck on this one.. A lot cheaper then Cousins too!
  12. tweezy32

    Lions are taking calls on Golden Tate.

    Yeah I think I'd rather go with Thomas.. I don't know the age difference but I would rather go with the bigger reciever. We already have the small face guy in TY. if the age is a big difference then maybe go with Tate depending how old he is
  13. tweezy32

    Adam Thielen

    We will gladly take barr from you guys!!
  14. Collins, Phil Collins!
  15. tweezy32

    Midseason awards

    Who else is in the running for DPOY? I haven't seen anyone mention other players names besides Leonard. He's the only player Ive heard in the running. Khalil Mack is one I forgot about.