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  1. I will be upset if we lose big grove. We def need him to stop the run game. I get massive headaches seeing people run all over us.
  2. me personally would not want to play for chicago either. With the history of the qbs id stay far away from them. Thats where QBS go to die.
  3. This is what I seen. I’ve also seen another post saying same thing. I think this account is usually correct about stuff from what I’ve seen from them.
  4. But new reports are saying Caleb doesn't want the bears to draft him so who knows now.
  5. Trade Fields, Pick Caleb. You get a QB on there rookie contract on year 1 again. Fields will have soon have to be resigned and will not be cheap.
  6. not the colts! we have his number.
  7. Prime Peyton manning in todays league would absolutely torch defenses. He would have 50 touchdowns every year. The league now is soft and favor the offense by far. Same goes as WR. WR. back the would torch the defenses ow because they arent being grabbed every play. Same goes for like NBA thats why players are able to score so much points in a game because defense is soft.
  8. Mahomes turned into Brady. A little cry baby that wines about everything that doesnt get a flag. Also for some reason the chiefs are always getting blessed with the refs.
  9. spend that money on Defense for Fa. Draft Bowers or top 3 wr available.
  10. Its 9 minutes because there was a lot of replays of the same play that just played lol.
  11. its unlikely Bowers will be there when we draft because i think another team or teams will be trying to jump up and grab him. They all know the same thing we do about how good he is so they will be doing everything to get him also.
  12. Also, A lot of the time players flop is because of what team drafted them. I believe that a lot of it comes from the situation that player is in to make them successful. All these players are busts could have had a whole different career if they were drafted by a different team. Not all players of course, but a lot of them yes.
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