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  1. tweezy32

    Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread

    Nelson got destroyed on that play
  2. tweezy32

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    No good
  3. Got the best player available! Wanted nelson all along even over Chubb. We would have been stupid to pass up on nelson. Wasn't a better player to pick at 5 at all. Best decision they made!
  4. tweezy32

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Wow saints traded up.. Who do you think for?
  5. tweezy32

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

  6. tweezy32

    Baker Mayfield

    Not me, I don't want teams getting better. I only want the colts getting better! More rings baby!!
  7. tweezy32

    Players I Want To Hate... But Just Can't

    I will always hate Tom brady
  8. If Chubb goes #2 barkley goes #1 or #4 and nelson goes #5.. I would definitely trade out no matter what if that's what happens.. Someone will try to trade up for that top qb and I would love to get more picks!!
  9. tweezy32

    Colts now at top of Salary Cap list

    Not one of them will hit the market
  10. tweezy32

    Hankins Released

    Signing all these free agents with all of this money that we have...
  11. tweezy32

    Hankins Released

    Not like we are spending it anyways lol
  12. What in the hell is Ballard doing? Terrible decision not to bring him back for that much.. What a joke