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  1. He’s no where near better then luck. Luck was clearly better then Wentz
  2. Yeah pur secondary was terrible last night but couldn’t blame them.. we literally had zero pass rush.. Lamar had all night to throw it.. what do y’all expect would happen when the pass rush couldnt get to him..
  3. IF Blankenship would have made the field goal, we would have won because of doyle doing that. He got us extra 15 yards.. it was a slight push on the head it was like he through a punch or something. Like I said, if the field goal was made it was cuz of doyle that got that flag thrown
  4. Yeah I just got off the phone with Ballard and he said they tried but he just wasn’t interested in coming here.
  5. I love me some Wilkins! I’ve always said it from the beginning, he is a beast and not used enough. Unfortunately for him we have Hines and Taylor. If we want to split carries I think we should give Wilkins more opportunities when Taylor isn’t in. Wilkins runs hard and always fines away to get to that hole!
  6. So I’m guessing you don’t have to turn your head as a corner anymore to block the pass?
  7. Just cuz he tried to punch the ball out and was off balance doesn’t mean he didn’t get ran over.. he got ran over badly.
  8. cant be that easy if you chose wrong.. you would cut a rb that was going off at the end of the season? why not bench him behind faulk and have them for playoffs? taylor was good at the end of season so you would want him over addai for the playoffs.
  9. I’m to the point where ill trade some first round picks to get a real pass rusher.. might as well since we can’t hit on one..
  10. Just watch the baldy breakdowns and a did a good job. Not the best but a good job. He did get beat by him a few times but that’s okay and reasonable. That goal line play was bad ngl tho.. but again nelson beat Donald too so it was back and forth.
  11. I’d like to see a breakdown of him and Donald everytime they went up against each other and see how he did in all of them!
  12. Question is.. if we get a top 5 pick this year and wentz misses enough for us to keep our pick do we go qb?
  13. For my first ever game, it was a blast! I expected a blowout honestly. The colts should of and could have won the game… the fans were loud as ever there! It was super loud everytime something good happened! Or the defense was on the field! I am just happy it was a really good game to be at and was a great experience there! Colts stadium is crazy to be at!
  14. 1st time going to a game, any good parking places where you don’t have to pay?
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