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  1. He drives him back when garret turns to the ball carrier to try to tackle him..
  2. Lol nelson does stand garret up but that’s about it.. garret only gets driven back when he turns his body to go after the ball carrier to tackle him.. nelson does not dominate him in any way. He doesn’t pancake him or even bring him to the ground. But still nelson did seal him off and made a lane for the rb
  3. Absolutely. He’s a beast. You can tell he always does well when he gets the ball he just doesn’t get the ball regularly. Anyone that says no is wrong. You can see he breaks so many tackles when he gets the ball he has way better vision then Taylor or Hines. Wilkins just isn’t as big or fast as Taylor that’s the only reason why he isn’t starting right now. Dang near every time he gets the ball he gets positive yards. Y’all are tripping on him
  4. Wilkins should be the starter... stop playing with the man. He’s a beast.
  5. My hopes are not high with Campbell. I’m hoping I’m wrong but me personally thinks he will be a bust and won’t live up to our expectations. I think he will continue to get hurt.
  6. Didn’t know where else to ask this but what y’all think about mack being behind Taylor and Hines for fantasy rankings? He’s like 130 something.. crazzzzy
  7. Wilkins is better then Hines! change my mind
  8. Dang I personally know the kid from Tennessee Anthony. I played football and wrestled with him in high school. He’s a rookie this year, super surprised he is opt out of this year
  9. Dang The redskins logo really just retired before Adam vinatieri did
  10. I planned on going to the bears game. Was going to go with my dad because he’s a bears fan. This was going to be my first game game to see but now it will be ruined.
  11. Hopefully it does reduce the cap. Would love to see all these players cry about not getting that huge contract! Contracts are ridiculous now. Can only imagine how some of these players would react lol
  12. Texans bengals and the broncos over bills? And no way in a heck is cardinals making the super bowl
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