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  1. Wait, I thought we won the super bowl? We beat the Chiefs this year?!
  2. I’d rather just wait until the 2021 draft for a qb. Get best player available this year, probably would go dline first
  3. James Robinson ran all over them... little fact, I played against him in high school multiple times. He’s from the same town as me and you think Derek Henry high school stats are insane, we’ll just look up James Robinson high school stats..
  4. A lot of the bad teams this year will be a lot better next year. So like ciny and lions jets.. bengals will be getting burrows, lions will be getting Stafford back jets have another year to develope Sam darnald and get his weapons.. don’t be expecting too much from this team especially when we lose to teams like the dolphins
  5. I love Wilkins! When he gets the ball he’s always getting great positive gains. I would like to see him stay healthy and get the ball more honestly. I’m super high on him
  6. Lol come on now.. anyone could have high numbers behind this oline. I like Mack, I do want to pay him but he isn’t top 5 in his position. Bet Wilkins could have 1000 yards behind this oline also
  7. Mack or Larry Fitzgerald for ppr league? Who to start?
  8. I’ll just be mad if Ballard doesn’t spend on free agency this year again. We need to go get them. Even if over paying is what we have to do. I know we will spend on our own players to use some of that cap up but I’m hoping we actually go out and get a difference maker this year. We truly need one!
  9. Exactly like all we needed was a first down first. Couldn’t even get that. This is embarrassing to be a colts fan right now
  10. It blows my mind he kept trying to go in the end zone while all we needed was the first down first
  11. This was on frank too. Needs to learn how to pull someone from the game when it’s time. Rather see Kelly out there try to make plays
  12. This is on frank too. He knows damn well he should have pulled hoyer. My gosh I’d rather have kelly out there and see him try to make plays then watch hoyer screw things up
  13. The kick was too low. Any one of those dline man could have put a hand up and blocked it.
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