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  1. If anyone thinks Tennessee is going to finish higher then us or has a good chance to, then why can’t we finish higher then Houston? We were one drop away from beating them and sweeping them last year. Houston is overrated and yall acting like they are so good. We should have swept them with a backup QB. Hop off there *, and have better expectations.
  2. I'm all for doubling down and going EDGE in the 1st again. Just got to make sure we get the right one. Depending on where we draft, I'm okay with trading up a couple of picks to snatch the better pass rusher of the bunch. Since there will be a good amount of rushers, I hear, let's go get the better one. I can also see the draft being the opposite as this years. Most teams will go defense now in this draft, and very good offensive players fall. I think we are perfect on offense, that's why I'm okay with trading up to get the guy we need on defense.
  3. An overthrown ball can still be caught because a WR would have to dive for it just to catch it. That is an overthrown ball, just like an underthrown ball, which is still catchable. QB is supposed to drop it in his hands in stride usually, but sometimes it's overthrown, and the WR has to do extra work just to catch the ball, like diving for it or even some one-handed catches I've seen where they could only reach with that one hand.
  4. I agree; he had to turn around to catch the ball. It was still a good ball, but if the DB was aware of the ball and turned his head, it would have been broken up. All deep throws aren't always on point, so I'm glad AD is good enough to catch that ball with the DB right there.
  5. Both can still be true.
  6. Our secondary is atrocious, hoping Latu helps them out.
  7. wth!!! yeah im gonna have to risk it for that price! decent seats too?
  8. Easy dubs for us! On to the next!!
  9. you know what time about they stop selling them and letting you buy them?
  10. do you ever move up sections to grab better seats that are not being used?
  11. exactly how i feel, just a little nervous if it doesnt work out.
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