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  1. I’d rather not win the super bowl with rivers then win the Super Bowl with brady. I hate brady lol
  2. What a bad year for our players contracts to come up on us! Just imagine if we had like 2-3 more years on Nelson and smith and Leonard! We could go be grabbing a lot of these guys from them! Too bad we don’t have a lot of money for them
  3. Yeah hopefully we resign Rhodes.. would rather lose other players then lose him
  4. Just wanted to throw some speculation out there! I’d be so mad if CB doesn’t bring him back.
  5. Hopefully he’s just getting a bigger contract from us and wants a bigger house!!
  6. Let’s just pull a Buckner trade again and trade our first for an All Pro lol
  7. Reich did go for it on 4th and 4 while he could have just went and took the points. We lost by 3.. reich did challenge a stupid fumble that anybody in the world could see the dudes knee was down by a mile n half. Reich did go for 2 when we would have only been down by 7 if we would just declined the penalty.. rivers wouldn’t have to overthrow pittman in the end zone of reich would have just kicked the field goal.. bad throws and dropped passes happen in games. This is all on frank
  8. It is on reich. Don’t challenge a play if you haven’t even reviewed it yet on the big board or got the call from someone up top to challenge it.. he challenged it without even looking at it.. he went for it on 4th and 4? We lost by 3. This fool actually went for 2pts when we would have been down by 7 if he would kick the extra point lol. I’m blaming Frank
  9. You don’t go on for it on 4th and 4.. in the playoffs.. as you can see we ended up losing by 3..
  10. Whaaaaat??? You have to be kidding right? Those are mistakes that you know will happen in games. Frank’s mistakes should never ever happen.. like ever in games especially in playoffs.
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