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  1. I’d probably shít myself of laughter if he doesn’t resign with them
  2. She going to be big mad soon!! 2first rounders makes me feel better about luck right now!
  3. tunsil wast even all that. Happy? 2 first rounders and a second hahahaaha
  4. Lol I’d still do that for two first my god dolphins fans must be happy right now Two first and a 2nd?? That’s why lol tousling event all that anyways
  5. Love AC but you guys think we can fleece someone for two first rounders for him lol
  6. Lmao and they just traded two first and a 2nd Texans got hosed
  7. Literally took the word right out of my mouth lol totally different type of qb
  8. If there isn’t a great qb in the draft that will be a top10 qb in the nfl at all we should not even think about drafting him. ‘‘Tis is overrated. I’d rather just build our team and draft a beast on defense or something
  9. I’ve never been this sad in my life. Not a minute goes by where I don’t think about all of this. I didn’t even get to ever watch him play..
  10. I do not blame one single fan for booing at all. I would have done the same thing at that moment. I was and still am devastated. Literally heart broken. Those fans were at the game and seen him in person and emotions were hot at the time. I am willing to bet most of all the fans booed would not have booed him if it was at a different time and not so randomly during a game. We all love Andrew and still do. Those fans love him still it was just a bad timing. It’s literally like a 7 year break up. We all loved him and he broke up with us randomly after 7 years.
  11. How do people just post stuff like this? Like we just lost our future...
  12. All that hope we had coming into the season literally just went down the drain.. literally can’t stop thinking about this. I’m so mad. We are screwed.
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