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  1. Hopefully it does reduce the cap. Would love to see all these players cry about not getting that huge contract! Contracts are ridiculous now. Can only imagine how some of these players would react lol
  2. Texans bengals and the broncos over bills? And no way in a heck is cardinals making the super bowl
  3. Hoping pats do really well to show that Tom isn’t all that great as everyone makes him out to be and that Peyton is better!
  4. Colts are probably banking on a teams qb getting hurt in the year and hoping to trade brissett maybe to them for a better asking price
  5. So is the discussion about the colts being contenders or how good looking Kay Adams is?!
  6. Oh heck yes pleasssse give meee!!!!
  7. Ticket prices are outrageous.. I wanted to go the bears game but they are so expensive. Over $200 for even nosebleed seats. Doesn’t help the fees that come along with them were for 3 tickets were $300 just for the fees.. which they would make these tickets affordable
  8. Hmm how is Jordan Wilkins a below average starter if he averages almost 6yards per carry? Wilkins is better then Hines.
  9. Gets beat in some of of the routes but closes in and regains and wins. If a real qb was throwing the ball would have been there already and he wouldn’t have been to regain like he was doing. Still a rookie clearly hopefully this training helps him!
  10. Wow didn’t know tickets would be so expensive right now. Trying to go to the bears game and wow they are expensive
  11. Does anyone know anything about tickets? Like if we buy tickets can we get our money back if there is no fans allowed? Or are we even allowed to buy tickets?
  12. 2nd. Shame on those 3 people who hearted this! Not even going to correct him!!
  13. Good thing we don’t need Pittman to be fast we need him to get open and catch the ball. We have ty to be fast. Steve sounds stupid.
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