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  1. I’d give them a 2nd and a 4th if they wanted more. Zeke would be amazing with us and definitely would put us unstoppable on offense with luck and zeke. I would also entertain maybe trading Mack to them and a pick for zeke if they would
  2. Bro you’re kidding right? You think he’s fine? He’s been injured literally this whole year lol and hasn’t healed from it yet.. yeah believe he is fine why don’t you.. not saying he won’t play the first game just saying he is not fine
  3. Not gonna lie when I sprained my ankle that was by far the worst pain I’ve had. And I tore my acl and meniscus at the same time. And broke a finger to where it twisted sideways. Sprains do hurt..
  4. Wouldn’t do it honesty a first for zeke yes but not mack and a first. Mack can and will be a 1,000 yard back behind this line I love zeke buttt
  5. So much for the if the the season started this weekend he would be playing comment.. sounds highly unlikely he will be playing week one. I just don’t know how they don’t know what the injury is lol? They have the best doctors they could buy and still can’t find the problem?
  6. Yeah how the hell you going to forget about Justin Houston?!
  7. One thing we know is that we can’t tackle for shhhi
  8. Rock not doing so hot.. first ever game tho so it’s expected
  9. Where do I go to on the colts home page to watch it?
  10. Where do I find the video on the colts home page?
  11. Here’s to me wishing the cowboys screw things up and the colts get him some how!
  12. Sometimes I wish I could sit down with some of these fools and put some sense into them.
  13. can’t believe I watch the whole video!
  14. Lol the end was funny because you know damn well they think that when they hear ty name
  15. Love the flow!! Big Q is def my fav player!!
  16. Every time I watch freeney play brings tears to my eyes
  17. Lol I'd take Peyton any day of the of the week over Rogers. Any day!
  18. Depending on how funchess does, we might go wr. Could let him walk and don't know about Cain or Campbell. Both basically rookies. Type is getting older, don't know how much longer he will be good for. I wouldn't be mad if we went wr early. SS and lineman are what we will mist likely go after tho
  19. Are they ranking them by right now on who's better or from past experiences? Cuz right now luck did better than all of them besides mahomes. Ben isn't even that good don't know why people think he's better than luck. Luck is better than rivers and Wilson and Ben and Watson doesn't come close to him. After this year we will see how mahomes does to see if he truly is that good or will he be another dak
  20. He's not coming here. We will not go after him. Hopefully I'm wrong but I doubt it
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