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  1. Sign him for one game, let him hit that last FG, then retire.
  2. I love watching Leonard and Nelson, I really do not want them to leave. Would also be sad to see TY go if he balls out this year with Rivers (pending actually HAVING a season)
  3. i.e Lawrence Taylor being the best ever LB, completely changed what it meant to be a LB. Mahomes could be like that in a QB if he continues this trend. I literally can't believe some of the throws he can make, as accurate as Peyton but while running sideways.
  4. Even when we were on a mean streak with Luck two years ago, the Jags messed up our historic win streak.
  5. If he was a 2nd or 3rd rounder I'd say he's good, but he hasn't been performing to 1st rounder expectations. Then again our pass rush was not very good and we played a soft zone defense so it's hard to really say. Hope this year will give us an idea on what he can do when we get a pass rush.
  6. Off topic but I really want to see Q punt. Or fake punt and just steamroll an unlucky CB trying to block the punt.
  7. I'm legit excited for this season. Some premiere D players and a seemingly explosive offense that will go off either this year or the next. Can't wait. Just hope we actually HAVE football this year.
  8. 31-16 unless our receiving group stops being bad.
  9. It will make both of them much better players, now that they are able to play against people of near-similar talent.
  10. My fondest memory is when he played for the Colts.
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