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  1. My concern is Wentz is a bit skittish under pressure, so having the solid line we had would have been great for him. The guy we took out of retirement was still a very good player, better than all the depth we had at the time, so it wasn’t a huge deal. If we get a good replacement LT we should be okay. you’re right in that we didn’t lose to the bills due to LT play, but I don’t think we made enough significant upgrades to beat KC or TB, for example. It’s more like we just had a revolving door of old players replaced by new ones that will probably perform about the same once up t
  2. I say this year so far we are looking slightly worse overall, primarily because of the talent lost. If we sign Fisher or Villanueva as LT I believe overall we will be better. A lot of it hinges now on QB play, LT play, and if our rookie D line can make an impact in a position that historically takes a couple years to develop unless you’re a stud like Buckner or Watt.
  3. To be fair, Turay's ankle turning into a twizzler doesn't really mean he was a bust yet. He showed flashes right before his injury, if he can pick up this year where he left off before his injury, we'll have a solid front line. His play at the end of last year wasn't encouraging, but having gone through even a simple knee surgery myself I realize it's not so easy to just get up and be an elite athlete again (of which I'm nowhere close lol).
  4. By the time all is done, Q will be top 3 if not best all time for Colts. What a generational talent. Imagine if we had Glenn lining up next to Q and Castonzo on the right side. That would have been incredible - one can dream.
  5. I don't watch Brady superbowls (didn't watch this one either thank god) so it's been a pretty lousy 20 years for football.
  6. Didn't he fumble a lot in college? Only fumbled once at Indy.
  7. So my guess is Stafford and Eason next year but I’d sell a kidney for Watson. Prescott ehhh... I love him on my fantasy teams but not sure I want him on the Colts.
  8. Bills got totally shafted on the fumble call, that 5 seconds more than still goes in our favor.
  9. I can't do this... aarhghhhhhh... We really have no business being so close after all the bonehead plays we've done today. But we CAN do this.
  10. 5-4 Colts. No but srsly doubt we can beat the Bills, but I feel like we have a better shot against them than the Ravens, so...
  11. It's not fair that I'm a 5'8, semi-muscular 145 lbs, and can never play in the NFL, but that's just how genetics/skill goes lol.
  12. The only thing worse than losing to the Steelers would be losing to them TWICE in four weeks and getting knocked out of the playoffs like they always seem to do to us. I'm not sure I can even watch that game if it comes to that.
  13. At half time: "Good job team, now let's do the OPPOSITE of what worked in the first half and see what happens!"
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