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  1. So my guess is Stafford and Eason next year but I’d sell a kidney for Watson. Prescott ehhh... I love him on my fantasy teams but not sure I want him on the Colts.
  2. Bills got totally shafted on the fumble call, that 5 seconds more than still goes in our favor.
  3. I can't do this... aarhghhhhhh... We really have no business being so close after all the bonehead plays we've done today. But we CAN do this.
  4. 5-4 Colts. No but srsly doubt we can beat the Bills, but I feel like we have a better shot against them than the Ravens, so...
  5. It's not fair that I'm a 5'8, semi-muscular 145 lbs, and can never play in the NFL, but that's just how genetics/skill goes lol.
  6. The only thing worse than losing to the Steelers would be losing to them TWICE in four weeks and getting knocked out of the playoffs like they always seem to do to us. I'm not sure I can even watch that game if it comes to that.
  7. At half time: "Good job team, now let's do the OPPOSITE of what worked in the first half and see what happens!"
  8. I can't stomach another loss to the Steelers, I hate them almost as much as the Patriots. Losing a game we were so far ahead in would be so puke-worthy.
  9. What’s amazing to me is the Colts are a great team with a great record and we are STILL on the verge of 8 seed in the AFC. AFC has a lot of really good-record teams this year, it would be very disappointing to miss especially with one extra playoff team on each side this year.
  10. He started off kinda shaky and is prone to some duds but overall he's still a top 15 QB in the NFL, while Eason is unproven and JB is definitely not at his level. As long as he plays well, we're certainly not going to draft someone better at our current record.
  11. Weird plays all day. TY going nuts first half, they they stop throwing to him. JT running like a train, so they stop giving him the ball and give it to Hines who has never been good up the middle, or Wilkins who clearly did not have the hot hand today. The 4th and 1 drove me INSANE. You don't give it to Hines up the middle on 4th and 1, ever!!!!
  12. Don’t give RYS ideas, it’ll occur on the game winning drive for Texans too
  13. Pathetic drive due to zebras letting obvious calls slide.
  14. Have the Texans even gotten one called penalty today? I tell you what on literally any single play that is even somewhat good, I stare at the part of the screen where “FLAG” appears.
  15. Our guys are getting held like mad but then this... ok
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