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  1. To be fair I dont have much faith in JB passing either. 6/16 in first half is bad. Probably 4 in a row were stupid drops which is a problem with WR depth but he throws way high or low and like a sniper rifle which doesnt help.
  2. I don't think Frank is a problem. It's our depth, injuries, mediocre QB, and poor zone D that is the biggest problem (WR fits into depth point I mentioned). Tank for Tua? Shove for Love?
  3. I'm a fan of JB as a person, but if we have the opportunity to get a QB that can throw a ball more than 6 yards (or throw under 6 yards at speeds less than 400mph) then we should. We have a stronger team now than we had in most if not all of the Manning days, and would have (minus the horrible slew of offensive skill position injuries) been legit contenders with Luck. There is no reason to assume the team will get worse under Ballard and Reich, so upping the QB play could bring us back in the hunt. Obviously another WR would be nice but we COULD get there quickly with a top tier QB. Anyone should be replaced if there are better options, regardless of position, if it improves your chance to win.
  4. There werent necessarily a pile of great kickers just waiting to be signed, so they were probably hoping Vinny got better. Guess not. Sad that his last game may have been the last god awful game against the Titans. But stopping now prevents his amazing accomplishments from being forever tarnished.
  5. Optimism is good but considering basically our entire offense minus our OL has broken their bones and we are about 2 people away from calling up Jerry Rice out of retirement for lack of any other conceivable playmaking option, I dont think we will make it far. Better to accrue draft capital at this point and let Kelly get experience at QB to see if he is worth keeping.
  6. The last time we tried something like that, it ended up one of the worst plays of all time.
  7. Would have been nice if he actually was allowed to play this game... and I'm not just saying that because it's destroying my fantasy football team's hopes lol.
  8. I'll be surprised if we win of most of these guys cant play, especially with Desir out. Hopkins going to hurt us bad. However if TY is back it evens the playing field a bit.
  9. I dont even know what to believe when it comes to favorites. We beat KC and Houston then lose to a bunch of scrubs and The Bearded One. Throw a dart, read some possum organs, or shake a magic 8 ball, all are going to be just as good at predicting our tachycardia-inducing performance.
  10. I don't think he's caught it yet, 0/4. Then again we are 6 for 18 with a 33% completion rate, half of them I think are just straight-up drops.
  11. For all that Ebron is complaining about getting the ball, that's already two bad plays by him in the same possession. I liked him with AL but he isn't a good match with JB, I'm okay if he leaves if he's going to be like this.
  12. If someone gets your facemask or under your face, they can be a third of your size and dominate you. I remember playing football as a kid and this is what you did if you wanted to toy with the bigger players (as long as you could then promptly outrun them)
  13. This is such a terribly sloppy game. Should be dominating, instead behind by 5. This is like the Raiders game...
  14. Our WR2 is now Zach Pascal. That scares me. Time for our young guys to learn to be NFL calibur players.
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