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  1. Hooker down? No problem. Mack down? No problem. Rock down? No problem. Granted we have played bottom-barrel teams in different phases, but our backups all appear to be very solid. Can't remember a time we have had such a well-rounded roster with great depth. I wouldn't call any one unit elite except our O line, but every phase seems to be at least good or great... SO FAR. With injuries being a guarantee in this league, this will be huge if we find ourselves with a favorable record down the stretch.
  2. Not worth first-rounder money re-signing him, unless he takes less. Maybe trade for a draft pick if anyone would be interested...
  3. I drafted him on my fantasy team expecting he would be hurt at some point. Not the first half of the first game for the entire year. I also had the misfortune of drafting LAST in both of my leagues so I'm already disadvantaged enough lol
  4. Our zone d has to be the softest in the history of the league (probably exaggerating but sometimes I wonder). Quarterbacks can basically easily play catch for short passes all day. Our D line gets very little chance to blitz because the pass is always going to be short. Short passes that are never incomplete will eventually land you in the end zone if you just keep doing them. Same ish different year for this defense. Offense was alright I suppose, didn't really see Pittman at all though.
  5. This isn't unusual, we play extreme soft zone which is basically gifting passes. Teams never need to run, just throw 8 yard passes all day and win.
  6. We look like a genius for drafting Taylor, then. He just fell over without contact so I figured it had to be bad.
  7. Our offense is playing just fine. Our defense looks no different than last year despite upgrades. Soft zone is definitely not conducive to keeping points off the board.
  8. Sign him for one game, let him hit that last FG, then retire.
  9. I love watching Leonard and Nelson, I really do not want them to leave. Would also be sad to see TY go if he balls out this year with Rivers (pending actually HAVING a season)
  10. i.e Lawrence Taylor being the best ever LB, completely changed what it meant to be a LB. Mahomes could be like that in a QB if he continues this trend. I literally can't believe some of the throws he can make, as accurate as Peyton but while running sideways.
  11. Even when we were on a mean streak with Luck two years ago, the Jags messed up our historic win streak.
  12. If he was a 2nd or 3rd rounder I'd say he's good, but he hasn't been performing to 1st rounder expectations. Then again our pass rush was not very good and we played a soft zone defense so it's hard to really say. Hope this year will give us an idea on what he can do when we get a pass rush.
  13. Off topic but I really want to see Q punt. Or fake punt and just steamroll an unlucky CB trying to block the punt.
  14. I'm legit excited for this season. Some premiere D players and a seemingly explosive offense that will go off either this year or the next. Can't wait. Just hope we actually HAVE football this year.
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