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  1. I feel like Walker/Autry leaving (and Houston to a degree) impacted our D more than expected, across the board. Seems everyone has regressed. Bazillion injuries and no pressure doesn’t help.
  2. Leonard sucked - but he’s injured. Hot Rod sucked - but he is injured. Entire secondary sucked - but they are injured. that’s a significant part of our problem. Any one change to those would have changed the course of the game just slightly. Ideally though we would have coaches that don’t call unbearable prevent defenses the entire 4th quarter. injuries are absolutely decimating us, we just don’t have any depth left. Even if we purposely tank we still prob won’t have a first rounder, so can’t even look forward to the draft. Not like the draft did literally anything for us this year. the one positive is Wentz, even while also injured, is the real deal. We can win games with him. But I feel terrible that he came here and now our team regressed so badly that he’s on a sinking ship.
  3. Do we have a 100% loss rate in the last 8 years if we don’t start with ball in OT? actually I can’t remember the last time we started with the ball in OT
  4. I agree that it's good Turay and Lewis are getting more snaps, and it looks like they're starting to improve. It's just frustrating that we really didn't improve our roster from last year, and those that played well last year are not playing as well so far this year - granted it's probably because of the wacky camp and injuries this season and playing SB contenders early on, but it's still worrying.
  5. With Paye our and Dayo not playing, we basically don't have anyone from the draft playing, and we let people go in the offseason. Clearly we're a worse team until Paye is back and hopefully Dayo can perform. Wishing Kwity and Smith the best because we desperately need them.
  6. We’d better not lose to the Jets, I’m driving down from Chicago during the work week for this game lol.
  7. Catloaf


    Campbell is basically nonexistent sadly, TY is hurt, and everyone else is average. MPJ is prob our best WR at the moment. our WR group overall is ok, not stellar and not bad. We have a ton of quality depth but nobody really elite enough to get open against top tier defenses. That will hopefully be addressed (along with our abysmal secondary) next year.
  8. Everyone can thank me for being on vacation and not watching the game today. They always do much better when I am not watching lol.
  9. When he’s back. If we’re gonna pay Q big cash, might as well be as a LT.
  10. If it was just QB I wouldn’t be worried, but it seems we have too many needs for any one player to make a difference. Bug regression (so far) from last year. We won’t get a rookie QB that can outplay how Wentz has been playing… assuming we even keep our first round lol
  11. Q to LT, fisher to RT, smith to LG.
  12. I hope you’re right but I VERY MUCH doubt it, Colts tend to do the things that make the least sense at the worst times.
  13. We don’t really have any star receivers that can get separated. Pascal or Pittman probably our best WR and neither are #1’s on just about any team.
  14. Coach yes, GM still good, nobody better right now anyway.
  15. That’s a good point, we don’t need a QB. We need… lots of things. Maybe trade it for two other picks
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