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  1. 31-16 unless our receiving group stops being bad.
  2. It will make both of them much better players, now that they are able to play against people of near-similar talent.
  3. My fondest memory is when he played for the Colts.
  4. Technically... he would fit the system great. I would rather lose every game next year instead (Lose for Lawrence?) than hire on our greatest villain.
  5. Weirdly I would be okay with this.
  6. 1st half of year, way better than I expected. Second half of the year, a little worse than I expected. Overall should be slightly happy, but after such a strong showing the first half of the year, I got my hopes up and ended sadly. I think it really started for me when they benched Williams.
  7. We need to get away from zone D. It's clearly not working. If we can get some man corners and Turay back and maybe draft D line we might be able to get more pressure. But we need QB, WR, and now maybe even a LT so... good luck. Lol.
  8. This team cant catch a break. If he retires the Colts will be stuck in mediocrity for years unless they can magically procure a stuff QB and T in draft or FA... but I doubt that's gonna happen. I just have this sinking feeling that we wont be contenders for another 5+ years. And it all started with Luck pulling the plug.
  9. At least we get a better draft pick, but with Brissett at QB it doesnt really matter who we draft.
  10. This year has been full of "who is going to play x position" minus our offensive line. Our team looks like a bunch of practice squad spinoffs at this point. And we are playing like it. On to 2020.
  11. Maybe, but he has been pretty poor the last week or two. I mean he did just recover from a broken hand so I understand that, but also defenses are absolutely gearing to the run since JB couldnt hit a barn with a beach ball lately.
  12. QB, WR, D Line. Secondary play would improve by having ANY semblance of pass rush. They do need improvement too but the pressure normally borders somewhere between pathetic and indistinguishable from putting a handful of lobsters on the field. QB play is bad, JB regressed mightily. Last night looked like we brought back Painter. WR has been awful too, mostly due to an insane number of injuries, but also because everyone apparently has detachable hands and keeps forgetting to attach them before the games. A QB launching rockets over the heads of Grecian cyclopses doesnt help either. At least our LBs and OL (when JB isnt standing there like a deer in train lights) look pretty good......
  13. Almost as many catches as we have yards.
  14. Can't believe we went from basically almost first round bye to eliminated in a few weeks. Ouchhh.
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