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  1. Catloaf

    Thanks Everyone!

    True. I think we just got a bit overhyped for this. We are a very good team but we need to be firing on all cylinders all the time to hang with the big boys like KC, and it didn't happen today unfortunately. With another good draft and spending that pile of cap money we should field a better team next year. Should be better!
  2. Catloaf

    What players should the Colts resign?

    AV was playing hurt a lot of the season, hence some of the misses. Looks like the ball wasn't set for either of his kicks today. Hard to say if it was really him that was the problem or if it was something else. We'll see what happens in the off season.
  3. Can't even drink because I'm on antibiotics... ughhh
  4. This game is already comical.
  5. Catloaf

    Mike Mitchell IR

    We really need Hooker this week. Interceptions will keep us in the game.
  6. Catloaf

    Big Q Versus Chris Jones

    I'm not too worried about it. If the Colts were able to prevent JJ Watt and Clowney from getting to Luck, they'll prevent Jones as well. 1-2 sacks tops, maybe 3 at the worst if we are behind by a large margin or someone gets injured. But I highly doubt it.
  7. I don't want to play the Patriots because I can't stand watching them, and losing to them would be another sickening feeling I don't want to go through again. But they are weak right now and we seem strong, so... anything could happen. Just need to beat KC first, and that is NOT going to be easy.
  8. Catloaf

    Seattle (+2) at Dallas (1-5-19)

    That was awful. I misread and thought someone said wrist so I kept looking at his wrist on the replays like "I really don't get it..." then I looked down and was like (insert puke emoji here)
  9. Catloaf

    K.C. -5

    I feel like this is going to be a repeat of... was it the year we won the SB?... where it was a giant shootout between us and KC?
  10. Catloaf

    Darius Leonard

    Yeah I noticed it was a bad game too. Maybe playoff jitters or sick or something. Doubtful this continues past this week though, I expect him to be a big factor in the KC game. He needs to be - it's going to be rough if he isn't.
  11. We also dropped I believe 7 straight passes. That killed our first three drives iirc.
  12. Does Watson have more yards running than everyone else on both teams combined so far? This is sickening.
  13. Catloaf

    When have you ever felt better about the colts?

    Surprisingly I don't feel that good about our chances in the playoffs. I did the first couple years of Luck because we always magically seemed to pull out wins, but this year - and maybe I am just more pessimistic - but I don't feel like the stars will align on all phases of our game to beat the best teams this year. We have only played a few winning teams - Texans, which we have beat (and I think they are very overrated). The Titans, which I don't really think are that good. Cowboys, which I still can't believe we crushed like we did. But we almost got squashed by some bad teams too. I feel we will win against the Texans because we are a better team. But if we have to play KC... I just don't see our defense, who hasn't really been tested that much this year, being about to stop the freight train of Mahomes without another good draft year and some improved pass rush/CB play. Teams I think we could beat in the AFC right now: Texans Ravens (I think our D is well prepared against a running QB) Teams I am pretty sure we will lose to (of course I hope I am wrong!): KC Patriots (but ONLY because they will be at home - otherwise I think we might have a chance) Chargers I am not sure about, it depends how they play that day. In the NFC, teams I think we could beat: Cowboys (we already did, soundly) Eagles (should have won the first time) Seahawks (I don't think their offense could outscore ours) Teams I think we would lose to: Saints (Colts vs Saints rematch is something that terrifies me this year) Rams (though I'd like to see Donald against our O line. I have a cool dream of seeing Big Q pancake Donald) Bears (another rematch, this time I don't think it would end well) Again I hope I am wrong and we win all games! If we play KC I just don't feel like it will be very close. We will have to score basically every possession and/or hope Leonard and Hooker take over the game with INTs / forced fumbles.
  14. Catloaf

    Tyquan Lewis

    Sucks because he will be at best ready to play at the beginning of next season but wont be the same for at least another year.