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  1. The Colts were pretty much in the middle of the pack in every major category for pass defense last year. Considering their inexperience, I dont think its fair to call them horrendous. Darrell Baker Jr was pretty bad at times, but I thought they played pretty well most of the time, all things considered. They should make a major jump this year.
  2. Thats not what I said. I said there are other ways to improve the defense other than letting your better players on defense (Moore, Stewart, Franklin) walk, only to replace them with guys who arent any better. Different doesnt mean better.
  3. But the team more than doubled its win total last year and didnt do any of the things you suggest to improve the team. So maybe there are better ways to improve the team? So again, I will say that maybe what you are suggesting sounds better than it really is. You all are so quick to throw in the towel every single year and get frustrated. This is after 1 promising year with a new coaching staff. Good grief man take a pill.
  4. All Ive heard is that we need to sign all these guys off other bad teams and magically our team will be better. But if they were really difference makers why were, in most cases, their teams worse than ours? I just think you massively over rate these guys and under rate our own guys. I dont think anything you are suggesting would work.
  5. Hows he gonna make our pass rush special sharing snaps with Ebukam, Paye, Lewis, Odeyingbo? He is a situational rusher. He is a good one, but thats all he is. And he would be very redundant with Paye and Ebukam here.
  6. I feel like this entire situation pretty much sums up a lot of the reaction to the Colts every single year. The media makes a bunch of nonsense up because they need you to pay attention to them or they are gonna have to go get a real job and actually be productive citizens, and the fans get mad when the Colts actions dont match the rumors. Turns out Ballard wasnt chasing Sneed at all. Im a little dissapointed because I thought we could have a really good secondary with him coming in. But Ill get over it.
  7. Is that what that means? That you "stay the same" unless you sign high priced free agents? No, I dont think the defense wouldve been better with Arik Armstead playing NT. Btw Arik Armstead has to be one of the most overrated guys Ive ever seen on here. Dude has 14.5 sacks over the last 4 years and just isnt nearly as good as people make him out to be. He was severely overpaid and SF made a big mistake choosing to invest in him over Buck a few years ago.
  8. So him drafting a bunch of corners and pass rushers over the last couple of years counts for nothing? Saying he doesnt try to improve the pass defense is just blatantly false. Improved run defense absolutely can help pass defense. Also..... We won 4 games 2 years ago. Last year we won 9 with a back up QB. And we didnt sign any high priced free agents last year either. We also traded our best corner. So how did we do that? Improve? Maybe this theory you have that pass defense is that important is just not true? I mean you say our pass defense was bad last year and we still won 9 games, right? The amount of faith you are putting into free agency is completely unwarranted. It just doesnt work hardly ever. Draft and develop is far superior.
  9. It seems to me the wierd contradictory info about this could just be the final attempt to get another team to up their offer.
  10. But he still has a job in the NFL making alot of money and you are in here claiming he doesnt know anything and making no money. Id much rather be a failure like him.
  11. Right so even the guys that made the pro bowl dont count unless they are perfect. Nelson doesnt count because hes just a guard. Taylor doesnt count because hes just a RB. Ive heard all this before.
  12. Darius Leonard? Didnt he also find Kenny Moore on the scrap heap? Not technically a draft pick but pretty similar. Zaire Franklin was an alternate last year.
  13. Im too petty for that. Im waiting at the back of the bandwagon because I want to be the one to stomp on his fingers when he tries to jump aboard once we finally get to the promised land. I would enjoy that. My dad is very similar to that. He is a great man who is very principled, but when it comes to sports, he is unbearable. I had 15 tackles in the biggest game of my high school career. My coach singled me out after the game and told me I played like a man possessed. The entire team showed me love. Got in the car feeling better than I ever had in my entire life. Within 5 minutes my dad, who never played a down of football in his life was all over me for not covering a swing pass that went for a score. It wasnt even my responsibility to cover the flat it was on the LB. If the team doesnt win, everybody loses. Thats his attitude. I have a hard time with negativity in sports fans. Especially if they never played the sport.
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