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  1. All of the above makes me smile, what a fun season. This thread, thanks for the positivity, sure could use more of it around here. GO COLTS!
  2. Nothing personal, just seems like everyone is pointing out the negative. I think JT is a future star and his game wasn't that bad. Bill's were clearly at the ready to stop him.
  3. D Henry had 40 yards today, what's your point?
  4. Another thought, this staff knows we can run and need to figure out the passing game. We have a new QB with no OTAs, no preseason.
  5. Anyone think we may be sandbagging? Long season, schedule gets harder, shouldn't show too much too soon.
  6. I would like to know who the replacements should be. Replace TY with? Head coach? How do we land these replacements? QB who gets that job, how do we get him?
  7. No love for the rookie kicker? Four for four at Soldger Field.
  8. New guy says hi. I think the Chargers and Pat's were both better teams then the 06 Colts. Pats and Chargers beat the hell out of each other then NE plays Colts on a days less rest after west coast trip. They simply ran out of gas in the second half.
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