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  1. Based off the the thread title? Yesss! Oh were talking about a mock draft? I might be willing to use a second if he falls. Its not our biggest need, but to me he looks like a short haired troy polomalu(spelling?) So i would be down to use a pick on him.
  2. This is exactly what I was hoping our game plan would be. Smash them in the mouth and keep them off the field. Not try and proove something by trying to out score them.
  3. Theres so many its hard to choose just one! Kenny, Desir,Walker, Hunt, Glowinski, Kelly, Mack, even Luck. Thats not even including the rookies, many of which improved throughout the year. Edit: quincy also
  4. And if you get up, get knocked back down with the sickness!!
  5. I dont blame you for missing that i kind of felt forgone that Steelers make it, but youre right their upcoming schedule is pretty brutal and the raiders game was one they needed bad. We definitely still have open routes to the playoffs
  6. This is gonna make me look silly, but i liked Matthew Adam's college film more than i liked darius leonard's college film. Adams was a leader on a really good Houston defense in college and was always making splash plays. Its nice to see that both players are showing up for us of late though!
  7. I had to look up a picture of him, they do look pertty similar too! Thats funny right there!
  8. I actually think rodgers has been our best receiver in TYs absence. Granted, thats not saying much. Hes had some drops, but at least he makes some plays too. Thats not including ebron, i would say has been our best option out of all skill positions on offense.
  9. Ive hiked saddle mountain once and unfortunately clouds were so thick you could see no more than 10 feet in front of you, but it was so cool still! Totally didnt even think about that, that sucks because i hike multnomah every year with my mom for mothers day! Maybe time for a new tradition for a few years. Agree about the beaches for sure, if only the water wasnt so cold all the time!
  10. Totally agree! Multnomah falls is a fantastic hike if you havent done it, i highly recommend! It is amazing, but pretty difficult. Also saddle mountain
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