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  1. I think the trade market for JB would be tough. I don't see a team trading for him to be a starter and $13 is too much to pay a back up QB. If the Colts had to pay the $7M 2020 roster bonus (due on 3/22/20) before trading him then maybe it's easier to trade him as a backup with a $6M base salary. But at that point maybe it's better to keep him as our own $6M backup and cut Hoyer (Hoyer has no 2020 cap impact).
  2. The Raiders would have absolutely no leverage what so ever in trade negotiations if they sign Brady or are known to be aggressively pursuing him. The only thing that would drive the trade price up would be multiple teams bidding for Carr. If only one team is negotiating the trade I would expect it to be for a mid-level pick, such as a 4th or 5th rounder because Raiders would have to trade him no matter what's being offered. If two or more teams are involved then I could see the trade value rising to a second rounder or maybe two 3rd round picks (2020 and 2021) instead of a 2020 2nd rounder.
  3. You are confusing Derek Carr with David Carr's draft position here. Might want to update your stats.
  4. Yes (some shown in Swag3), but the passes against Fresno State (Swag2) are even better.
  5. Unlock the Swag Be warned, if you watch these two videos, you will have 'Unlock the Swag' ear worm for days. Swag 2 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9xasXnDNDo) Swag 3 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GETkgADOmqg)
  6. Some have stated.. Why are people so intrigued by Chad Kelley? The absolutely jaw-dropping elite quick release, accuracy, and velocity that he showed in those pre-season games. If you didn't see them go check them out, it was very impressive. But it was only against 4th string talent.. lol I don't care how it was demonstrated. The jaw-dropping traits were evident. People can get intrigued by demonstrating this kind of ability at a pro-day workout where there is no competition at all. So as far as demonstrating jaw-dropping traits, the argument that it was against non-first string talent is moot. But let's talk a little about the level of competition in which he succeeded in pre-season. Games 1 and 2 he played the 4th quarter against lesser talent.. BUT, he was also playing with 3rd/4th string talent on his side too (OL/WR/TE). He started pre-season games 3 and 4 as they decided to hold JB out of the rest of preseason. So he at least faced the other teams starters for those games, not the 3rd or 4th string. He was successful in every pre-season game. He's a risk that you can't allow to be the face of a franchise. Agreed, he's a risk. I might be naive, but I believe anybody in his situation would understand this is his last change, be completely humbled, and put 100% focus into his career while he still has a chance. How incredibly lucky was it for Chad that Luck retired? He had no chance of playing and then, all of the sudden, he might be the most talented QB on the team. He just needs to get his head straight. He's reaching that magical age of 25 where males are finally starting to fully mature. Is he on the right track.. only the team really knows.. I sure hope so. But he was not claimed off the practice squad by another team when exposed This surprised me. I thought he would be claimed. This is the one thing that gives me pause. But the fact that they kept on on the roster at the end of the season shows the team didn't want to risk it again.
  7. If four QBs and three OTs go before pick 13, that means at least one of these blue chip positional prospects will be available at 13. Chase Young Isaiah Simmons Jeff Okudah Derrick Brown CeeDee Lamb Jerry Jeudy Pick #13 looks like the spot where the blue chip positional talent and top-4 QBs will still be guaranteed available. It would be hard not to take one of these 6 or one of top three OTs at this point. When this pick on on the clock I bet there will be a lot of interest from teams wanting to move up, and Colts would have leverage to demand a bit more than the trade charts typical would indicate because they can keep the pick and get a blue chip prospect.
  8. Regarding watching preseason games outside local market.. I'm not in the local market, but I watch preseason games live via nfl.gamepass ($99 / year). For regular season games, gamepass gives you the live local radio broadcast during the game, then you can watch the video broadcast right after the game ends. My game day routine is to listen to the live radio broadcast (with gamepass) and follow the live game cast on either espn or nfl.com. Then once the game is over I can watch the video broadcast of the game on gamepass (commercial breaks and halftime are removed from this feed).
  9. Could be Aaron Rodgers... Let's try an "A"
  10. Hmmm... could be Peyton Manning.... Give me an "N"
  11. That's kind of obvious. Luck is an example of that. It's also true that the wrong QB can lose you a lot of games while wasting an improved roster. And if you spend significant draft capital to draft that QB, then you are going to give them additional years to prove themselves before you're able to pull the plug on a bad decision (QB purgatory). Meanwhile, with the lost draft capital, you may have missed out on top-tier talent in a couple other key positions. The question is, do any of the QBs available in THIS draft look like long term solutions worthy of #13 or even a trade up? Some think there are and others don't. I think this is the root of most disagreements about this draft. The fact that there may be much more top-tier QB talent (and even generational talent) in the 2021 draft is something to keep in mind. If the Colts start 2020 the way they ended 2019, there's a good chance they will be a contender for that top talent in 2021. I wouldn't want to trade any of the 2021 picks to move up this year.
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