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  1. Presuming the Colts extend Smith and eventually Nelson (after a 5th year option), they will have 3 very highly paid pieces on the OL. It will be difficult to have a highly paid LT on the line with those three once they are extended. That's why I think the draft is the way to go. Have the LT on a rookie contract for 4 (or 5 years). By then, maybe Kelly (or Smith) peels off and the a highly paid LT new fits in as the new 3rd highly paid piece on the OL. Given the importance of the position the pick should be 1st or 2nd round depending on the value on the board at the time. I cou
  2. Given the contract, Philly almost can't cut him before June 1, 2021 and even then it would be very costly for the Eagles in both 20201 and 2022. If they want to unload him and his contract with the least salary cap impact, their only hope is to find a trade partner. Any trade partner is taking on a significant contract for at least the 2021 season (~$31M even with the $3.3M/year signing bonus being already paid by Philly at the time of signing), which would exclude some teams from even being able to trade for him. That team might be able to restructure him, but if he refuses, he
  3. Brandon was killed in a car wreck before training camp his rookie year.
  4. And teams can drop wins for draft positioning?
  5. Game pass has been how I've viewed Colts games for many years and you no longer have to wait until Monday to see the game in full. For at least on year, you've been able to view the game in full as soon as the game ends -- you just can't watch it live (you could watch pre-season games live). So last year, if Colts play a 1:00 Sunday game you can watch it at 4:00. The year before that, you couldn't watch until the 7:00. And years before that it was Monday at 12am. In addition you can listen to the game radio broadcasts live. On game day, I'm usually listening to the
  6. I was thinking the same thing when I read the title And it's been awhile Since I've seen the way the candles light your face And it's been awhile But I can still remember just the way you taste Staind. Break the Cycle. It's Been Awhile.
  7. Brock Osweiler <= Eason < Jeff George Closest to Osweiler, not as good as Jeff George. Hard to say at this point, but honestly, I don't see Eason beating out Chad Kelly (if Kelly is given a chance with the Colts in 2020).
  8. So, there's no need for talent at the RB position to have a successful RUNNING GAME? I might still have a shot at the NFL after all. Thank you for the inspiration!
  9. I'm still trying to figure that one out too. I was going with 'Rehcalru'.. but doesn't seem right either.
  10. If they picked a QB early (top 20 pick) you could be thinking about them as the QB of the future. In the 5th round I view him as competition for backup or a gamble on development. I doubt they are considering him the future at this point. But we can't keep 4 QBs, so one way or another, one of JB, CK, Eason won't be on the final roster. The good thing about gambling on him in the 5th is that it will be easier to move on should a better opportunity present itself in the 2021 draft. Had we spent major draft capital on a 2nd-tier QB this year (which IMO were all but Burrow and mayb
  11. OT depth would make sense here. But if not, maybe Bradlee Anae?
  12. If you're talking about former Colt Philip Walker, he signed with the Carolina Panthers.
  13. Rivers hasn't missed many games in his career. The best argument for keeping JB as backup is his experience in the off chance Rivers misses a few games this year. Colts are already stuck the majority of his huge QB salary (even if he were traded)... so he's effectively a $6M backup for this year (rest of the $21M contrace for this year is sunk cost regardless of what happens). Even if they were to keep JB in 2020, I don't see him resigned as the backup going forward. If both Kelly and Eason are looking good in camp, I would say roll the dice and deal/cut Jacoby and keep all thre
  14. Just to be fair, your numbers are not 10 times greater. It's 3.78 times greater.
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