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  1. I would be happy with this, I’ve always been a fan of Sheard. He plays very smart and is very rarely out of position when playing the run. Whoever Ballard has though as the BPA at 34 is who he will take though. Whoever it is I just hope he’s a star
  2. I can see us taking a safety at 34 and wr at 44
  3. Wow, I’m really proud of this young gentleman. He seems to be very motivated and have a really good head on his shoulders. I can see why Ballard targeted him.
  4. I think Rogers will start over grant.
  5. What if we took Ryan leaf instead of manning. What if we would of took Ricky Willams instead of Edgerrin James. Can you imagine Leaf and Williams leading the early 2000 colts. I don’t.
  6. Edge is my guy without a doubt. They always say “the bus will get you two” about Jerome Bettis. Well Edge would get you 3. He was an absolute beast. My guy could do it all catch, block, and definitely run. He and Peyton perfected the stretch play and I always wondered why more teams don’t implement that. So ya James is #1 in my books. And Bob Sanders is my 2nd.
  7. I like it, but the more I think about, Chubb will be gone to Denver and we get Nelson. Which might end up being the better choice of the two. Either one it is, you will not lose.
  8. Honey badger, can you imagine him and hooker together back there!
  9. Definitely Mingo, the guy showed a lot of quickness and hussle last year and impressed me quite a bit. Another year with this team should be good for him. Also If we go 4-3 I wonder if he could play the will position. He seems to have the build and speed for that position.
  10. I loved seeing Jackson on the field. I was sad when he got hurt and couldn't play in the 2017 season. I really had high hopes for the guy. He had a pretty sweet nickname too. But the sadness I had of him not playing in the 2017 season does not compare to the sadness I feel now. From what I hear, he did the right thing and took an uber ride after a night of drinking and ends up being killed by a drunk driver. ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG! RIP... Edwin "Poundcake" Jackson. The Colts family will miss you. Prayers out to the Jackson and Monroe family.
  11. Please God no to Josh Mcdaniels. I just wasn't a fan what he did in denver, i think he's one of those guys thats just a better co-ordinator than a head coach.
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