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Week 17 Jaguars @Colts, Jan. 3, 2021, 4:25 EST

Message added by Nadine,

Please be mindful of your fellow posters.  Don't use the game day thread to vent or call out fellow posters as either homers or haters.  It's obnoxious and ruins the thread. Plenty of time for new threads after the game for expressing your point of view.



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What are we watching right now? 

When Jacoby goes in, teams stack the box because we don’t throw with him. So we put him in and run it up the middle? What are we watching... Frank needs to let go of playcalling or be fired... Unbelievable. 

If I didn’t know any better, I would think we were intentionally trying to lose.

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These tight bunched up formations just telegraph the run.  It’s just insane!


Just keep the formation spread out with Taylor back there, then all option remain open and the run is easier, or if the D sells out to stop the run, then the easy pass is there.  It’s like both our O & D play callers go utterly brain dead just when the Colts should be putting games away. <disgusted face palm>

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Frank is having a hard time transitioning the focus of our offense to Taylor instead of Rivers slinging it all over the field.  You get that ironed out during the week though, not in game.  Then JB over compensates for not giving it to Taylor last drive so he forces it to him instead of taking the sneak.  Frank has to get it together and get these guys back on track. 

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