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  1. The whole draft was an investment in the future. It's a mistake to expect too much out of any of them right now. They arn't RB's which take very little time to develop. DL takes some time to develop especially to learn pass rush moves. Takes even more time if you come into camp injured like Dayo. TE's also take some time. If these guys havn't paid off by the end of their 3rd year than they are busts. But have patience. Most players don't come into the NFL and just start dominating.
  2. If we are out of or reasonably out of playoff contention than I would say yes sit him. But we're not there yet by a longshot. Just focus on making the playoffs and then. . . you never know what could happen. Would be silly to give up now.
  3. Wentz with another clutch throw under pressure.
  4. Geez Parker looks like Hopkins. Geez Parker looks like Hopkins.
  5. K time for the offense to respond with at least a long drive.
  6. Carson Wentz is not a problem for this team.
  7. We are still very much in the game if the OL could do it's dang job.
  8. Probably still bad news. Colts offense is not very explosive.
  9. If the Colts can't win this one, I am not sure I am going to be all that interested in the rest of the season.
  10. Fortunately Hines mistake only cost us 3 points.
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