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  1. Having the cap go down is going to be really tough on cap strapped teams. It might be a blessing for us. Because just as the new contracts are coming up for our great 2018 draft class, the cap is being cut which means that contract sizes will actually go down and not up. So we could lock them in relatively cheap before the cap starts climbing again. Also some teams will likely have to let go of some good vets who are now very highly priced in order to meet the new cap. When you think about how it affects the whole league it advantages teams that have big names to re-sign within the next couple years and teams that have a good deal of cap space left. Both of which apply to the Colts. The teams with little cap space and the ones who just extended some big name guys get hurt the most by this.
  2. This. . . I can't guarantee that there won't be interest in Chad Kelly but we know that if Eaton was waived he would be taken. Odds are I would say that you could stash Chad Kelly on the PS before teams start losing QB's to injury and then protect him weekly.
  3. If we have football this year I'll play in the Joes league.
  4. I mean if anyone doubts if Ballard has made this team better, go look at the LB and OL positions when he got here verses now. In both of those places we were among the worst in the NFL. Now we're considered among the best. This team just needs good luck with injuries and the right QB.
  5. People too often confused Andrew's media personality and assumed that was his locker room personality.
  6. I think the scouts who watched him in college would beg to differ about him coming out of no-where.
  7. Hooker, AC, Smith Walker, all come to mind as under-rated players. AC would probably be my top pick though. Guy just doesn't miss games.
  8. I doubt Taylor gets to 1000 mostly because he's going to be splitting time with Mack. Regardless he will have the most notable season of the rookies and is therefore the most likely to get 1000 yards. Biggest reason is RB. RB is not a position that takes rookies a long time to learn. So his position is naturally going to get more playing time and he will likely push close to a 50/50 split with Mack unless one starts to show himself over time to be significantly superior. I think Campbell comes on as the clear #2 this year. WR takes some time to learn but people don't remember that and expect Campbell to drop a thousand his rookie year. When he doesn't do that people mentally check him out of their heads as a bust and start paying attention to the shiny new object (Pittman). Thing is Pittman is going to need his time to learn too. So he will not put up a ton of stats this season and everyone will think he sucks.
  9. Just spitballing but I don't think the Colts would waste their time trying to goad a team from the NFC that we play only once every 4 years into a mistake. I think there is a good chance they where hoping Love fell to them. Remember the episodes of "with the next pick" where they actually mention names is edited after the draft. They want to edit in such a way to make it look like the draft went down exactly how they where hoping. And I'm not saying that it didn't happen that way. But they are going to edit it to make it look like Pittman and Taylor where their targets the whole time and any conversations about Love or any other player would not make the cut.
  10. No no no. My Indianapolis Colts can not be quarterbacked by a QB from my college team's rival.
  11. Most likely yes. . . but Bill O'Brian likes to make crazy trades.
  12. In terms of subtle movements within the pocket . . . one of the knocks on him was that he didn't climb the pocket to help his tackles. So if he just learns to climb the pocket that would be a pretty substantial improvement in and of itself.
  13. It also doesn't help that speed is one of TY's primary weapons (it's not his only weapon but it's up there.) So as he ages one of his primary weapons will fade.
  14. Good to hear guys are signing so you don't worry about any training camp holdouts. That is if we have training camp and a season this year.
  15. If he doesn't I could see them bringing him in if there are injuries.
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