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  1. My way too early prediction: Strong safety. We drafted a couple safeties on day 3. Willis I think his name is from Michigan State might be a good special teams guy and be a decent backup but doesn't seem like he'll be a starting safety in the NFL. Tell they are looking at converting to CB. I think they will bring back Castonzo and Ebron so those won't be immediate needs. They might even bring back Doyle. Although i would say they should look for a left tackle to take over for Castonzo in the future. But if you look at the offseason on the whole we never really got someone who looks like an upgrade to Geathers.
  2. TY has a little diva in him as well but I think the both of them keep it limited.
  3. I don't think we'll be trading Brissett unless we get an offer we can't refuse. Ballard and Reich are very focused on the locker room and the culture of the locker room and Brissett is too valuable in the locker room. His replacement that everyone is focused on Chad Kelly is someone who we're hoping reforms his life but it hasn't been long enough that you can rely on him to not get in trouble. I think the idea generally is to practice squad Kelly and see if he can behave himself for a year and when Brissett goes in FA we will hopefully get a comp pick from him and maybe Kelly can earn the backup job.
  4. It's the first team for the players who are active I suppose. But going into the season, no that's not the first team.
  5. Honestly I don't even know why they keep score in the pre-season. It's certainly not something I pay attention to.
  6. There is no disadvantage to having Hilton. It only becomes a problem if your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th options are not very good. Sure they might shift their coverage to Hilton but that only leaves the rest of your receivers with 1 on 1 matchups. If one of them can win the matchup and the QB can get him the ball and he can catch it you are fine.
  7. For me it's not the draft capital which might not be as high as you think it would be. But for me it's that Gordon is going to want a truckload of money that I guarantee Ballard (rightly) isn't willing to give him. These guys all want 10M or more APY. They are not worth that. RB's just arn't worth that.
  8. My only concern is that we've been through this before and Luck ended up on IR without playing a snap. I really hope that isn't the case here.
  9. Pro bowl left Leonard out. Top 100 left Nelson out. Massive snubs IMO. Inexcusable.
  10. Man he hasn't been in a training camp since 2016. He signed with the Falcons after leaving the Colts but retired before training camp. Although I guess he spent some time playing in the Alliance of American Football.
  11. Saturday or Sunday is preferable to Friday. Actually from my research that appears to be correct.
  12. I don't think the stat is illegitimate per se, it's just not a very useful stat. Who's better, the QB who is better than the other quarterbacks at taking big risks and threading a ball into a tight window or the QB who can use his eyes and well timed pump fakes to help his receiver get better separation? What you are talking about is a small percentage of all throws and they are riskier throws. The better QB's are going to find ways to avoid those throws when possible. And I think another person mentioned is that the distance the ball is thrown isn't taken into account either. It's just not a useful stat.
  13. Terrible list if you ask me. Take out the questions about Big Q not being on the list and ask yourself how it is that only 1 offensive guard makes the list in the first place. On the other hand at least a quarter of the top 20 will be quarterbacks. OL is always being overlooked. That is until your QB is a crater in the ground or your RB has 2 defenders in his face the second he gets the ball. That's when you notice how much your offensive line sucks. But when it comes to awards, the guys who literally move 300 pound men out of the way of the running back and keep your QB's jersey clean escape notice. I have to say it's fortunate for the OL that they don't escape notice of GM's who still pay top dollar for good OL.
  14. Houston is the more complete team if you ask me. I would say that they are more likely to win the division than the Jags.
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