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  1. Good to have him back. Interested to know the details.
  2. Valpo2004

    Jihad Ward Video

    why did he chuck the ball at the wall in the first place?
  3. Not that I expect that Geathers is great in coverage but I think better stats than sheer interception or passes defensed numbers would be to look at passer rating when thrown into his coverage and total number of passes and yards gained when throwing at his coverage.
  4. Valpo2004

    Free Agent Visits

    I would be happy that we've added some more talent. I would say that looking at the list of FA's there is more defensive line talent out there that we could kick the tires on. Since all the crazy contracts have gone, it shouldn't be too expensive to do so. I think Zach Brown is also available as an ILB. He could be considered as well.
  5. Valpo2004

    Peyton Manning on MNF

    My understanding is that since he retired he's been at the top of every broadcasting company's wish list for a color guy. He will probably command a huge salary. The only thing he will have to worry about is shortening his analysis of plays. Because it seems like Peyton can probably talk for about 5 minutes about what's going on in each individual play.
  6. I wonder if Geathers basically gave the Colts the opportunity to match any deal offered by another team. Regardless if this report is accurate I am happy because as long as we bring Geathers back we didn't get any worse in FA and got mildly better.
  7. Valpo2004

    Gettleman-Ballard Pre-Nup

    This. . . I don't see Brissett on anyone's radar as a future starter.
  8. Valpo2004

    No QB in Round One?

    Very unlikely. And if that did somehow happen, those teams that you have as "waiting for next year" would probably grab a QB with their 2nd round pick just to see if they can find the answer now and if not they have only lost a 2nd rounder.
  9. Valpo2004

    BPA Advocates

    I'd be ok with Hockenson. Doyle and Ebron have contracts that are running out. Ebron will want a big pay raise and Doyle is getting up there in age. I can't really defend drafting an RB in the first round and we are already ok there. We could potentially use more depth but we don't need to spend a first rounder on it. Also if you are spending a first rounder on an RB you want him to be an every down back. You don't want to spend a first on an RB who is just going to be part of a committee.
  10. Valpo2004

    Big Q coming out of his shell...

    Only other thing I can think of is maybe they both go to an outside training facility in the offseason and workout there.
  11. Valpo2004

    Big Q coming out of his shell...

    Kind of looks like him but if that's the question I have to wonder how those two know each other.
  12. Valpo2004

    Big Q coming out of his shell...

    He's apparently also growing facial hair. Good to see he's enjoying the offseason.
  13. Valpo2004

    Fully Guaranteed Contracts?

    Rumor is that the Raiders traded Mack away because Mark Davis didn't have enough cash on hand to put in to an escrow for what he would want in guaranteed money. Don't know how true that is though.
  14. Valpo2004

    Kareem Hunt to serve 8 game suspension

    Seems excessive IMO.
  15. Valpo2004

    Romo - Yeah or Nay?

    This Gives the viewers a glimpse of what players and coaches are looking for when they watch film. You can somewhat get a peek of what the "chess match" between coordinators looks like. Also shows IMO how hard Romo works at his job. He doesn't just know this stuff, it shows that when he's not at the games he's watching film of the teams so he knows their tendencies. Best color analyst on TV.