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  1. Valpo2004

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    He'll have to learn some things. There is a lot of things having an athletic advantage can make up for in college.
  2. Valpo2004

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    Is there a reason we need to be there if you are just going to randomize the list?
  3. Thing is if he's healthy, Luck is a top 5 fantasy QB. Now there are legit questions about his health, but if he makes it through the pre-season and looks ok, I just can't imagine a top 5 when healthy player at any position falling to the 11th round.
  4. Valpo2004

    Hard core coaching

    This The team never had a massive issue with penalties above and beyond what a average NFL team has. The problems with Pagano lie elsewhere. I would accuse him of being too loyal to vets when it came to starting jobs. When a vet player really wasn't working out and there where better players on the bench, Pagano was always the last person to figure it out. That wasn't his only problem, but it was one of the more noticeable ones.
  5. Wait until after the 3rd game of the pre-season. If he's done well in the pre-season he will move up. Now there is probably a ceiling to how high he moves up, probably not much higher then the 6th round.
  6. Valpo2004

    2013 / 2014 Draft Failures

    I'm not going to go through every round but lets look at the '14 first round. 1. Clowney - Still with Houston 2. Robinson - 5th year option declined - Now with Browns 3. Bortles - Still with Jacksonville 4. Watkins - 5th year option declined - with Chiefs 5. Mack - Still with Raiders 6. Mathews - Still with Falcons 7. Evans - Still with Bucs 8. Gilbert - Out of the NFL 9. Barr - Still with Vikings 10. Ebron - Released, with Colts now 11. Lewan - Still with Titans 12. Beckham - Still with Giants 13. Donald - Still with Rams 14. Fuller - Still with Bears 15. Shazier - Still with Steelers (Although he's career may be over.) 16. Martin - Still with Cowboys 17. Mosely - Still with Ravens 18. Pryor - Out of the NFL 19. James - Still with Dolphins 20. Cooks - Traded, now with Rams 21. Clinton-Dix - Still with Packers 22. Maziel - Out of NFL, in CFL 23. Ford - Still with Chiefs 24. Dennard - Still with Bengals 25. Verrett - Still with Chargers 26. Smith - Released, With Seahawks 27. Bucannon - Still with Cards 28. Benjamin - Traded to Bills 29. Easley - Released, now with Rams 30. Ward - Still with 49ers 31. Roby - Still with Broncos 32. Bridgewater - 5th year option declined currently with Jets. So 21 of 32 of the 1st round players in '14 are still with their drafting team.
  7. Valpo2004

    Colts got the draft's best player at #6

    Yeah lets see him in some actual games first before we declare him the best. The fact that a safety couldn't move a guard isn't all that surprising.
  8. Valpo2004

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    Labor Day weekend is fine in terms of dates.
  9. Valpo2004

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    Evenings work better then mornings for me.
  10. Valpo2004

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    I have a question. If there was nothing wrong with the NFL league we did last year then why change?
  11. Valpo2004

    Colts Training Camp 7/27/18

    This. . . In fact I think Andrew Luck said at some point that the biggest difference between NFL ball and college ball was the speed of the linebackers.
  12. Valpo2004


    Depends a lot on what you value. If you value longetivity then probably Smith Highlight reel plays - Sanders Consistency - Payton I think I remember watching A Football Life: Walter Payton and Aston Kucher claimed that Emmitt Smith told him that Payton was the greatest RB in history.
  13. Valpo2004

    Fill each category with a Colts player

    If Luck isn't the comeback kid then we'll be picking at the top of the draft again. Breakout Guy: Rodgers Comeback Kid: For the love of God it better be Luck Rising star: Nelson Don't forget about: Bashem Rebound: Mewhort Darkhorse: Walker Under the Radar: Wilson
  14. Valpo2004

    Luck, "Still Some Pain."

    I'm thinking it's this. Throwing a football, especially at the level he's trying to do it at is a completely different thing from lifting weights. The lifting weights seems to show that the shoulder will hold up, but Luck's only recently started using muscles that he hasn't used for a year and a half. I'm not all that worried about soreness. Now if the pain is to the level that Luck can't go on a day he was suppose be throwing. Big red flag. Swelling would be another big red flag.
  15. Valpo2004

    Colts Training Camp 7/26/18

    Hope I will see some updates from the first practice here. There is going to be a loud cheer when Luck completes his first pass in 11 on 11 drills.