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  1. Round 4 would be about the earliest but I would only go there for a very talented kicker. Round 4 is generally a rotational or developmental field player. A top 5 kicker is worth more than a rotational or developmental field player. But if it's someone who's just going to be an average NFL kicker they arn't.
  2. Nick Foles did play some of his best ball under Reich. That said I have to say I don't think it's a good idea. It seems like getting your starting QB by signing a guy that showed some skill at one point but wasn't good enough to win over the starting job at his previous club rarely seems to work out. It can work out when a QB is let go due to age or injury concerns. But player who looked good on backup duty even extensive backup duty rarely seems to work out.
  3. A couple things go into this. Right off the bat QB's always get too much credit for victories and take too much blame for losses. Comes with the position that he's going to be the focus of all of it. Secondly I think a lot of our other problems are problems that are not easily corrected. Injuries have killed us this season. Can't account for that or fix that. The one problem you can fix is who is playing quarterback here in the future. Brissett is under extra pressure too, the Colts have had 20 straight years of pro-bowl level quarterbacks play here.
  4. Hmm. . . A little odd. But that said even if we did have Inman back in the fold I don't think that would have changed any of our offseason moves that year. It's possible Inman saw the writing on the wall, knew they where going to bring in an FA and a draft pick and didn't want to find himself at the bottom of a pretty good depth chart. Of course things didn't work out as planned. Luck retired and every WR not named Zach Pascal got hurt.
  5. Didn't see that video and to be fair wasn't able to watch the 2nd half of the Titans game. Was following the score on my phone. I would love to see Luck come back and play but I agree with you I don't think it's going to happen. Thing is most players in the NFL, playing in the NFL is all they ever wanted to do in life. So with them when they occasionally lose their passion for the game, after some time off it comes back to them and they decide to come back. The thing with Andrew Luck that tells me (unfortunately) that he's not likely to come back is I feel like Andrew Luck played in the NFL mostly because it had the best pay of any job out of college. I feel like if pay was the same, Luck would have enjoyed being an architect just as much if not more than being an NFL QB. Remember Luck would have likely been the #1 pick if he came out in 2011 but despite being the likely #1 overall pick he finished school. And from my understanding he didn't even really give any serious thought to coming out early. Sure he will miss the locker room, most players do. But ultimately it will come down to if he wants to put his body at risk again to actually play football, and I think he will find other things to occupy his time. Before Luck retired I had worried about Luck retiring earlier than most because of that, but I thought it would be more like 35, not 30. The other thing is in terms of timing he's doing it at a time in his life when people start re-thinking who they are and how they are living their lives. And that's when his wife is pregnant with their child. Realizing that he has a little one to live for and devote his time to now isn't a coincidence. Those are the reasons I don't think he's coming back to play. Honestly I think we'd be more likely to hire him as a quarterback's coach than have him come back and take more snaps for us.
  6. Brisett is decent but not a franchise guy. He's performing poorly because all of the playmakers on offense are injured. Any QB would look noticably worse operating with the receiver corps that Brissett is operating with now. The difference is that Brissett is just a game manager with a decent receiver corps but without that he just looks bad. There is a reason this team played much better at the beginning of the season. Look at the injuries and where they have happened. Most of them focused on offensive skill players.
  7. ??? Why would you do that when you have Brissett under contract?
  8. Now I will grant that finding a QB is hard to do and it's even harder when you are picking in the middle of the first round. That is the big part reason I said "semi". But we do have a coach that has a history of quarterbacks under him playing well. We have a QB that allows us to realistically hold the fort down so a new QB can learn. We have a good offensive line and we have a solid defense. Without injuries minus the QB we still have one of the best rosters in the league. There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic here.
  9. They actually only extended his contract one year. Next year is a contract year for Brissett. That's not committment. That's keeping him in house for another year so a rookie can learn behind him. This is exactly like what Andy Reed did with Pat Mahomes. Pat Mahomes sat a year behind Alex Smith.
  10. I'm semi optimistic. I think Frank and Ballard will make the right pick and especially with a year to sit behind Brissett, Frank can coach up the rookie QB. Honestly I'm convinced a lot of it is about coaching. When Wentz was playing under Reich he was an MVP candidate and might have won it had he not been injured. Then the Eagles won the SB with Foles. The other thing I will say is I agree the Colts don't have too many holes. We're gonna need some receivers and tight ends, but if Campbell breaks out next year this doesn't look like as big of a problem. A few upgrades could be made to the defense but the unit overall is pretty solid. Colts are 13th in yards, 18th in PPG. I would argue that our offense not staying on the field more actually makes those numbers worse. With a better offense I would argue this defense is capable of being top 10.
  11. Yet another WR out for the Colts. We're running out of them. If Inman's still available how could you not consider him. A reliable set of hands that knows the offense is the best we're going to get right now. This is why we're losing. Maybe Luck could have bailed us out from this combined with the strong run game, but Brissett isn't that guy. And let's be honest here with the injuries we've had, even if we did make the playoffs, even Luck wouldn't be able to win a championship.
  12. I think when you are in this spot the only thing you can do is roll the dice, either by making a big trade up or by taking a pick with a lot of question marks on him. Because it's really hard to dump a decent QB for a terrible QB and explain to the fans. I think some of the fans understand the value of tanking, but I tend to think many do not and it's pretty looked down upon anyways. In my view in all honesty, since playoffs seems pretty unlikely at this point, Colts should tank all of the rest of the games. Go 6 - 10 and we can likely draft somewhere within a few picks of 10th overall. At that spot maybe we could package our 2nds with the 2021 first to make a trade up with the Giants for one of the blue chip QB's.
  13. You are right, I think this last off season's FA's where a failure for the most part. Houston was a good signing. I would have liked to see what Funchess could have done in our offense but he just got injured in the first game and was gone for the season. Hoyer was a bad signing. Brissett's signing might still be a positive though. Team was looking good before injuries took their toll and took their toll on a lot of key play makers on offense. Because of where the injuries took their toll, Brissett is a game manager leading an offense lacking in play-makers. Andrew Luck could maybe carry us out of this mess but Brissett can't. Not saying that Brissett is the guy long term but it probably would be smart if we pick up a rookie QB to have him stay around so that the rookie can learn behind him. Especially if we go after Jordan Love, he's not a guy you want to throw out there on week 1.
  14. History wise this is a bad season for Wentz and a great season for Dak.
  15. Watson's in the same place as Andrew Luck prior to 2018. Bad OL. Individually I'd put him up over Jimmy G. But Jimmy G. plays on a far better team with likely far better coaching.
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