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  1. Valpo2004

    Bryce Love tore his ACL

    Love might drop to the 4th or 5th at this point. He was a day 2 prospect before, now you are looking at basically having to redshirt him a year when he gets to the NFL.
  2. Valpo2004

    Bryce Love tore his ACL

    I would say it's true for the RB position. I think if you are a QB and you have a good chance of improving to a first round pick you should do that.
  3. Valpo2004

    What the colts need to contend in 2019

    We need some CB's and maybe some LB's. I think we should try and sign a WR2 or something.
  4. I agree with him I don't think we pursue Bell, so many things against it. 1. Mack has looked good reducing the need. 2. Bell seems like a me first guy, Ballard hates that and wants team first guys. 3. Bell has character issues with previous drug suspensions. Again Ballard is not a fan 4. Bell is going to want a lot of money. Ballard is resistant to signing big money guys from outside the team. I don't see it. Bell might want to be a Colt but I don't think Ballard will be all that interested unless he gets massively team friendly deal.
  5. This was talked about in another thread but essentially while we have some money we can spend this offseason, we can't go hog wild because there are a lot of guys we need to extend before the next offseason that are going to require some money sent their way.
  6. Valpo2004

    My keys to beating the Chiefs

    I know how we beat the Chiefs. Finish the game with more points than them. Surefire way to win. Never fails.
  7. Valpo2004

    Brandon Mebane's Daughter Makenna, Passed Away

    Have not heard about this but obviously terrible news. With 3 kids of my own all I can say is that losing a child is your worst nightmare. My cousin lost her 8 year old daughter to a unknown at the time brain tumor. There is nothing more depressing then a child's funeral. I hope I never have to go to one again.
  8. Valpo2004

    Reich's approach/gameplan heading into Saturday

    About the only game plan that can realistically work I think.
  9. Oh man I feel so sorry for him, working so hard and getting so few opportunities like that. Man it must be difficult being a complete jerk these days and getting head coaching opportunities. What was he suppose to do stick to his word? Oh man so tough being Josh McDaniels.
  10. That 4th round pick might be why Ballard waited so long to sign some guys. If he would have signed Ebron right away for example it might have canceled out that pick.
  11. Valpo2004

    When do oline men reach their peak?

    Probably in their 2nd or third year in the league is about when their prime is. A lot of it is mental. But I've heard that there may be some physical issues as well. They say a lot of rookie players come into the league having spent a good chunk of their offseason working out for the combine and not doing football workouts. So their 2nd year is improved in part by experience and having the game "slow down" for them but also doing a full offseason of football focused workouts.
  12. Valpo2004

    Ranking the Head Coaching Openings

    As much as everyone loves the Browns job, will the Browns keep anyone around? The most apparent reason for the Browns string of failure is of course the lack of a quarterback. Now it looks like they have one, but another reason for the Browns string of failure is their lack of maturity when it comes to head coaches. Granded they gave Hue some time but they also have a long history of 1 year and done coaches. I'm not entirely convinced they won't can you if you don't win a SB in 2 years.
  13. Valpo2004

    Ranking the Head Coaching Openings

    That may be true as well, but Keenum isn't going to take you to the promised land. 10 or 11 win season and maybe a trip to the playoffs. But you arn't starting a playoff game with Keenum feeling confident of victory. I'd rather go all in on Foles. When you are a QB away you have to roll the dice.
  14. Valpo2004

    Ranking the Head Coaching Openings

    I would put the Bronco's over the Cardinals. Cardinal's roster is really empty AND they don't know if the QB they have is going to pan out or not. If he does you are at best looking at a 2 or 3 year rebuild. Will the fan base, GM, and owner have the patience to go through the rebuild or will they fire you just at the moment you are about to turn everything around, hand the keys to another coach and consider him a hero when he starts winning with your players? If the Rosen doesn't pan out then you have absolutely nothing and you will probably get fired after one year. Broncos if you can get a QB in there then you can make them winners almost immediately. I think I might put GB above Cleveland because of better short term prospects which I generally think because coaches rarely keep their jobs for more than 5 years they should look at short term prospects first. However I would note that because of their years of futility that if you can just produce winning records and some playoff appearances you might get more time. MAYBE You would think that but for some reason in the NFL even teams that have been losing for 20 years straight start getting antsy and fire coaches once they have a little bit of hope. Look what happened to Jim Caldwell.
  15. Valpo2004

    Brees on Luck

    I had not thought about it but I do feel like Rivers has never really had a lot of talent around him. Although he's obviously doing better now.