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  1. My only issue is how long is he going to be out. Everything I'm seeing says he is in all likely-hood not ready for the season opener.
  2. Probably isn't going to beat out Easton but he's there to make sure Easton knows he has to earn his spot. Plus if your starter takes an injury you normally have to bring in a QB to be the backup QB while your current #2 plays. That can be an issue because when you bring a new guy in he normally hasn't spent camp with you and doesn't know the playbook. Having a guy around who knows the playbook and who can play that role is a good idea.
  3. Maybe it's just me but I feel like the post draft press conference both Ballard and Reich seemed a bit deflated. I just don't feel like this draft went as well for them as other drafts previously have.
  4. There are still multiple free agent left tackles who could start and be a stopgap for 2 to 3 years. So we can grab one there. I have to think Ballard is going to bring in someone.
  5. He has built up too much capital as a GM to be sent packing for a single bust either via trade or 1st round pick. Remember we didn't give up the farm for Wentz. It is going to take that and at least a couple bad draft classes to make his seat hot.
  6. Well we took a big risk trying to wait for a tackle in the 2nd round and it bit us. We are picking however.
  7. Ok, so we got an edge rusher. Hope it doesn't bite us in rear qt LT but not unhappy.
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