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  1. Injuries can change everything. So we will wait and see. Often the champ is the team that just has the best luck with injuries.
  2. This hurts me in fantasy. I had the Chief's starting RB who is likely now going to split touches.
  3. Tannehill had better stats than Darnold. Tannehill's last year with the Dolphins he posted a 92.7 passer rating. Darnold's career year last year netted him an 84.3 passer rating. Also what happened with Tannehill is rare.
  4. So he's basically Jacoby Brissett but turns the ball over way more often. That's the guy people want to pin their hopes on as our future franchise QB.
  5. Apparently we can thank his GF for making him go to the hospital.
  6. I still have the same confidence in Reich and Ballard as ever have honestly. There are some things I question. . . but honestly I would say that would be true in any case.
  7. I think we could sneak a win against either the Titans or the Raiders or the Steelers or Green Bay or even maybe Baltimore. I think the Colts are good enough that one of those teams is going to be looking ahead or they are going to take an injury that they have trouble recovering from and the Colts grab a win.
  8. Easton was a 4th round pick for a reason and was widely viewed as a project QB at best. Project QB's are not usually ready to play at a high level after training camp and 5 weeks with the team.
  9. For the record I don't think River's gets benched because I think he leads us to a playoff seed. I don't think we get very far in the playoffs but I think we make the playoffs.
  10. This . . . there are several psychological factors at work here. 1. Colts fans are spoiled when it comes to QB's. We went from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck. Most of them seem to naturally expect the starter to be able to throw for 400 yards and win the game by himself. 2. People have a hard time seeing the Browns as a good team because they have been terrible for so long. 3. People are way way way too emotional after a loss.
  11. It's been my experience that they don't do well in those games though.
  12. After all the years of Manning followed by the Luck years, Colts fans are spoiled at the QB position and expect to always have a QB that can pick the team up on his back and carry them to the win. Rivers has limitations, we knew that going in. He's not mobile and if you can't protect him he's gonna play bad. Last week we simply did not protect him. End of story He's not only the best QB on the roster, he's also the best QB that was realistically available last year.
  13. But don't most of them usually get a chance to play again due to injury at some point?
  14. I don't think it's going to happen at all but I would further say that if he doesn't un-retire after this year it's almost certain that he won't be back. If he's good with not playing football for 2 years straight then there really isn't anything that's going to suddenly change his mind on that.
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