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  1. Valpo2004

    Luck post game interview

    Let's not forget we where facing one of the best defenses in the NFL here.
  2. Valpo2004

    Buffalo Over The Mighty Vikings

    Vikings D and Tom Brady killed me in fantasy. I was anticipating a monster game for both.
  3. Valpo2004

    Lets discuss the offense

    The throws to Ebron in the endzone from about 15 yards out felt forced. He was never really that open, if he was it was only a tiny window. We should have used short passes to move up to the goal line to punch it in.
  4. Valpo2004

    Stupid play calling on last possession

    The Eagles where in a prevent defense. Any attempt to stretch the field would have been met with 5 Eagle defenders. You can't really "stretch the field" against a prevent defense. However you can get a free 10 yards on a short pass or a run. The play calling was good in the final drive. My issue with the play calling was in the red zone, especially after the defense gifted us 2 turnovers. Half the plays ran where passes into the endzone to Ebron. Part of this might have been Luck's fault, it felt like he was forcing those throws. We should have ran the ball or done some sort passes to try and get right on the goal line for the score.
  5. Valpo2004

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    Agreed. . . at this point Luck is now only the 8th highest paid QB in the league anyways.
  6. Valpo2004

    Explaining PFF.... (Good Read)

    I do think their system is probably the best *system* there is for analysing individual play. That said it has it's faults I think. Any system I think would.
  7. Valpo2004

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    Fixed it for you. I remember that game because the Colt's defense made Theo Riddick look like he was Barry Sanders.
  8. Valpo2004

    Leonard named Afc defensive player of the week

    Question when was the last time the Colts had an AFC defensive player of the week?
  9. Valpo2004

    New Issue From Former HoF Inductees

    Seriously? So 6 weeks and 1 day in the MLB and you are set for life?
  10. Valpo2004

    Carson Wentz Cleared for Eagles vs Colts

    Considering his good season was his 2nd year of playing it's presumed that he is in fact that good. It wasn't like he came out of nowhere after being in the league for 10 seasons. He had a solid rookie campaign and started lighting things up his 2nd year.
  11. Valpo2004

    9-7 this year bet your savings on it

    The first 2 games of the season have made me believe this team is going in an upward direction. Defense I think is actually better then advertised. Even if you remember last season where we dropped so many close games. Keep in mind that a lot of those close games the offense couldn't do anything with the ball in the 2nd half which really put the defense in a difficult spot trying to defend a narrow lead for an entire half of football with an offense that isn't going to put up any more points and is going to go 3 and out on most of it's drives. I won't make the call about what our record is at the end of the year but so far it looks like this year's Colts is better.
  12. Valpo2004

    Patrick Mahomes is gonna be good

    Agreed. . . I expect him to come back down to earth but Andy Reid is good at getting the most out of his QB's.
  13. Valpo2004

    Actives and Inactives

    Where Autry and Basham healthy scratches?
  14. Valpo2004

    2 Comments by Mel Kiper on Mr. Leonard.

    I think it was a lot of this. We clearly needed LB. But I think there where so many players who's names that everyone had heard of left on the board.
  15. Valpo2004

    I know we are only 2 games into Frank Reich but...

    There are certainly tougher games ahead. But I'll be extremely happy if they don't lose to the Pats by more then 2 scores. But that's a tall order I think. Pat's defense might not be what it once was but it's still not easy to stop their offense.