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  1. He had a few issues last year, but I'd take a chance on him and bring in a rookie to compete just in case his decline is permanent.
  2. TJ Green Ryan Grigson: "Lets draft a project player while there are day 1 starters on the board. "
  3. Draft can easily be done via technology these days. Only reason they where having a location for the draft was because it was a media event. The biggest thing that sucks honestly is that the players not only can't walk across the stage but can't have big parties of all their friends and family. The players will probably just be sitting down with their mom & dad, brothers & sisters, and maybe a girlfriend and any children they might have.
  4. You would be surprised. 12 puts Hooker at #6 right now among safeties. At the end of the next offseason it will likely be further down, 8 to 10. 12 would be about right for an above average starter. 9 for Walker put's him at 15th among Inside Linebackers. That would be about average starter. I can certainly see Glow being replaced which is why I didn't mention a figure for him. But given that he's a starter his departure is notable.
  5. It will go down by quite a bit. We've got a crap ton of key players hitting FA after this year. JB & Rivers TY Houston Autry Hooker Kelly Walker Mack Stewart Hooker, Kelly, Walker, and Mack are probably all guys we bring back. And you could make some solid arguments for the others as well. Kelly will probably get 11 M per year. Walker will probably get around 9 Hooker will probably get 12 M a year Mack gets 6M That's probably 38 million right there. Then you have to address the QB situation. Now if they draft a QB in the 2nd round and don't bring back Rivers or JB than that won't be a big deal. But if they bring back Rivers or JB that's another 20M at least. Probably more. TY could warrant probably a 15M a year for 2 years deal So there is 73M out of it. Then you have to consider that it will be the last year of Leonard's, Smith's, and Turay's contracts. At the very least Leonard will probably get an early extension. But all 3 are guys that are pretty key to this team. Glow also hits FA at this time too. So does Hines. Nelson would hit FA if we don't take his 5th year option but I'm pretty sure it's a given that we do. I wouldn't get too excited by the numbers there. Irsay is going to have to write a lot of big checks over the next couple years to keep the core of this team together.
  6. These people shouldn't be given a forum to peddle this nonsense. Racism is real but you help people ignore it when you claim racism for things that clearly are not. JB was given a more than fair opportunity to solidify himself as the starter. He got nothing but support from the GM and HC and they handed him a huge contract to boot.
  7. I can't see the defense for this situation at all.
  8. See I didn't think he was that great when the Colts where 5-2. I did see some hope because we where winning and because there where games like Week 3 against Atlanta (28/37 for 310 yards and 2 TDs) and Week 7 (26/39 for 326 yards and 4 TDs) But for those games I also saw games like Week 2 against Tennessee where while he threw 3 TD's he only threw for 146 yards and had a 5.2 yards per attempt or week 4 against oakland (5.8 yards per attempt) or week 5 against KC (5.2 yards per attempt). Don't get me wrong I had hope and part of that hope that I likely expressed at the time was that he wasn't asked to do much because we ran so well. But still while he had a few good games, a lot of games that the Colts won where games where JB really didn't play all that well. And I think what happened at the end of the season was DC's keyed in that JB didn't throw downfield. With Luck and starting with JB, everyone was so scared of TY pulling a double move on them that they kept their safeties back. But they started to realize that JB didn't throw downfield and when he tried he almost always missed. So they pushed the safeties up closer, closed down the short throwing lanes.
  9. 40+ sacks a year and RB's that couldn't average over 4 yards per carry and you don't think it held down our offense by quite a bit? Even Frank Gore didn't average 4 yards per carry here but as soon as he gets out of here, he goes to Miami and averages 4.6 yards per carry. Freaking MIAMI Oh and for the record Frank Gore in his entire 10 years with the 49er's never failed to get 4 yards or more per carry. That only happened when he came to Indy and went away the season he left Miami. (Granted in Buffalo last year he failed to hit 4 yards per carry but at this point he's old and that likely caused it.) BAD OL was killing the Colts under Grigson. It heavily injured our QB. Our RB's couldn't run.
  10. He inherited a good center and LT the other 3 spots where filled with guys who either no longer play in the NFL or are on the roster bubble. They where not even good backups. Clark was drafted by Grigson. Skill position is probably better than you realize. Everyone forgets about Paris Campbell or acts like he is a busy just because he didn't have a big rookie year. Wide receivers take time to develop and Campbell wasn't asked to do a lot. TE I Grant has not improved. Defense is way better. Hooker is a better safety than anyone who played here under Grigson save for maybe the one year that Bethea played under Grigs. Heck even Geathers is better than anyone who played safety under Grigs save for Bethea and we are getting rid of Geathers. Our LB are better than anyone who played under Grigson.
  11. Big time players you never want to try and extend them while they don't have years on their contract. Because of fears of injury, most will take less money to get the big time contract now. If they have no years on the contract they can negotiate with other teams and will push for more money.
  12. Maybe, but it bothers me that it says the team thinks he is special. He is not a special player and showed that. If he was special as a player we wouldn't be signing Rivers. This worries me.
  13. It is if you don't want him to have loads of leverage of he had played well.
  14. Easton and Love are 2nd round QB'S that appear to have the arm talent to be NFL starters. Their flaws are mostly mental. Our coach is a former NFL quarterback. Plus we don't know what the plans are for Kelly yet.
  15. Based on my calculations, Reich has a average of 7.6 approval. The poll is open til close to the beginning of the season. Then after next season we can recheck and see how he is doing.
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