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  1. Valpo2004

    Big Grover doin Work

    So if Grover starts playing well this season. Can we start calling him Super Grover 2.0?
  2. WR depth will be interesting this camp. Chester Rodgers could be anything from the #2 guy to cut. Honestly you could say that about all of them really. TY is pretty solid as the #1 guy. Everyone else. . . who knows?
  3. Valpo2004

    OLs Rated This Early.

    There is a lot of hope for the OL. Nelson, Kelly and Smith could be young interior group that could staff the Colts interior OL for years to come. Castanzo can give us solid play on the left side for probably at least 3 to 4 more years. We will need to draft a RT.
  4. Valpo2004

    Lesean Mccoy accused of domestic violence

    I was talking about this on another forum. Apparently the accusation, is that McCoy sent goons of his to beat her up. Also the woman who made the post claimed apparently that a police report has been filed. She later took down the post because she said the police told her to. I'm not taking sides yet but apparently this is little more complex then it sounds at first.
  5. Valpo2004

    Nelson at RT?

    Ehh with Slauson, Mewhort and Smith now on the depth chart I wouldn't say it's a glaring weakness anymore. And honestly if there was reason to believe that Nelson could play well at RT it would be a good idea. But as I said before. If Nelson could play on the outside he would have lined up there in college.
  6. Valpo2004

    Few Colts heading to Stanford University

    I'm almost for certain that Irsay couldn't provide for their trip. Otherwise if he could they would likely just throw at the Colts facility. But I think the rules even prevent them from being at the facility at this point. That's why over their break these QB's usually get together with their receivers and use the facilities at another location such as their alma-mater.
  7. Valpo2004

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    If stores had different prices for cash/check purchases then they did card purchases then a lot more people would probably do cash/check. But as you say they pass the price onto everyone. So from my prospective, no reason not to use the card. It's not like my rebellion is going to change other people. I'm guessing the reason they don't put different prices on it is because for one reason or another they have determined that the cards are also better for them. I do have a small grocery store near my house though that requires that you buy $5 or more to purchase on a card. I don't go to that store very often. Not because of that policy but because it's the only grocery store in a tiny town and everything costs twice as much there.
  8. Valpo2004

    Few Colts heading to Stanford University

    Man I would really like to know who is there. If I where a WR, especially if I was not solidified as the #1 or #2 guy I would want to get my butt over to where the starting QB is throwing with the receivers.
  9. Valpo2004

    Nice article about ebron

    I'm just waiting to see with Ebron. i'm not going to get my hopes up too much.
  10. Valpo2004

    Interesting draft analysis from Rob Rang

    Absolutely you can't have a pocket passer if you can't create a pocket in the first place. Only way you can create a pocket is by having the guys in the middle of the OL hold their positions. Then the QB has room to step into his throws and step up into the pocket away from edge rushers.
  11. Valpo2004

    Nelson at RT?

    Mewhort was "ruined" by injuries. He actually only played like 3 or 4 regular season games at RT and I think he actually did a fairly good job. Regardless moving Nelson to RT is a bad idea IMO. If he had the ability to play well on the outside he probably would have been Notre Dame's left tackle and McGlincey would have started elsewhere. If a player isn't playing tackle for their college team, they likely can't do it for the pro's. Mewhort on the other hand actually did play tackle in college.
  12. Valpo2004

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    Captain Kirk Actually his LAST name was Kirk. I believe it's actually more common as a last name then a first name. There are a few Kirk's out there but it's not a terribly common name. My own grandmother called me Kurt from the day I was born til the day she died when I was 34 years old. She had 16 grandchildren and I wasn't a favorite. So I suppose my name wasn't all that important, I suppose I'm lucky that I wasn't called "Grandchild #10". My favorite aunt even yelled at her once for calling me Kurt but it didn't change anything. (One of the reasons she's my favorite aunt is because she'd do things like yell at her own mom for not getting my name right.) But anyways I'm totes over that!
  13. Valpo2004

    Few Colts heading to Stanford University

    That's true. . . but it could all be guys on rookie salaries. I'm hoping not but you don't know. TY seemed to indicate that he wasn't planning on getting together with Luck in the off-season. I'm guessing that would break some sort of rule for Irsay or the Colts to be paying for it.
  14. Valpo2004

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    But if you have a name like mine. "Kirk" you are kinda screwed. Honestly I'd have a hard time parting with something like that. It was a gift directly from Andrew to him and selling a gift like that just feels wrong.
  15. Valpo2004

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    Yeah that person who collects on those transactions is getting rich, I'll grant you that. But on the other hand cards make it easier. Andrew loses his wallet without the cards he possibly loses whatever money he has in it. If you lose your wallet and you just have a card in it. You call and put a freeze on the card and you've lost nothing in terms of cash. The worst part is going and replacing those things which is mostly hassle. Plus it makes the transactions faster.
  16. Valpo2004

    Take The Colts Out Of The Picture For This

    I think injuries are going to likely decide who wins the division.
  17. Valpo2004

    Cap space for 2019

    Something that I do want to comment that I feel positive about Ballard's management. First year that there are not any players with big cap hits that would be considered roster bubble. Simon is the biggest cap hit and may be roster bubble. He's at 3.2 mil Turbin is at 1.1 mil. Also we don't have a great deal of dead money either.
  18. Valpo2004

    Colts Madden 19 Ratings

    84 Overall seems quite low for Vinny. I know he's old but he's kicking extremely well.
  19. Valpo2004

    Few Colts heading to Stanford University

    Are any of those guys there? Only one that I see any confirmation on is Chester Rodgers and he's still on rookie salary.
  20. Valpo2004

    Few Colts heading to Stanford University

    I doubt Cain, Rodgers etc are making more then all of us combined. They are probably making more then maybe 10 of us. But Luck sure is probably making more money then all of the active forum members here combined. While travel expenses probably arn't outside of their budget thing is they are sort of going in part to help him get back in the swing of things and his salary is far far higher then theirs is. If it was TY it would be different but it's some guys on rookie contracts. They make some nice coin but they arn't loaded.
  21. Valpo2004

    Quenton Nelson is the highest rookie.....

    Barkley should be higher. . . I say that due to the position. I'm not really a Madden player but the thing is for RB's there isn't a huge ton of learning involved in playing the position. The biggest issue is probably picking up the blitz when assigned to block. Maybe for a pass catching back route running can use some work as well. But generally speaking RB's hit their prime quicker then anyone else. And that may start in their rookie year. There is a bit more learning for OL. QB's shouldn't be very high at all as rookies honestly. Mayfield is 81. . . but I think Luck was rated at a 79 as a rookie. And Luck was a much much higher rated prospect. But the thing is that QB is the hardest position to learn.
  22. Valpo2004

    Sam Beal Pro Day - each team represented

    I would bid a 3rd as well but we probably wouldn't get him for that. There can be an argument for bidding a 2nd. We have 2 - 2nd round picks next year. So even if we did use a 2nd on him we wouldn't be kicking ourselves entirely out of the 2nd round.
  23. Valpo2004

    Anthony Castonzo

    He's a solid player who is rarely injured so I think you are right on that. I can't think of another player on the roster that is so necessary/valuable for the Colt's success but at the same time gets ripped on to the extent that AC does.
  24. I don't think so but as ColtsBlueFL said, it's not really a big deal.