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  1. If we are out of or reasonably out of playoff contention than I would say yes sit him. But we're not there yet by a longshot. Just focus on making the playoffs and then. . . you never know what could happen. Would be silly to give up now.
  2. Wentz with another clutch throw under pressure.
  3. Geez Parker looks like Hopkins. Geez Parker looks like Hopkins.
  4. K time for the offense to respond with at least a long drive.
  5. Carson Wentz is not a problem for this team.
  6. We are still very much in the game if the OL could do it's dang job.
  7. Probably still bad news. Colts offense is not very explosive.
  8. If the Colts can't win this one, I am not sure I am going to be all that interested in the rest of the season.
  9. Fortunately Hines mistake only cost us 3 points.
  10. I am curious as to why anyone would take Hundley over Easton.
  11. Only way we are even in this game is the Titans mistakes.
  12. I am guessing Nelson probably sprained his ankle. Just my guess.
  13. So the coverage maps say I am suppose to get this game, the guide says Colts at Titans but I am getting the freaking Lions game.
  14. What the heck my dish says colts at titans but they are covering ravens at lions. Getting mad that I am going to miss 2 games in a row.
  15. I would be for trading for Foles except for the way things went down in Philly it would be like Deja vu all over again for Wentz. I know these guys are pros and all that but Wentz plays lights out wins a ton of games, gives his team the #1 seed in the playoffs. Gets hurt, watches Foles win a superbowl with his team and then they put up a statue of Foles. Than you have all these stories come out about how Foles was better liked and more charismatic in the locker room. Even after Foles left his shadow was still hanging over Wentz in Philly. No matter how well Wentz played, or how much Foles failed outside of Philly, Foles was still the God that beat Tom Brady in the SB. Sorry but you can't convince me that wouldn't affect a person mentally speaking. Carson Wentz is still human after all.
  16. Crap unless it's being streamed on Paramount Plus or something I'm gonna miss the game.
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