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  1. I still like Fromm but I get the feeling that we will have to trade up to get him. And even then I'm not so sure. A lot of teams are going to be looking for a QB and almost all will be drafting ahead of us.
  2. Walterfootball says Albert Okwuegbunam is the top TE in the 2020 class.
  3. I have to say right now Fromm is probably my favorite. Likely a guy who could be in reach for the Colts too as he isn't looked at as a top 5 guy.
  4. To be fair from what I can remember none of the QB's coming out of Alabama where ever highly rated players. Most of them where college game managers who's job was to not screw up while 'bama's OL and RB's ran everyone over. So it's not like there is a long history of busts there. Just not a long history of NFL starting QB's period
  5. You know with the number of people that think the games are rigged I find it amazing that they still watch. What is the point of watching a sport with a pre-determined outcome.
  6. I havn't gotten the time to watch too much film on him but on looking at the team he has around him especially the talent of his wide receivers I do have a strong question mark on him for that. Walterfootball lists him as having 3 receivers going in the first 2 days of the draft. While his stats are impressive I read that and I have to think that he likely has little to no challenge in finding an open receiver. He's not going to consistently have 3 receivers with 4 yards of separation in the NFL.
  7. Actually I was just looking at this and according to PFF, Ryan Kelly was the weak link in our OL last year with the lowest overall grade. https://www.pff.com/news/pro-the-colts-offensive-line-will-look-to-build-off-an-excellent-2018-season According to PFF our OL was overall ranked like this. 10 - 2 - 10 - 6 - 10 To be fair those rankings where based exclusively on players who played 300 or more snaps at one position on the line.
  8. I would agree on the DL. In 2018 the Colts where one of the best teams in the NFL in containing the run. I don't know if it's because we are playing better running games now but they are not doing nearly as well.
  9. Too early to say on the 2019 draft but it is more than safe to say that the 2017 and 2018 drafts where highly successful in improving this team.
  10. I think he's a lot less of a threat without Luck. He killed them on a lot of deep throws. Brissett isn't connecting with him as much on the deep stuff.
  11. Agreed, in terms of natural talent Manning actually didn't have a great deal. He was never super athletic and his arm talent was ok but not extraordinary. Honestly the perfect QB would be Manning's head on Luck's body with Jeff George's arm.
  12. 1. Dan Marino, 2. Drew Brees 3. Aaron Rodgers Are my top 3. I could go with Manning at 4 maybe. I'm sort of a stats vs time they played type of guy when it comes to picking the GOAT. You could dispute the order of those 3 somewhat. But those guys are guys that stats wise where way way ahead of the competition. Marino had a 5000 yard season almost 30 years before it would be replicated. Brees has 5 - 5000 yard passing seasons, no one else has more than 1. Aaron Rodgers on a different level has blown the competition away when it comes to being an efficient passer.
  13. I seriously doubt that. The main problem with that theory is that the Colts with Luck where considered a strong contender for the SB **THIS YEAR**. This team would be the most complete team that Luck has ever played on. Especially when you consider that you have important vets such as Castanzo and Hilton who likely have less than 5 years left in the NFL it would be ridiculous to carry out such a stunt in the hopes of getting more/better picks from a trade/tank.
  14. Huge game when it comes to AFC South Championship consequences.
  15. I would have made him the backup behind Brissett. But there is no reason to think he should be starting right now. He's got a lot of raw arm talent and good athleticism. But you need a QB to be a mature leader on and off the field and you need a QB to be smart. Brissett already has those qualities. We're not yet sure about Kelly. Let's make sure the man can go a whole year without getting into trouble.
  16. This. . . Jets roster is terrible outside of Bell and Darnold.
  17. I really doubt he would come back to play in one game. He already has the rings. Also I'm not sure how useful he would be. Even if he's in shape it's doubtful that he could suddenly come back and jump into the game with little to no practice the entire season and play extremely well. I think Hoodie would say "Thanks but no thanks"
  18. I don't think so, I think he can un-retire as soon as the NFL can push the paperwork through. Which given that he was a star player and it would be a huge story drawing tons of coverage, Goodell would make sure it got pushed through lighting quick. Now I think it would be extremely odd for a guy to un-retire after only like 2 months of retirement. But I don't think there is anything stopping him.
  19. With Luck we are favorites. He was suppose to be the chosen one. *Sigh*
  20. I'm fantasizing about him deciding to come back next season and making us into contenders again. That's my fantasy anyways. In actuality I still don't think he'll be back. He has too much other stuff he wants to do with his life, he realized that football was getting in the way of everything else he wanted to do with his life and he cut out the football part. I am sure as the article says he still watches the games and is in contact with old teammates. I'm actually somewhat expecting to see him up in one of the luxury booths at a Colts game one of these days. Might be a guest of Irsay.
  21. Yes but the market for edge rushers tops out at 23.5 M. And lets not forget that contract is front end loaded. Next year his cap hit goes down to 9M.
  22. I think you certainly have to consider a QB with that first round selection. I am not seeing Brissett as a long term solution. Also you are spending a lot of high picks on depth when you can draft starters in that area. I sort of like the idea of drafting a tackle and moving Smith inside. But I think we should consider a QB in the first. I also like the idea of drafting a DT. Other places we could consider drafting. RB - We're going to be a running team we need to have more of a 1 - 2 punch than Mack. Not unhappy with Mack at all but I feel like we rely on him too much. WR - If Funchess isn't the guy than we are going to need another one because TY Hilton is aging. TE - If you are not re-signing Ebron we should draft another TE. Although at this point I would be happy with bringing back Ebron.
  23. I actually think it's a good policy. Without that policy they would have to form a committee to specifically review everything and decide if they are going to back it or not. Then the committee takes the heat from both sides. This can cause disunity in their membership which would limit their leverage in negotiations. Instead let those judging the appeals determine what has merit and what doesn't. That's their job anyways. Think of it like a criminal trial. The union is essentially just the lawyer for the accused. In our system when it comes to criminal matters, everyone gets a lawyer, no matter what their crime or how obvious it is that they are guilty. You don't look down on a lawyer because he's defending a person who obviously guilty of a horrible crime do you? Just look at the union as the player's lawyer. Even if they are horrible and obviously guilty like Burfict is, they still get a lawyer. It's up to those judging the case to make the right call. Not the union to decide who gets a defense and who doesn't. I don't blame OJ's lawyers for him getting away with murder. I blame the prosecutors for presenting a poor case and the jury for not seeing the forest for the trees. His lawyers just did their job and they where way better at their jobs than the opposition.
  24. I think the better question is if he's applying pressure or not.
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