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  1. I like Stafford but the trade could get pricey with this many teams in the mix to trade for him. A lot of teams with a lot higher draft picks than ours. The only thing that could be said was that if Stafford was given some say in where he wanted to go, Indy might be a place that he would consider more than the other teams. But if the team just trades him based on who provides the best deal. . . I'm not sure we could compete.
  2. In another situation that wouldn't be a bad trade. But we have no QB other than Easton and no left tackle. I think we need our draft assets to fix those issues.
  3. This. . . I feel like when the team loses people have a hard time accepting it and just look for someone to blame. The blame usually ends up on the HC and the playcalling.
  4. Those teams identity is not strong OL's that let them pound the rock in the run game. Ravens run the ball a lot but they do it with their QB. The rest of those teams sling the ball, especially the Chiefs and Packers.
  5. Without a good LT than OL isn't a strength. Maybe we can sign a rental off of free agency or something. But I would argue fixing the LT problem is priority #1 over the QB issue.
  6. I would prioritize LT over QB right now. This team's identity is good OL and we should prioritize that identity.
  7. We could try to sign him when free agency rolls around but I don't feel confident he wants to play a full season.
  8. With this development, I would just kick the can down the road by getting Rivers again or something. The entire Colts identity right now is good OL. Taking Castanzo away robs us of that identity unless we find a very good replacement.
  9. Left tackle now has to be priority #1.
  10. Yeah I think he could fall to us. He strikes me as the sort of boom or bust pick of the draft.
  11. So does this mean he's going for a 2nd interview tomorrow? Because putting the pieces together that's what it sounds like. Other than being near the top of the draft, is there any reason to believe that the Lions want to be rid of Stafford? Seems to me that it would make more sense to not risk getting a rookie QB when you have one on hand. Yes trading him could give you draft ammunition but every rookie QB is a risk.
  12. Watson, Rodgers, and Lawrence arn't happening. Watson wouldn't be traded in the division. The Pack are extremely unlikely to trade Rodgers after he just had an MVP caliber year, the Jags are going to draft Lawrence at #1 overall and that's just it.
  13. Thing is people don't realize is that there are rules as to how the cap hit is doled out. The team trading the player away has to take the cap hit for all of the remaining signing bonus not pro-rated. They also have to take the hit if there is a roster bonus that is past the date it's suppose to be paid on. Anything else is the responsibility of the team receiving the player. So by my calculations this would be the cap hit for the team receiving Wentz 2021: 25.4 Million Fully guaranteed 2022: 22 Million Kind of guaranteed (There are ce
  14. Rank them in order of what you would like to see. Be realistic though. . . Also consider what might have to be given up to get to that point. 1. Re-sign Rivers and Draft Trey Lance as QB of future - This makes the most sense to me. Give Lance a year and a mentor while Rivers keeps us in the hunt. Lance is mobile 2. Matt Stafford - I would almost consider this 1B. Stafford could give us probably 5 years without too much worry about decline. His contract is reasonable, I would consider him an improvement on Rivers because he has a lot more arm strength.
  15. Coaching trades happen but are pretty rare. I doubt Reich is going anywhere.
  16. It's possible he doesn't consider it a right fit. But I agree, this doesn't necessarily mean he just wants to stay in his current job. . . But more likely he's looking to take that promotion into a job in which he feels he has a realistic chance of success.
  17. Generally speaking if a team trades a player like Stafford they allow him some leeway to pick who his is traded to.
  18. Derrick Henry's tweet about who should win Fex Ex Ground player of Week 17. To be fair Henry has won it 5 times this season.
  19. I didn't think Stafford was that young. I thought he was like 36 to 38. I have to say with that information he interests me more than he did previously. Because I previously thought getting Stafford would be essentially like getting Rivers. . . another 1 to 3 year rental. But Stafford could hang with us for the long run and give us someone to build around. Of course the problem is that attracting him here might be difficult. I don't think he knows anyone on the coaching staff or even maybe any of the players. The only thing that we can sell him is that he'll ha
  20. B . . . a good season but it seems like the team had the talent to win a couple more games than they did.
  21. Reich is a good coach. . . But it would be nice if we didn't have so many games where the offense in the 2nd half can't move the ball. That said I'm not about to think that there is automatically a better coach out there. Too many people seem to think that great head coaches grow on trees.
  22. I did have the feeling that Luck might not play as long as he could. QB's can typically play til about 40 or so these days and I sort of thought Luck might only play til he was 35 or so because he had so many other interests. But no I didn't think he'd quit as early as he did. But to be fair I did get the feeling that he was going to keep going until he couldn't do it anymore like a lot of guys.
  23. We could consider him if he's willing to play for a discount to be on a good team. But if he wants a market deal for his services, I'll pass.
  24. Pretty sure under the table payments like that would be a pretty big scandal. So I doubt that would happen. The other thing is that these coaches and GM's are already pretty wealthy, so I'm guessing that their reputations as coaches/GM's probably mean more to them than any under the table payment. I think the reason why the rumor that the Colts purposefully tanked for Luck persists is because they were so successful with Manning and then Manning gets hurt for the first time ever right as Luck is about to come out. It was insanely good luck so to speak. Whereas the ty
  25. Meh it's hit and miss. Jim Harbaugh did well. Only returned to the college ranks because the GM and owner decided they hated his guts. Pete Carroll could maybe be counted because he sort of did both. But there are plenty of cases of it going badly. I would say Urban Meyer is more likely to go badly then well.
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