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  1. I agree with this. Jacoby is a quality backup at a low price cause he's still on rookie contract. AND New England already paid his signing bonus so he's even cheaper for us. I don't think the NFL see's Jacoby at this point as a potential starter. (I think Colt's fans overrate his ability quite a bit.) So he's not going to fetch a high draft pick. We would be lucky to get a 4. But most likely he'd only be worth a 5 or 6. I mean they just don't give out high or mid round picks for guys who everyone hopes will remain on the bench. So if you are looking at say a 5th round pick. Are you likely going to get someone of similar or superior ability in the draft for that? What about QB's. Do you think you could draft a QB who would provide equal or better ability as a backup? And lets be honest. If Jacoby leaves here and signs a 4 million dollar backup QB contract someplace else, we'll probably get a 7th round compensatory pick anyways. And if he signs for more money than that, we would get a higher compensatory pick.
  2. Didn't he have low production in college? No thanks. I believe in production over combine numbers. As far as I'm concerned if you are drafting a very athletic player who didn't produce in college you are drafting a developmental player. A guy who MIGHT be good. But there are no guarantees that he will develop. In fact it seems like 50+% of the time they don't develop. If you want to risk a 4th rounder on a high ceiling developmental guy, that makes sense. But a first? There are plenty of guys out there who are athletic AND produced in college.
  3. I'm really not overly concerned with any of those scenarios. I think we're in perfect position to just take the best player that makes sense for us. Don't get me wrong there are some places that we could use improvement more than others. But this team won 9 of the final 10 games and all the major contributors to that are back on plus Funchess & Houston. Inman is probably the biggest name that isn't back on the team and I don't think he's signed anyplace yet. I really don't think I'm going to be bothered if we come out of the draft without getting a player in a specific position such as WR or S unless there seemed to me to be an obvious fit there in a player available on the board and the Colts went in a different direction and picked a player that they don't appear to have any major need of improvement.
  4. I remember there was some controversy because a lot of people thought JJ Watt deserved it. But yeah MVP is nearly always QB's and RB's. Honestly I think they should get rid of the OPOY and DPOY as well as MVP and just go with Best QB, Best RB/WR/TE Best OL, Best DL, Best LB, Best DB
  5. When was the last time a defensive player won MVP?
  6. I am against handing over a mid round pick for a player in his 30's.
  7. Sad thing is that by the end of Russell's extension it will probably look like a bargain as someone will probably hit close to 45M per year.
  8. I would say a sky judge should be able to review everything, including missed calls but with the instructions that he only stops the game for missed calls that are blatant and obvious.
  9. I would only see an edge being worth making that move up. I'm more apt to support a trade down in this situation. I don't see the value of players you can get in the middle of the 2nd round being that much lower than the value of the players that can get in the late 1st. The problem of course might be finding a trade partner.
  10. I wish he would have too. Would be nice to get some Hawkeyes on this roster again.
  11. I think it's this and that it's more his style. But the fact that he just absolutely killed the last draft on a historic level is going to mean that there are going to be more media types who want to talk to him. (On a historic level I am referring to the fact that he drafted 2 rookie all pros for the first time since the '60's)
  12. I watched this video. I think it was clear it was a dorm at Anderson back when they had training camp there. You know one thing I have to appreciate is that it's apparently a thing in Japanese culture to clean up really well after yourself even in those situations. Apparently at the World Cup after a game that involved Japan the people who clean up the stadiums found little to no work to do in the sections that the Japanese fans sat in. I think that and the fact that when they are sick they wear face masks in public to prevent spreading their sickness are some things about their culture that I think we could really use to adapt in ours.
  13. IDK . . . What would you rather have. TJ Hockenson in the first round or George Kittle in the 5th? Even if Hockenson is better than Kittle (which may be difficult considering Kittle set a record for yards by a TE with some backup QB's) you are still talking about a pro-bowl TE in round 5. That said there is always those diamond in the rough guys who pop out and become stars despite being a low round pick and everyone looks at them and wish their team would have grabbed him.
  14. Not that I put a lot of stock in it but I tend to think it's better to get players who are not in the green room in some ways. If you arn't a consensus top 10 pick I honestly think it's smarter to just stay home.
  15. I think it's weird that Hockenson is now the consensus top tight end but during the season all the praise was going to Noah Fant. That said I don't think it's undeserved. I have more confidence in Hockenson's hands than I do Fant's. Obviously Hockenson is a better blocker as well. Tight End U. Dallas Clark, Brandon Myers, Scott Chandler, George Kittle, Tony Moeaki, CJ Fiedorowicz, TJ Hockenson, Noah Fant
  16. So this guy is just like an Eric Ebron fan. Not a Colt's fan?
  17. Forgive my ignorance but why this particular fan?
  18. I would prefer Ajayi but Ware would still give us solid depth.
  19. Lets also keep in mind that these guys likely havn't really met one another or spent any time together. One of the reasons that training camps are often held in a location away from the team's facility is for team building. All of that having been said, I do strongly question any team that runs out and spends a bunch of money on high priced free agents. To me I think this tends to hurt team play. Guys come in and they generally because of their past play and contract size expect a certain role on the team. And when their role is different from what they expected it can cause some issues. Now it's less of a problem with one or two guys because if they get unhappy in a strong locker room, they learn to just figure out what their role is and take it. But in a jumbled mess of high priced FA's, their unhappiness can feed off of one another and become a cancer. One of the best reasons to build a team through the draft is because drafted players come in at the bottom and grow into their role. They don't come in with big expectations they come in usually just hoping that they can make it in professional football. Even guys who are #1 overall picks come into the league mostly just hoping they can make it.
  20. Possibly, but there doesn't seem to be much market for him at this point. Not sure why.
  21. He's got to get the roster up to 90 for when Training Camp starts. I mean obviously everyone has a chance in camp but I'm guessing his chances of making the 53 man roster is fairly low unless he can carve out a niche for himself on special teams.
  22. I wouldn't in round 2 have a huge problem with it. My biggest issue is that Ballard and Reich have already come out saying Marlon Mack is the guy. That they think he's a franchise RB. If they go drafting an RB in the 2nd round that doesn't square with that view. The 2nd round, is not a round you draft depth in. It's a round you draft potential starters in. Now 4th round or later, that still squares with the view of Mack being a lead back because you are getting into the area of the draft where you get draft and rotational players.
  23. Also allows us to keep the RB's fresh for the end of the game.
  24. I keep saying you can't really do minor league football. It's just not going to work. Minor league baseball works because the teams arn't expensive to run. So they can live off just having a local crowd in small and medium sized cities. They don't need a national TV audience. Football is a very expensive sport, there is no getting around that. Think of it this way. Turn on an AAF game, look at every person on the field, the players the refs, the coaches, the ball boys. . . everyone. And think all of those guys are drawing a paycheck. That's a lot of paychecks. . . if you are going to do that you need full stadiums and a big national TV audience. The AAF doesn't have that. After the novelty of it, people stopped caring.
  25. Here is the question though. Does Cam throw to his TE or RB because that's just his game or does he throw to them because that's were the most talented skill players on his team are.
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