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  1. I think any person that would quit like Luck did? That is a pretty big red flag about Luck's devotion to the game and is a sign that his heart wasn't in it....and hence signals a strong possibility that he wasn't putting in the time in the film room. People in love with something spend all of their time practicing and doing it. People in love with the game don't quit.
  2. I think Ballard is good, but hall of fame Gms win SBs. Or at least get to the SB. Ballard hasn't been close. He has made a ton of mistakes from Jacoby to some iffy drafts to failure to get WRs to failure to get Corners to the McDaniels fiasco to failure to find a long last replacement at QB since Luck left. I would rate him a B- so far.
  3. I have never seen a coach go for 2, down 8, with lots of time to go in my life. And there is a reason for that.
  4. In today's NFL almost any young Qb is athletic enough to run. Look at Luck. He isn't the most athletic but he could run well enough to save a broken play or score at the goal line. Rivers is perhaps the ONLY qb in the league who cannot run....at all. Even Brady can somewhat. Name me another qb in the league who can't run at all. Big Ben? And his arm strength is faltering and look how much Pittsburgh is faltering as a result. Combine Rivers lack of mobility with no arm strength/spin and that is a huge liability.
  5. I think it has been 2 years wasted I agree. People can talk all they want about Ballard, but he has now had 2 years to find a Luck replacement and all he has done is overpaid a backup by a factor or 5 and brought in a great guy in Rivers, but who is someone who will never get you a SB. Total waste of some fine Colts players on both sides of the ball.
  6. Why? Makes zero sense to me. You do that so you have a chance to win at the end if you score another td right? They were down 8 when they went for 2. So if you kick the extra point to make the deficit 7, and then you score again? THEN you can decide to go for the win or not. But if you go for the 2 and don't get it, and score again? At best you are playing for a tie at the end.
  7. That happens every game for every team. It is the plays that rise above the average that separate the winners from the losers. Allen made those yesterday with this legs and arm strength. Rivers can't do that. He can still play standard ABC football just fine. But he can't play elite football.
  8. I said the same to my wife yesterday. Brady is a proven winner and his arm strength and ability to move is heads and tails above Rivers. If you were going to bring in an old Veteran, I don't know how you don't get perhaps the greatest qb of all time. And he can still zip the ball in there. If Brady was qb imo the Colts are co favs with the Chiefs to win the SB this year. What a wasted opp. I get why. Because of the Colts/Pats rivalry. But that was the move.
  9. Would be another wasted year of some fine Colt talent on the team. You are not going to win a SB with Rivers and nor will you be getting experience for the QB of the future. So why? It's pointless. But Frank will be Frank.
  10. Agree. I think his first 3 years were awesome, especially when he ran more. But injuries took their toll and especially towards the end of his last season and in the playoff game against the Chiefs his arm velocity went down to nothing. He was guiding the ball and he knew it and I think that played a part in his retirement. He was a shell of his old self. Not that Manning had great velocity either but his football smarts and devotion to the game were much higher than Luck's. I had heard stories how some coaches thought that Luck did not put in the time and effort into the film
  11. I think Luck was very good, but I do think he was somewhat overrated overall. I don't think he ever lived up to the college hype when he was playing like Manning did.
  12. Probably. Which is a huge mistake and brings back memories of Adam V.
  13. Stafford and if not him then Eason or a new draft pick. Other choice would be Wentz but he would be the last choice.
  14. All those things that you mentioned, even if we had them all (which we won't and no team ever does), Rivers still probably would not get you a SB. He can't run and he can't throw downfield. And that is why you need to move on. Because if your QB is not getting experience to learn and grow, or have a legit chance to win a SB? Then why play with a qb who's ceiling is what we saw this year. Makes no sense. Either suck for a high draft pick. Get experience for your young qb. Or go for it all. Anything else is a waste of time and resourc
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