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  1. Shoulda sent her for pizza and changed the locks while she was gone. Problem solved.
  2. They outta have fan tryouts like Chicago did that year. Chug a beer, spin around 10 revolutions with your head on a bat, and kick a 35 yarder while being pelted with eggs. If you can handle that.... you’re an instant improvement over our current situation.
  3. Take THAT Ravens! Bunch of dirty highway scavengers anyway...... flying RATS if you ask me. We’re the little baby horsies! We’re cooler.
  4. Not sure how you lose the team. They practice right there in Indy just about every day. i mean, Patty Mac could always be found in, i mean around, the canal.
  5. Well That covered just about everything. UREKA! Problem solved.
  6. They have a CB to trade? If not...... kick rocks Mahomes!
  7. Crap! I was in such a good mood bout the start of the 4th too!
  8. I’m sure the beloved analytics called for it. This isnt the first game this season it came back to haunt. I take the 1 almost every time. Scores change too many times to get caught up in being up 5 or 7, two scores vs one or three.... unless its “later” in 4th, or you are behind and time is an issue. I take the points. But our main problem again, imo, is red sone efficiency. We were 25% in this one. We looked like SB contenders marching down the field at will..... until the red zone. BTW.... Carson looks REALLY, REALLY good. Especially when you take all he’s been thru into account. Just Zinging that ball around with pretty good accuracy.
  9. Somehow this made me smile and feel a whole lot better.
  10. I wouldn’t call it a choke job. We were suspect at CB before yasin was scratched. Then rogers, rhodes, another guy..... we couldnt pressure with 4 and we couldnt help or we get blasted on back. Was surprised Mathews wasnt a key. Thought gameplan was good. Get up, keep pedal down, and weather Jackson’s normal late “show.” It almost worked. Kicking game was disappointing. Not something iwas concerned about..... until now. Red zone still a problem. O looked unstoppable at times. Tide seemed to turn after attempted reverse and flip back to wentz. Saw more good than bad (i think). The hole in our backend was severely exposed today.(that didnt sound good, i know) We tempted Jackson to throw and he did.
  11. Fun while it lasted. I Have to let it sink in before i comment. Wouldn’t want to get banned or anything.
  12. Thx. I assumed that. my response was surprise. Some good company to be in.
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