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  1. WoolMagnet

    Why we should destroy the Bills.

    No need to make it difficult. i'm goin with... "we're due."
  2. WoolMagnet

    Gil Brant on Andrew Luck

    Yea, and smart too.
  3. WoolMagnet

    Wed injury report

    Remember a hip is what set Allen back a few years ago. He was out A WHILE. i believe it involved surgery(ies?) and possibly an infection. I just remember it was a big deal.
  4. WoolMagnet

    I should be angry right?

    This is what happens when you sit downwind of Snoop Dogg at the picnic.
  5. WoolMagnet

    Eric Ebron having himself a season

    Dilger / Pollard 2.0. with Ebron and Swoope making plays, i'm starting to like the possibilities of a 3 TE set with Doyle, Ebron, and Swoope. i'm also starting to see the value in Hines.
  6. Maybe because he and McDaniels dont like each other ?
  7. WoolMagnet

    You're the GM

    I think Ballard was smart enuff to know (and he has stated as much) that the team wouldnt be "fixed" this past offseason and draft. There is as just too much to do. And he's still learning what existing players are capable of. Add new coaches and schemes, and now he has to get familiar with their scheme needs and player fits. I think he's improved this team and thru the draft, especially the most recent one. I think the existing young players ate being evaluated, and Ballard, Reich, etc are , and will continue to evaluate and discuss our roster needs. I believe Ballard will again attack the draft aggressively and we will see some FAs that fit, fill needs, and bring some leadership. We're moving there. It seens slower than we'd like. However its a very difficult task to plug a guy into a new team and environment. It seems like most never live up to expectations. And to tie up that cap money on that big of a risk can set a roster back in a hurry. It appears we've improved the OL and DL. Injuries gave set back their progress, but it seems they are improved. i am pleasantly surprised/impressed with #50 and #53. REALLY excited about them. The injuries all across the board have thrown young guys into the fray early and have shown our lack of depth. But we knew depth was an issue going in. Injuries everywhere have clouded any real evaluations overall but i think its clear we need to focus on several areas. OT, CB, WR are top priority RB,SS, DE,DL 2nd level in my humble opinion,of course
  8. WoolMagnet

    The 3 year plan

    That is what i thought. Not exactly "core" type players on that list. You are right, about 6 i'd try to keep. I'd be ok with Ballard spending some of that FA money on a #1 CB, WR, or OT. If you are going to "over-spend" , make the gamble on blue-chip , building block types. otherwise, build thru draft and keep(pay) the players you have developed. so far, Ballard has kind of done this. I am glad he doesnt sign BIG contracts recklessly. We will be better for it in the long run.
  9. WoolMagnet

    Why Is Good inactive?

    Low hanging fruit. note: that is also the punchline to: "what do you call a well-endowed Richard Simmons?"
  10. WoolMagnet

    Margus Hunt ruled Out vs Jets

    When the media asks about the extent our team injury situation, Reich should break into song ... "Head and shoulders, knees and toes..... knees and toes." Complete with hand movements.
  11. WoolMagnet

    LB Skai Moore Waived

    not true! he's an UDFA
  12. WoolMagnet

    Ballard is a genius

    I LOVE this board. i can always count on it putting a smile on my face.
  13. WoolMagnet

    Ballard is a genius

    Yea, the suspense is killing me too. can we get to the answer already?
  14. WoolMagnet

    Braden Smith named starting RG

    Hyphenated name Good - Enuff
  15. WoolMagnet

    Stampede Blue: 3 reasons Colts lose to Jets

    He sure did turn the Giants into contenders.