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  1. WoolMagnet

    Peyton breaks down the Pascal TD

    Its not an opinion....... its FACT ! Don't listen to the noise. He is the goat. well, around here at least. And that ain't nothin.
  2. WoolMagnet

    Skip Clueless Prescot > Luck

    Skip used to gush over Tony Romeo too. Kinda looks like Skip is trying to get permission to build a "Bayless Tower" in Dallas.
  3. WoolMagnet

    This time last year.....

    I just watched that game again last week. I love snow games. remember the year we "threw away the perfect record", we played a very snowy one in buffalo late. I remember dallas clark getting fed 1 yard passes for a record in 1st half. I think we fed marvin for a record too. Then players got yanked.
  4. Our defense is getting a swagger about them. They are building confidence in each other every week and appear to be having the time of their lives. They will be pumped up for this one. I expect our D to get a couple turnovers in this one. If Reich calls a smart game and doesnt do any of his 4th down shenanigans, i really like our chances. After the last couple weeks, i think our Colts wanna show th league this week that nobody want to see us in the playoffs. The team looks focused, and hopefully we wont see any more of the "funk" we saw against Jacksonville. And btw, Andrew looks to ks VERY focused and committed to getting this team in the playoffs. We have an uphill battle, but if we win out, and get in this thing, i think its anyone's game. Top teams early (pitt, ne, kc) have struggled, and some (colts, sd, bal) are seeminly peaking at the right time. This. Could (and should) get very exciting. We're not there, but we have been consistent enuff(except jax) and flashed enuff to be very dangerous every week. Our offense can score the points needed and our defense has shown they are at least capable of playoff football. These young guys get in and I think the excitement level will instantly snap back to the level we have grown accustomed to. These young guys of ours just might be too young to know how difficult a playoff run really is. That could help.
  5. Hopefully the odds will catch up with them this week.
  6. They obviously hire VERY smart people at USA Today.
  7. WoolMagnet

    Next Man Up

    Did i miss something? was someone put on IR?
  8. WoolMagnet

    Extending some love to Jim Irsay

  9. WoolMagnet

    Colts might play in London 2019

    Noooooooooo !
  10. WoolMagnet

    Autry AFC Defensive Player of the Week

    His dad Gene was a great actor.
  11. WoolMagnet

    Do you think this was a good year?

    I know. I said Ballard may be more aggressive than "planned" THIS off-season because of ,imo, defense,OL, coaching changes ,etc seem to be ahead of schedule. I'm speculating based on Ballards past statements. His actions, and the state of the team in the framework of cap spending rules. The "young rising stars" can be anyone currently on the team coming up on contract the next two years, plus extensions. I didnt mean Q, Leonard,etc...obviously.
  12. WoolMagnet

    Do you think this was a good year?

    You "spend more" in FA when your team is a player or two away from a run. When "rebuilding", which we are, i think you invest more in the quality players you have and build thru the draft. Why waste that money when you think you arent ready to compete with the top teams. I like the fact that we will be able to afford keeping our young, rising stars. It will be spent. I'm just glad its not thrown around like monopoly money. Cap space capital is as valuable as draft pick capital, maybe more as you can keep more of those draft picks you have developed.
  13. WoolMagnet

    Do you think this was a good year?

    I think the defense is coming together faster than expected and the O-Line and Luck are certainly better than expected/hoped this quickly. I would think, in Ballards mind, the team as a whole is ahead of schedule (on rebuild). Pe haps as much as a whole year. This team is a true team, not individual parts. Wouldnt surprise me if Ballard is more aggressive this FA offseason than he originally thought he would be.
  14. WoolMagnet

    Deon Cain

    Agree there is potential there. Cain impressd before injury, Pascal has shown some HANDS. The rest are really hit or miss. It would be nice to line up a real threat opposite Hilton. It would open up plays for the TEs and RBs too. Also would help the running game. We have an extra 2nd and lots of cash for FA. If Ballard doesnt see the answer on the roster, he certainly has the tools to get a top-flight receiver. The guys on the above list I wouldnt put in that category. If Hilton would go down, we'd quickly see the quality of depth. (Or lack thereof)