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  1. Might be a lil tuff right now. the games dont start for a few months.
  2. Its starting to look like Fromm and Eason may be the best available at #13. I could easily see Burrow, Tua, Herbert, and Love gone by #13. A bummer on one hand, but pushes more top players, like WR and DT , down to us. I think he was saying Rivers is a 2 year (3 max) shot at a run. He still expects a QB added , to develop, in 2020 or 2021 i would think. If Ballard “loves” a QB at 13, i would think he does it, the problem is, theres gonna be a run, with trades. You just get that feeling .
  3. I get that, but JJ Watt is a HOF talent, didnt seem to matter, Donaldson in LA with a good line AND offense... where were they? I’m all for a stud DT, but playmakers, especially those who touch the ball, seem to make the most impact. That said, then you look at how Nelson seemed to change things. I’m excited to see what happens.
  4. Good luck with that. (The good news part) I really would like to come up with another word for the “L” word. At least for a while.
  5. He needs to stick to what he’s good at. Like yellin at “hoes” and cops from his front door. As My momma used to say ... “crazy is as crazy does.”
  6. All he needs to do is marry a Kardashian, and he’s Kanye West. If you have the $, you can become whatever you want...... talent or not. Honey Bear were the only words i picked out. Sounds bad even with auto-tuning the auto-tune. What the heck happened to “music”?
  7. Cool. just think of all the time and money you’ll save.
  8. Hmmm... nothing that SPECIAL about our passing game. Can he throw? The old good-cop , bad-cop approach i guess.
  9. Uh, that was the Grigs and Pagano part i put at the end.
  10. I kind of agree. With all the hype and Investment in his talent , i do feel something was left on the table, so to speak. I always wanted a lil more fire from him, and its ok to get mad. He was different. The bonehead plays out of nowhere were also frustrating. I just didnt see the killer instinct that the great ones seem to have. That said, he’d still be top ten QB , without much effort, if he came back. Grigs, Pagano, Lucks injuries, etc are all part of the issues from that time. Andrew was a talented, exciting young WB that we enjoyed for far too short of a time. The NFL is changing fast.
  11. That was odd. I wish i knew the REAL story behind that. It was just so weird. At the time, and especially later. I just cant wrap my head around the purpose and/or benefit. I refuse to believe it was to sell tickets. Water under the bridge now i guess. Weird tho.
  12. That time he actually wanted to play football. Remember that?
  13. I do that in every relationship i enter. smoke & mirrors baby!.....till they figure you out that is.
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