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  1. WoolMagnet

    Vegas expects Colts surge

    I'm torn on how many games we will win. But i believe the "surge" of a win increase inVegas has more to do with their growing confidence in Luck than anything else. After all, they knew of the coaching change on the previous odds. Luck's status was still anyone's guess.
  2. WoolMagnet

    So... Uh...

    Lead role in "Boogie Nights II" ?
  3. WoolMagnet

    Any traction for Khalil Mack?

    I'll bet you are LOADS of fun at a party.
  4. WoolMagnet

    Any traction for Khalil Mack?

    Maybe if he wore longer spikes in his shoes?
  5. WoolMagnet

    My Colts Tattoo

    "Boss....... Dee Plane! Dee Plane!" oh, sorry, i thought this was a fantasy island thread. Carry on.
  6. He was running like a guy who made a mistake and REALLY wants to stay on the team. I've always liked his toughness. He's a tone-setter, and he gets the 1st downs. I was impressed on several "big" plays he was involved in. If we keep him (i hope), he should come back just when the OL is (hopefully) starting to get comfortable with each other. i like the experience he brings to the position too.
  7. Did you even see the guy run on Thursday? He's got some gas left in that tank.
  8. WoolMagnet

    Colts lead first ejected player...

    Agree. It was his ONLY chance to get ahead of receiver. He dove. time to put flags on their hips.
  9. WoolMagnet

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    Or Trent Dilfer
  10. WoolMagnet

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    1 game does not a define a career.
  11. WoolMagnet

    My First Season Away - How Do I Watch

    Help! When i go to 1070, i get SEC story playing. Can someone dorect me where i can listen to game online? legally, of course. i'm desperate here. i have nfl ticket, and cant wait to virw in 6 hrs on nfl channel. THANKS
  12. WoolMagnet

    Bashaud Breeland leaves Indy without deal

    I'm with you. I was just doin a superman joke.
  13. WoolMagnet

    Bashaud Breeland leaves Indy without deal

    Everyone is average in YOUR eyes, afterall, you ARE the man of steel! Kinda Hard to match up to that.
  14. WoolMagnet

    Erik Swoope a trade candidate?

    I'd rather have depth at a heavily used position (TE) in Reich's offense. For a late-round pick, i see more value in keeping him. if Doyle or Ebron goes down, we'd go from a position of strength to a potential weakness. Personally, for a 6th or 7th, i'd only trade a guy that was getting cut anyway. Which i'm sure was the case with that DL. We also traded a K (who would be cut) to Philly a few years back. for us to invest all that time in Swoope, then trade him for peanuts before potentially his most prepared year is foolish, imo.
  15. WoolMagnet

    Erik Swoope a trade candidate?

    Not for a project with no real NFL history.