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  1. Im gonna watch the ‘95 “run” tonite. I was at the game in Pittsburgh.
  2. Wasnt he one of the “T-birds” in Grease? Brings back memories of the days when we carried a “kicking specialist.”
  3. Can we petition league to get any byes we have at the beginning? Another week for Fisher is a GOOD thing.
  4. I had to click cuz it could have been literally anything. I may be wrong, but i think that ship may have sailed. Reich seems to really like this new kid. Not sure thetes room for a 4th TE. And i dont see doyle or mac goin anywhere this year. I could see a guy added to the PS. There are quite a number of guys at different positions that i see having more value on the roster than Ertz. But, I’ll be ok with whatever.
  5. The Mack comment was just to point out it was 3 with achilles, not two. It had no other connection with Dayo or Fisher. I’m looking at it this way. Ballard has been working this since FA... really before that. FA didnt pan out for a starter at LT which happens. But we may have the beat depth this year than we’ve had for a long time. And ALL across the line. So then The draft fell the way it did. I can understand that. Meanwhile Ballrd has still been working it. Fisher? Leno? The history he has is a good thing. It always is. You know them better, in all ways.
  6. You forgot Mack. Every pick and sign is a risk. Coming off an injury of any kind is only one of a multitude of risks. The way Ballard is frugal, in general, with picks, cap $, etc, i find it hard to believe he would throw all that conservative nature out the window if he didnt feel really good about the potential and risk. We sit around like we know better than a man who has literal experts in the medical community to advise him. Its kinda funny.
  7. Some around here won’t like the sound of this. They’ll have to put effort into finding another complaint to whine about.
  8. Pat have golf-glove tan on that pale-looking left hand?
  9. Nobody got excited when Ballard brought in Autry, or either of our CBs really. Some were calling Rhodes a liability. He’s got production and value from a number of “cast-offs”now. I wont discount anyone. Sometimes those “round” cast-offs were being forced into “square” positions, if you know what i mean.
  10. Love to see 98 out there again.... on the right guy. I miss seeing 88 and 87 as well. (From old Baltimore days) Thats the thing, seeing certain numbers out there will sometimes take you back and extract old moments from games. A current RB makes a move, and suddenly you remember a Faulk or Dickerson run. I miss that with dome numbers. I think #18 and #19 are my only personal “untouchables”. No one could ever fill those jerseys in my eyes. Transcendent types.
  11. I hope that doesn't stand for the number of starts per year. Ba Dum-Dum Thank you, tip your wait staff. Me too
  12. Thats the thing i hope. If only ONE shows up to play.... what a potential weapon. And what it would do to the offense. We would have WIDE ranges of skills (chess pieces) at WR, TE, and RB. We’d be able to attack different teams in different ways. Man, Carson even plays average ball, We find at least a short-term solution at LT(i’m optimistic), and one of these big WRs comes alive (add Campbell healthy too), and WOW do we have potential on O. Seriously. And this D should be better as well. I’m getting more and more excited every day. Just LT. And it’s being addresse
  13. I volunteer to moderate for the the peace accords.
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