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  1. No, but would u take 2 for Big Q? I understand hes not happy, but that could be fixed. Im just saying, the picks may or may not pan out. Most dont live up to expectations it seems. And i would take the bet none of them will have the talent level of Ramsey. Rams were desperate trying to win a SB now.
  2. Are they? They lost arguably the best CB in le league. And although they got the picks, replacing that player will be difficult. Ramsey is a stud, pro-bowl CB. There are no guarantees that their picks will even be starters. Time will tell how it works out.
  3. Rams 1st may only be a few away from the 2nd we got from the Skins. Ballard seems to be able to make filet mignon out of a crap sandwich at times.
  4. My concern is if they can control our running game (they have good run D) and scheme for Hilton, we could be in trouble keeping up with the points that their O has been putting up. However, i had concerns with the Chiefs and that worked out just fine.
  5. Oops, sorry, I thought this was the Samson Satele thread.
  6. Wanna talk fantasy? Well, back in the day, back before her trips to detox, back before gravity and rockstars wreaked havoc on her body and soul, EVERY guy's fantasy was Heather Locklear.. One typical night out on the prowl with my roomate from college , a familiar looking , hot as heck blonde walked up to us during spring break in Daytona. She walked up, raised up on her toes and kinda talked into his ear. About this time i noticed a rather large guy who stayed about 10 - 15 feet from her at all times but didnt interact with her. As i tried to figure out his "deal", iwas interrupted as the blonde bounced off and out of my life. I looked over at my roomate who has a rather confused look on his face and asked "what did she want?" He stared off in the distance, and after asking him another 2 times , he finally responded "she asked if i had a room here". (the club was in a rather large hotel, so you fill in the blanks. Anyway, he was so shocked/freaked out that he said no. ( i woulda said yes then sneak out and buy one) After we both stood there and stared off in the distance for a while thinking what could have been, i noticed he still had his MTV ID around his neck. You see, it was spring break, he worked for MTV for spring break, and Heather was asking if he (MTV) had a room ( a VIP room) in the hotel. She should have been a little more specific. Broke our hearts, but made for a great story. PS...... I LOVE X-factor. (The english one)
  7. I think you may need the unabridged version.
  8. Liam Neeson is coming...... snd he has a very special set of skills. In the movie "Cold Pursuit" (i just watched), he asked a badguy " who is the greatest quarterback. Manning or Elway?" The guy said Elway and got a bullet as his prize. So i dont know about the rest of you, I am safe as I already agree with Mr Neeson. But if any of you were on the fence, or you happen to bump into Liam on the steet, you might wanna choose your NFL topics wisely. Apparently he is a Colts fan.
  9. The whole thing is odd. I'm trying not to label it.... its kinda never happened. Part of me thinks he should stay away, part of me likes the idea of him involved. I'm not losing any sleep over it. This team has showed mental toughness. Theyseembehind JB, and i dont think its an issue inside the organization. If Irsay, Ballard, and Reich ate ok with it, who ate we to argue?
  10. Andrew is realizing a life of honey-do lists, antique shopping, and trips to the grocery store are actually MORE work than rehabbing an injury. The wife and kid are wearing the guy out! Andrew be like " Uh Chris, I think i made a HUGE mistake."
  11. Who was it that thought Hoyer should start the KC game?
  12. Anyone know anything about the new TE on the PS?
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