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  1. Looks like the “good old days” of the AFC South.
  2. Its interesting to note that those are the teams with notoriously “weaker” organizations. A year like this will separate the cream from the crap.
  3. Sure it does. just not the crowd noise part. But traveling, sleeping in a strange bed and room, and losing some practice because of travel still have an effect. Not traveling and sleeping in your own bed should also create less covid related stress for that week too. The noise thing is big, no doubt, but i still see other factors affecting HFA.
  4. Metcalf REALLY reminds me of TO. (in the good way)
  5. I wasnt arguing your point, i was curious who might be on “the street.” i could see Jerry potentially liking what JB gas to offer. it would be interesting to see if Ballard would seriously entertain an offer.
  6. I usually eat my “night-time meal” after 9pm. Its either the biggest or 2nd biggest meal of my day. I dont eat breakfast. Lunch between 11 and 1. Dinner between 5 and 6 usually. And then... tadaaa... the nightine meal. As i usually dont go to bed before 2, sometimes i’ll even have a snack (1 or 2 pnut butter n jelly, or a couple bannanas). Oh, and i drink pepsi all day too. The best part is, i’m 55, 6’3”, and weigh what i did in high school and college. To gain weight, i have to hit the free weights HARD, and add alot of pasta, milkshakes, donuts, etc to my diet. Im ok with the l
  7. I realize its a highlight reel, but the dude plays very physical, and brings some violence with the hit. Looks very active and high-motor. Could-be a special teams gem at the very least.
  8. The best BBQ we have here in Pa is Mission BBQ. Im a BIG fan of good BBQ. Just tuff to find in this part of the world. Never too late to eat. i can’t go to bed on an empty stomach. I just threw some baked ziti down my throat and its 2 am.
  9. We’ve had our share of “dancing” RBs. I’ll take Taylor’s style over that every time. He gets the yards that are there. Give him some time, the big runs are coming. If he gets more consistent blocking on the 2nd level, like from the WRs, his average will increase. But the guy rarely loses yards, has the necessary speed, can power thru guys when necessary, and has been very exciting on screens and short passes. He’s had a good number of big gains that way. Losing Pittman and Campbell has affected more of this offense than i think we realize. Pitt is the “Funchess” of last
  10. If you cut Jim's arm, little blue horses run out of his veins.
  11. I haven't met many successful people who were’t passionate about what they do. i guess this guy backs up that philosophy.
  12. Yea,kinda funny. The worst owner in the league wants to-win as bad as any fan. Even if only for financial reasons. Which are,in themselves pretty big reasons. hundreds of thousand dollar big.
  13. Mr Alfred E Newman. I LOVED those magazines as a kid. i gotta look around. I’m sure ihave them somewhere.
  14. I finally watched the Browns game. I only listened on radio yeaterday. First, thats areallygood Browns-team there. Young and very talented. At times, theO reminded me of KC. Mayfield made some big extended plays for a td and some 1st downs. I was impressed by them. I thought ght our D played well against a very scary O. Stars all over the place. Wehadsome pics,penalties, and i think they asked too much of Rivers. We fell. Asleep there before the half and kinda gave the 3. Overall, idont think we really played that much worse. Its just Cleveland (especially at ho
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