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  1. Ryan will arguably be on better teamwhile Wentz on worse. Putting Wentz ahead of Ryan in a vacuum is laughable atbest. i am extremelysurprised of the #2 ranking. But then, we arguably added much better talent at two of themost important positions AND positions we were quite weakat. Potentially reallybig impacts.
  2. Anyone else find humor in the irony of this post? Not arguing the point, i just found it funny.
  3. Impressed. can someone give Frank the gameball if we hold on? Quitty starting to flash. An occasional Dayo pressure............Hmmmm.
  4. Teachable moment for Flus? watch that TD to Patmon. They dropped 9 and rushed 2. Sound familiar?
  5. Jim must be wearing his lucky cowboy hat again.
  6. Lol, i know. half our starters arent playing, these guys are gutting it out and still getting crap.
  7. Uea, i think Pitt shoulda kept coming across on that incompletion.
  8. He is what he is. But he’s more than good enough to win with if coached up.
  9. Play selection on O is as critical as its been all year. Frank needs to help the OL. We have the tools and the plays. Carson looking confident. His legs could be a key to a win.
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