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  1. You got me. Can i come back guys? It’s freakin COLD up here at my Uncle’s place!
  2. “We”, as a collective, must feel pretty good overall about the future of this team if we waste this many posts on a subject that, lets face it, has no real bearing on the future of this team. Not in any primary, or secondary role in my mind. But, alas, here goes. I’ve always thought the “love” cane from him coming in when our heads were still spinning from Luck. JB did have some success early, and he always said and did the right thing, whatever was asked..... and more. How bout the end zone celebrations with the D? After the injury around the Pitt game, he never looked
  3. I’m surprised teams don’t put more effort into planning that play. I’d try to get a 2 or 3 guys where the ball cones down. A penalty could be drawn here. i’d also try to get a guy or 2 behind them or off to side in endzone for a potential tip type drill. It just seems lije teams arent ready for it when needed. You potentially could see it twice in a game. End of 1st half and end of game.
  4. I saw the “Reich to Philly” title and thought..... what the heck? Then i saw the word “SMOKE” in the OP’s name and suddenly it all made sense. Haha
  5. Well, he can certainly take MY “points.”
  6. Rivers was really under pressure on that one. Surprised he got it off at all really. But.... soooooo close. I was as very impressed we were able to made it a game at the end. It could gave easily turned out 31-17 the way it looked. That session of no points when on the one, with the Turay “jump” that added 4 extra points, and the misses FG. That stretch was our downfall imo. Thats lije a minimum 10 point swing in my view. Thats what i’ll frustratingly remember most from the game. The rest i can kinda live with.
  7. I thought he played well. The two drops, but Hines had a big one as well. The guys played well overall. Better than most expected. We just had a handful of “moments”. But every team roes every game. I am frustrated that we really controlled the game on many levels. We needed more points , mainly red zone, to go with the yards, field position, and time of possession that we led in.
  8. I’m frustrated. We (almost) played the “perfect” game. The game plan was great... time of possession, field position, scheme, good mix of run/pass, etc. Moved the ball well. But 2 of 5 in the red zone (40%) and 1 of 2 goal to go? Buffalo was 100% in both. I think Reich had the team ready, and gad a great game plan. However, with all his stats on when to go for 4th downs or 2 points, i think he fails to factor in the “momentum effect.” Coming away with nothing after long sustained drives affects the team and boosts the opponents AND the fans. Working the score back to seve
  9. They’ll be dancin until Leonard busts them in the mouth. Then things wont be so funny.
  10. I was thinking yesterday that “Big Mo” could be huge in this game. Literally and figuratively.
  11. This is a tuff one for me. The Bills are hot and can put up big points..... and fast. We are capable, but struggle on 3rd down, and sometimes get “cute” with playcalling. Looking at stats, we both look similar in many areas, excluding 3rd down, where they have us by 10 points. Their defensive strength seems to be when they are ahead, and can hunt the QB, which they do well. Theycan be had in running game, so i hope/expect Taylor to get some work. Pkay-action could be big for us. On D, we need to pressure the WRs. Be aggressive at the line. Mix man to man and zone. Su
  12. Yup. They’re all in the same “neck of the woods.” Lancaster area. Amish country. on a side note ... i was getting a real kick out of listening to the electoral college confirmations the other night. It literally had me laughing out loud. Some of the names of the representatives...... hilarious. I swear there was a Cameltoe in there.
  13. I am in Pa and we have towns named both “Intercourse” and “Blue Ball.” I would assume growing up a young man in one is FAR more fun than the other, tho i can’t speak from experience as they are both about 2 hours away.
  14. 2 points on him: 1. Green Bay’s LT (Bitoni?) went down for season right after we picked him up. Not a stretch to believe he’d be on GB’s roster now had we not called him. VERY fortunate for us. 2. Was just reading a Colt/Bill matchup on CBSSports.com and they mentioned AC and Clark being out as well as Holden. Said Smith would be at RT but that CHAZ GREEN would start at LT. No mention of Veldeer even being on roster. As i see nothing on this forum, i’ll assume CBS missed him. I’ll add a 3: He looked agressive , smart, and strong last game., espec
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