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  1. Wool? Did you call me? I think it is exactly what they say it is. I think the Colts are EXPECTING he will play, but to say they KNOW he will play is a stretch. He hasnt practiced, etc. You cant "ramp up" to game speed that quickly. I would think, under current circumstances, you've gotta give the guy a week of actual practice. It isnt like a week off mid-season. The guy hasnt seen really any real practice in months. I expect he will test it in about a week, and then we will know where he stands for week 1. Its a bummer, but seems logical to me.
  2. Minda reminds me of Tony Mandarich having a "2nd" football life.
  3. We wanted to "keep" more than 5 or 6 WRs, but i doubt any of us wanted it this way. With the Luck "issue", there was talk about only 5 WRs on the active. However, with Cambell's hammy, that would only give us 4 on the roster who are game-ready. At this point, i think we have to assume (if cuts were today) its TY, Funchess, Rogers, Cain, Campbell. In that order (for the moment). Also, I also think, exacerbated by Campbell's hammy, we will keep either Pascal or Johnson. Or perhaps a 4th TE "fills in". Those out there that better understand how thes receivers are used, might be able to explain the differences between Pascal, Johnson, etc, and the various skills they bring and how they may fit in the wr group.
  4. If we rest Luck the 1st 6 weeks, then he comes back for game 7, we win 10 straight to go 10-6, win the division and we're on our way. I'm callin Ballard...............
  5. Thats ok. I still like Ballards approach. You wont know which oysters have pearls in them unless you look.
  6. Hmm. I wasnt thinking about the possible need for 3 QBs. Thanks for that.
  7. Please follow the exit signs and don't run while exiting the "bus."
  8. And Irsay would go broke buying bananas. An Orangutan would make a great MLB tho.
  9. When is the last time the Colts had an ABUNDANCE of capital at WR, CB, and OL? NEVER is the correct answer. Interesting if true. Although its probably just an offer of a VERY late round pick for a bubble guy or to get a probable-cut guy before the cuts. The Eagles seem to call us ever year. Maybe Ballard and Dorsey can get together this week and help each other.
  10. WoolMagnet

    TC day 13

    Any idea why they made the Bills look so good? (not sarcasm)
  11. News has been not so good lately, especially on the roster njury front. I dont know about the rest of you, but i could use a little pick me up, that even a bottle of Jack or a Colorado dispensary couldnt fix. Does anybody have ANY good news (preferably Colts related) that perhaps we are not aware of or maybe an angle we havent thought of? A thread with some kind of positive spin would be really helpful right now: I'm out on a ledge......
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