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  1. That is not the norm. Be safe, a church is the last place I would be going right now. well, maybe not the last... but still.
  2. This is what happens with a lack of acceptance and inclusion at the core of society. Its also why there are 20 Mostly empty churches in every small town in America. People can’t embrace diversity of ANY type. Instead, they’d rather sit alone or with “clones” of themselves. You’d think we’d outgrow this “playground” attitude.
  3. More time to get beer and food before the game starts! WINNING ! Always look on the bright side of life.
  4. I hate to say it, but...... i haven’t had the “first” one. Ate a boatload of watermelon tho. Does that count?
  5. Wonder if there is a “covid factor” in those rankings? You know, there has to be higher chances of the virus slipping into a team from NEW York city, or LA, or Chicago. Perhaps a lower risk in Denver, or Green Bay? I know, by now you all are thinkIng I should be heading the national corona taskforce. Mandate #1: “Anyone caught not social distancing and/or not wearing a mask in public will be forced to “ A: Be tarred and Feathered Or B: Watch 8 hours of Bill Belichek news conferences not sure which is worse.
  6. Agree. as we’ve seen in NE, a little “fear” can be a strong motivational tool. Haha No way Mr Wallace ......... sir.
  7. Sorry. I didnt mean it that way. Just kinda playin in my usual sarcastic way. I enjoy your posts here. Also, i know better than to mess with William Wallace. FREEDOM !!!!!!
  8. Tosh? Fancy talk. you reading the dictionary again?
  9. And to think if the highest levels of our government would have followed the experts leads, and common sense, and Just mandated masks from the start, we wouldn’t be anywhere near this state. We were led to believe it wasnt that big of an issue and enough people believed the misinformation and pushed reopening leading to a much bigger problem in our country. Here in Pa, i stopped at a convenience store yesterday and i was the INLY person (of 11) in the store wearing a mask. Sure i have 3 degrees, including a masters, but you literally dont need to be a rocket scientist to understand the basics of viral transmission. It only takes a few dummies to spread a pandemic unfortunately. In the future, papers will be written on the complete incompetence shown In handling this in the U.S. So much unnecessary death and sickness. Not to mention the avoidable level of economic strain due to a rush to reopen. We shut the economy down for basically nothing at this point. So much could have been avoided and minimized had there been more acknowledgement and precautions taken. We could be on the downside of this thing, rather than the beginning. Its gonna get worse i’m afraid.... much worse.... and soon. Those responsible should be held accountable. Legally.
  10. ....... pancake robot..... CRAP! Now i’ll never get that song out of my head! Maybe we can replace the “day-o” with that catchy little number. kinda funny, if you watch, our O-linemen make sure they don’t get caught up in the pancake carnage. “pancake robot comin to town, he’s mixin up the batter and he’s layin it down”. CRAP! There i go again.
  11. One thing is for sure. If Nelson didnt make the list last year, you can be sure no D lineman were voting. Unless, of course, their pride caused their panties to ride up their *BEEEEEEEP* !
  12. Uh, didnt say not a leader. I said not a GREAT leader, imo. Not of the type we were accustomed to. He was a different kind of leader. In my memory, Luck didnt elevate the players around him and especially thecorganization the way a Peyton, Brady, Elway, Rivers, etc did. Luck was a different “cat”. I would further argue a leader of the type i am speaking of (peyton or brady) would never have walked away as Luck did. Just look at what Peyton went thru to get back on the field. Of course Luck was a leader, but he will never be remembered as a GREAT leader. He led, sure, he just didnt “drag” players along like the best. He just didnt. Usually it was he making the big play, while a Peyton type was more apt to elevate and use the tools at his disposal. At least that was the way i saw it.
  13. I never saw Luck as a great leader. Not on the level i like in a QB. Maybe its because we had one of the best “leaders” before him. Kinda hard to live up to that standard as Peyton kinda raised everyones “game” from the owner to the guy selling hot dogs.
  14. Yea. I am wondering how, even with no fans, the season can realistically happen. Even if you keep all players, coaches, staff, and officials locked up , and kept away from family and ANYONE else in the world (which i believe would be a necessity), the virus is just so damned easily spread, that i still believe it would work its way into a roster. Then how do you keep it from exploding? You don’t. I live in Pennsylvania, where we have been more cautious than most states, and we are seeing a major surge which is only known IF you know someone “close” to a person who has the virus. I live in an area fairly secluded from any major metropolitan city. And even here we are seeing it explode. Just found out today an elderly care facility In my town of under 10,000, there are a reported 40 new cases. Just ONE facility. 5 are staff and 35 residents. Now those staffers have been home and around town. Not good. I also know a girl i went to high school with who was in hospital for almost a month... on a ventilator fir 17 days. Shes lucky tobe Alive but will never be the same. I just cant see things being any better by the time the season starts. Actually, i expect things to get worse. I’m no pessimist but i am educated enough to understand the facts. I hope i’m wrong, but i predicted the state the south is in at the moment more than a month ago. It ain't rocket science. And no, i didn't stay inna holiday inn express, but my undergrad WAS Aeronautical Engineering (rocket science).
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