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  1. WoolMagnet

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

  2. WoolMagnet

    Finally got my Colts tattoo

    I still am surprised i've never seen anyone tatoo "this space for rent" On their back or forehead. Human billboards.
  3. WoolMagnet

    Andrew recruiting at the Pro Bowl

    Agee. With the way offenses are hitting the short routes, i think the value of box type safeties and LBs who can cover will continue to increas along with salaries. You can have the fastest two edge rushers in the league and they just dont have time to get there. Invest in, and get pressure from your front 4...: especially up the midde which now seems to be more troublesome for QBs (and rbs). I also agree about the safety to pair with Hooker. Today's defens scmust be flexible on that 2nd kevel... VERY flexible. Get pressure with front 4 and fill those short passing lanes.
  4. WoolMagnet

    Andrew recruiting at the Pro Bowl

    Peyton would have had Mosely scheduled for a 2pm interview at the hotel pool patio.
  5. I've been avoiding ALL sports news except this board for the last week or two. Too much NE crap. Not sure how i missed that tho. Thx.
  6. I dont see an "OL coach". Mudd and the assistant OL coach hired, but i didnt see an OL head coach so to speak named. Some of the stunts our OL ran last year were interesting. We have OLmen who are athletic AND powerful, as well as being young and smart. I would be interested in how Mudd could bring insight into how to best use their capabilities (along with our TEs) in offensive game planning. Meshing playcalling with the strengths of our OL and TEs abilities. Next-level stuff. We have 2 guards with the agility, strength, and attitude to spark fear in LB,safety, and CBs hearts. Use it as another weapon.
  7. WoolMagnet

    Behind closed doors demand from Irsay ?

    LOVE the enthusiasm tho. If we could get a stadium full of "him" on gameday, we'd have the best home field advantage in the league.
  8. WoolMagnet

    Behind closed doors demand from Irsay ?

    Somebody found the key to the liquor cabinet......
  9. Turays decreasing role was surprising tho i assumed others were better at run stopping which seemed to be priority one on defense. Curious tho.
  10. What a waste of time. Mine, yours, the writer's, the editor's, the printer's, the web guy,etc. obviously a NE fan.
  11. WoolMagnet

    Dontrelle Inman acussed of assaulting a woman

    Smells a lil fishy to me. bad choice of words, i know.
  12. WoolMagnet

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    6 reasons: ******
  13. WoolMagnet

    I think I speak for all colts fans right now

    The other 31 teams should share all their NE info. And all 30 teams should send one of their staff to help the team playing NE that week. Its easier to prepare for a team when u have an extra dtra 30 people to help. A few with cameras, 5 in charge of ball pressure, maybe 5 for recording devices... you get the point.