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  1. I agree with you, maybe top 10-15. I don’t like Elway because of what he did to the Colts.
  2. I think you can go back to Carroll Rosenbloom. Baltimore should definitely have built the Colts a new stadium, mainly for Rosenbloom , but they could have done it for Irsay also. The 2 PM blue laws didn’t help either , or the incompetent Baltimore politicians that exist to this day. However , as you said, things worked out in the long run for Baltimore and Indy. Now as far as the Elway saga goes, Bob painted himself in a corner. He could have called Elway’s bluff, and let him toil as a scrub in the Yankees farm system , until he came to his senses, and signed later with the Colts. He could have also not interfered with GM Ernie Accorsi , who could have gotten a much better deal for Elway, and maybe gotten Marino. Instead , Irsay took the worst deal on the table, and let the Denver owner completely fleece him. The money aspect I brought up mainly pertained to a comment about poor Baltimore attendance at the end of the Colts era. My point there is attendance sags in all cities when a horrific product is put on the field. People forget you couldn’t get a ticket for a Colt’s game from 1958-1971. All sold out during that time when most NFL towns hardly ever sold out every game. Yes, the Browns move was all about money. That was one of the lessons of the Colt’s move. You guys smartly built Jim a new stadium before he could take the LA deal. Don’t think it couldn’t happen , it’s all about business. I’m wondering how many Indy Colt fans would have followed , “ The Shoe, “ to LA had they moved, especially if they could get an expansion franchise ? An interesting what if.
  3. They basically mourned losing the Carroll Rosenbloom Baltimore Colts , not the shell of the late 70’s, early 80’s Bob Irsay Colts. I don’t care if you were in Baltimore, Indy, or Timbuktu, I doubt many of you would have wanted to pay your hard earned dollars for the product Irsay put on the field. That’s not even counting the demoralizing Elway saga, where he traded a top 5 all time quarterback for Chris Hinton, Mark Herman , a #1 pick, and two exhibition games in Denver because they pay well ! It’s easy to take shots when you don’t know the full story.
  4. Incorrect. The Ravens did this on their own accord. If the NFL deal was true, they would have done it long before that.
  5. I would welcome the Colts into the AFC North. It kind of fits. As for Baltimore, I go back to the NFL Coastal Division days with the Colts, then the merger into the AFC with Pittsburgh and Cleveland , the AFC East days, losing the team, coming back as the Ravens , being in a division with Jacksonville and TN, and now in the AFC North. We really don’t fit in with Philly, NY , or Boston because we are mid - Atlantic. Although Baltimore is certainly not a mid- western city, it fits in more with Cleveland , Pittsburgh , and Cincy as blue collar type towns. I wouldn’t call Indy blue collar, but it may be a better fit than the AFC South. Honestly, I would picture you guys fitting in more with Green Bay, Chicago, and Detroit. Anyway, I would welcome seeing the Colts twice a year, but the Pittsburgh rivalry has become awesome for the Ravens. At this point, even though it’s technically the same franchise, most in Baltimore view the Baltimore and Indy Colts as separate entities from different eras , much like the Brooklyn and LA Dodgers. Still, time moves on, and I think most of the moving bitterness is gone, and it could be a great rivalry between the Colts and Ravens.
  6. That was true for many years, but they put Colts on the scoreboard now . If Cleveland wants to put Balt on the scoreboard , go for it.
  7. He won for us in 58 and 59, and broke our hearts in Super Bowl 3. I remember Weeb as a somewhat portly guy, so his fitness book may have consisted of a few jumping jacks and a knee bend !!!!
  8. Let me first say, Don Shula was a great coach. His record was 71-23-4 with the Baltimore Colts over seven seasons. One interesting story is that Shula went to Carroll Rosenbloom for a raise after the Colts had lost Super Bowl 3 to the Jets . Despite winning the NFL Championship in 1968, Rosenbloom was still enraged over the Jet’s loss. He told Shula he wouldn’t give a raise to a coach who lost to a coach he had fired, Weeb Eubank . This sent Shula on the road to Miami, and the rest is history.
  9. I tend to agree with you. As they never retired #83 Ted Hendricks and #88 John Mackey, I’m not sure why these other numbers are retired in Indy. Those numbers above, plus these two, are covered in the Ravens Ring of Honor, so the history is covered. If you are a Baltimore Colts history buff, whether Baltimore or Indy, those guys have numbers in the rafters. It’s there for all Colt’s fans to view, along with the Johnny U statue. If I go to Canton , those guys are in the Indy section with Baltimore Colt busts. It’s covered there too. If Indy wanted to be consistent , they should have never given away # 88 to Marvin Harrison , who was a fabulous Hall of Famer in his own right. I’m fine if Indy wants to keep the numbers retired , but most younger Indy fans don’t identify with the old Baltimore Colts. I get Jim liking the old Baltimore Colts history, but the more successful history occurred before his family owned it. In my opinion , he has collected this part of Colts history like a John Lennon autographed guitar. That being said, it’s his franchise, and if he wants to keep those numbers retired and honor those old Baltimore Colts , it’s fine. There just wasn’t a consistent retirement of all Baltimore Colt numbers in Indy, that jived with those retired in Baltimore.
  10. Just getting back into the flow. That loss killed me. A waste of a 14-2 season.
  11. Titans beat the living you know what out of us. Total smack down. Harbaugh totally outcoached by Vrabel , and Pees schooled Roman. The Ravens were not at all prepared for the game , and it shows. Total waste of a #1 seed and home field advantage. Titans played great, but my money would have to be on KC next week. It may be their time.
  12. Lamar had a great season , but after this loss the talk will be can he win a playoff game ? Remember Andy Dalton or Peyton early in his career. It’s just one of those things that go with high expectations. He’s only a second year QB, but you have to start winning some playoff games.
  13. Most of my old Baltimore Colt heroes , except Artie Donovan made it, so I was pretty pleased with the list overall. Great to see some of the older guys who made the league what it is, get a little bit of the spotlight.
  14. Titans are a legitimate threat to the Ravens. Well coached team, great running game, and QB that has turned his career around. I fully expect a tough game , and early weather predictions are for a very rainy and sloppy game. This is a renewal of an old rivalry from the early 2000’s , with Lewis led defense vs McNair and company.
  15. In Baltimore we had Vinny Testaverde, Scott Mitchell, Stoney Case, Tony Banks, Scott Mitchell, Kyle Boller, Trent Dilfer, Anthony Wright, Joe Flacco, and a few guys I forgot. Before that I was watching Unitas and Bert Jones, although I did have to put up with Marty Domres, Art Schlichter, and Mike Pagel. My point is, when you have a great QB like Manning or Brees, enjoy it.
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