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  1. It’s been four years and Lamar is going strong . His running game is gone with his top three running backs, and he’s on course of 5000 passing yards this year. He’s a pretty unique talent.
  2. You can blame Frank for that. He should have been more aggressive. We couldn’t really stop you defensively that night. Those things happen to all teams. One that got away. We’ve had them also.
  3. Most Ravens fans ,at the beginning of the season , when we lost Dobbins, Edward’s, and Peters ,were all ready thinking about next year. Throw in Stanley, Boyle, Bateman , and many more. It looked like a lost season where you could have been a Super Bowl contender. We are still lamenting what might have been, but you have to play this season out and see how it goes. Except Denver, the three other wins are like any I’ve ever seen. Beating KC by one, on a late fumble. The 66 yard kick against Detroit, then they literally needed everything to fall into place to beat the Colts. I think there was a 2-3 % chance of winning in the 4th quarter. I guess there has been some luck, but the Ravens also made some great plays. I’m not sure where they are going to end up, but 4-1 looks pretty good considering all the adversity. There are a lot of flaws on this team because of injury. Many point to the Detroit game, but in addition to all the IR’s, they also had four on Covid reserve including their two top defensive linemen. I know Colt fans are no strangers to player injuries. You just have to play the games and see where you end up.
  4. Based on what we saw against the Colts, no pass rush , poor tackling and LB play, Averett and secondary got lit up. Not the kind of formula you want to face Herbert and the Chargers with. Ravens defenses usually get better as the season goes on, but between injuries and current talent level, this may be one of the lesser defensive teams. On a side note, this is the third time Wentz has lit up the Ravens, as he did twice before when he was with Philly. He generally plays well historically against Baltimore.
  5. This goes back to the Manning and Luck stuff. I wouldn’t be predicting two Super Bowls with Lamar. We’d be lucky to get one like we did with Dilfer and Flacco. It’s very hard to win one every 10 years, unless you’re Brady.
  6. Thanks. I don’t ever like playing the Chargers. We are still stinging over that playoff loss in Baltimore a couple of years ago. I’m glad the game is in Baltimore, and the Chargers have to haul out East for a 1 PM game, but that may be the only advantage. We are a very shaky 4-1 with 17 on IR. You just don’t know how long until the dam breaks. The defense looks brutal right now. Just hoping for the best, or some more luck.
  7. When I was at that game, I was thinking about Irsay in that sky box. I told my friends, this is going to kill him after the Ravens won, because he always wants to beat Baltimore so bad. They didn’t agree, but this about proves it. I still don’t get the two Lombardis deal. Win another one first, they are hard enough to win under any circumstances. Secondly, you have to take some responsibility as an owner for only getting the one Super Bowl during the Manning era. If you want to take credit for drafts , winning , etc., the other aspects need to be evaluated also. The defense just wasn’t up to par to get more Championships in the Manning era . We had the same thing on the Ravens side where we couldn’t put up a better offense to compliment a championship defense. It cost us both against NE from winning more Super Bowls. Biscotti and Newsome have to take some responsibility also. Hiring Grigson and Pagano, and not protecting Luck, also didn’t help the ol’ trophy case either. If we don’t win, I wouldn’t mind you guys getting a Lombardi. If I were owner, don’t know if I’d be promising two with an unsettled QB situation. Who knows, maybe Jimbo is a prognosticator like Joe Willy Namath. I guess there is always a chance.
  8. I would just like to get into the playoffs with all these injuries !
  9. Not to be mean, but if you’re bored, why post the thread ? Secondly, how am I delusional about the Ravens ? Am I on here crowing about a victory over the Colts, absolutely not.I thought we played horribly most of the game, but hats off to the Colts on that. I’m just adding some kind of context as to the state of the Ravens, since you were the one that brought them up. Look, I thought the Colts played a great game for three quarters. Wentz played very well. The Colts have some good players, but your team is banged up also. To me, it was game five on the schedule , now onto game six. If I remove my Ravens glasses, I would probably pick the Chargers next game in Baltimore, based on this week’s game. Every game is important, so if they lose , and are 4-2, they are still in first ,and have to play Cincy. Win , and you’re 5-1, but you could still end up like Pittsburgh last year. My point is it’s hard to put labels on like good, bad, great, this early in the season. You have your opinion, fine, but others have there’s. Like I said , it’s a week to week league affected by injuries, matchups , and other factors.
  10. There is no pure luck. Both the Lions and Colts lost those games based on coaching decisions ,or defensive mistakes late in the game ,that the Ravens took advantage of. As far as the Chargers game, it’s just another game in a long schedule. If we won that one also, you would tell us that the next Cincy game is a measuring stick. The bottom line is you are just stacking wins where you can. The Ravens have been in the playoffs the last three years, so no measuring sticks are needed. The real challenge is whether their depth can overcome the injuries. That is the major question.
  11. After last nights rushing performance, maybe the Ravens will kick the tires on Mack. Right now, Lamar is the only option that is working. We have a 4th string rookie, and the three over the hill guys doing nothing.
  12. What NFL analysts said the Ravens were great ? Most know they are a talented team, but riddled with injuries. Honestly , Baltimore and Lamar are usually not included on the NFL hype train of ESPN , NFL Network , and the like. Baltimore rarely gets any props from the National press. They would rather talk about Dallas , or the latest controversy du jour. Right now , it’s just a gutty 4-1 team trying to overcome 16 players on IR, not counting Watkins and Cleveland, who went out last night. Frankly, I’m shocked we are 4-1, and in first place in the division. Some of our players will be coming back from injuries, but there is no cavalry coming at RB, LB, or CB. With all these injuries it’s hard to tell how they will do week to week. No one is putting them In Buffalo’s or the LA Chargers class at this juncture. We will find out more next week against the Chargers.
  13. Thanks. Honestly, we are a banged up team. All of the wins , except for Denver, have been improbable. I don’t know what our final record will be , but we have a lot of injuries to overcome. If we play like we did against Detroit and the Colts , the Chargers are going to blow our doors off. It’s a week to week league, and the Ravens and the Colts are two of the most banged up teams. Right now Lamar is carrying this whole team, as we would be 0-5 without him. It’s not too different from Manning led Colt teams that were banged up, but you could still win a lot of games. You just have to take it week to week.
  14. There is the old quote, “ You are what your record says you are .”
  15. Here’s the deal on the Ravens. This team could have been very elite. That being said, they have 16 players on IR, including their top three running backs , starting CB, left tackle, and down the line. Who did Wentz pick on last night, Peter’s replacement Averett . Losing LB LJ Fort is a blow to stop the opponents running game. Right now, it’s amazing they are 4-1, and it’s a testimony to the depth on the team. Make no mistake , Lamar is carrying this team. So is this the greatest Ravens team ? Absolutely not, because the injuries have been so catastrophic. All you can do is try to put together some wins and get more healthy. Unfortunately, when you lose all three of you running backs, an all pro corner , etc , there just isn’t a magic pill.
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