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  1. The Old Crow

    Joe Flacco to be traded to the Broncos

    In defense of Joe, the Ravens never had much of a running game after Ray Rice, with the exception of one good year Forsett had. The receiving corps was poor , mostly full of old retreads . The offensive line was mediocre to good, but certainly not great. That being said, part of the problem was Joe’s salary. Ozzie didn’t want to give him that huge contract, but Joe bet on himself, helped to win a Super Bowl , and got paid. That lessened the talent you could put around him. Also, Joe never did off season workouts with tight ends and receivers, like Brady and Manning did. Although I laid him for spending time with the family in NJ, when you get 120 million, you need to put that extra effort in your job. The bottom line is he was the best QB in Ravens history, but he could have been better had he put more time into preparation, and the Ravens would have put a little better offensive talent around him.
  2. The Old Crow

    Joe Flacco to be traded to the Broncos

    He is not a Hall of Famer, but a sure fire Ravens Ring of Honor inductee. If he has a good offensive line and running game in Denver, plus upgraded receivers to what he had in Baltimore, he can have a very nice season for the Broncos. Another factor is Joe has been injured the last three years. Getting a fourth round pick, and salary cap relief immediately is a nice bonus for the Ravens. Still, Joe did a fine job, and although not elite, was a winning QB. You could do a lot worse than Joe Flacco.
  3. The Old Crow

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    Not happy to see this guy twice a year in the AFC North .
  4. The Old Crow

    Joe Flacco to be traded to the Broncos

    Joe is a class act, and did a great job as QB for the Ravens. I think this is a double win for both teams. Joe will get a chance to resurrect his career in Denver, while the Ravens get a fourth round pick , and 10.5 million off the cap, even though they must absorb 16 million in dead money. That being said , he will be off the Ravens books in 2020. Good luck Joe, except against the Ravens !
  5. The Old Crow

    Super Bowl 5 Highlights Colts vs Cowboys

    The 1971 team was 10-4, and was the wild card team. They should have won the division over the Dolphins after beating them at home in week 13, but lost a horrible game 21-17 to the Patriots at Memorial Stadium the last game of the season. After beating the Browns in the playoffs , they were forced to play the AFC Championshio game in Miami, where they lost 21-0.
  6. The Old Crow

    Super Bowl 5 Highlights Colts vs Cowboys

    Those records were good except for the stinker 8-5-1 1969 season where the Colts suffered a hangover from the Super Bowl 3 debacle. Still, a very impressive five year record.
  7. The Old Crow

    Super Bowl 5 Highlights Colts vs Cowboys

    1967 team was 11-1-2 and missed the playoffs. Rams went in on a tie breaker. 1968 team was 13-1, 1970 team was 11-2-1. That Super Bowl 5 winning team was on it last legs with the core group. They had one more ride in 1971, but lost to the Dolphins in the AFC Championship game 21-0. It was a really nice run from 1958 to 1971.
  8. This kid is a genius. He should automatically get in to MIT or Harvard for this very heart warming project. The kid totally debunked Belichick flunky, Bill Nye, the Science Guy.
  9. The Haslam Browns sounds more like the late 70’s early 80’s Baltimore Colts of Robert Irsay. The disfunction of those Colt teams made the current Brown’s issues look like a picnic. Jim is a good owner that occasionally makes bombastic statements and tweets, but has it all over his dad’s Colts and Haslam’s Browns.
  10. The Old Crow

    Super Bowl 5 Highlights Colts vs Cowboys

    A great win, but should have been two wins in three years. 1968 team was better. For that matter, so was the 67 team.
  11. The Old Crow

    Mahomes vs. Brady Mirror of Namath vs Unitas?

    Unitas is the greatest because he was the innovator , the originator , of today’s modern passing offense. He created the two minute drill. He won three NFL Championships , and a Super Bowl. He would have won more, except that his body was so beaten up by the end. Johnny didn’t get the benefit of a defensive player brushing him with his arm and getting a penalty , like Brady got against a Chief’s defender. Johnny had to take the full hits against the likes of Dick Butkus and Merlin Olsen , to name a few. Without Unitas, there is no Brady. Your coach Belichick was lucky to get a break with his first job with the Baltimore Colts. So basically, without Unitas , there is no Brady, and without the Baltimore Colts giving Belichick a chance , his career is different. So all of you Patriot braggers our there, take some time to tip your caps to Unitas and the old Baltimore Colts !!!
  12. The Old Crow

    Mahomes vs. Brady Mirror of Namath vs Unitas?

    Three NFL Championships and a Super Bowl win without all the protections Brady has received. Plus as others have said, Unitas has no Shennanigan related Championships. No sign stealing , deflated footballs , or flaky formations with Johnny U !
  13. The Old Crow

    Mahomes vs. Brady Mirror of Namath vs Unitas?

    Earl was also the 1968 NFL MVP. Still, Unitas should have been in way earlier. I get Shula starting Earl, but after some of those mistakes, he should have went to Johnny before it was too late.
  14. The Old Crow

    New England (+3) at Kansas City (1-20-19)

    He will join Lee Evans, Billy Cundiff , and others, in the Bums Hall of Fame, who bailed the Patriots out of a loss. Most refs are also included in this rogue’s HOF, especially the ones that throw flags if you just breathe on Brady for roughing the passer.