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  1. I’m sure there was also some heavy estate planning going on at the time, especially 95-97.
  2. I think this is some revisionist history. Jim plays up this 50 years experience, but from 72-84 he was basically a ball boy, or owners son. It sounds like his dad being cheap, but he couldn’t convince him for 13 years, 84-97, to hire a decent GM ? I find it hard to believe he didn’t want, or felt he could do the job. I look at his tenure as GM to tell me he wasn’t the best evaluator of talent. Since 1997, its fair to say he’s been a pretty darn good owner. I give him full credit for hiring Polian and Ballard, and having a great track record over the years, plus the one Super bowl win. Fr
  3. He may be buying too many Beatles drum sets ,which is crimping the cash flow !
  4. Definitely. They have been known to trade up , or down to get more picks. They have 10 picks, including two firsts, two thirds, and two fourths. Ballard seems to have the same philosophy of accumulating picks. Always a good strategy.
  5. I like the trade of getting Wentz for the Colts. I think it was a low risk, high reward move. I think the change of scenery will help Wentz, and there is a very real probability of a comeback. The Colts situation is not very different from the Ravens years ago. Both teams had good defenses and overall team talent, but lacked a QB. The Indy situation was obviously caused by the Luck retirement. That being said, I prefer the Colts approach of getting proven QB’s in like Rivers and Wentz, versus the Ravens messing with guys like Stoney Case and Tony Banks. We lost years of good teams on the
  6. I agree with some of the other posters, it was the Elway trade all the way. The thought of the watching Elway play QB in Baltimore, and the reality of watching Art Schlichter ,and a bunch of other bum QB’s , was enough to make you drink cases of Natty Boh to quell the pain.
  7. Many of you may not know that Orlando Brown was a third round pick out of Oaklahoma. He had a terrible pre-draft combine, and was dropping in the draft like a rock. Ozzie Newsome took a chance on him because his dad played for the Ravens, and was a good offensive tackle. I would have preferred Zeus Jr. to have talked to the Ravens and DeCosta behind the scenes with his desire to play LT, instead of the tweets designed to force a trade. I know it’s a business , and understand his desire to make more money and play LT, but I think the Raven’s deserved a bit better for sticking out their necks
  8. In all honesty, I wish Bob Irsay would have kept peddling air conditioners in the mid-west and never came to Baltimore. He was a great air conditioner salesman.
  9. From a Raven’s fan perspective , obviously I’m not happy with trading a pro bowl caliber RT to KC. That being said, the Ravens did get extra draft picks, 3rd and 4th rounds , and moved up another pick into the first round in exchange for the second round pick. Many outlets have reported KC was the only team giving somewhat fair compensation for Brown, so that’s one factor. The Ravens could have held onto him for the season, but then only gotten a third round compensatory pick for him next year. The big factor was that he didn’t want to play RT this upcoming year, and we have pro bowl lef
  10. Don’t forget the 1964 Baltimore Colts at 12-2. Lost to Browns 27-0, even though favored. It was 0-0 at half in windy and horrendous conditions in Cleveland. Don just couldn’t pull it through in either 64 or 68, but had some great teams.
  11. Grigson had Luck. Ballard has built you an all around better team.
  12. Yes I am. Certainly not a new crow, but a newer Raven !
  13. I get it. I guess we would all like our cake and eat it too like the Patriots. I think the hardest thing is the lost Championships our teams should have had. I think back to the 1964 NFL Championship game when the Colts were favored over the Browns. The worst , of course, is Super Bowl 3. I believe that 15-1 Colts team would have won 99 out of 100 times, but they hit the one on that day. It scarred Mike Curtis, Bubba Smith, got Don Shula fired, and upset me to this day. The Super Bowl 5 win was no vindication for that loss.
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