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  1. As the “ Old Crow”’ I’m obviously a victim here of a bias against friendly crows. I seem to be roadkill in this eating crow thread.
  2. Can you imagine if I had picked KC ? I would have been picked clean by a crow, like a Maryland Blue Crab on the side of the road !
  3. They are still in it , as is Pittsburgh. I’m a Ravens fan, but we are a shaky 4-2, with at Seattle , and the Patriots at home , coming up. Lamar and the offense is playing pretty well, but the defense is a disaster , especially the injury riddled secondary. The Browns aren’t as good as people thought, but this division is still wide open.
  4. Put me down for Unitas at #1 , but I certainly have the utmost respect for Manning.
  5. Yep, I almost had to appear in this thread , even though I didn’t prognosticate against the Colts. Honestly, I was glad they wiped the smirk off Mahome’s face.
  6. I agree with that. I guess my point is it is entirely possible to win with JB with a strong running game and defense.
  7. True, but Flacco’s defense that year wasn’t one of the better Raven’s defenses.
  8. See Dilfer and Flacco. Game managers who won Super Bowls. Usually, a one time SB win occurrence.
  9. You should feel good at 3-2. How good would the team be if Luck hadn’t retired , and had a year similar to last year. Brissett looks like a good game manager, but we have to see more. Will he be a Flacco type game manager , or take it to the next level ? The talent , depth, and salary cap looks good for the Colts into the future. You can win a Super Bowl with a QB who is good , and a game manager. If you want to win multiple Super Bowls , Brissett has to keep developing into an elite QB.
  10. Our fan base is depressed , and we won. Sometimes you can be 3-2, but it doesn’t feel like a good 3-2.
  11. it definitely is. When teams are pulling depth off your roster, it means you are drafting well. The Ravens have had talent picked apart for years , like a Maryland blue crab, and now other teams are picking up Colt cast offs. It stinks losing some of these players, but you hope leadership is retaining the top guys. Still, there are always some good bargain basement guys in the scrap heap , who are late bloomers , or who got locked out by depth.
  12. The good news for the Browns is the rest of the division stinks, and I’m a Ravens fan. The Browns still have good talent , and a favorable end of season schedule. The Ravens must beat Cincy Sunday, and hope the Browns lose to Seattle and NE upcoming. Then the Ravens play those two, and need to split, which doesn’t look likely. The Ravens have three of their starting secondary now out. We picked up two inside Linebackers and a DT off the scrap heap. Losing Mosley hurt. The O line is weak. Brandon Williams , our run stuffing DT, was out in the Browns game, which is why Chubb ran all over us. Finally, we have no pass rush after losing Smith and Suggs. Unfortunately, this adds up to a mediocre Browns team possibly winning the division. Whoever wins this division isn’t going far in the playoffs , unless improvements are met.
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