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  1. Another great Baltimore Colt has passed. There was a very nice article in the Baltimore Sun about Jimmy’s passing. I’m glad Jimmy was able to retire as a Super Bowl Champion in 1970, but as some of you have pointed out , Orr is best remembered for the pass that wasn’t , in Super Bowl 3. He was a great receiver , who had great chemistry with Unitas. The Super Bowl 3 loss should have never happened with that 15-1 team. One of the best teams of all time had the worst day , mainly because Morrall was just awful that particular day. I’m not sure Jim Irsay remembered Orrsville , as his dad did
  2. The Ravens couldn’t keep doing the same things defensively, and hope for better results. I agree with the rush 4, with just a few blitzes mixed in. The offensive side is a concern, as the Ravens aren’t as effective on offense as last year. Yanda retiring at guard has really hurt, and trading Hurst has hurt the passing, although they got Dobkins with that trade pick. The offense must improve. They need another tight end or WR. AB would be interesting with his cousin in Baltimore, but we certainly don’t want a second Earl Thomas.
  3. This is dead on. The Ravens are 0-3 against the Mahome’s Chiefs. They have been built to beat the Steelers and Patriots. They have always had problems with the old Manning Colts, or the current Chiefs. Basically , very dynamic offenses. They have a great secondary and pretty good linebackers. Decent D line , but the weakness is the pass rush. They need to rush four against Mahomes, instead of the constant blitzes that didn’t work. It was worth a shot with Ngakoue for a third and fifth round draft picks.
  4. I agree with you, maybe top 10-15. I don’t like Elway because of what he did to the Colts.
  5. I think you can go back to Carroll Rosenbloom. Baltimore should definitely have built the Colts a new stadium, mainly for Rosenbloom , but they could have done it for Irsay also. The 2 PM blue laws didn’t help either , or the incompetent Baltimore politicians that exist to this day. However , as you said, things worked out in the long run for Baltimore and Indy. Now as far as the Elway saga goes, Bob painted himself in a corner. He could have called Elway’s bluff, and let him toil as a scrub in the Yankees farm system , until he came to his senses, and signed later with the Colts.
  6. They basically mourned losing the Carroll Rosenbloom Baltimore Colts , not the shell of the late 70’s, early 80’s Bob Irsay Colts. I don’t care if you were in Baltimore, Indy, or Timbuktu, I doubt many of you would have wanted to pay your hard earned dollars for the product Irsay put on the field. That’s not even counting the demoralizing Elway saga, where he traded a top 5 all time quarterback for Chris Hinton, Mark Herman , a #1 pick, and two exhibition games in Denver because they pay well ! It’s easy to take shots when you don’t know the full story.
  7. Incorrect. The Ravens did this on their own accord. If the NFL deal was true, they would have done it long before that.
  8. I would welcome the Colts into the AFC North. It kind of fits. As for Baltimore, I go back to the NFL Coastal Division days with the Colts, then the merger into the AFC with Pittsburgh and Cleveland , the AFC East days, losing the team, coming back as the Ravens , being in a division with Jacksonville and TN, and now in the AFC North. We really don’t fit in with Philly, NY , or Boston because we are mid - Atlantic. Although Baltimore is certainly not a mid- western city, it fits in more with Cleveland , Pittsburgh , and Cincy as blue collar type towns. I wouldn’t call Indy blue collar, b
  9. That was true for many years, but they put Colts on the scoreboard now . If Cleveland wants to put Balt on the scoreboard , go for it.
  10. He won for us in 58 and 59, and broke our hearts in Super Bowl 3. I remember Weeb as a somewhat portly guy, so his fitness book may have consisted of a few jumping jacks and a knee bend !!!!
  11. Let me first say, Don Shula was a great coach. His record was 71-23-4 with the Baltimore Colts over seven seasons. One interesting story is that Shula went to Carroll Rosenbloom for a raise after the Colts had lost Super Bowl 3 to the Jets . Despite winning the NFL Championship in 1968, Rosenbloom was still enraged over the Jet’s loss. He told Shula he wouldn’t give a raise to a coach who lost to a coach he had fired, Weeb Eubank . This sent Shula on the road to Miami, and the rest is history.
  12. I tend to agree with you. As they never retired #83 Ted Hendricks and #88 John Mackey, I’m not sure why these other numbers are retired in Indy. Those numbers above, plus these two, are covered in the Ravens Ring of Honor, so the history is covered. If you are a Baltimore Colts history buff, whether Baltimore or Indy, those guys have numbers in the rafters. It’s there for all Colt’s fans to view, along with the Johnny U statue. If I go to Canton , those guys are in the Indy section with Baltimore Colt busts. It’s covered there too. If Indy wanted to be consistent , they should have
  13. It looks like a Blizzard is headed your way.  Stay Safe.

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