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  1. Just getting back into the flow. That loss killed me. A waste of a 14-2 season.
  2. Titans beat the living you know what out of us. Total smack down. Harbaugh totally outcoached by Vrabel , and Pees schooled Roman. The Ravens were not at all prepared for the game , and it shows. Total waste of a #1 seed and home field advantage. Titans played great, but my money would have to be on KC next week. It may be their time.
  3. Lamar had a great season , but after this loss the talk will be can he win a playoff game ? Remember Andy Dalton or Peyton early in his career. It’s just one of those things that go with high expectations. He’s only a second year QB, but you have to start winning some playoff games.
  4. Most of my old Baltimore Colt heroes , except Artie Donovan made it, so I was pretty pleased with the list overall. Great to see some of the older guys who made the league what it is, get a little bit of the spotlight.
  5. Titans are a legitimate threat to the Ravens. Well coached team, great running game, and QB that has turned his career around. I fully expect a tough game , and early weather predictions are for a very rainy and sloppy game. This is a renewal of an old rivalry from the early 2000’s , with Lewis led defense vs McNair and company.
  6. In Baltimore we had Vinny Testaverde, Scott Mitchell, Stoney Case, Tony Banks, Scott Mitchell, Kyle Boller, Trent Dilfer, Anthony Wright, Joe Flacco, and a few guys I forgot. Before that I was watching Unitas and Bert Jones, although I did have to put up with Marty Domres, Art Schlichter, and Mike Pagel. My point is, when you have a great QB like Manning or Brees, enjoy it.
  7. One thing for sure is , the Peyton Manning Colts also threw a monkey wrench into the Raven’s dreams. That being said , I really enjoyed watching Peyton as a player, and just all around great gentleman. I used to watch In awe as he picked apart some of our great defenses. He didn’t have some of the all around teams Brady had, but what a career ! Two Super Bowls is not bad. They are very hard to win. Luck was a great QB also. I understand many are still upset with him, but when you’re passing blood out of your you know what, and had lacerated kidneys, it’s a tough call. You guys have had some great QB play over the years.
  8. How about , “ We feel your pain ? “
  9. I don’t mind healthy competition , but for the Raven’s , it’s a constant fist fight for the division with the Steelers. Then , the Bengals were pretty strong for a decade under Marvin Lewis. The difficulty of the division has caused us to be on the road during most of the franchise playoff history. The fact that the Ravens have won two Super Bowls is a miracle , with the hard road they have had. Four times we’ve had to go to NE in the playoffs, while NE had coasted to division titles , top seeds, and home playoff games. I guess that is my take on the division rival situation , and I guess my opinion is tainted dealing with the Steelers all the time.
  10. I am not getting all the rah rah for other AFC South foes. I get we all enjoyed the Patriots getting beat , but beyond that, I’m not wishing any division rival well. As a AFC North guy, I’m certainly not wishing the Steelers, Bengals, or Browns well. I would prefer to have the Patriots situation these last 20 years, where your division rivals stink, and you have a shoo in to the division title, home playoff games, and the # 1 seed.
  11. I congratulate the Titans and say humbly ,” Welcome to Baltimore.
  12. Brady just bristled at the reporters pick six question. Funny
  13. Interesting he’s not been wearing Patriots gear
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