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  1. Andrews is pretty good , Brown can be a good # 2, but beyond that it’s been failure at getting a # 1 receiver, other than picking up an older receiver at the end of their careers like Derrick Mason or Steve Smith.
  2. I think I’ve said previously Lamar has to improve his passing game. But honestly, you need to look historically at who the Ravens have drafted at wide receiver, and who they passed up on. It ain’t pretty
  3. Nice gesture. They beat the hell out of us. To call the Ravens play in that game good football, would be an insult to football. Roman needs to go, and they need to balance out the offense. Bills played well and deserved to win.
  4. The Georgia Frontiere family has the original Super Bowl 5 trophy. George got some good results, but the owner of the Yankees during the Babe Ruth era was better ! LOL
  5. Jim is a good owner, but the greatest owner in Colt’s history is Carroll Rosenbloom. He had an overall record of 226-116 as an owner, with a .660 winning percentage, all time among owners. Under his stewardship, the Colts won NFL titles in 1958, 1959, and 1968, in addition to Super Bowl 5 in 1970. When he traded the Colts for the Rams in 1972, the Rams won seven straight NFC West titles. What many people may not know is that he traded the Colts for the Rams to avoid taxes. In the late 70’s when he was married to Georgia Frontierre, he put 70 % of the team in her name to again work the tax c
  6. You guys got some great uniforms and logos, that’s for sure !!! It’s better than getting the Cardinals ! LOL
  7. It’s a great run, for sure, but there is a little taint in the paint.
  8. That’s my three . Unfortunately , Brady is in the conversation.
  9. Who knows. Sometimes games can change momentum. I don’t know, I just remember more bad calls and shenanigans involving the Steelers and Patriots. I will never forget Tomlin trying to blatantly trip Jacoby Jones on a punt return and getting fined 100 K !
  10. You had a bad call against the Ravens also.
  11. We all saw it. The bogus roughing the passer when Brady flopped, or the late pass interference penalty flag when he whined.
  12. I have Unitas as #1 , and Peyton as #2 , so no to Rodgers and Brees.
  13. You are right. They are the Duke basketball of the NFL for getting breaks. My animosity with the Steelers goes beyond my Ravens days, back to the losses of the Baltimore Colts in the 1975 and 1976 playoffs.
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