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  1. In defense of Joe, the Ravens never had much of a running game after Ray Rice, with the exception of one good year Forsett had. The receiving corps was poor , mostly full of old retreads . The offensive line was mediocre to good, but certainly not great. That being said, part of the problem was Joe’s salary. Ozzie didn’t want to give him that huge contract, but Joe bet on himself, helped to win a Super Bowl , and got paid. That lessened the talent you could put around him. Also, Joe never did off season workouts with tight ends and receivers, like Brady and Manning did. Although I laid him for spending time with the family in NJ, when you get 120 million, you need to put that extra effort in your job. The bottom line is he was the best QB in Ravens history, but he could have been better had he put more time into preparation, and the Ravens would have put a little better offensive talent around him.
  2. He is not a Hall of Famer, but a sure fire Ravens Ring of Honor inductee. If he has a good offensive line and running game in Denver, plus upgraded receivers to what he had in Baltimore, he can have a very nice season for the Broncos. Another factor is Joe has been injured the last three years. Getting a fourth round pick, and salary cap relief immediately is a nice bonus for the Ravens. Still, Joe did a fine job, and although not elite, was a winning QB. You could do a lot worse than Joe Flacco.
  3. Not happy to see this guy twice a year in the AFC North .
  4. Joe is a class act, and did a great job as QB for the Ravens. I think this is a double win for both teams. Joe will get a chance to resurrect his career in Denver, while the Ravens get a fourth round pick , and 10.5 million off the cap, even though they must absorb 16 million in dead money. That being said , he will be off the Ravens books in 2020. Good luck Joe, except against the Ravens !
  5. It looks like a Blizzard is headed your way.  Stay Safe.

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