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  1. I’m no cap specialist , but the Ravens have about 1.54 million in cap, and I believe Mack is 2 million. So we would have the restructure something. I know the Colts are up against the cap also, so draft picks could work.
  2. Probably not. I know we traded Orlando Brown in conference to the Chiefs, and that’s turned out pretty well. I guess it comes down to best compensation without strengthening an AFC rival too much.
  3. I was thinking more a 4 and 6, but don’t blame you for asking higher. There are several teams that need running backs, so that will also dictate the selling price. Other factors are the Ravens cap space, and if the Colts want to trade to another AFC team.
  4. The Ravens could give a nice package for Mack. They have a 1, 2, two 3’s , five 4’s , and one sixth. Man could we use a decent RB !
  5. We need it. Losing our top RB’s and CB Peters is starting to kill us. Burrow’s offense is excellent, and you have too control the ball to beat QB’s with an excellent offense. Lamar can’t do it all every game. There is no cavalry on the way at OT, RB, or CB for us. We have 10 draft picks, I would use them on an OT, then all defense. We have problems.
  6. They should switch from that game also ! The Ravens defense is embarrassing, and stinks ! We need the bye !!!
  7. The problem is we have 17 on IR. Mekari, another OT , went out today. We could get into the playoffs, but injuries could prohibit a deep run. We would totally stink without Lamar this year. He can’t do everything. That’s the NFL. Cincy did a great rebuild. That North division is always a meat grind.
  8. We’ve won a lot of lucky games this year. Right now, we are flat out getting outplayed.
  9. They are a good team. Not surprised offensively, but their defense is surprisingly fast and good. I’m about ready to mow my lawn !
  10. Yep. Poor tackling has plagued us all year. Harbaugh should have kicked that 57 yard FG in the first half, then Cincy scored off that. 10 point turnaround. Then Lamar takes a sack and puts us out of FG range. Another three points. Doesn’t look good
  11. Thanks. Looks like another one that will not be relaxing !!!
  12. Brady, Belichick, and Krafty Kraft are like three rogue riverboat gamblers that would steal pennies out of a dead man’s eyes.
  13. No, I didn’t bid on the Bert Jones jersey, but I have a couple autographed 8x10’s of Bert !
  14. Maybe he’s an NFL historian
  15. The little brother dumped water on some fine Ravens fans in Baltimore. He was a sore loser
  16. Why would an Indy fan want a Unitas or Bert Jones jersey ? Just curious.
  17. You have a point there. Not crazy about Rodgers or Brady.
  18. The same Rodgers who couldn’t even look Brady in the eyes last year when he was beaten.
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