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  1. And on 12/27, I will put on my tattered old Baltimore Colts outfit , and pull for you guys against the Pittsburgh Stooges !
  2. Right now the Steelers have a horse shoe up their you know what. How about the missed FG before half, they get a false start on themselves, and then kick a 59 yarder ?
  3. What would bother me as a Colt’s fan , is that this team and defense was built for Luck. That’s the shame of it. I would say this is the best Colt’s defense since the latter part of the 2006 season. Luck would be like Big Ben, and it would really move the Colt’s up to another level. It’s a dang shame the guy’s body was just so banged up.
  4. Thanks. The Colts defense played a great first half. We did the same thing against the Steelers last game in the first half, up 17-7 and losing. Good luck against the Titans. Because of last week, we are behind the eight ball with the Steelers. Lots of football to be played.
  5. I’m a Ravens fan and I thought the call was bad. Should have been incomplete pass.
  6. Gutsy win by the Ravens. It was a demoralizing loss to Pittsburgh last week, then losing Ronnie Stanley for the season, Humphries to COVID, and six other players not practicing. Add to the fact that the Ravens were 0-6 all time in Indy, and it didn’t look too favorable. Anyway, it’s a long season , and Indy has a tough game against TN, while Baltimore goes to NE. Plenty of more chances for everybody.
  7. My thinking are the Colts are a pretty good team. I like what they are building on defense, and the speed ,sideline to sideline ,is impressive. Like the Flacco led Ravens , the Colts look very similar with a great defense and average offense. It’s hard to take that next step with a stop gap like Rivers. That’s not to say that the Colts can’t make the playoffs or make some noise, but they are going to have to hope lightning strikes three times, the other two being Manning and Luck , in the future.
  8. I think I got his point . Basically Baltimore stinks because of attendance, old stadium , and eminent domain. That’s a totally different point then taking Dolphin players from different era’s and mixing them with Colt players no longer on the team, and declaring yourself a fanatic. My point is the attendance in Baltimore was light in some of those last few seasons , but look at the product on the field , and some of the circumstances surrounding the team, like exploring moving to several cities. The move was what it was, but Baltimore isn’t a bad football town. Like the Colts from 57-71, th
  9. Great to have other Oriole fans around. Baltimore Sun article out today concerning the Orioles ,post Peter Angelos , and whether they may be sold to local investors. Supposedly , they are close to working out a deal with the Maryland Stadium Authority to stay in Camden Yards long term. Cal Ripken may be involved in one of the possible ownership groups. It would be a positive development. The farm system is getting exciting and good. I hope this Covid thing dies down soon so I can get down to Camden Yards for a game next summer.
  10. It obviously sounds like you aren’t from Baltimore. The killer bees Dolphin’s era was in the 1980’s, specifically the 1982 strike season . That 1982 game was a 34-7 loss to the Dolphins at Memorial Stadium and attendance was 19,073. This was a horrendous 0-8–1 team, and the owner was publicly shopping them all over the place from Jacksonville to Phoenix. Fan morale was horrendous. In addition , Jones, Carr and Mitchell were not on that Colts team, and Zonk was long gone from the Dolphins. Contrast this to the 75,76,77 games against the Dolphins which had sellout attendance of 59,398,58,8
  11. Unitas era to 1983. Ravens from 1996. Respect the Indy Colts, but from my perspective , it just seems like two different entities from the Baltimore to Indy era. Other than the uniforms , not too many similarities. For most Indy Colt fans ,knowing who Chuck Thompson was , is like asking asking a first grader who Millard Fillmore was. Just a totally different era with a different feel to it.
  12. I think it was Bubba Smith, but he may have been liquored up also !
  13. The whole deal was Taglibue wanted Jack Kent Cooke to have the whole Maryland market, plus the southern PA area which was traditionally a Colts and Orioles market. I also get Charlotte, but Baltimore has been a proven football market for two franchises. Really, the only bad attendance years were during the Bob Irsay era, 72-83, and even some of those years , 74,75,76 had great attendance. When Taglibue told us to use the stadium money to build a museum after jipping us out on expansion, that’s when the Maryland Stadium Authority was forced to carpetbag another NFL team, or have the
  14. I used to be a paper boy for the old Baltimore News American featuring the late , great sports columnist John Steadman. I followed all the above teams including the old AHL Baltimore Clippers hockey team. I’m not much of an NBA fan anymore , but I followed the Bullets to DC where they became the Capitol Bullets originally , then the Washington Bullets. By the time they became the Wizards, I was pretty much done with the NBA. Following the Colts to Indy was a bridge to far for me as a Baltimore guy. Nothing against Indiana, I like it and been there many times, but I’m not an
  15. I’m a Ravens fan, but still also a Baltimore Colt fan. I had to change with the times also, but the Indy Colts is a fine organization, with their own great history. There are plenty of other things to mutually dislike like Pittsburgh and New England. KC may soon be joining that list.
  16. I have noticed Jim has posted regularly when any Baltimore Colt has passed away, the last couple of years. To know about Orrsville, he must really be studying on the history of the Colts. Besides the banners , the other split history is Baltimore having the old Baltimore Colts numbers in their Ring of Honor at Raven’s stadium , while they are not in Indy. Indy doesn’t generally give out those retired Baltimore Colt numbers to current Indy Colts , but oddly gave John Mackey’s number to Marvin Harrison. That is no knock on Marvin , as he wore #88 in fine fashion as did Mackey. Just some inter
  17. I thought the same thing. Not too excited about it. Maybe I will be proven wrong.
  18. That is true. I will tell you everyone in Baltimore has also enjoyed the more recent Raven’s history. As painful as the Colt’s leaving was at the time, I think in the long run it worked out for both cities. I guess because I was very young in those old days , those old Baltimore Colts guys were my greatest hero’s. Johnny U and Brooks Robinson will be forever icons in Baltimore. I just wish those banners were hung somewhere. Those wins, and even some of the losses like Super Bowl 3, were quite historic.
  19. I have no problem with it as it was a nice tribute. I can also appreciate a guy that likes NFL history , particularly the old Baltimore Colts. Even though the franchise is no longer located in Baltimore , there were great memories and history made there. The old Baltimore Colts of that era were as iconic as the Brooklyn Dodgers. A lot of great football history went down between 1958-1971. I wish Irsay and Bisciotti would get together and hang those old Championship banners in Baltimore and Indy. It would be a nice tribute to those old players who are left, or even their kids or grandkids.
  20. I wish you guys would have picked him. Now I have to deal with him twice a year with the Steelers !
  21. I’m not sure this move will help that much, but it’s a low risk, decent reward scenario. From what I saw , he couldn’t get separation from DB’s in Dallas a couple of years ago, even before his injury. I guess that is why he is on the practice squad.
  22. Another great Baltimore Colt has passed. There was a very nice article in the Baltimore Sun about Jimmy’s passing. I’m glad Jimmy was able to retire as a Super Bowl Champion in 1970, but as some of you have pointed out , Orr is best remembered for the pass that wasn’t , in Super Bowl 3. He was a great receiver , who had great chemistry with Unitas. The Super Bowl 3 loss should have never happened with that 15-1 team. One of the best teams of all time had the worst day , mainly because Morrall was just awful that particular day. I’m not sure Jim Irsay remembered Orrsville , as his dad did
  23. The Ravens couldn’t keep doing the same things defensively, and hope for better results. I agree with the rush 4, with just a few blitzes mixed in. The offensive side is a concern, as the Ravens aren’t as effective on offense as last year. Yanda retiring at guard has really hurt, and trading Hurst has hurt the passing, although they got Dobkins with that trade pick. The offense must improve. They need another tight end or WR. AB would be interesting with his cousin in Baltimore, but we certainly don’t want a second Earl Thomas.
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