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  1. Hmmm.... KC wants Mack? They can have him in exchange for a certain safety theyhave. Even -Steven. Lol
  2. His wife is always clapping at people on social media. She acts like shes the first lady of football.
  3. If he’s been reading this forum, he may be busy workin on his resume.
  4. Imagine if that were your cat. Every day you come home and it takes 5 hours to find it..... if you do at all. What a buzzkill. I’d teach him a lesson by getting a big dog with an attitude toward cats. I can play games too CAT!
  5. Good head of hair tho. A true Ballard guy in that sense.
  6. They are kinda acting entitled like an entourage would.
  7. I never thought of the “posse” connotation. Good call. Reminding me of the Ball family. ha
  8. Anyone else tired of Mahommes entitled and immature wife, brother, and mother? Please people..... you are Embarrasing yourselves. Enough already. Nobody cares. They are like those little inspection stickers with the numbers on them clinging to the shirt you just bought. Very annoying.
  9. Yea. I looked at schedule again. unless we play really well, i’m starting to see 9 wins. Maybe 8, maybe 10. Playing the way we have..... around 8 wins. I think we’re capable of more. Its just gonna be very tuff. Heres hoping........
  10. CB definitely. perhaps wr, and depth at OL, and safety? And if Paye, Dayo, Tuay, etc dont get pressure...... pass rush, yet again. Haha i fully expect him to go heavy at CB. Its too obvious. The ages of Rhodes and Carrie, the inconsistency of Rock. Good ones are hard to find and expensive. But unless we suddenly pull a pass rush out of our butts, we need more of a cover-style guy. At least to blanket their #1 or #2. We can then double their #1 or play part zone. The injuries havent helped. Maybe we’ll look better later in season.
  11. Apparently This regime is far less concerned with injury history than they are about character and being. “Shoe” guy. Campbell isn’t a bust.... he’s not made of glass.... just bad luck in a VERY physical game. It happens.
  12. Happy for the win. It should not have been that close at halftime which is concerning. Rushing yardage and time if possession at halftime were bad. My concern is that this type of play loses against good teams. Just sloppy play in all areas. Someone needs to explain just how valuable EVERY SINGLE play is. Every one. ANY play at any time can break a game, or change momentum. I font know, i’d just like to see a lil more discipline. Also thought pkay calling took a slight step back. Defense played better. Offense looked great for most part. But there were moments that need ironed out. I think a good team is in there. We saw it for three quarters last week as well. But we need to polish up some rough spots when we hurt ourselves. I’d like to see more discipline and far more urgency and focus.... on EVERY play. Because that will be necessary later on if we are in the running, and if we hope to gave any chance of a run. There is time, i have notice steady improvement. But we are still a long way off from where we need to be. I’m kinda optimist though. That’s the way i roll.
  13. I think there was a mule that could kick as well. Throw Blue out there. Bout time he earns his “hay.”
  14. Then you have Leonard and now Okereke i see going for ball instead of tackles. The team is slippy. From routes to blocking to fundamentals. Watch NE or Seattle or Pittsburgh sometime if you want to see good technique.
  15. This confused me as well. Ballard is all about DL depth and rotation in “waves” as he puts it. Possibly because of emphasis on stopping the run, but still. What happened to those 20 or so DLmen that made initial final cuts?
  16. Shoulda sent her for pizza and changed the locks while she was gone. Problem solved.
  17. They outta have fan tryouts like Chicago did that year. Chug a beer, spin around 10 revolutions with your head on a bat, and kick a 35 yarder while being pelted with eggs. If you can handle that.... you’re an instant improvement over our current situation.
  18. Take THAT Ravens! Bunch of dirty highway scavengers anyway...... flying RATS if you ask me. We’re the little baby horsies! We’re cooler.
  19. Not sure how you lose the team. They practice right there in Indy just about every day. i mean, Patty Mac could always be found in, i mean around, the canal.
  20. Well That covered just about everything. UREKA! Problem solved.
  21. They have a CB to trade? If not...... kick rocks Mahomes!
  22. Crap! I was in such a good mood bout the start of the 4th too!
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