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Week 17 Jaguars @Colts, Jan. 3, 2021, 4:25 EST

Message added by Nadine,

Please be mindful of your fellow posters.  Don't use the game day thread to vent or call out fellow posters as either homers or haters.  It's obnoxious and ruins the thread. Plenty of time for new threads after the game for expressing your point of view.



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1 minute ago, Moosejawcolt said:

If we lose this game it will have to do more with another epic collapse. Wow. Thst score before half by the Jags gave them life. God I hate this scheme and D coaching!!!

The score before the half set things in motion, but we threw gas on the fire with that STUPID series with Jacoby in the game.

  I cant think of ANY logical reason JB should be in there.

NONE.  We totally gave them the momentum...... possibly the game.  If We go 3 and out here.......,,

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The last 2 minutes of the first half and the first 5 of the second half shows why Frank should not be coach of the Colts.  Not if they ever want to be elite.


You go into a prevent D of sorts and allow the Jags to score before the half.  A huge momo shift.


And then, for reasons that defy belief other than Frank's own ego, stubborness, and blind loyalty to subpar players, he has Jacoby play 3 straight plays trying to get a first down with your starter on the sidelines.


Jacoby is not Lamar Jackson.  I am faster than Jacoby.  To have him in the game for anything other than a qb sneak is just inexcusable.  Everyone knows he isn't going to run very often, isn't going to pass very often, so what is the point besides a qb sneak?


I am sorry but I have seen enough of Frank all year, even if they win this game, to know he is not the coach for the Colts long term. 

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Just now, The Fish said:

2-5 in the last 7.... The Colts have a Jaguars problem and it's ridiculous. 


That 3rd and 5 where Reich brought out JB to RUN the ball is why people freak out about him. That was somewhere between comedy and stupidity. 

Its dumb loyalty to JB for some weird reason.

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