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  1. That's the great football divide. Have a QB who's individually a superior and can will a team, or have a more complete team and a Trent Dilfer-esq game manger. Both designs can win a SB if thing break right, but I think over the course of time having the legit QB probably yeilds more consistency.
  2. He wouldn't have made it this far if he didn't think he could do it. Lot's of people still think he's got a legit future and it was the Colts doing something wrong- fancy how perceptions based on vibe can be so out of step with what actually happened. Career backup, who may or may not see more extended play time, but it won't be anyone's first choice.
  3. In the same vein, how's Austin Collie these days? That guy got rocked about as bad as anyone I've seen, multiple times.
  4. That's also kinda the issue.. ba dum bum
  5. dude played in 6 was it playoff games? Won half of them? Beat a SB winning D in Denver. The argument that both of you made in your own way and for different reasons was that the Colts roster wasn't good. True story. Watson is the better NFL QB right now for the same reason Chad Kelly is, they're playing. Beyond that? I'm pretty sure Luck is still upper tier of ability and debating that seems kind of pointless- but he's not playing so pointless is operative to the whole of the conversation.
  6. Pat Mahomes. In hypothetical, brain storming time- it's clear who's better and who'd you'd want even if Luck had never left.
  7. I assumed that a part of it was fighting off an addiction/depression. This also might explain, Irsay's above and beyond support as he'd have appropriate sympathies to those issues. I don't see how the buttress' the idea that he'd come back. Getting out of that hole, to dance on the edge of it again doesn't seem like a thing he'd do.
  8. Just the mere mention of this possibility is pretty divisive in it's way. I don't really see him coming back though. It only made sense to retire when and the way he did if he's truly over getting beat up for a game, a not one more minute kinda thing. That said, people aren't so easy to peg down and I'd have to imagine that if you had the ability to be top flight athlete and paid like one, there's always going to be that internal dialog about "what the hell am I doing!?", if you're not living up to that.
  9. Upside is basically untapped potential. There's an argument for both, but some of this depends on if Eason can actually do anything at the NFL level. I'm no JB super fan, but he can spot start and that's of some value.
  10. I thought Jeff George, given that he was a #1 was pretty disappointing.. And yeah, I'll join the crow who'd like to see some more wins from Ballard's design before rating him so highly. There's a real risk he's going to be the most overrated Colt.. The team needs to do some consistent winning before I'm in on the "he's the best" talk.
  11. I'd have to see something on the field before I make a guess on this type of thing. Odds would be real long in my mind that the old Phil Rivers Colts are a SB contender. I think they're a playoff contender- but don't you need to have a feel for the Texans and Titans before counting chickens?
  12. He's dang good, but it's an open question how valuable to the overall team having a blue chip at OG really is.
  13. I don't care about w's and l's from then, but what he put on tape is relevant. It's consistent with what you saw last year.
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