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  1. Here's the thing about this stat. If Jameis isn't an all timer at turning the ball over, the Colts offense left to it's own devices would have scored something like drumroll... 17 points. The Colts two big issues were exposed yesterday, they're not a serious threat to score the ball when they have it and the secondary gives up big plays. It was a weird game and one I look forward to forgetting. Frankly this season is going to exist with 17' as one I don't really remember unless I force myself.
  2. Salute to him- too bad about the season we're in the middle of though.. he probably feels like crap about it.
  3. That's fair. I don't think cash is the issue though and one doesn't preclude the other, I'm guessing there's going to be a QB drafted. I think JB's rope is longer than some think with Ballard/Reich though so I'd be surprised if he's not the guy going into next season at the least.
  4. Just so we're clear.. There's not many people on earth who can play this game really well at the QB position. There's a very real chance JB is our guy next year and maybe even longer, just because it's not obvious that there's another guy to be had who'd demonstrably better. I get the argument for drafting someone, but there's lot's of dud's to be had at a high price there. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out.
  5. So what's the answer? Is it clear? These guys are like perfect mirror opposites. Yin and Yang.
  6. If Jameis isn't terrible, they'll win. I don't see the JB led offense with no WR's of note scoring more than 17 points (again).
  7. That's a bargain! I don't see it. Getting hyped about a 2nd stringer (maybe) beating up on 3rd stringers or worse is less than meaningless.
  8. If this has been the case for years now (and I more or less knew it was) then he's not going to dramatically improve as a downfield passer. That puts a significant ceiling on his future. It's interesting that the eye ball test can be so accurate on some guys and not others.
  9. I'd like to see Wilkins given a real starting work load to see what he does given the circumstances. I don't know if he'd be better than Mack, but I'll bet it'd be close.
  10. Ballard is going to have a real track record once he picks a QB. That'll define his stay far more than being able to pick guys in the trenches- which he's had success at, but the rest of it is more murky at this time. I hope the Texans not having a GM catches up to them, but it's kind of looking like they were right to just get players that can play. I hope the Titans stick with Tannehill, but then again, didn't he just beat a healthy Colts D? The Jags, I dunno what's going on there, but I suspect it will either get better or won't (bold prediction).
  11. It's not impossible, but it's not likely either. The big thing is the Steelers need to go 1-3, 2-2 is likely but I don't see Jets or Cardinals beating them. The Colts need to go 3-1 in my "what's at least possible" scenario. They don't look like a playoff team right now, but they also don't have many skill players healthy. We'll see, but I'm not holding my breath. I'd rather play a playoff game and keep the growth going because half of the NFL is awful and they're not going to get a good pick, even if they do flounder out the last games.
  12. Aside from the hard feelings about this season that may or may not exist- I'd guess they do, but I don't know for fact, this would have to be the main point of contention for Ballard. Irsay would have him back in a fraction of a second, but Ballard wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't really root that out in conversation with Luck. That's the nexus of why he quit and why he's not coming back in my estimation- getting dinged up. He's got 100 odd million bucks and no job bugging him or getting him hurt. The only thing that would change his mind is his pride I'd guess, but he's not just a football guy, he can put that energy elsewhere. I kind of doubted he'd play past 35-ish from the onset, so if he want's back in and I don't think he does, it'd have to be semi-permanent in Ballards mind. The team would be better, but long term I think the questions that are now coming into focus would still be there if Luck hypothetically did come back.
  13. Colts fans wouldn't be salty that Luck isn't playing right now if he was a bust. Disappointment that's hard to categorize, sure. Bust? Not even kind of. Bust implies you thought the guy could play and he can't. Luck was/is an awesome QB. Maybe not generational, but even that's kind of grey to me, because I'm 100% sure there's 20 teams or more that'd be happy to have him right now.
  14. *season high 17 points. Again. I feel like the 2019 Colts story could be titled 17 points. I'm sure there's something better, but 17 points..
  15. Today was white flag day, right? I dunno honestly. I don't want to watch them lose, but I think they need a fairly high pick to either get or make a move to get a QB and what's four more losses if they can get the guy? Lot's of questions. (misread the thread title, I don't care who does what other than the Patriots need to lose)
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