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  1. huh, that's basically my take too.. I never understood why people don't take in the variables during that instance when judging it (well I kind do know, but whatever). And honestly, I'm not sure why anyone would think the fans would take that real well at all levels. I get people don't want to be jerks, but I'll bet there's lot's of people who'd type out "I would have never boo'd", who'd totally would have.
  2. Looked bad in the first half, okay in the second. Thought most of it was a contest of two teams trying to hide their dysfunction from each other to be real honest.
  3. gotta cash the W in today Gonna go hang with my neighbor for a bit who's a Dolphins fan.. now that it's safe(ish).. lol.. I couldn't be cooler..
  4. This whole half of dysfunctional football begs a comparison between Jacoby and Wentz..
  5. Ideally, Wentz is probably a little better than Dalton, but.. here we are. I think that's about right. QB purgatory in a way.
  6. Needs a good chunk of help. Holds onto the ball a beat to long frequently- he'd be running around if he could right now. Not a great read of the D. Pro- good arm, seems like a tough enough guy, when healthy .. he can run around.
  7. they look so good 0-3 feels pretty insurmountable
  8. I watched that with a few buddies, one dude who's not into football was like "my wife is a Saints fan" and went... full fan in the middle of the game.. I asked him.. why aren't you watching this with your wife?... "We're fighting".. Oh..
  9. Ah yes, the wet paper bag pass protection.
  10. Bad things happen to bad teams. Hines did that on a kickoff.. You're all fired if you're wearing blue
  11. We couldn't possibly know, we've seen a preseason and 3 (?) live passes. That the brass is willing to toss their own under the bus- based on almost no live action for Brett Hundley, UCLA hero/guy off the couch doesn't fill my heart with confidence about much of anything going on there. Again, good thing it's for a backup job.
  12. The vaunted power house of UCLA.. I factor all of that, zero, to be honest. What he was in Green Bay was bad. I saw some of that. I'm not overly concerned with what people thought of these guys coming out of college. Now that they've seen them in the pro's, they are what they are. We all know very few people can play QB at the level everyone wants. To be honest, what was the point again?
  13. I haven't pinned any losses on Wentz specifically yet. That's probably why. Last week wasn't good though, but it's 3 games so far.. and he's hurt. So is his line. This isn't about him yet. And focusing on him is missing a much bigger part of the story. IF this does become about him and his play and the team still looks like a turd (around week 10 is when this door is open in my mind)- then I'm in on the conversation. I couldn't care less about the Eagles or their annoying fans or the bizarrely obsessive media who literally hates Carson Wentz. If anything, those things get under my skin enough, that I'd actually quite like him to shut those goons up, but at this rate..
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