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  1. Probably trying to meet a few criteria's with this move. I'd guess there's long term designs but he's gotta show it's still there. It'd make more sense to me if it was a 2 year deal and marginally easier on the cap, but if he plays well and re-up's next year, we'll live with it. Legit talent isn't easy to get.
  2. Fisher could be a smart move, we'd feel about Leno after a few weeks like we did about Samson Satele. He's bad. Ask a Bears fan.
  3. I don't see anything jumping off the screen.. I must not have done enough.. Culture is a weird one in sports, it can't suck, but it's not going to make up for talent deficit.
  4. Two 8-8 predictions.. that'd suck. If the team was trending like that, does anyone sit Wentz before the clause that sends a first to Philly next year is met and if that happened, would that represent pulling the plug on him- I only ask, because he was really bad last year and if he's anything like that, 8-8 is realistic (as is him being better and the team making a playoff push).
  5. Ready to play? By week one? I don't think that's the only criteria to look at here. I'm thinking this is probably going to happen fwiw
  6. They'd have to play a game for us to have an idea. On paper, if Wentz plays well, the team is better. If he's the guy he was last year and LT and DE's don't show up, they're worse and noticeably so.
  7. Add he has a list of them still on the shop table so to speak, especially at DE. I'm not wild about the either high pick frankly, but am hopeful.
  8. There's no way to know. I've got my questions though.
  9. That FA is going to be a LT with experience. If it's not, well, they'll live with the consequences. Wentz is going to do lot's of running.
  10. Ballard has yet to draft a quality DE.. I hope one of these guys are. But no, I'm not blown away and no, I'm not a draft guy so if you all are experts at this and just know this was lights out, cool. I have my questions, but as always, we'll see. This season isn't going to be dictated by these picks anyway.
  11. Here's my thing. Nothing he does is terribly special beyond being quick(ish) from what I've looked at. Autry was a FA on a modest contract and that's the comp for Paye as a first rounder? I hope this works, but there's a chance Paye doesn't live up to the draft status.
  12. The Packers can have Carson Wentz and the 21st.. Rodgers is the guy we should want, too bad things worked out the way they have. That's "win the SB" kind of move. Ballard signed up for a lot less than that with Wentz, though I'm not totally out on him.
  13. I don't know. I kind of suspect it won't be terribly sexy as of tonight. Trading back and drafting guys on both lines seems like Ballard's style and consistent with the teams areas of need. But I don't know. 21 is kind of no mans land in terms of maximum value.
  14. Eh... yeah and but.. Look I didn't really root for Denver while he was there, but 55 TD season, 2 SB appearances, it's not hard to see why the generality that it was roughly equivalent exists given that it took 4 years to amass that pile of data points. I like Luck and rooted hard for him, but it's always going to be a part of the story that the Colts moved on from our MJ too soon and then Luck didn't hit any of the data points that make Manning's time in Denver notable. Broadly speaking (and not that it overly matters) but with hindsight being 20/20, I'm p
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