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  1. Yeah, it's that bad. At least he got 1 right and then it's just a mess
  2. Dude put Dak in the top ten and in front of Rodgers. That's just stupid.
  3. I'm subconsciously becoming very used to seeing Peyton pick his nose. I don't have anything else to add.
  4. The Fish


    I met a Skin's fan last week who was all in on Haskins. There's a believer out there who's not his immediate family. I don't see it.
  5. I'm not going to over think this stuff right now. Rivers is older, his skill set has declined. That wasn't the question going into this though. It was is this better than lateral move from JB and does that translate into a better team. I think it does, but the threat of JB getting snaps in games as a non starter says there's some open questions here.
  6. That's a part of why it's comparably strange as the Luck situation/story. What's more is that Luck would have a some suitors if he wanted to play this season, Cam might not given that he's not perceived to want to be a backup, he's played in a SB and won a MVP..
  7. yes and I thought this was established awhile ago
  8. I'd wager as the year goes on there's going to be some questions about giving up the rights to a slew of potential #1 WR's in the first round for Buckner. WR was a problem last year and it's not likely at this point to be drastically better this year. T.Y needs to stay healthy and Campbell needs to show something for this course to not go sideways. This is going to be thing that rattles around in my head until it's put to rest, as good as Buckner is, that's a position that I'd hoped Ballard could get right without giving up top end resources. Ah, well. He didn't. Onward.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if sports history lumps Luck and Cam together based on being drafted a year a part the longevity/career span and both being #1 picks who had shoulder issues ect. It's not all similar, clearly Cam being released is a bigger downgrade in perception of ability than Luck ever faced, but it's almost as weird as Luck hanging it up.
  10. Yeah, I think both sides of the virus v economy debate should be flexible in their thinking as we get more information to find a middle way. With more data those tasked with making the call won't have to rely on models, data from other countries and generalized predictions.
  11. Given that the pick was traded, I don't see a big issue with the headline. Seems like a reasonable conclusion even.
  12. Cleo Lemon! Dude is in second place to Babe Laufenberg for something related to QB names
  13. is that what I'm feeling now? Yeesh.
  14. Grading Ballard at this point is a kind of nuanced thing and who the heck wants nuance? The record has been "meh", but you've got to frame it properly. The team was gutted aside from a few nice parts (and one obvious Blue Chip that retired) when he took over. The lines are both far better than we Colts fans are used to. There hasn't been too many glaring errors like a Trent Richardson move, the drafts have been solid. He's doing what on paper so many football people preach. Don't reach, don't overspend, create depth ect. The thing of it is when he drafts a QB the clock is on as most people can follow that. You could surmise that he's not going to put himself on the QB clock until it's necessary. It gives him time to do the rest of the roster and there's no massive commitment to the wrong guy by doing what he's doing with Rivers.
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