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  1. The Fish

    Hunter S. Thompson, Colts Consultant?

    As a HST fan (the guy could color with words) I have to say, this reaffirms my primary bone of contention with him. He was wrong and not infrequently.
  2. The Fish


    i thought Mack was a second round guy, my bad.. One less similarity. Nevermind.
  3. The Fish


    Crap. A pop quiz? Some of this (most) is totally ridiculous (3,4,5,7, 8- Frank Gore? Both GM's have spent high picks on backs, crap a similarity, even though you totally botched the point).
  4. The Fish


    Beyond them both occupying the same job title, there's not one accurate comparison that can be made. I'm sure you can rationalize having the opinion, but actually backing it up with substance? Can't do it. You haven't seen the team play yet.
  5. I'm certain that I'd rather have Lance and his passion over Doug McDermott. Lance is the only reason that second team had any teeth at all. Don't care about McDermott, he might be fine (he might not be), but Lance was Lance. Don't like the move, really at all, understanding that it's not going to make or break the team. Now that LeBron is on my most hated NBA team, it makes it quasi-easier stomach the next however many years the Warriors keep winning it. I don't really care who LeBron get's to go to LA, if it's not Durant or Curry, they're not going to beat the Warrior in 7. I think whatever Boston cooks up will have a better chance at winning it than LeBron (who won't go to the Finals again, YAY!).
  6. The Fish

    Colts Achilles Heel

    That show is rough.. I did it though. I watched the segment. Here's my thoughts. These people get paid to know what they're talking about.. Smith thinks the O-Line is the problem because of the money they're spending? I have to imagine he know's there's a bunch of guys on rookie contracts there? No? He doesn't know that? Then how does he know it's going to be terrible? Because I don't know that. in fact, I expect the line to be way better.. The Running Backs... are the Colts the only team in the history of football to be criticized for going with cheaper, younger runners? Probably. We all like Frank, but the notion that he was the difference between a good and bad season is just off. Something, something, Andrew Lucks shoulder. Yeah, that's a story. Surprised they got to that. It's been going under the radar. Then they got to it, for 15 seconds. THE DEFENSE. The achilles heel of this team is the linebacking corp(se). I hope someone can step it up this season or those stretch/underneath passes to TE's and RB's.. get used to that. Lot's of that.
  7. The Fish

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    Yeah, he looks like he uses PED's. I make no moral judgments on that in the NFL though. The last carry for him last season was so brutal though, you want to see a guy get back after something like that. More carries for the young guys. That might be good?
  8. The Fish

    Anthony Castonzo

    He's all rite. Given what's been going on with the line for, how long now, he's never been the primary problem.
  9. The Fish

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    And doing so gladly
  10. The Fish

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Cool. Here's hoping there's no setbacks now.
  11. The Fish

    My theory on luck situation. Didn't see this anywhere. I know most everyone here bangs on Doyel and some of it's probably deserved, but I'm more or less inclined to see this issue the way he does. I'm more hopeful than he is, but there's really no reason to give the Colts brass (or Luck) anything more than the "we'll see" treatment at this point.
  12. The Fish

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    I have no clue, but I hope that's what happens and there's no setbacks (which is what this is going to come down to).
  13. The Fish

    Eagles not going to whitehouse

    Capitalism isn't the uber rich in sum total and it doesn't force anyone's hand at the ballot box (in the most direct sense). Capitalism is why we have jobs, transportation, modern housing, medicine, food in abundance ect. When the collective "we" go and vote for someone, there's a system of hierarchies that our leaders more often than not pass through to become elected leaders. That they possess wealth (sometimes, Bernie Sanders wasn't wealthy UNTIL he got to Congress-which speaks volumes about when and how a majority of politicians get theirs) or not doesn't bind anyone subverting the nature of our "true democracy". There's lot's of people to pick and choose from. The issue with our democracy has less to do with money and more to do with the quality of information people use when they go to vote. A big red flag for me is when people complain about "Capitalism". People are surrounded with opportunity and wealth and all those people can do is think "that's not fair" and when they start voting that way is when we start to get into the true undermining of the intent of our democracy (that's not a democracy, it's a Constitutional Republic..). Equal Opportunities, not equal outcomes.
  14. The Fish

    Eagles not going to whitehouse

    Capitalism isn't a political system..
  15. The Fish

    Eagles not going to whitehouse

    Given that this is a football forum and you're a Colts fan, I'll spare you the ten point lecture on how stupid this is, but damn, it's not even close.