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  1. They're a 7-9 (if) team if they roll JB out as the starter next year. I don't see it happening given that JB didn't start this past season.
  2. Look forward to seeing what you come up with
  3. He looked broken. Like a guy who can't do it anymore. Further down the rabbit hole than a funk. This does happen to athletes.
  4. Yeah, I just made it up I'm going to stick with the polite "strongly disagree"
  5. Strongly disagree.. Dude looked like he had cinder blocks on his feet this year, couldn't read a defense (I think that was Reich's job, scheming up stuff so that the reads weren't terribly difficult) and was chucking INT's like it was going out of style. huge gamble on a rehab.. Not into it personally
  6. This isn't terribly surprising and the on field product should be a clue that the team is basically a slightly more dynamic player at the QB position away from being a top 5 team. I sorta like Rivers now though.. Didn't before. He's actually a guy you could root for and in this era, I don't turn my nose up at that.
  7. Goff is marginally better than Mitch Trubisky.. so no. Stafford is still the best trade target (besides Watson, not happening) and there's not a close second imo. I hear you Carr fans. I'd rather run Rivers out there again than do that. Very few QB's at this point are really worth a 25 million cap hit for years into the future, but it's what the going rate is now.
  8. The Colts not winning that will over time marginalize how good the team was in the 00's.. That loss and the 05' Steelers game still both annoy me to this day. It's not like it's a huge deal, but..
  9. Fact Check; probably true
  10. 4 firsts for a 25 year old QB who's hovering around a top 5 QB.. I wouldn't do it. But lot's would and the reasoning is good. 4 is 1 or 2 too many- that's doing what the Texans did to cause this situation they're in.
  11. I'm not so sure you're getting wildly different results if you swap Tom unto the Colts this past year. The Colts don't have anything approaching what TB has in terms of WR's and I think that unit is picking up Brady's game at this point. He looks okay, but he's not driving the thing.
  12. It does feel like if the Saints don't figure out how to put some distance between them and Tom, Tom is going to figure it out.
  13. Mobility is nice, but I don't want my franchise popping his AC joint on a scramble in Tennessee, only to have the coaching staff decide that letting the franchise play through it was the best bet to save their butt. Or Mobility is nice, but Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger.. Or Mobility is nice, but we were all waiting on what happened to Lamar Jackson last night. (Not saying I wanted it to happen, just that I figured at some point he'd get rocked- he's only got a few of those). I really think that skill set is overrated in relationship to
  14. I don't get it. And I was as vocal as could be about moving on from him being the starter. Good dude as far as it goes/and we can tell.
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