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  1. The Fish

    Peyton Manning had the power

    Caldwell wasn't a bad coach, that get's over looked quite often. Peyton could have won with Jim, he won with Gary Kubiak and what's Kub's calling card as a coach?
  2. The Fish

    PFF's Top 5 Graded Colts 2018 - Offense

    If Luck was playing well on top of that and they committed to the run game, and, and, and.. Note the team started winning when AC showed up. He did play well and doesn't get much credit for it from the media/fans.
  3. The Fish

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    I have to say, if he's not on steroids/performance enhancers, he's one of a small handful of pro athlete in the modern era to maintain his game for so long and most of his peers did use something... I say he's got a fair portion of "lucky" to his story, though it's not all that (there's cheating too!), but seriously he's very good. The Seahawks should have ran the ball. The Falcons blowing a major lead was their own fault, they would have won if they'd have gotten a first down in the forth quarter. The Tuck Rule game.(oh yeah, the coin flip yesterday) I'm sure I'm missing some, but I'm fine forgetting some of it. Won't miss em when their gone and I won't let the goofy media tell me other wise.
  4. The Fish

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    I hate the Pat's enough for 10 people, but that game yesterday in KC was officiated well enough (the other game is another story). I'm not going to go round and round over this point about the NFL being rigged, but the NFL is going to have a real problem if this is how a good portion of people feel.
  5. Pff, clearly who ever gave Ballard this award didn't see the thread stating that he wasn't impressive.
  6. I'd like to see so many people bow out that it's guys like Brock Osweiller showing up. Funnier than the bad game.
  7. The Fish

    Colts want Adam Vinatieri back (Update) (Merge)

    I don't think people realize how many Cody Parky's there are right now out there. We should want AV back, despite the poor game and his age. He was very good this year, even kicking through a groin injury (use your imagination). I think he can still do it and to be honest, I think he's got the craft down, where as long as he's mentally into it, he's going to be able to do it- within a degree of reason of course, he's clearly closer to the end than not.
  8. The Fish

    Luck did not play well comments are simply false

    Conversely, I'd say that's one of the worst games I've seen from him as a pro. He did not play well and it's plain as day- my alternate thread title. The offense scored 6 points. That's not a bad starting point for making the case. Lot's of dropped INT's. Lot's of shaky looking balls. Lot's of batted passes. The WR's weren't great either, but they're not throwing the thing at their own feet. Then on the other side of the field, the other guy didn't have any issue with managing the elements or keeping the ball secure. The eye test can tell ya what you need to know about that game and Luck's performance. It was a pretty low floor performance, despite his high ceiling and very good average. Too bad the squad's issues were exposed in full during that game-I'm not saying it's all 100% on him, but I've seen Luck overcome less than ideal protection and mediocre receiving talent behind T.Y before. It wasn't happening last Saturday.
  9. The Fish

    Some Day After Thoughts to Share.....

    I agree with this, but the D actually locked them up for a few drives at a point where they wanted to break the Colts back and couldn't. Penalties and Kenny Moore's blitz's stopped them a few times IIRC. If the offense had anything, at all they could have been with-in a score and that's way closer than the on the field action would have lead anyone to guess was even possible. I'll say it one more time (and move on soon-ish) I'm really surprised that a good portion of what decided that game came down to Luck playing so poorly. The rest of it's just details if he can't complete passes. That Chiefs D was no joke, hope they give some of that to Tom.
  10. The Fish

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    I think his motion is now more dependent on his feet getting set. So it's not pure arm at this point. The footing was probably bad on that field yesterday. The ball was wet. There's also really very little evidence at this point that he can play well in the elements- I should have recalled this. The Chiefs were also in his face quite often and he couldn't get out of his own way at times. Credit to the Chiefs again.. I think the Colts would have done better to stick to the run game longer than they did. Watching Luck throw the ball into the D line or at the peoples feet wasn't getting it done. But whatever. I did not see that game coming down to Luck simply not being able to do anything. The D actually locked up KC for enough time that the Colts could have made it a one score game. It's surprising that the score didn't get out of hand sooner. Really though, there's blame to go around and it's not as though the Chiefs aren't just simply better right now. So, it was kind of a blowout, but not one in the mold of prior Luck lead teams. I thought they'd play better, but I'm not blown away that they lost. The expectations for next year are going to be high, fair or not and the word is out on this team. It's going to be hard to even get back to the second round. I guess all we can do is wait. Boo!
  11. bad job by basically everyone, but the D did show a little heart, so yay? I'm kind of blown away that that all came down to Luck simply being awful today.
  12. Yeah, this game is going to be a real uphill climb. Luck doesn't look good, go from there..
  13. Limits the Chiefs passing game? That'd give the Colts a pretty obvious path to victory- in my opinion. This doesn't bother me so much.