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  1. The Fish

    Colts have the #1 defense in NFL since week 7

    It's an improving unit, but it's not a great unit (#1). They're much closer to being a middle of the road D right now in the scheme of things. At points this year they've been flat out bad too. The last two weeks has been really quite good though, so hopefully they're peaking at the right time.
  2. Coach speak from a fan, on a fan forum, where it's just us shooting the spit? I'll take an opinion. Hopefully the coaches and players have that stuff on lock down- even though they admit in hindsight quite often they don't. But it's hard to derail a thread that's premise is so far fetched. The Colts aren't winning the South. To my math it's not better than a 50/50 that they get in as a 6, but at least it's on the table.
  3. It's a secret.. The Bears v Packers kick at one on Fox, so do the Colts v Cowboys and in the northern part of the state it looks like we're getting the Bears.
  4. I'm slowly becoming annoyed at the reality that the game isn't going to be on TV.. I don't really want to drive to Indy on sunday morning.
  5. I think this team, if they win the last two AFC games, will have earned a 6th seed. I think they've got a pretty good shot at it too, especially if the Steelers cough up their lead and lose the next two and the Ravens take the division. As I've got it mapped out, I think we'll be seeing the Texans again.
  6. The Fish

    Why the penalty on Matt Adams Sunday?

    I didn't like the call. It might be right by the letter of the law, but defenders get no benefit now.
  7. The Fish

    Beating Dallas

    Dak isn't very good. Make him beat the D, not Zeke. I don't think they're going to score a bunch, but their 17-24 points is going to be hard to match. This would be a good week for Kelly to get back. He makes a sizable difference in the run game and running with authority would be the way against that D. Aside, but this will be an issue as people up in the northern part of the state figure out that the Bears and Colts both kick at one on Fox... I really don't want to watch Trubisky under normal conditions (he sucks, honestly), but if the Colts game is bounced for the Bears/Packers.. that'd be no good.
  8. The Fish

    I'm taking one for the team.

    Aside about Pizza King (since it's come up), it has a following of mega fans and I don't get it. Tastes like Ketchup and Cardboard fresh from the microwave.
  9. The Fish

    I'm taking one for the team.

    My gut in the last hour has gone from "maybe" to "probably not". Today is going to be aggravating. It's going to be the secondary not being able to do anything about Hopkins that's going to be the difference. I'm hoping your being wrong about predictions rubs off on this one.
  10. The Fish

    Why Was Jim Caldwell Fired?

    Where's that "the many emotions of Jim Caldwell" meme..
  11. The Fish

    It's 2002

    Easy bet? I have no idea, honestly. This years squad has lost to some bad (Jets, Jags) to mediocre (Bengals, Eagles) teams in the scheme of things (not contenders) and hasn't beat anyone that's actually in contention. I don't think the Texans are going to go backwards. The Titans most certainly could surprise (or they could do what they're doing now, being mediocre). The Jags are going to get a QB next year, because of how many will be out of work. I think it'll be Flacco. Given that the Colts scored no points against them in a half and a whole game, I have to temper expectations that we can bank them being better than the Jags next year. I'd like to think they will be (and they should, that was pathetic, zero points..). Then there's health.. It's not just Luck. Kelly being out has reverted our new found premier OL group back to whatever, run of the mill mediocrity. TY is hurt, now there's no WR's that I think make a real difference. I could go and go and I understand every team is effected with injuries in a similar fashion, but the Colts currently aren't overcoming them enough to not have seasons derailed by them. All this to say, I really hope they do get in this year. Nothing is a given.
  12. The Fish

    It's 2002

    And this is why I'm impatient and blame Grigson for being in a rebuild that should have been happening since 12', but he couldn't draft so here they are, still doing that.. I don't know how much longer Luck wants to play, but if it's not at least 5 years, the current rebuild won't materialize for him to have a crack at any kind of sustained success or more to the point are real shot to win a SB, unless it's only going to take one or two playoff pushes for him to get it done (that'd be cool). The rebuild might be done next year (not likely) but more likely two years from now. That puts Luck at 31/32, before a realistic run is possible? I'm blown away at how far behind the 8 ball this team got, even while having the one things most teams can't get right, the QB. I know I shouldn't wake up surprised by this years later/into it, but sometimes it hits me like a ton of bricks.
  13. If they don't make it this year, it'll be 4 years in a row without a playoff trip. Given that this has happened while the team has elite QB play (injuries accounted for), that's really a big blunder that history isn't going to look at kindly. I can see the articles now basically laying out something like, "if you thought the Colts underachieved during the Peyton era, check out the Luck era".. They need to play playoff football and get accustomed to it.
  14. The Fish

    120 Million In Cap Space

    Knee jerk? I'm saying spend some cash! I want some roster additions that aren't rookies, that's what I'm implying (if not out right saying). What I'm avoiding is saying "get LeVeon" (and other examples of guys want top dollar) , because I know why you don't pay a RB top shelf money, but as it stands today, the Colts would be better if they had a guy like that. It's a fine line, spending money wisely in FA, but when there's 120 million sitting and the team needs a talent boost of blue chip guys, just keep the cash around for guys on the come, who might not earn a next contract anyway. Fine line.. As far as looking to next year goes, I'd just say, I'd like to solidify the upward trajectory (that's kind of questionable, the Colts need to beat some good teams this year), because I don't think the Texans or Titans are going backwards exactly. The Jags might find a QB, even losing a few D pieces they are probably close to where they want to be, if they get that QB.
  15. The Fish

    120 Million In Cap Space

    I made no suggestions other than 120 million dollars in cap space is a resource to access in order to avoid a 5th season of not making the playoffs. I dunno what exactly the best moves to be made are, but at the rate this rebuild is going, it's not likely going to be fulfilled next year either. Of the current contenders in the AFC, who are the Colts going to be better on paper than next year with another crop of drafts picks? I suppose it's hard to know for fact one way or the other, but I wouldn't bank on a dozen rookies (or so) making up that ground. I'm just a fan, but this prolonged irrelevance is grating and honestly getting to the cusp of Wild Card relevance isn't really what the team should be shooting for with Luck at the helm- they need to get to the point where zero points against the Jags isn't in the deck of cards.