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  1. I'm not blown away, but I wasn't expecting to be.
  2. A few quick unsolicited thoughts, since I'm not a regular in this thread. It won't be nice, but I won't get too wordy about it. If this team doesn't get a whole lot more competitive and quick (or get over the heartbreak), doing some roster churning at the deadline might be a thing that happens. I don't think anyone thought this team was bad sans Vic and it is (they some how went 8-4 earlier). They're unwatchable now- very much a bad team in the middle of an NBA regular season. If they fell out of the playoffs and into the lottery, that might be for the best, but as it stands it's looking increasingly likely that they're a 7/8 seed that'll get swept.
  3. Vic is out indefinitely. What's your guess? 3 weeks, 5 weeks, 2 months?
  4. I'm certain that I'd rather have Lance and his passion over Doug McDermott. Lance is the only reason that second team had any teeth at all. Don't care about McDermott, he might be fine (he might not be), but Lance was Lance. Don't like the move, really at all, understanding that it's not going to make or break the team. Now that LeBron is on my most hated NBA team, it makes it quasi-easier stomach the next however many years the Warriors keep winning it. I don't really care who LeBron get's to go to LA, if it's not Durant or Curry, they're not going to beat the Warrior in 7. I think whatever Boston cooks up will have a better chance at winning it than LeBron (who won't go to the Finals again, YAY!).
  5. Well, being the 4th best team in the East is a few fairly large steps away from being a legit contender..
  6. We're not getting a top tier free agent. This team has to draft or get wildly lucky like they did with Oladipo to have top talent on the team. There's other way's to get deeper, but they're not going to get more top heavy with star power than they are now. So even though the glass is half full take is that they're headed in the right direction, the flip is that this is the type of season we can expect for a few more years, filling in the gaps here an there with guys, staying relevant, maybe winning a series next year as long as we don't have to deal with LeBron (my LeBron fatigue is fatigued. I can't wait for him to get bounced-barf city).They'll be a bit better next year, but it might not even show up in the record. I'd love to see someone's battle plan to make this team a legit contender, not just a team that can be entertaining for stretches.
  7. Is "hate" too strong of a word when describing how I feel about the Patriots.. Probably, but I have to actively remind myself of that.

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    2. The Fish

      The Fish

      Comcast is the worst.

    3. radiogirl


      Comcast is the devil....

    4. southwest1


      I'm not a fan of beats, bagpipes, & broccoli. These are just a few of my unfavorite things. Eat your heart out Julie Andrews. LOL! I love her voice BTW; I just wanna hear her sing the unpleasant song either as a nun or a nanny as Mary Poppins. :)

  8. I just ate food, this normally wouldn't be a big deal, but I was hungry and it was good food.

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    2. Jules


      Yes, I am a cat. I am good at the English language though. I am very gifted cat.

      I enjoy human and cat food. Both are terrific.

    3. alawai


      Fish - I had Bibim kook soo for dinner.

    4. radiogirl


      GFB: What is Bibim Kook soo? It sounds good. It sounds like something my 17 year old would love.

  9. To those who say "The Colts and Pats aren't rivals", how you feelings today?

  10. Interested to see if a certain article pops up in the next few days. Kinda of hope it just passes.

    1. Derakynn


      I'm assuming it involves Irsay and a certain sports magazine?

    2. The Fish
  11. The Colts get to start the Peyton retirement tour!

  12. Good Bye to Danny Granger, the face of one of the more mediocre periods of Pacer Basketball.

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    2. Insert Colts Pun Here

      Insert Colts Pun Here

      That's a steal for you Pacers imo. Turner is an excellent young player.

    3. chad72


      I'm actually shocked Philly was willing to take Granger, more than willing to let go of Evan Turner.

    4. The Fish

      The Fish

      Word is Granger wants a buy out. Gotta imagine he wants to go to Miami.

  13. Colts fans, you can come home now.

  14. I walk inside to make a samich, flip on the tube, NFL network is naturally on, and low and behold theres Tom Brady and Peyton squaring off in the Dome a decade ago. How am I supposed to get work done?

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