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  1. Just looked through the maze of tweets.. Depending on who you want to listen to, you can find almost every possible take on this... still.. He want's to try and go, but contingencies if he can't- Irsay- Rapoport is saying something similar but more definitive that he will play Heard all week he's not going to be able to go- La Can't Fora I'd assume he will go, but I'm also getting that vibe that at noon a buzz kill could happen.
  2. That won't come to pass, but I'd meet you half way, tackling is going to be something that's only ever done during live action and the defenders are going to look silly getting caught up to the offense at the start of every year. I also think that lower level football generally is at high risk of going the way of the dodo at this point. The NFL will be bringing in guys with measurables and little to no tape at some point in the future is my tin foil hat, magic 8 ball, guesstimation as to where this is going. Bob got his validation putting the 06' team over the top to win a SB. He's not a HOF'er. He'd have to have done what he did for more like a decade.. What'd Rod Woodson have to do to get in? 20 years, most of which he was tops? Steve Atwater? Guys in the secondary who are known hitters don't just walk in with out a big resume.
  3. This is ... It's a forum where people talk Colts. A conversation busted out again...darn. What Wentz update are people thinking they're missing? He's likely going to play tomorrow as long as his thoroughbred ankles don't twist up walking to the fridge today.
  4. He didn't want to go, isn't a small part of the contention IIRC.. DAMN IT, the wormhole is sucking me in.. lol
  5. Yeah, for clarity, some certainly did. I was saying, none of us (in the back and forth) did. I said I got it at the time and advocated for it. I did actually bring that up in context.. I'm tired. I'm probably going to get a zesty response.. lol
  6. We weren't really a 2-14 team, a season and half removed from a SB appearance. I'm not going to go all the way down the wormhole here, it's not overly important, but can we assume for 2 seconds that Peyton Manning, on his team, would have been at least okay?
  7. I'm not sure you ever read "Peyton was wronged by the Colts" in our back and forth. In fact I know you didn't.
  8. I see the point about Luck rebounding the team at the time (teams that are 2 years removed from a SB appearance seldom pick at the top of the draft, weird situation all around). That 2012 seasons was tons of fun. I suppose it's an all roads lead to today kind of thing and I see Wentz as a Luck-esq kind of talent when looking at upside, maybe lite is the word for it. Dude does get hurt a lot. If he's the guy, that solves some of the malaise of injuries, backups, stopgaps and other oddities that have sorta cause the callused reaction to Luck's last 3 years. It is hard to get QB's- no doubt.
  9. I want to agree with this, but it's too flowery to my recollection. I say this as someone who was all in on drafting Luck and agreed with the cap/money nerds that it was better to reset (at the time). But it did a few things that culminated with Luck retiring at 30.. We watched a fan base divide, the BronColt fan was definitely a thing, some older fans said "you can't do that to an all timer" and simply said screw the Colts and followed Peyton exclusively. We watched Peyton play in two SB's and win one, while the Colts got to be the butt of Patriot fans jokes. The end result for people like me is I appreciate Peyton all the more now and I miss that time as a football fan. TL/DR- Luck didn't heal wounds, ultimately. Too bad, good dude, good QB, total could have/should have story that the franchise is still in the wake of.
  10. Arguably the greatest thing Luck did in Indy, 11-0 against the Titans
  11. There's not going to be a season to salvage if they're waiting for everything to be just so..
  12. Man, I hope he plays. obi wan ...err Wentz.. you're our only hope!
  13. I don't like Doyle at all, but honestly, it's not because of his sports writing - it's literally all of the other crap on his Twitter feed.
  14. Well, I dunno that the pick would have had to have been Kinlaw- the reason that name is so attached to the deal is because of the 9ers perspective on the deal, not the Colts- IRCC. This really isn't about Deforest in total. He's anywhere from fine to awesome- it's not about him. It's about the totality of the picture. Spending a first round pick coupled with a massive FA contract is the type of thing you do if your team is close to a SB. The Colts aren't and have less flexibility in some regards. FWIW, I'm not sure I'm taking a side on this beyond I can see the point about overpaying to do this.
  15. It's easy to question paying huge FA contracts and giving up first round picks at the same time. Really simple actually. It might come to pass that it works, but it also might be a colossal misuse of resources. There's reasons you don't see these type of deals often.
  16. Hope they didn't spitball in the pool together
  17. Bob Knight. But anyway, Dungy's approach was obviously a byproduct of his faith. And that worked because he was sincere, consistent with the approach and with players and they had other mechanisms for accountability on the team. Peyton Manning.. Warren Sapp- guys who's word was going to carry actual weight. I wouldn't presume to know what works best all of the time, I kinda figured that's why there was all of these different styles at different levels.
  18. I get using 2 QB's if you're trying to acclimate a high upside rookie QB like Fields, but you want to protect them a bit too. It's not ideal, and it telegraphs that the season is audition for ... the next few seasons, but.. What the Colts are doing here with a washout and a question mark.. it's probably not going to go well and it won't allow anyone to get into a rhythm. Play Eason, take the medicine. He's either going to give us something worth having or he's not, in which case, maybe next year the back up QB situation will be taken more seriously. It just sucks that this kind of contingency is brewing at week 3 and not week 15 or something.
  19. It's probably a must win (week 3 is too early, even though doing the math says- red alert). Henry is going to go bonkers, Juilo is going to go bonkers when the Colts try to stop Henry from going bonkers etc. The Colts probably keep it close-ish, but never overly competitive, especially if Wentz doesn't play. If he does and plays well, there's a backdoor to winning. The Titans D isn't good. If this team doesn't get healthy they're going to run the risk of going 1-7, 2-6 to start this year. If you think this place is weird now, let's hope that doesn't come to pass.. gross.. I'll say it.
  20. Yeah, I'm saying that's weak sauce from Frank. Julian Davenport has blown up more plays all by himself... he has to play again is probably what's going on with the "it's really on Wentz to X,Y,Z".
  21. Not saying I didn't know that, but the bolded is the long and short of the Colts right now.. Well put
  22. Ideally we're not giving out huge FA contracts and picks at the same time. I agree with that. If this build/rebuild/endure Luck's departure (still?..) doesn't take off, that'll be looked at, but clearly Ballard has been balancing some damned if you do, damned if you don't- before Wentz and Deforest, it was "why no FA's?" and "we need players!". Well he got some, and paid to do it- recall the the "why don't they use up some cap space" takes? If anything, we've observed in real time, how hard it is to get this right.
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