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  1. He was protected all 3 weeks so far, Colts swooped in to collect him on Monday before Dallas could protect him again. Here's an article to get started on: Article on Carter by IndyStar's Erickson
  2. I hadn't realized that Ron'Dell Carter is another Robert Mathis protégé. Might mean our FO knows a bit more about him than other teams would.
  3. I don't know where you got your opinion, but I hope you kept the receipt.
  4. Rock, Day, and Burton (along with Hines/shoulder) were all limited in practice today.
  5. Favor repaid. Good deed accomplished. Best to Chad. Cheers to Frank Reich and Jim Kelly!
  6. forum meltdown time....in 3, 2, 1
  7. Are we sure that those 'adjustments' start after week 1 (as opposed to after week 4) ? Good catch! You're absolutely right. My bad. I guess I'm confused why he calls it DVOA if it's only VOA through week 3.
  8. For all those saying "but we played crappy offenses"....well, it apparently doesn't matter because we still have the #1 defense rating for DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average, which refers to defensive rankings which are adjusted to take into account the quality of offensive opponents). So what's the next dig on why the defense just can't be legit yet? For me, it's probably that we're only 3 games in to a wildly crazy no-preseason season. But still, they appear legit by the appropriate measuring stick. Go figure!
  9. I posted this in another thread, seems appropriate here also.
  10. And replace the turf!! And stop allowing vlogs!! And wrap our WRs in bubble wrap for the rest of the season!!
  11. Reich said he expects Rock, Trey, and Day back at practice this week, which is a bit of good news to offset Pittman's unexpected surgery. Reich said there's a chance Pittman will miss time, so it doesn't sound too terrible? He also said Parris will be having surgery soon, but hasn't been ruled out for the season.
  12. Rivers is tied for sixth in the NFL in passing plays of 25 yards or more (7).
  13. PR has also quietly found himself tied for sixth in the NFL in passing plays of 25 yards or more (7) through the first 3 games. Hello chunk plays!!
  14. Funny you say that...it's true overall, but not in that sampling. Counter-intuitively, our highest % was in our only loss. Hah!
  15. Eason was inactive yesterday, so it wasn't an option during the game.
  16. Exactly, well said. Meanwhile it's fun to keep an eye on Kinlaw - especially if he continues to show flashes and perhaps break through in a big way.
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