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  1. Fouts never went to a SB either, and Rivers shattered all of his Chargers records. Fouts still has significantly more career INTs as well.
  2. He has definitely been viewed as a top 5 QB at various points in his career. Edited for further detail: Rivers was top 5 (or better) in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, and 2018. Top 10 in most of his other seasons.
  3. He is making the HOF, guaranteed. Anyone that says otherwise is either a hater or does not have enough information to form their opinion. Rivers will finish top 5 in TDs and yards, top 10 in passer rating, top 10 in wins. He has 8 pro bowls (should be more) and should have won MVP in 2008...I believe some publications named him MVP that year, but not AP. He was the best QB in the league over a three year stretch (2008-2010). Had he played for a franchise capable of winning a super bowl, this wouldn't even be a discussion. There's a reason Eli wasn't "allowed" to pla
  4. Any comparison that goes against my narrative is invalid. Any comparison that validates my narrative is gospel.
  5. We ShOuLd HaVe GoTtEn CaM!!! Derp...
  6. In each game the last two weeks, our defense has gotten torched in the first half, but then came back and held their own in the second half. Do we think this is due to adjustments on our side, or due to the opposition just getting sloppy/stupid? Either way, the defense did their job at the end today. Would have liked to see them get a stop on 3rd and 9 last week, but you can't win them all. Let's get healthy, keep improving, and see where this season takes us.
  7. TY had drop issues early in the season, and he might not be what he used to be. But he's playing better than the stats show. Drawing lots of PIs, and some have gone uncalled. In my opinion, he's fine right now. Not a game-breaker, but still a definite threat. He's due for a big statistical game, it's coming soon...just hope it is accompanied by a win.
  8. Yeah. You have been a very fair and insightful poster from what I've seen.
  9. I thought they would just disappear for a little while after Rivers' vintage comeback performance today. I was wrong. It's almost like they are * off that the Colts came back and won today. Miserable people.
  10. Nobody is "going back to the Chargers" lmao. Rivers gives the Colts the best chance to win right now, and he's playing a maximum of 2 seasons in Indy...that's no secret. Jacoby already proved he's not the guy. Hopefully Eason is in 2021 or 2022.
  11. Triggered. Myself and many others never hid our reasons for becoming new Colts fans. 4-2 is a good start. You were adamant about benching Rivers at 21-0. Eat the crow.
  12. You're right! Was just later than usual. Still blaming you! Haha seriously though, appreciate your posts.
  13. By the way, Rivers came back from 16 down at Pittsburgh just two years ago. Was the first to ever do that if I remember correctly.
  14. You doubted he could do it against the Bengals, so your opinion no longer holds any value.
  15. I didn't expect 'i d i o t' to get censored lol
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