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  1. Remember, Big Ben won his first Super Bowl playing like this.
  2. I'm pointing out that the constant harping on Luck would have done this, and Luck would have done that is asinine. He had more INTs than TDs in his playoff career. Nobody can guarantee that he would have won yesterday, especially since the QB we did have played great.
  3. So, in your estimation, Rivers was not terrific yesterday because of a pass off the fingertips of the receiver on a 4th down play in the first half? I'm not buying that. Rivers played a terrific game. I'm not saying it was a perfect game, as I've never seen any QB have one of those. Would you say Allen was terrific yesterday? In crunch time, he ran backwards 15 yards and fumbled the ball, on a drive that could have iced the game. But that doesn't get talked about because the Bills ended up winning. Both QBs were terrific. Allen got just a little more from his supporting cast (specifically FG kicking, which was the exact difference in score).
  4. I'm not sure how you can possibly say that. Rivers was terrific today, and the Bills have better weapons at WR. The Bills also made their FGs. Also, wasn't Rivers a top 10 QB this year? If not, right on the cusp.
  5. WFT: "Get your hands off my heiny"
  6. No, the fans need to see. They know better than the coaches and managers, obviously.
  7. Let's hope he doesn't retire. But if he does, I like your assessment. Wentz should be a big hell no.
  8. The 4th and 10 conversion on the final drive was also super clutch.
  9. Insane. Frank tried to force the run in the red zone too much, that's where the struggles came. When we passed more, we scored TDs.
  10. Yeah, I hear ya. I meant nothing while they had 3 HOF QBs. I feel your pain.
  11. He will never accept or admit that.
  12. And add to that, Allen's kicker made a 54 yarder, while ours missed a 33 harder. That was literally the score difference.
  13. Wow, you're right. ESPN gave Rivers a 91.9 total QBR today. He played a hell of a game. The people blaming him are 100% delusional.
  14. His pre-snap reads, getting guys lined up correctly, finding the mismatches, and throwing the ball with incredible anticipation. You may bring in a guy who is better athletically, but the trade-off for the things you lose from Rivers may not be worth it, unless you luck into a generational talent that has everything. My point is that many think Rivers held this offense back, but it's very possible that he actually made them better in ways that you can't see from watching games on tv. Wasn't this the 3rd highest scoring Colts team in history? And again, Rivers matched Josh Allen today, despite not having his physical tools or Diggs. The difference in the score was due to Bass making his kicks and Blankenship not (and Reich deciding not to kick).
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