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  1. So both QBs spent most of their careers on bad teams. Rivers' average numbers are slightly better, and his total numbers are much better because he's been able to play (without ever missing a game) for much longer. I don't see how that equates to meaning that Luck "would have far surpassed Rivers".
  2. I think you are vastly overestimating the teams Rivers has been on. His window for a Super Bowl was 2006-2008, and like I previously stated in this thread, the playoff runs in those years were ended by fumbles, missed FGs, and injuries (LT and Gates out, while Rivers played on a torn ACL against an undefeated Patriots team). Since that window, Rivers has not had a legitimate SB-caliber team around him. As for Luck, you're stating that he was in the league for 6 seasons but never saw any "ups". And that is your argument for projecting that Luck *would* have ended up better than Rivers. Pretty weak argument in my honest opinion.
  3. Stafford is currently 19th in TDs and 18th in yards. IF he winds up 5th all time in both stats (you seem to be claiming that is guaranteed to happen...pretty bold), then yes, he will likely be a HOFer. Keep in mind Rivers also has a better career completion %, TD/INT ratio, Y/A, and passer rating. He also has 8 pro bowls vs Stafford's 1 pro bowl. Stafford has never led the league in any significant passing stat, aside from leading in completions and attempts in 2012. Stafford is also 0-3 in the playoffs (wins are a team stat, but many of you seem to think it's important).
  4. Sorry to take this a little off topic, but a HOF discussion seems to have been started here. This upcoming season, Rivers will most likely move into 5th place all time in both passing TDs and passing yards. For those saying he isn't a HOFer, take that ranking into perspective across the NFL as well as other American sports. NFL: 5th most rushing TDs - Walter Payton 5th most rushing yards - Adrian Peterson 5th most receiving TDs - Marvin Harrison 5th most receiving yards - Isaac Bruce NBA: 5th most points scored - Michael Jordan 5th most rebounds - Moses Malone 5th most assists - Magic Johnson MLB: 5th most HRs - Willie Mays 5th highest batting average - Ed Delahanty 5th most strikeouts - Bert Blyleven All of the above players are in their sport's respective HOF, without any arguments. The only exception is Adrian Peterson, because he is not eligible yet.
  5. Thanks for the insightful contribution.
  6. I respectfully disagree with you, and will even go as far as to say you are factually incorrect. Rivers should have won MVP in 2008 (he didn't even make the pro bowl...one of the biggest snubs of all time), and he was arguably the best QB in the league from 2008 to 2010. He has been a top 5 QB numerous seasons. He is definitely going in the HOF, and he's very deserving. One of the most underrated QBs in the modern era, honestly. Never got the spotlight or hardware because of the franchise he played for. The Chargers' Super Bowl window was from 2006 to 2008, but they never capitalized due to crucial fumbles, missed FGs, and injuries in the playoffs. Since then, Rivers has not had a team around him capable of winning a SB (bad OL, bad running game, bad defense, and bad coaches). Peyton is on the Mount Rushmore of NFL QBs, so I won't compare Rivers to him, and certainly not on a Colts board. But I will argue that Rivers is as good or better than Luck - both prime and overall career.
  7. The divorce of the Chargers and Rivers had multiple layers. It was not simply a case of "He's not good anymore, so we're moving on". The LA move, Lynn's philosophy, and Rivers' growing frustration with management (ignoring the OL disaster for over a decade) all played a part in what was described by both parties as a mutual decision. I fully expect Rivers to "rejuvenate" his career in Indy, and I think many Colts fans will end up loving the guy.
  8. Doesn't really matter, but I strongly disagree with your second statement. It's impossible to have a unanimous ranking of all QBs, but there's no way guys like Mayfield and Darnold were better QBs than Rivers last year. Man, I'm just ready for the season to actually start. Philip Rivers with an OL and seemingly competent coaching staff...been waiting a long time to see this.
  9. What's the difference between Rivers and Brady/Brees? Brady and Brees have played for much better teams and much better franchises, and therefore have won more. Remember, Brees played for the Chargers for 5 seasons, having a passer rating of 85 and failing to win a single playoff game. He goes to NO, gets the #1 defense in the NFL (among other improvements) and wins a super bowl. Brady has had a top ten defense and OL pretty much every single year of his career, as well as having arguably the greatest coach of all time. The truth, and the Colts' management and coaches know this, is that Brady/Brees don't do things that Rivers cannot. Reading defenses, accuracy, leadership, etc...Rivers is on the same level as those other guys. He just wasted his whole career playing for a terrible franchise. I would expect Colts fans of all people to understand that winning requires much more than an "elite" QB. I consider Peyton to be one of the GOATs, and he couldn't even do it all on his own. Ironically, his two SB wins came while he threw more INTs than TDs in the playoffs. Rivers is undoubtedly worth $25 million. What's really absurd is a guy like Dak Prescott demanding $40+ million.
  10. If the defense is adequate, it will be a good year. If the defense is great, the Colts will be serious SB contenders.
  11. Interesting note, according to oddschecker.com, more MVP bets were placed on Rivers in the month of May than any other NFL player. I commented in another thread that I saw the odds at Bovada drop from +6500 to +3500 before I got a chance to put my money in. Rivers is going to have a big year. Lots of false narratives out there by the drive-by sports media, but anyone that has actually watched him play knows that he has not declined physically. Last year's below average stats (by his standards) were a result of no OL, no speed receivers, no running game (set a super bowl era record they were so bad), and a joke of a coaching staff. Gonna be an exciting year for Colts fans.
  12. Rivers will have a great year, as he will actually have a pocket (which is a must for his game) and a competent coaching staff. I even think he will compete for MVP. In fact, I almost laid a bet down 2 weeks ago on Rivers MVP at 65 to 1. Just checked today, and it's gone down to 35 to 1. If the Colts are as complete a team as I'm hearing everyone say, then they should get 12+ wins. I will trust that general consensus and predict 13-3. Of course, you are always at the mercy of injuries and luck as well.
  13. Ridiculous take. I think it's funny how some people think Rivers had all these loaded teams but somehow held them back in the playoffs. Rivers' only real SB window was at the very beginning of his career, and the playoff losses could not be blamed on him (defensive gaffes, missed FGs, and LT/Gates both not playing due to injury).
  14. Rivers has stated he wants to play 2 more years. Wants to coach his oldest son in high school. 3 years is very unlikely, and anything more than that is completely out of the question.
  15. So, there are obviously a lot of ex-Chargers fans, like myself, coming to this board. Thanks for welcoming us and tolerating all of the Rivers posts. I'll be watching every Colts game and pulling for them as hard as possible for the next year, possibly more. Wanted to ask the long-time fans if there is a recommended source out there somewhere to give folks like me an understanding of Colts history as well as their current state of affairs. I know the basics as an outsider, but would like to learn more about the franchise and culture among the fans.
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