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  1. I split my favorites. I really like Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines.
  2. I figured you were joking but it was still funny. But watch out, if the bears can get a decent quarterback all bets are off.
  3. I said what sumo63 did before I saw that he did so I took the message off.
  4. I would like the lead to stay fairly close. It seems to me when they get a big lead they seem to let off way too much.
  5. I'm sure that's true. I guess my point being is there were fans that jumped on that when indy signed him.
  6. I was thinking that as well. I was just sitting here wondering what the chargers fans are thinking after saying he is just an interception waiting to happen QB.
  7. I totally agree. Plus, it right during supper time. How can you eat when there's a Colts game on.
  8. At least to week 5, I haven't looked to see if there are more or not.
  9. I saw this and have watched up to week 5. It's interesting and almost life like.
  10. People always remember that dropped hail mary but what I always thought was even bigger was the last touchdown the Steelers scored. The reciever step out of bounds right in front of the official then caught the TD pass and it wasn't called. To me, that was why the Colts lost that game.
  11. Is it just me or its the same ole thing that they don't know there are 2 halves to play? Difdernt coacjes, new players, same ole crap.
  12. I think one cause is the teams relocate at the drop of a hat. They will hold cities hostage if a new stadium isn't built. Why in the world would someone want to be a fan knowing there's a chance they will up and leave. The Rams and the Chargers could fill a thimble anymore.
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