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  1. What ever happens, I cannot see any games coming to London this season.
  2. From what I saw(without knowing the background) I was thinking that I could not see the chairman of the Scottish Football Association acting the way he did, so fair play to him.
  3. Thanks got the info, I also saw a report over here saying the patriots were not Hest pleased with how they performed in the draft, if this is true, it must make pleasant reading for colts fans.
  4. I know I will always get an answer from someone on here, the depth of knowledge is amazing. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the reply, there always seems to be someone that is chosen as the bad guy even though he is not.
  6. Thanks, this could be my lock down viewing next week
  7. That makes a bit more sense as he appeared to be embracing the boos from what I saw. Thanks, this could be my lock down viewing this week.
  8. As I said, this was the first time I have followed the draft closely with the TV on and this forum on my laptop, although I don't know any of the players drafted (although I see there is one called Glasgow), most people on here seem happy with how it has gone and that is a positive as the team comes together for the new season.
  9. Thanks for the prompt reply, and it makes a bit more sense now, you choose the player you want and if he is not available at the correct time, you negotiate with another team to swap if they have their eye on someone nearer your spot. I take it this is commonplace and all teams participate freely? As always, there is someone willing to answer my questions. Many thanks. Gordon.
  10. Hi folks, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well in Indy dying this unsettling time. We are in lock down in Scotland as well and this has given me a chance to pay more attention to the draft than normal. I thought I had a reasonable grasp of what happened during the draft in relation to who gets first pick etc, but the more I have followed discussions on here, I am probably more confused by the finer points of the process 1 why was the commissioner roundly booed at the start of the draft. 2 What is the advantage of trading a pick downward as I would have thought that the higher the player position, the better the player. 3 Are players in say 5th/6th rounds really going to bring anything to improve the team given their position in the draft. 4 Who has final say in selections, the head coach or General manager. Thanks again for taking the time to read and hopefully reply to my post. C'mon the Colts.
  11. For me it was mid 2010's that became a real fan, before then I would watch NFL on sky or c4 over here in Scotland, but my Dad brought our son some souvenirs back from a business trip and we were hooked. The Colts are not a "big" team over here, so I normally watch red zone when a game is on, then check into you tube for the highlights. I thought my best moment was seeing the team live in London in 2016, but that was surpassed in 2018 when we came to the states to see them lose to the jets, but then on the last day of our holiday seeing them breath the bills at lucas oil. Memories that will last a lifetime.
  12. Yes, it is a good way for teams to make money as people will always want to wear the newest kit to games. The only good thing is that you can get older kit for reduced prices a lot if the time. kit for half price later in the year.
  13. This is one main difference between American football and European football (soccer), the strips for our main teams change year in and year out with the home kit being very similar in the main, but there us greater leeway with the change kit, there is also a 3rd kit and sometimes even a 4th option. For instance my son has 9 separate Arsenal tops in the space of 3 years. With most costing approx $75 it can be quite an expense. This chopping and changing does seem at odds with most nfl teams, is there a reason for the teams sticking to traditional colours in this way.
  14. I hope that the Colts will be playing in London this year. Our visit to Wembley in 2016 is still a highlight of my life, only surpassed by seeing the team in lucas oil in 2018. Does anyone know when any decision will be made, and if anyone is coming over you will be welcome in Scotland as part of your trip.
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