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  1. What do you think the chances are of a trip to London this year?
  2. Lokks like it wil be difficult for the Chiefs to come back from here. Bucs just too good all over the pitch.
  3. kc cannot continue to trade field goals with touchdowns and expect to win.
  4. Mahomes needs to be at his best in the 2nd half if they are going to have any chance. Silly penalties have been their downfall, so they need to sort that out as well. Hate to say it, but Brady all over this game so far.
  5. Penaties are killing the chiefs so far, Brady getting all the calls so far. Oh how i wish Colts were playing, but i suppose this is less intense that if we were out there.
  6. The kc offence need to start to function or it could be a long night. Also the punter looks really nervous so far.
  7. All set for a long night ahed here in Scotland, day off work tomorrow and looking forward to the game. Hoping for a Chiefs win.
  8. I would agree with this, it is better to bewell beaten than look back at the game and think what might have been. While on one hand we showed we can compete withthe Bills, it is very frustrating that we did not get over the line.
  9. This is like watching the Scottish national football team. Glorious failure when tgey have come so close.
  10. Hope the missed 2 point attempt does not come back to haunt us. Could be another missed opportunity today!!
  11. Picking the wrong night to be playing poorly. We have had plenty of chances to be comfortable in the game. Still in it, but need a bit more from everyone if we are going to win this game.
  12. Pleased we are in the playoffs, and not much difference between baltimore and buffalo. Keep the ball on the ground and you never know. Anyway it is now 12.45am so i am off to bed Enjoy your celebrations.
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