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  1. Wow, what a roller-coaster, but in the end a win is a win and to win like this shows commitment right to the end. Lots of questions still need to be answered but lets enjoy the win and get better in the next game.
  2. Oh well, that was very disappointing. Still think we had chances to win the game, but poor decision making on and off the field cost us. Anyway, off to bed as it is after 12.30am. Looking forward to seeing what the reaction is when i get up tomorrow. Still not writing off the season, but offence needs to improve.
  3. Quite a turn round, i was in the middle of wtiting doom and gloom, but then-what a turn around. We still need to find a way to stop them scoring and id we do, we will be in with a shout.
  4. Lets hope things improve in the 2nd half, we need to find a way to pressure Mayfield, or it will be another long half. We need to get the offence working better as well. All is not lost, but we cannot go behind any further at the start of the half.
  5. This is going to be a nervous couple of hours, need to get more pressure on Mayfield.
  6. For anyone interested Scotland are winning 1-0 at present and the Colts are the live game on Sky, my only issue is whether to miss the last 10 mins of Scotland game or first 10 mins of tge Colts? Either way, it is a good night of sports on Tv.
  7. Looking forward to a close, but hopefully successful day. Our victory last week can act as a springboard for a repeat result tonight. Scotland National team playing just before Colts start so hoping for a double celebration by midnight.
  8. Well, that was s a tough watch, but a win is a win, just after 12.30am in Scotland, so off to bed. Good to get the win on thecroad.
  9. Another great defensive play to set ip the points. Well done to the team. Go Colts.
  10. Great start to the second half. We shouldn't lose from this position. C'mon Colts
  11. Thats better, good to strike back so quickly. Sureky we can build on this now.
  12. Really poor defence there, lets hope they learn from it and make their tackles as the game goes on.
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