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  1. I would agree with this, it is better to bewell beaten than look back at the game and think what might have been. While on one hand we showed we can compete withthe Bills, it is very frustrating that we did not get over the line.
  2. This is like watching the Scottish national football team. Glorious failure when tgey have come so close.
  3. Hope the missed 2 point attempt does not come back to haunt us. Could be another missed opportunity today!!
  4. Picking the wrong night to be playing poorly. We have had plenty of chances to be comfortable in the game. Still in it, but need a bit more from everyone if we are going to win this game.
  5. Pleased we are in the playoffs, and not much difference between baltimore and buffalo. Keep the ball on the ground and you never know. Anyway it is now 12.45am so i am off to bed Enjoy your celebrations.
  6. Breathing a bit easier now, but oh boy have we made it difficult. Would be great if titans lose , but we appear to be there on way or the other.
  7. Oh dear, getting a bit close now. Need to et a score on this drive to give some breathing space. Why do we always make it difficult for ourselves.
  8. Hope these missed field goals do not come back to haunt us. Need to get back on track quickly.
  9. Superb start and long may that continue.
  10. At least we kept the scoreboard turning, need to keep this up, Cmon Coltd
  11. Great start, stopping them and getting an early touchdown, lets build on this now.
  12. So it is back in our hands, surely we can get a win over the Jaguars.!!! Off to get my Irn Bru chilled, red zone on tv and hopefully an enjoyable 3 and a bit hours ahead.
  13. Happy New year from Scotland and lets get the win and other results to take us to the play offs on Sunday. Just wish we were not playing the Jaguars as they always seem to raise their gane against us more than any other team they play!!
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