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  1. I live in Kilsyth, (near Glasgow) Scotland I watch the games on Sky Sports and also follow the text updates via NFLscores or ESPN.com if the Colts games in not featuring on SKY or I am not near a TV. I would not watch a re-run of a full game, but will watch youtube highlights on the Monday following a game. If circumstances allow, I will watch an 8.25pm game (1.30am) kick off in Scotland in full with my son. As I have no doubt bored everyone on here, I have now seen the Colts live 3 times, once at Wembley and then in New York and Indianapolis last season. I would say that seeing the team live last October now rates No1 on my list of all time top sporting trips, even eclipsing going to France to watch Scotland play in 1998 World Cup Final. The reason for this is that I was able to do this trip with my Family whereas France was on my own. I am not sure if I will get back to Indy or USA to watch another game, but I have my memories to last a lifetime. I would encourage any other "worldwide" fans to try to make a trip across to see the team, you will be assured a great welcome, spend time in a lovely city, and enjoy a game in one of the best stadium in the world (in my opinion). I also love this Forum, getting an inside track on what is happening and also having a platform to ask the questions that few people in Scotland are able to answer.
  2. So far so good as long as the Texans keep missing the long throws.
  3. Great start, long way to go but better to be ahead than behind at any point. Ty looking good so far. Go colts.
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