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  1. The question all year has been will the QB be good enough for the Colts. They literally have everything else in place to be a SB contender. We’ll find out this next month if the Colts do indeed have a QB as well
  2. I agree about not giving Andrew more props. Dude put his body on the line year in and year out behind a putrid offensive line. It’s on Grigson and Pagano as to why he’s already retired. As for Rivers, I was skeptical of that signing. It’s been a lot more good than bad. I’ve said it many times before on this forum. I have a lot of faith in Ballard. He knows what he’s doing with this organization
  3. Love it lol. All the media wants to talk about is the comebacks from 2-3 and 1-3 respectively. They don’t want to talk about his constant failures. Their boy would look bad
  4. Think about the Finals that LeTurd has lost. He’s been swept twice, lost in 5 games twice and lost in 6 games twice. Not to mention the fact his team was up 2-1 in both of those 6 game series. He’s a constant choker in Finals
  5. You’re definitely right about that Draymond situation. NBA knew that series was going to end in 5 games if they didn’t suspend him. Ray Allen one made me so mad. Popovich blew that with his handling of Duncan. All you need is a defensive rebound and he’s taken out of the game on both Heat possessions. Dumbest thing he’s ever done
  6. He thinks he’s so mistreated by officials. He thinks he’s always fouled when going to the basket. He can literally run over anyone going to the basket. He shoots way too many jump shots. He’s not a good shooter either, which makes it even more puzzling why he doesn’t go to the basket at will. He also proclaimed himself the GOAT after beating the Warriors. A player can’t proclaim himself the GOAT through the media. A player does it on the court. That’s why he’ll never be Jordan. Not to mention his teams usually get murdered in Finals
  7. Yeah I’ve been away for a bit. I like your style too. LeBron and The Beard are easily the biggest floppers in NBA
  8. I can’t dislike anyone as much as LeBron. It’s not in my blood. I don’t like Westbrook because he plays too much hero ball. He’s a detriment to the team with that type of play
  9. As long as they don’t win the NBA championship. I can’t stand LeBron. He’s such a pompous crybaby
  10. I love watching ATP Tour. Hope Djokovic adds to his tally
  11. Harden flails his arms and it’s a foul almost every single time. Can’t stand him. Still like him more than Westbrook though
  12. Lakers won by just 2 points the other night. Clippers were without Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell. Not to mention that Kawhi and PG are on cruise control until it matters most. I’ve got Clippers winning it all
  13. Yeah he’s going to make a decision later tonight. He’s just trying to get attention. It’s ridiculous. Just come out and say if you’re going to play. Don’t need a big announcement about it
  14. I have no idea if they would do a deal for that. As for Harper, it’d be absolutely embarrassing if the Nationals make the postseason and the Phillies don’t make it
  15. I agree with the starting lineup. That’s a really good bench unit as well. Lakers might be the favorite. That’s not good
  16. I don’t know why the Pelicans didn’t ask for Kuzma as well. He’s better than both Lonzo and Ingram. No way I would’ve done that deal without including Kuzma
  17. I’m thinking a split. White Sox tonight with Giolito. Cubs tomorrow with Hendricks
  18. How embarrassing for Harper if the Nationals make the postseason and the Phillies don’t make it
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