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  1. Going to the game. I suspect I'll see a decent amount of Cowboys fans, will tailgate with some before the game and find out what the overall mindset is in Dallas. Then as we start walking to LOS from Baseys, the gloves come off and it's game-day. Will be at a full-throated volume during all of the 'boys defensive 3rd downs and during our TD's . LOS has a tendency to get pretty quiet if we get down. We need to turn up the volume louder than at any time during the year and prove that the stadium can get loud. No, it's not the Hoosier Dome / RCA Dome, there will never be another, but the 12th man must be loud and clear.
  2. chrisfarley

    Swoope Waived Again

    I agree, i think he needs the off-season
  3. chrisfarley

    Dallas. How Will The Media Call The Odds On This Game?

    Lol, At least he didn't do it as much as Dakich does...I wonder why they don't tell dakich to can it? perhaps they already did, that's how much he does it.
  4. Outside of Hilton, our receiving core is a dropped pass or two away from us possibly missing the playoffs. Reece has to be more sure-handed than what we have,,, I wonder if he was sure handed in training camp because we could use him in that department.
  5. chrisfarley

    Beating Dallas

    key to victory vs. Dallas, having TY. If he can't go, game plan gets tricky with no Doyle. hard to give the edge to colts if this is the case.
  6. chrisfarley

    Week 14 Playoff Scenarios and who to root for

    that Baltimore D is the real deal... if not for a couple 4th down prayers.... KC loses (I realize KC's kicker didn't help until the end). but that Baltimore D is a playoff caliber D that could take them places. Colts would be sitting pretty with a Jags win and the Texans tie. But maybe the Jags was the wake-up call and had we won that, perhaps we lose today.
  7. Research of NFL players finds most with ACL injuries return to play, but only about 80 percent of their prior performance levels. So with Cain , sure he'll do fine but is already damaged goods unfortunately,... Serious injuries suck. (2016 article)
  8. i'll be some good practice for him for our 2019 AFCCG appearance, and our 2020 super bowl run. congratulations to him, been following his twitter for a while, this dude seems grounded and very thankful to have this once-in-a-lifetime chance.
  9. Reich coaches this a little differently and we take the guaranteed tie in the Texans game and our playoff chances certainly look different But who's to say we don't collapse down the stretch in the Texans & Cowboys games much less the other two. Luck is a factor, but he did drive them down far enough to make some field goals and he is not the one who went for it on those 4th downs.
  10. chrisfarley

    How did the refs miss that?

    without Ramsey in that game, I'm not so sure we wouldn't have won. He was a wrecking crew out there.
  11. chrisfarley

    4th Down Agression/loss on Reich (merge)

    this is a forum where we can pretend to know what we're talking about (I will speak only for myself). Just because we are not the GM doesn't mean people in this forum won't voice their opinions as to what they think needs to be accomplished. It's healthy discussion right up the alley of a fan forum, just like your opinion above. And by the way, I love to hear differing opinions and speculation.
  12. 14 hours ago, #12. said: There goes the MVP candidacy. well, a lot of things went out the door this game. The season in particular. Playoffs will be a future goal. Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, including the playoffs next year. That's why you "should" play each season as if it's your last. This season and team were architect-ed for another time-frame, not 2018-2019. A missed opportunity.
  13. chrisfarley

    4th Down Agression/loss on Reich (merge)

    no matter what he says externally (and i haven't read nor heard any quotes from him yet), Chris Ballard had to be sitting up in the exec booth dumbfounded like we all were while watching at home at many things that occurred in this game. Take your pick from Luck to "The fourth Reich" to O-line to receivers to play calling (Ebron's fumble play as an example).... just a plethora. Defense only gave up 6 but to a beleaguered offense granted. Didn't have a good feeling about this game but I don't think we were playoff material (defensively anyway) coming into this game , but games like this allow so many other things to surface to the top and shout for a life preserver, so it's time to be back-seat GM's and figure out where we spend this wad of cash. Let's start with addressing just 5 things that are really, truly broken. I am not qualified but many of you are.
  14. chrisfarley

    Colts Releasing Denzelle Good

    Especially if the BB&Kraft Rehabilitation Center brings him on board.