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  1. I'm not talking about benching him, I'm saying they should have had him out right after the terrible costly penalty he had. You could say it cost us a TD because it was 3 and 12 or something and then Burrow marched right down. There should be consequences if not but just one down to yank him out.
  2. He's only going to get better. It takes time to master his position. It's like a fine-wine. Be patient. I like his strength and his speed. Did he mess up today a few times, yes, no doubt. It's going to happen. Reich should have had him out of the game after his brain-fart WWF move. But NOOO, Reich left him in.
  3. Hilton is clutch. He got mauled today. He makes those really difficult 1st down catches, need him to get us to the playoffs. Without him, would be too tough without Campbell and Pittman Jr. Hilton has plenty left in the tank.
  4. It's plain and simple, the Colts blew this one. I am not going to try to sugar-coat it for Grigson. Rarely do you find someone like this that has rare combinations. He would have been an impact player. You will see in the Cowboys first game. He will play, he won't play every snap, obviously, but he will play and HE WILL CONTRIBUTE BIG-TIME. This is what we missed on and it's just very sad to me.
  5. I've looked at our roster and have looked over other rosters in the league, There are some surprisingly strong rosters out there , some with "Mega Talent" all up and down their rosters. I'm not sure why the Colts couldn't bolster the roster with bigger names in the off-season but Grigson did what he could with what was available at the time --- he also missed a few gems (Welker), and many others.
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