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  1. as big as Q is, it's good that he can rest those disc's in his back, that Baldinger mentioned at the Pro Bowl, as much as possible. I'm all for that, always in Pre-Season.
  2. Look at the bright side. We might have the most exciting 4th pre-season game of all time.
  3. Colts avoiding injuries But seriously, I'm crossing fingers and knocking on wood after your comment and request you knock on wood as well please!
  4. I listen to Gil Brandt on SirusXM (Late Hits) all the time. He always has good things to say about the Colts and where they are headed. (They talk about the Colts a great deal). Very savvy 86 year-old with boat-loads of knowledge who has seen & done it ALL. I would put a lot of faith in where he ranks us.
  5. Some interesting numbers here on Luck (see below link). Luck's poor play was certainly a factor, but as other posters have said, there were a ton of hiccups in other areas.. linebacker play, Dee Ford seemingly bought some sort of VIP colt's backfield pass because he was not even patted down. https://boston.cbslocal.com/2019/01/13/andrew-luck-very-bad-playoff-quarterback-colts-nfl/
  6. yep , and luck turns 30. let's just freeze this point in time.
  7. No doubt!! Reich even called it a no-brainer (that even sitting out the mini-camp that he would be ready for full-throttle training camp). He's about to get 6 weeks to let that thing heal. He turns 30 when the season starts, we don't need Luck to add insult to injury... that "A" word is just a bad, bad word in any sport.
  8. Sorry in advance, i went back through pages and pages of this thread and can't find a link to the 2nd accusation against Okereke. I googled it and can't even find it. Can someone link it? Just shocked that there is now another chapter of this.
  9. Well, just look at all the allegations against players who ARE in the NFL, then the answer to your last question is yes, but not simply because he has unique athletic talent,,,it's because people deserve a 2nd chance (or more) AND he is (and they are) talented enough to play at the NFL level.
  10. troubling, especially after reading the following: three of the five panelists believed a sexual assault occurred. The accuser was reportedly angry about the decision and eventually left Stanford to avoid having to see Okereke on campus. Edit: two hearings with same result 3-2 vote , third hearing that the accuser wanted was denied. must have a 4-1 vote. but we do not know what his side of the story was...the Colts probably either didn't ask specifics of what happened and went the "it was 4 years ago and look what he's accomplished now" route,,,,,or they did extreme homework on this and grilled him about every detail. hoping the latter and he was forthcoming and honest and this will all get put out to pasture. if she surfaces again, it's going to be a media-blitz, game-over. guilty or not. I find it interesting that the Colts web-site isn't touching this with a 10-foot pole as far as having it on their "latest news" section. But it is here in this forum as part of the Colts' website to debate, which is fair. EDIT: just found this, makes me feel like they definitely got all the details directly from him. "He was very honest about his side of the story and what occurred and how he had to move forward," Ballard said. "It's a very sensitive subject and it's hard, I get that. Ballard added: "We talked it through and at the end of the day it falls on me."
  11. he was graded out with a 50-50 chance to make an NFL roster (5.0 score). I'm afraid those odds just took a hit.
  12. After we trade Brissett for a 2020 2nd round and a 2020 4th round, Kelly will move to QB2.
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