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  1. Let's pay Archie Manning to jump into the Burrow camp and convince him that he should only be a Colt -- give up some future draft-picks and get this done. Burrow not going to look good in those Cincy uni's.
  2. Good write-up on him here ---->>>https://nflmocks.com/2019/10/29/2020-nfl-draft-justin-herbert-scouting-report/2/ like the mental section -- this kid is loaded with up-side.
  3. he certainly has the size, like the stiff-arm.... seems like he's a maligned player but a decent prospect, but can he translate his game to NFL? , i think he could get drafted, then wait in the wings for a year, then be ready.
  4. Good post. Just out of curiosity. I only made it to a few Colts games, what was the attendance like this season? Was the upper deck filled those last several home games? I'm guessing not and Irsay needs to rally the troops because of the way it ended. The only number I see is that we were 27th in the league in attendance but that we are 97% attendance in LOS. Obviously due to our smaller venue we don't get the higher rankings and Jerry World is always going to be at the top.
  5. If he works with Patty-Mac in the off-season with a no-broadripple clause, I'm in.
  6. AC ----> "Chris, are you going to get a franchise QB?" ----> Ballard "Yes" AC ---> "I'll Stay" " " " " ----> Ballard "We have one" AC ---> "I have decided to retire, I've really enjoyed my time here but want to spend more time with my family"
  7. look, if you don't have your lines figured out, it's cart before the horse. so many parts of the game hinge on good D-line play and good O-line play.....Until those are completely fleshed out, nothing good will come, they will be putting band-aids in critical areas compromising other critical areas. O-line, D-line --->> Come quick with these needs in a big way, then move to the next broken component, like secondary and special teams. a lot to fix, a TON to fix, a plethora of draft picks and free agents. But , it's all way off in the distance. Lots of football still to be played and Colts fans like me to grit my teeth and bear it and continue to try to watch teams that shouldn't have been better than us move their way toward playoff stardom. Starting to feel a little ill so I'm going to stop right here. Lord help our Colts.
  8. After Raiders and Steelers lost we are at 3% then if we win vs. Saints it goes to 10% (Courtesy of NewYorkTimes) This is a good link: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/upshot/indianapolis-colts-nfl-playoff-picture.html#ari-cle-15=win&lac-min-15=loss&oak-jax-15=loss&dal-lar-15=win&sf-atl-15=win&pit-buf-15=loss
  9. He seems a lot more nervous in the 4th quarter (many times not all) and really zones in on the "wrist band coach", he also definitely telegraphs. But sometimes he seems "on it". There's the good and the bad all wrapped up into one (Jekyll & Hyde). I hope his pre-snap reads get better, because his awareness of blitzes and what to do then is atrocious at times.
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