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  1. The Colts are the first team in playoff history to lose a game while gaining at least 450 yards with no turnovers, according to Elias Sports Bureau research. Prior to Saturday, such teams were 11-0.
  2. Coming back from the commercial and seeing another time-out gone on the screen and then the announcer saying something about a challenge???????!!!!!!!!! , I was dumbfounded. WHA????
  3. I really think we have a good shot at them. I always am of the feeling / opinion we have to be careful what we wish for. Raven's could have continued on their roll thru Indy, Jackson is a tough stop....not that Allen isn't but sometimes you have to take a brutal road and I just wouldn't count Colts out & agree that "shock" is a good word to use. Saw many post day run-downs today highlighting the Titans (Henry), Browns, and other games. Let's just avoid all the hype and run under the radar.
  4. In this order: whoever plays against the Steelers whoever plays against Tom Brady whoever plays against Titans whoever plays against Chiefs whoever plays against Ravens ALSO: I'm going to parlay a bet for a loss for all four teams we need to get a win from, which will JINX them.
  5. when Nelson is mauling people at guard, Colts are at their best. Nelson is no tackle. I think we should play a natural tackle , but yea, i know what the roster looks like right now, it's a brutal depth chart. C'mon Ballard, pull something out of your hat. Probably won't matter anyway as playoffs are a mere pipe-dream.
  6. He said he's not going to announce anything publicly. If he was going to play at full strength, there's no reason to hide that fact. So does he think it's a strategic advantage? Sounds like he's bluffing playing at full strength
  7. Slim to none playoff hopes getting slimmer. Also, if you read between the lines as far as what Sean McDermmot is saying, they are obviously sitting players. Colts will have 7 months to think about how they blew this season. 5 of 6 years now with no playoffs.
  8. Can we see if we can pick up an O-line player from Center Grove?
  9. If anyone wants to make a name for themselves, now is the time ! Suck it up buttercup !
  10. it was all game. i counted 3 blatant ones and even commented to the people i was watching with. What the heck is up with that? one he left a full 1/2 second before anyone else.
  11. Agree , it's just been circumstances---dinged up, game situations, corner covering him, etc. I also feel that he has had something bothering him like either the Colts didn't lock him up already <<OR>> a hammy or something minor causing a slow up. He WILL be back with a vengeance because that's the type of guy he is, and he is still lighting fast.
  12. I'm not talking about benching him, I'm saying they should have had him out right after the terrible costly penalty he had. You could say it cost us a TD because it was 3 and 12 or something and then Burrow marched right down. There should be consequences if not but just one down to yank him out.
  13. He's only going to get better. It takes time to master his position. It's like a fine-wine. Be patient. I like his strength and his speed. Did he mess up today a few times, yes, no doubt. It's going to happen. Reich should have had him out of the game after his brain-fart WWF move. But NOOO, Reich left him in.
  14. Hilton is clutch. He got mauled today. He makes those really difficult 1st down catches, need him to get us to the playoffs. Without him, would be too tough without Campbell and Pittman Jr. Hilton has plenty left in the tank.
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