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  1. I think it's pretty clear that a big o-lineman is going to take a while to come back from an Achilles. That said, next season (2022) he should be at a much closer to original explosiveness level (if all goes well rehab-wise, in other words, no set-backs). I wouldn't put too much stock in anything but a mid to late November return (or later).
  2. Perhaps if vaccinated hopefully?
  3. I think that for Rodgers to want him gone, something very surreptitious must have occurred that he found out about and feels betrayed. That's a total guess but something major happened.
  4. you're in good shape once you oust Gutekunst. Have no worries!!
  5. This ^^^ seems as though what happened but they'll never come out and say. Irsay says their intended picks got taken in 3rd & 4th. You never want to admit defeat to the enemy and the Titans seem to have blown a few poison darts our way this off-season getting FA Autry and 2nd Round Radunz (53). Samuel Cosmi I believe went 52 (Washington) and he was a likely target too. But this isn't anything we all haven't speculated about already. Now just hoping to snag Leno Jr. or comparable w/arm length / hands same as Castonzo (Arms. 34 1/2. Hands. 10 5/8)
  6. How many Colts players have a break-out year in 2021 is directly proportional to how broke we're going to go in 2022.
  7. Agree! Irsay said it was the 3rd and 4th round that got them, not the 1st and 2nd. After everything shakes out , 2022 will put the disgruntlements to bed IMO. Fewer top draft picks, but we have scads of people to sign and retain. Water will find its level.
  8. They will take some media blows this morning, there's no doubt. It's just a natural thing when you didn't fill (arguably) your #1 need. Or number 1.5 need. It's up to Ballard to mitigate the threat of someone impeding on Wentz' blind-side. He's on high alert to be sure and I think he's up to the task of finding someone (outside of Tevi and company)
  9. WOW, this guy #UDFAKEEPER
  10. They said he's a ball-dropper They said he's a ball-dropper
  11. that's a reach, he just ruptured it before the Senior Bowl
  12. yea, i corrected my post, i was thinking Teven Jenkins
  13. may not have a choice now. I was hoping Ballard could have moved up to snag Darrisaw, he was prototypical LT type talent. Ballard must have had to pay too big a price for him (too many picks) and therefore, that ship sailed. But Radunz and Cosmi ...those hurt too
  14. Achilles is a brutal injury - rehab-wise, and for ANY NFL athlete. So we'll have to see, but any reward from this pick won't even be possible until 2022. Head scratcher
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