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  1. chrisfarley

    Wed injury report

  2. chrisfarley

    The Bills are not a cupcake team

    I just don't think that will happen. Colts win, but against the Bills, it will just feel so blah. A win is a win don't get me wrong...but you don't walk away from this win feeling like you've done much, even with my prediction of a complete blow-out victory. Bills thoroughly thumped in this one.
  3. chrisfarley

    The Bills are not a cupcake team

    Bills continually can't score, we score plenty each game. There's no way the Bills' defense stops us at LOS. Bottom line, this is a blow-out favoring the Colts. I mean, a team with absolutely no quarterback to speak of and then combining that with one of the NFL's even argue that the Bills have a chance at the Colts home field with the Colts getting healthier bit by bit and getting totally ripped for bad play, is ludicrous. They (Colts) will be pumped up, angry, vengeful, and sharp. Of course this is my prediction / opinion.
  4. chrisfarley

    Interesting Read About The Receivers

    All I can say is wow. Saw all of them live , but watching it again is painful and added with a sprinkle of bad andrew (no video available), 1-5 is not surprising.
  5. chrisfarley

    You're the GM

    I know they didn't pick up his 5th year option. I'd really like to see him come this way, he's waiting for his turn behind Anthony Miller, who is down with a left dislocated shoulder, but showing he played and had one catch for 29 vs. miami. He didnt play vs. Tampa Bay and then they had the bye and then played miami. Haven't seen White play at all.
  6. chrisfarley

    I should be angry right?

    Colts will take out a lot of frustration on the Bills. They have no chance. Sorry Bills fans.
  7. Don't know who put this injury hex on us, but here's instructions on breaking it.
  8. chrisfarley

    Frank Reich Presser

    and Hooker
  9. chrisfarley

    Who in the hell wants to go 8-8?

    7-4 will be very difficult even if our roster was 25% healthier than it is now. Drops, O-Line, run-game, & defense are all huge Achilles heels. I think Colts will have a top 15 1st round draft pick. We need a defensive monster and o-line o-line o-line -- the rest we go free agency and spend a fortune. Next year is the year to spend...
  10. chrisfarley

    Ebron gave up on the Colts last offensive play

    Look, if he gave up on a play, it will be a big wart in the film room and no player wants to look like a slouch on film on the field of play in front of your peers. If it truly happened, I'm sure he or someone who is responsible for him, will make sure it doesn't again. He'll be (and already was) disgusted at himself for the drops alone.
  11. chrisfarley


    He didn't have just any injury, it was extensive. Grade 3 ACL tear (where it tears into two separate pieces), and MCL tear. Also, he had a torn labrum in his hip coming out of OSU and prior had a double inguinal hernia surgery. I think it will just take him some time to get all of those reflexes and smaller twitch muscles and nerve endings to compensate for the operation and the other tendons that have to be transplanted from other areas of the body. I would say he will do nothing but get better as all of his injuries and subsequent surgeries are accepted by his body. He's young, so I feel he will get back to about 95 of what he was.
  12. chrisfarley

    what is it with these hamstring injuries and the Colts ???

    He pulled a hammy, he is day to day
  13. chrisfarley

    Deangelo Hall - FS1

    I'd settle for those big q-tip things you see on american gladiator, let'em go at it. I've got ballard either way.
  14. chrisfarley

    Deangelo Hall - FS1

    Authentic Translation: BB has bugged the Colts locker room and is listening now.