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  1. not sure we can say Campbell was depth behind Hilton, he had 62 yards in 4 games. Now, could he be emerging young talent, certainly....and I hope so, but so far, meh. I'd like to see more things designed for him. Reich bringing him along slowly, too bad about the injury.
  2. I am very concerned as well, but the Colts won't put him out there if he is hurting our defense. I thought Vander-Esch was a beast at first too and he has tapered off a bit, although he has 31 solo & 50 tackles (combined) (.5 sacks). Most importantly however, i hope he (Leonard) regains 100% brain health.
  3. They don't have to key on him as much with Brissett in the mix. I don't think he'll hit Hilton in this game for the home-run or long-balls. Different era of arm and mindset now that Luck's gone.
  4. he had to roll out to the right a ton, and when he did, good things did not happen. But eventually it became ball control and keep Mahomes watching from the bench. Entire offensive game plan change. Brissett could have had 260+ which would likely have brought the YPA upwards, but it simply was not needed nor prudent.
  5. great win, ended on a sour-note with Turay, feeling so bad for him right now. he really chased that last play around in circles and there were so many bodies entangled and moving around....it's just , ugh... hard to believe it happened. How do we replace him? good ole fashioned football though and proud to be a Colts fan.
  6. pretty pathetic ,,,both ways really.. but we got hosed multiple times.
  7. Unfortunately probably be Bowen. JMV is 3-6 i think. Bowen's ok, but agree with other posters, would be nice to have some more pointed questions answered.
  8. Can't sleep on their defense either, as their Defensive Line dominated one of the best offensive lines in the NFL through all four quarters against the Eagles. Grady Jarrett and Takkarist McKinley certainly and absolutely led the charge, but some of their other studs, Adrian Clayborn, Allen Bailey, Tyeler Davison and Vic Beasley were heavy contributors.
  9. she (Cann) was younger, therefore more in tune to the athletes and what makes them tick (xbox one, P/S-4, VR, thousand dollar phones, millennial speak, z-gen speak, music & other things.
  10. nice analysis. I think he's got the yips. I'm sure he'll be honest with everyone if he truly does have them. They have retired some of the best athletes to every play golf mainly, but other sports are affected by them as well. I wish him only the best if he truly has them.
  11. agree, I think he gets out of this slump vs. falcons. I would prefer not to have boo-birds cackling for a 2nd time this season at LOS.
  12. nope, he is done for the year i'd say it's 95% , so yea , lots more snaps for others.
  13. bottom line is he lost again. give us some wins and this thread is a heck of a lot different. you are so welcome on the insightful input.
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