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  1. It's plain and simple, the Colts blew this one. I am not going to try to sugar-coat it for Grigson. Rarely do you find someone like this that has rare combinations. He would have been an impact player. You will see in the Cowboys first game. He will play, he won't play every snap, obviously, but he will play and HE WILL CONTRIBUTE BIG-TIME. This is what we missed on and it's just very sad to me.
  2. I've looked at our roster and have looked over other rosters in the league, There are some surprisingly strong rosters out there , some with "Mega Talent" all up and down their rosters. I'm not sure why the Colts couldn't bolster the roster with bigger names in the off-season but Grigson did what he could with what was available at the time --- he also missed a few gems (Welker), and many others.
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