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  1. Can we see if we can pick up an O-line player from Center Grove?
  2. If anyone wants to make a name for themselves, now is the time ! Suck it up buttercup !
  3. it was all game. i counted 3 blatant ones and even commented to the people i was watching with. What the heck is up with that? one he left a full 1/2 second before anyone else.
  4. Agree , it's just been circumstances---dinged up, game situations, corner covering him, etc. I also feel that he has had something bothering him like either the Colts didn't lock him up already <<OR>> a hammy or something minor causing a slow up. He WILL be back with a vengeance because that's the type of guy he is, and he is still lighting fast.
  5. I'm not talking about benching him, I'm saying they should have had him out right after the terrible costly penalty he had. You could say it cost us a TD because it was 3 and 12 or something and then Burrow marched right down. There should be consequences if not but just one down to yank him out.
  6. He's only going to get better. It takes time to master his position. It's like a fine-wine. Be patient. I like his strength and his speed. Did he mess up today a few times, yes, no doubt. It's going to happen. Reich should have had him out of the game after his brain-fart WWF move. But NOOO, Reich left him in.
  7. Hilton is clutch. He got mauled today. He makes those really difficult 1st down catches, need him to get us to the playoffs. Without him, would be too tough without Campbell and Pittman Jr. Hilton has plenty left in the tank.
  8. yea, you are correct, i think they called the penalty on the wrong jersey #, but it was he who committed the sin
  9. maybe the refs are tired of the Colts losing too. want us to have a good draft pick. x-mas gift to Irsay
  10. i was so wrong about hilton having a big game, i have to eat my crow. didn't know it was going to be the Blizzard of '78, but I'll take Gore substituting for giving hilton big yards any day. sure-fire hall of famer gave everything he had today, and then some
  11. if pagano would have gotten them to the right hash mark, we probably beat the bills. Now a home game and not wanting to suck will bring a mixed, unceremonious low roar from the crowd thursday and slightly enough mettle from the players to get the W. i root for the Colts no matter what, but I just can't believe how big a swing it could be from losing out vs. winning out. crazy that we could possibly draft in the middle "of the order".
  12. we were already in position to pick up a win (IMO) by 3 to 7 points. Now I have to change my thinking. I'd say 10 to 14 point victory now, or if chuck screws some things up, we win by 1. Any way you slice it now, its a victory.
  13. No problem I'll leave the coats be, but I'd be happy to belt out a few "La La La Luke, Luke, I am your father" !!
  14. yea, Clark was put in to set some sort of personal record, can't remember other than it was a miserable game to have to sit through as a Colts fan. Thanks Polian, he should at least admit that he regrets it.
  15. same kid that came in the other day vs. the jags. our backup got injured and they brought the 3rd stringer in. wish i could think of his name.
  16. will be good to have him back in week 15. game will be 31 and a little bit snowy (flurries) and a 22MPH sustained wind, so Kelly will be happy to stay back in Indy where it will be a balmy 39 and clear.
  17. Interesting stat for sure. I wonder if there is a stat for, 'Most time given to a coach to figure out if he can coach'. Pagano would be 1st.
  18. buffalo is playing for something, they will score more than that , but we will outscore them. look for a huge game from TY.
  19. among others, was especially disappointed in the penalties, like the 12 men on the field on defense, it wasn't even someone running off the field, they were all just standing there like statues.
  20. if what you're saying is true (that those injections damage tissue), it would be almost certain that the Colts wouldn't have let that happen -- every team including the Colts have the best possible medical & training staff , top notch all the way, the best that money can buy. It's like having the Mayo Clinic at your disposal every day.
  21. not even close. he was just injury prone but provided us some amazing highlights and victories. his body was not framed or right-sized for the amount of muscle he was trying to develop / put on AND play NFL football at the same time, and might have contributed to some of his muscle related injuries. From Iowa to Indy, he was a god-like figure around these parts.
  22. he's going to get 3 to 4 years to build something regardless. Irsay has a coin in his pocket that he rubs every day. One side of it says, "In Ballard We Trust"
  23. Out with Moncrief, in with Rodman, put him in now or I'll fire a rocket tuesday !!
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