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  1. Likely season would be over at that point (all but the scoreboard watching), but I just don't see us losing to the 49ers. The only way I see us losing is if Bosa just terrorizes Fisher and in turn Wentz. These guys know the importance of this game and I think when their backs are firmly up against the wall (which they are), I think they will respond and in a big, big way. They are hungry to get back into the fray by listening to them. One other thing that I will be looking for is for someone who has not jumped out at us yet this year to step up to the plate and go yard (I'm confident that it will happen because I'm positive that someone will want to make a name for themselves)...who's it going to be though?, perhaps Strachan, maybe Granson.
  2. Glad to hear, Campbell just had his as well. Looking forward to these guys getting "on the mend" and re-joining the Colts in a year. I know Fisher isn't quite what he wants to be after his surgery so I'd give Blackmon a full year for him to be back to 85 to 90 percent of what he was, which is pretty darn good for this injury.
  3. He's still in the road suite at M&T Bank Stadium
  4. It's not just the horrible rainy weather expected, it's the grass field. Remember, this grass field is notorious for problems (The Pete Carroll game), the game where the kicker slipped, (Justin Tucker) etc, etc. (Tifway II Bermuda Grass). If you add rain to this field, players are slipping all over. The Super Bowl had to be re-sodded 7 or 8 times.
  5. Extremely tough now, REALLY had after the BILLS lost. What else could go wrong? I mean it's just cursed. Chances of making players is slim to none. Our chances when from 8.4% to 5% with the loss of the bills.
  6. ................. is that we had a chance to get back into the big picture but can't because we are coached by Mr. Sabermetrics. Kick the extra-point already!!! Are you kidding me?!! Reich always wants to follow up a missed extra point with a two-point conversion to get back the loss of the 1 point the time before. I knew he would do that and jumped out of my chair when they lined up for the 2-point conversion. Mindless. And I don't want to hear that we missed the first one and Reich was not confident in his hip-injured kicker. The hip-injured kicker is the one who was put in to ice the game.
  7. something profound (perhaps) is that he said he has that wide stance (at times) and it messes all of his throwing mechanics up (causing the ball to sail). And that the coaching staff should stay on him about the mechanics constantly. You'd think this far along in his career he would have that down pat.
  8. We go into every game -6 on the scoreboard
  9. oh, there's sure to be ligament damage, he's (wentz) is hopefully it's not broken. If he can come back at all, it will be a while. Ballard needs to find a free agent QB asap, I mean he's probably up right now waking free agents up as it's only 11:56pm Indiana Time.
  10. The Rams vs. Colts game is one of the premier games they will be following and getting stories from (they also have lots of material on the Seattle game). Getting cross-over games (Intra-Conference) appeals to larger fan base.
  11. This is getting a lot of press. Time for a win Sunday!! The NFL is knocking!
  12. Or if we played the Texans to open the season, the starters would have another week of rest......
  13. You're right. It was pretty obvious after the news broke of his signing and the presser that Irsay had post-signing, that he usurped Ballard on the final offer, snatching him away from the open jaws of the Ravens. (Certainly demonstrates his loyalty to iconic players and Hilton's loyalty to the horseshoe)
  14. looked pretty bad, like a non-contact knee gave completely out while shuffling his legs
  15. if this were to happen, two things would be crystal clear to me 1) Ballard has no confidence in the players he's seen in the 2 pre-season games 2) And Fisher is quite a ways from being able to practice (full participation).
  16. The more time he is out, the better... the Colts can be cursed with injuries and he's probably closer to a plug-n-play QB than many other QB's. Not like a Rivers mind you but shouldn't take a lot of ramp-up time. What I mean by Rivers is that Phillip would be someone who could come back into a starting role after a brief injury delay and not miss a beat because he can read defenses so well and learning the playbook is a quick deal for him. EDIT: What I meant to also say is that the Jets game and their recent injuries spooked me again on catastrophic injuries.
  17. big Vikings offensive lineman had him neutralized up to the sack. he looked small but IMO I think he's still healing from the ankle and will be a beast once he learns and perfects some add'l moves (and that Vikings O-lineman was quite large).
  18. Speaking of depth. What's T.J. Carrie's status? He's 31, I would hate if his knee injury is serious.
  19. No doubt about it. Also, Jags have 1st priority waiver rights
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