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  1. There, fixed it for you.
  2. It obviously applies to both Luck and Ebron, so yes.
  3. BB and the Pats remind me of Putin and his lying regime. It's like Putin is BB's idol, without the murders of course.
  4. Same here, pretty sure the front office grabs a low round QB (because they need one to replace CK - they've paid their respects to his uncle, time to cut him loose) and because JB is their guy.
  5. Not sure I follow your logic, Flash7. From what I am aware of, 88 is the only Colt player from that era who's in the HOF. Granted, Manning's on his way, but he's the only other sure-fire HOFer. I think several others deserve it and hope they make it, but don't think they are locks.
  6. Aww, gee. Somehow I'm happy it happened. Oh, and it coincides with them getting caught cheating yet again. Surprise, surprise!
  7. Chicken McChickenface?
  8. Turay And in TC there was Patterson, Brown, Ishmael, Nacua, and Isaiah Johnson (and Fountain you already mentioned)
  9. I think we'll keep it close, as usual. 35-30 Saints win is my prediction, but I wouldn't be surprised if these Colts win by less than 7 also.
  10. Looks like Washington at Detroit (1990) Buffalo at Indiana (1997) Indiana at Kansas City (2013) we’re the other instances
  11. 2-3 years away imo, and by then we probably lose Houston
  12. And his cultish haters will blame him for everything in the loss. And Swag's cultish fans will insist he start next week. And AV's cultish haters will insist he retire immediately if not sooner. And ... and ... and the message board goes round and round.
  13. I'm not sure we can predict what this team will do except keep games ridiculously close, at any amount of scoring. It's bizarre.
  14. He's on the Broncos, has a tackle against Houston today.
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