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  1. And here's Blackmon breaking down his own game-sealing pick against Cincy.
  2. Edge feels Irsay is legit. I respect Edge's opinion on him.
  3. Doesn't change your conclusion, but Campbell was resigned to the PS and CB Angulo was released, both a couple days ago.
  4. Not sure how many fans want to watch injury situations. I typically don't watch broken leg and ankle/ACL tear replays or videos. Just doesn't generate feelings I want to experience, so I generally avoid them. But, I know America's funniest home videos was a major hit and it had a LOT of videos of folks taking damage in all sorts of ways. For that reason, I am pretty sure some of the fan base will want to know about this injury and perhaps view the hit that caused it. Here ya go! Zaire Franklin's hit on Jarvis Landry after he caught a 32-yard dime from Mayfield broke his rib(s) and
  5. Wake up BHC, your pizza is here........
  6. Thanks, I just did a straight calculation without taking any other factors into account. So he's closer to a 4.37ish and that's still quite fast. His 10.55 is right there with Cordarelle Patterson, Adrian Peterson, and Lamar Miller. But then again, similar 100 times doesn't mean they will all run the 40 similarly.
  7. This article says he ran a 20.8s 200m dash to win the MAIS state track title, which calculates to 21.51mph. Running a 40y dash at that speed would take 3.8 seconds . BTW, that run shattered the previous state record by 0.7 seconds. This colts.com article also has him listed as winning the MAIS state title in the 100 (10.55), 200 (20.8) and 400-meter (47.96). The 100m time calculates to 19.39mph, and running a 40y dash at that speed would take 4.22 seconds. Either way, he's a burner.
  8. And here is Matt Bowen breaking down Buckner's play, calls him the #2 interior defender in the league right now.
  9. Here's ex-Colts DB Darius Butler breaking down the Blackmon pick that sealed our win against Cincy. I always like Darius' breakdowns. In another tweet about this play, Darius points out how the DBs showed Burrow a “Single High” or “Middle Closed” look pre-snap but rotated to a “Split safety” or “Middle Open” look post snap.
  10. And he had a rep against BigQ - love it!
  11. I prefer Bowen and George Bremer. Andrew Walker does a good job, but is constrained in what he can say by being a Colts employee. Don't have much use for the rest of those listed.
  12. It has to be since start of 2019. Hilton har 68ydr in 2018 Good catch (no pun intended). Hilton had several nice catches in 2018, including: 68 yards, 60 yards, 55 yards, 43 yards, and 42 yards. I miss those days!!
  13. Old thread about an old Colts player. He's been picked up. Good for him! Hope he does well.
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