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  1. A feel good story. The tweet below is a bit short on accuracy, and the photo is tiny and hard to read, so here's a summary. Leonard was at the BMV in Carmel this morning and on his way out a private security guard in uniform handed Leonard some cash and said "let me buy your lunch." Leonard was masked with a hoodie and a cap, so he's quite sure the guard had no idea who he was. Leonard then found out who the guard is and is giving him and his family dinner and a Colts game. Leonard also then drove to a Cracker Barrel and paid for everyone's meal in the entire restaurant.
  2. Of late, he's not been all that, with one (benched) Pro Bowler out of the last six drafts and most recently a 4-win season.
  3. Anyone know who was on the 3 empty banners before they recently became empty? I'd be tempted to put Kenny Moore, Leonard, and BigQ on them, but they might decide to put our starting QB (whenever that's determined) on one of them just because he'll be the 'face of the team' for the most part.
  4. I mentioned that. Just not in detail. Oh, yes, you certainly did. I missed it! I'll add that the last time Connor (6 years older than Q) beat up his little brother was when Connor came home from college where he was a starting linebacker and started rough-housing with Q. It was a draw, and Connor never picked on Q again. Q was 14 years old at the time.
  5. Songs in Video: 1. Living The Dream by Five Finger Death Punch 2. Forever by Onlap 3. The Scotts Rock Cover by ThiagoCamposOfficial
  6. Agreed, did you watch the video of Chappell making his case? If not, you should, and I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it.
  7. 2nd hardest hit by injuries, per this metric:
  8. Saw this elsewhere, it might have some validity: I wonder if the Eagles are trying to get feedback and intel from across the NFL on how these guys feel about Carson Wentz...It's honestly not a bad idea. Interview brightest minds/evaluators and see what they think to help with assessment
  9. It's worth noting that Quenton's older brother, Connor, put this video together, just as he has each year since Big Q was a freshman at ND.
  10. We can rest easier now. Dodds isn't going to Detroit. Yay!
  11. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-ranking-top-25-offensive-tackles-2020-nfl-season
  12. Hooker seems to have a lot of drama going on. I recall around the time the Colts declined his 5th year option, he deleted is Instagram account. No idea if they were related, but they happened pretty close in succession. Within the past 3-4 days, he has deleted his Twitter account. Not sure what precipitated it - could be rehab-related, could be something else entirely. Hope he finds some peace. Edit: I guess I posted this because I know he's been inconsistent and injured. He's rehabbing and expected to be playing ball again come July. I wonder how his 'exci
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