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  1. Hardly a ringing endorsement on JB. JB's performance was the tale of two cities. In first 7 games he looked solid. Last 9 his play ranged from mediocre to terrible. Perhaps some of that is due to injuries with receiving corps but JB seemed to struggle in all aspects of the passing game 2nd half of the season. I suspect he starts the season as our #1 but I see CB drafting a QB to be his replacement at some point next years if JB fails to rebound.
  2. loved both of these guys. Bert was fun to watch. He had a cannon for an arm. Watching him throw balls to Carr and Chester was a thing of beauty. Absolutely enjoyed Luck. The guy made an average team play well. His rookie season was a joy to watch particularly the shoot out with KC in playoffs. Last season Luck really put this team on his back and made them a winner. Statistically, Luck has the better stats but that is a product of the game changing. Also Luck got to play most of his games indoor. Bert had the swirling winds of Old Memorial stadium to contend with. Both were leaders and champions. It is unfortunate that injuries cut down both their careers.
  3. whatever it takes. Get Burrows. give them 3 #1 picks. Get it done.
  4. I wouldn't put all of blame on JB play but it is apparent that he is at best an average QB. He is not going to win games on his passing ability. We had no receivers all season. our TE play is not great. Doyle is not a vertical receiving threat. He is a possession type receiver. We have a good OL for running the ball. However the pass blocking has not been great. Not sure if that is on the line or JB's tendency to hold onto ball too long.
  5. If we can draft a good QB we should. At best JB keeps position warm for a prospect. CB needs to get creative and do whatever is necessary to trade into #1 slot for Burrows. I would give up our #1 and #2 we got from Washington + a #1 next year for Burrows.
  6. We have no passing game. we need wide outs, a receiving threat TE and we need a QB. Brissett is a .500 QB. Whatever it takes - get Burrows! Colts have a tradition of great and near great QBs. Brissett is not in either category. Great QBs: Unitas, Manning and Luck. Near Great: Bert Jones.
  7. Not necessarily in this order. DL - need to be able to stop the run and collapse the pocket. EDGE pass Rusher WR - critical need. This is the biggest weakness on the roster right now due to injuries. TE - Ebron is gone. Doyle is a possession receiver but does not stretch a defense. we need an upgrade at TE to add a weapon in passing game. QB - If a solid QB option is out there we should consider. We can allow a rookie to get some seasoning and go with JB for 2020 OL - A right Tackle would be good - can shift Smith to RG Secondary - I think an improved pass rush would help our existing secondary but if we can add depth in our secondary we should upgrade. PK - We should audition as many kickers as possible Only areas that do not need significant help is RB and LB. Draft has to contribute with 2-3 guys who can start immediately. Perhaps there are 2-3 rookies who get playing time and show growth. Team has FA money. They need to spend some of it to fill some needs on this team
  8. No pass rush- hard to assess secondary. Brees is a surgeon. Makes all his throws. JB has missed wide open receivers. JB does not have the passing touch that Brees has.
  9. looks like a blow out. Team is over matched. Brees is carving us up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Colts struggling to run ball. JB hitting some longer throws but missing some wide open guys.
  10. We are conditioned to a Colts offense in the Manning and Luck era that had the ability to score and mount comebacks. That version of past Colts offenses no longer exists. JB is not Manning or Luck and frankly outside of having a superior offensive line than the one that existed for Luck, the players at the skill positions have been average at best - with the sole exception of TY. Manning had James, Rhodes, Addai, Harrison, Reggie, Clark, Dilger, Pollard. Luck lacked the weapons that Manning had but he was an exceptional talent that made a bad team decent and a good team great. JB has an average offense outside of the O-Line which is above average and occasionally great. hHs running backs have played well but he has no real receivers of top tier talent outside of TY. As a result, the offense is not consistent and struggles to score consistently. If JB had better receiving threats perhaps the results would be different. Clearly if we had vintage Vinitari as a kicker we would be a playoff contender. Perhaps if JB had a far better set of receiving weapons to use and if he had a more consistent FG kicker things would be far different. Then again, perhaps JB is at best a serviceable QB but not a QB who will put fear into defenses and a Super Bowl caliber QB.
  11. Looks like we could not run ball. JB completion rate is never great although e did seem to have some good deep vertical pass connections - had not seen much of that this season. Real culprit in this game appears to be porous secondary and again we miss a FG that proved to be the difference. We got 4 turnovers and still lost is a head scratcher - Team will play out the season and have to make some key decisions on how to improve for next year
  12. the WR position for the Colts is an endangered species.
  13. Team has solid nucleus with solid OL and pretty good defense that will get better with more experience by rookies. We actually have good group of running backs. Disappointment and areas in need of major improvements are: Offense Place kicker. It is doubtful AV is back. A great kicker who went bad all at once. Punt Return - we need someone who can actually return punts and gain some yards. Wide Receivers - need a playmaker to complement TY. Jury is out on Campbell. Pascal is a #3. not sure if Funchess is back next year or not. Fountain is raw and it remains to be seen how he recovers from ankle injury. We need to invest high pick in at least one WR. Tight End. We have Doyle. Ebron is gone. Rest of our TE group is filler material at best. Need another Dallas Clark TE. I am not ready to say that we need a better QB. If JB had better receivers who could stretch a defense the results might be different. With that said I would think that the team might want to look at a high pick for a QB who can be groomed as JB's eventual successor. Given where we will pick in draft and fact that we have a #1 and two high #2 picks, we need to look at seeing if we can scoop up a good QB prospect On defense we need: Run stuffing Defensive tackle who can also collapse the pocket. an EDGE rusher and a bit more help in secondary. I actually think we have a solid nucleus in secondary - but if we have opportunity to upgrade at this position we should do that. I think we may be 1-2 players away from having a really dominant defense.
  14. Kicker, big play WR, DL, TE, QB of future,DB and OL depth
  15. this loss was on the offense which could not get much going in passing game. We had a great running game. Blown coverage that allowed Hopkins get wide open in end zone was biggest defensive mistake. I do not fault defense on some of the other long passes that Watson made to his receives. Watson is a solid QB and he is blessed with talented receivers.
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