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  1. We need to sign Inman and hope Cain can contribute. With that said I think we go with a WR in 2nd or 3rd round. A receiving corps that has Hilton, Inman, Cain and a solid play making 2nd rounder should make Luck happy. We can have Pascal, Rogers and Fountain fight it out for a roster slot. Most of the focus in this draft should be on defense. Defense showed great promise last year but we need to add some playmakers who can help us become a a top 5 defense. We need to improve pass rush and we need another 1-2 defensive backs. Would also like to add another LB. I would hope we get an impact D-lineman in round 1 and draft a WR and DB in second round. I think we might look at an O-lineman in 3rd to 5th rounds to add more depth. We still have Pascal and Rogers who showed some improvement as season progressed. Fountain is raw - not sure how long it would take or whether he develops into a pro receiver. I am a bit concerned about Doyle being able to stay healthy so I would not be surprised if we add a tight end.
  2. Weather certainly seemed to have some impact on our speed game.
  3. Round One - Ideally a pass rusher Round two - Secondary and either WR or TE Round three - Defense BPA
  4. Definitely bring Inman back. Rogers/Pascal showed some flashes during win streak but we can definitely use another solid receiver to take pressure off of Hilton. I would not be surprised if we tried to get a TE in draft. Ebron is a receiving TE but is not a physical player. We need to find the next Dallas Clark. Doyle is OK but is not going to get big gains after catching the ball. Cox has potential but is still a work in progress.
  5. Kenny Moore was very good. He is a keeper. I thought Leonard played better in 2nd half. The off sides penalties really hurt. No one on offense really shined. Mack when given the ball showed we could run. Inman made some nice grabs. Rest of offense - particularly Luck had bad games. Hilton was never a factor
  6. I do not know why we stopped using Hines as a weapon. He is a good receiver and we did not try and get him into the game early on. for offseason we need to get another WR who can complement Hilton and Inman. we can also use a solid TE who can block and be a receiving threat. Kelce really hurt us tonight. On defense we need a solid pass rusher from the outside. We can use another LB to complement Leonard and Walker; and We need a playmaker in secondary either safety/CB or both. It may also be time to bring in AV's replacement. Not sure we can count on him at 47 to continue to be a top flight kicker.
  7. Colts were undisciplined tonight. Several encroachment calls on defense and that stupid unsportsmanlike penalty that was a 15 yard penalty., the smith holding call on the nice run by Mack also hurt. This was clearly one of the worse games we played since the 1-5 start. I would agree that talent wide we are not deep and that showed in this game. I also thought that we got away from short passes to our backs. I thought we had a more creative offensive strategy with reverses in Texan game. No creativity on offense in this game.
  8. I thought refs missed several pass interference calls against Chiefs. the running into the kicker call was marginal at best.
  9. Let's give the Chiefs a lot of credit. they were prepared and played well. They put pressure on Luck all night and they also ran the ball very well. Mahomes is a special talent. We wanted to take the deep ball away - which we did but in the process they chewed us up with runs and throws underneath. Colts looked unprepared. Luck had a lot of balls tipped and made some bad throws. He was definitely off tonight. AV missed FG that could have been a momentum builder for us. If he made that + made the XP that he missed would have brought us to within 7 with 5 minutes to go. three times we were in red zone and came up empty (missed FG, strip sack, and last play of game). On offense we got a decent game out of Inman. Hilton was not a factor. Ebron dropped several balls. when given ball Mack ran well but when you are behind the defense will let you burn up time with runs. Overall offensive line pass protection was not good but Colts were in hole and Chiefs could tee off and rush passer. AV had worse game of his career. On Defense Kenny Moore played well. He was our star performer. Leonard played better in 2nd half. In first half he was overwhelmed.
  10. I recall that game very much. Earl Morrall had a wide open Jimmy Orr or Ray Perkins on a flea flicker and never saw him and threw an interception
  11. Key disappointments today: 1. Not much pass rush by Coltsd 2. Colts did not stop run 3. penalties 4. Missed FG 5.chiefs have put pressure on Luck
  12. Mahomes has carved us up. Colt offense not clicking. Penalties and now fumble hurt. Team has a lot to be proud of this season. Need to have good draft, get healthy and pick up. few free agents.
  13. Have not heard pre-game announcers play up loss of Hooker. I suspect that Colts feel they rather go with a healthy body at Safety than a hobbled Hooker on a cold wet field. It may be more difficult to stay loose and pivot with a bum foot and Colts felt let's not risk this.
  14. Tough blow in pivotal game. Hopefully weather impacts Chiefs passing game. We better be able to put some pressure on Mahomes to force some interceptions.
  15. You have to play the game. what the pundits think does not really matter. Colts are playing great and most definitely can win this game. Colts are playing with house money. chiefs have the pressure on them. Luck has playoff experience - Mahomes does not although he has the makings of being a great QB. Colt offensive line can open up holes for Mack and company and Luck can shred Chief's secondary, particularly with an offensive line that provided Luck with great protection all season. Colt defense is aggressive and can force mistakes. Colts need to avoid turnovers, big plays and no dumb penalties.
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