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  1. Thought with a 16 point lead we would win. We were dominating at that point. Kicking game was a disaster tonight. Missed XP, going for 2 and not kicking XP and not converting, blocked FG and then missing FG on last play of regulation. I thought offense was very good. Really no complaints given we are playing without Nelson and Smith. Pryor is a definite upgrade over Davenport.Wentz looked sharp other than fumble. Defense started strong and looked goo through part of 3rd quarter. Once we lost most of secondary we just got picked apart and even when we put pressure on Lamar he just turned that into runs and dumped off passes. Was looking at this as a nice win that went south in 4th quarter.
  2. 1. OL is underperforming - mainly due to injuries 2. Defense is soft - no pass rush. Teams are running on us and controlling the clock and secondary leaks. 3. Red zone offense has looked bad - cannot convert. 4. Aside from possession catches by Pascal and Pittman not much from receiving game. No real vertical threat and TE position is not a real offensive strength. 5. Need to get Hines more into offensive scheme. 6. We are playing constantly from behind so we cannot use Taylor to control clock
  3. 1. Offense Line is playing poorly. We had patchwork Tackles for most of this game and Went was rushed hard. 2. Red Zone offense. We are on 1 year line and could not score. Reich went for TD on first drive and Went gets sacked. We also had ball on 4 or 5 yard line and Wentz turns ball over - Those botched drives cost us at least 6 points. 3. We give up too many deep balls. Pass rush is not clicking and secondary is playing soft. 4. Running game has not dominated - Taylor and Hines have not been dominant as of yet. On positive note: Wentz has played well. Pascal has been clutch and Pittman just had his best game.
  4. We gave up big passing plays. Exposed a weak secondary. Offensive line play was not good - Need Fisher back soon - Davenport was not good. Surprisingly Smith struggled. Hard to generate an offensive game without good offensive line play. We gave up more on ground than I thought we would. On positive, Carson was pretty decent given he missed all pre-season games. Taylor/Hines are a big part of the offense. Pascal and Straughn were good
  5. Manning and particularly Luck era teams were built around the QB. How they played usually dictated the results. This team is more well rounded. We have a stronger corps of running backs, OL, and I think the foundation of this defense is stronger. Wentz does not have to be Manning or Luck to excel and I think Wentz will do well. He has the skill sets to be an upper echelon QB and he has a very solid foundation to work with on offense. First 5 games are a test for this team. I think we will surprise people with our overall play. I would think a 3-2 start and perhaps a 5-1 start would not be a reach.
  6. We go with stop gap at LT for start of season. hopefully Fischer slides in by 3rd-4th game of season. This s a good move. We get a #1 LT for money only.
  7. the more I listen to Ballard the more I am impressed with his passion, insight and ability. He is a solid GM. I watched the video on the Colts War Room. I was impressed with the explanation offered on why they were picking the players they picked. Ballard and Reich are a great combo and along with Isray make a great team.
  8. I would break this up into eras. Baltimore Colts up to 72: They are all in the HOF 1950's - 1972. I would sprinkle in guys like Mike Curtis, Tom Matte, Ted Hendricks Tom Mitchell, Logan and Volk in secondary...... Baltimore Colts 72 until move to Indy: Bert Jones, Llydell Mitchell, Roger Carr, Raymond Chester, Colts D-Line Indy Colts (Manning era): Manning, EDGE, Harrison, Wayne, Dallas Clark, Bob Sanders, Freeney, Mathis, Saturday, Vinitari...... Indy Colts (post Manning): Luck, Hilton, Leonard, our current running backs,
  9. We need a playmaking TE. He is an added weapon in our receiving attack and Reich likes to see TE's. A bit surprised we picked him over BJ of Miami but they must see something they like
  10. Nothing wrong with Dayo pick. He can play all over the front line. I thought we would get an OT in round 2 but the top option for OT Round 2 were picked. Ballard claims Dayo was their top choice in round 2 - which may be spin or he felt that this guy has first round talent and we are getting him in the mid 2nd round. We could have used a 3rd round pick as we lost out on Brown, Christenson and Mayfield. I would think our top draft option for an OT now would bee D'Ante Smith or we may draft Trey Smith from Tennessee who is an OG but has as tackle body. For next 4 picks I hope we find an OL, LB (some good options are still on board), Defensive Back, and TE. The rest of our roster adds will come from UDFA, and Free Agents - there will be a new round of cuts.
  11. Hopefully he is ready by October. We have added a lot of talent too defensive line with these picks. We still need a LB, secondary for defense. On Offense we need OT, TE and a WR in that order. I would feel better if we can get another pick and someone find a way to get Brown, Mayfield or Christensen for OT.
  12. Next highest ranked OT is Spencer Brown who is probably 3rd or 4th round pick. Big run on OT's in 2nd round threw us a curve ball. Dayo is a good player - not sure when he will be back from torn achilles tear. thought we might go LB if we were going too pass on OT option.
  13. I am a bit surprised that Paye lasted until our pick at 21. I felt we would go OT at 21 if we did not trade down. I cannot disagree with CB pick. It is a great pick and there are plenty of OT options available that we can grab at 54. I am hopeful that CB can make a move to pick up #3 and if possible another #4 or #5. Would love for us to grab OT, TE, LB, DB (Corner or Safety) and WR. This could be another great draft and Paye can give us the EDGE player we have lacked since Freeney and Mathis.
  14. It is a good pick. He is the best EDGE available with a lot of upside. There are a lot of OT options available in draft. Colts can still get a solid OT in 2nd. I am a bit surprised we did not trade back but at 21 Ballard had his option off Paye, Darrisaw or Newsome. Would still like for us to get a 3rd round pick but that may be hard now unless CB can turn 54 into 2 picks
  15. We also need a TE. I think we can add wr on day 3. hopefully we can find a TE in the draft as well unless Ballard can wrangle a trade for a TE
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