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  1. Rivers has had a great career. He is still a good QB but not a great QB. This is an offense that is still in transition with injuries to Mack, Campbelll and Pittman. TY does not have enough help at the other wide outs to get the separation we need to have him make big plays and I suspect that his skill set while still good is not what it was. The TE situation is average at best. We have not really had a dominant running game but I believe it willl gel as Taylor gets more reps and if we develop a better passing game. The team's play in the red zone has been inconsistent. We need to convert i
  2. Tough losing Mack, Campbell and Pittman on offense. Taylor is only going to get better so we can survive losing Mack. TY is not the dominant receiver any longer. It remains to be seen if Campbell comes back this year. Hopefully Pittman is back after bye week and can blossom into a solid wide out. We are thin on OT depth and TE slot is adequate at best. MAC has upside but is not a proven commodity. I am generally happy with defense. Blackmon was an excellent pick. I love getting solid performance from our special team play. Future is bright. I think we need one more solid draft a
  3. Offense continues to struggle in red zone. We need to convert the short field into touch downs and not just field goals. Offense is still not clicking. It is tough not having Mack, Pittman and Campbell. Offensive line is not as dominant as we thought and we have lack of depth at Tackle slot. Rivers is a capable QB but is not an elite QB at this stage of his career. I am hopeful that we will get more of a tempo on offense that can consistently move the ball score TDs in red zone and avoid costly picks. Defense is sound - although we seem to be soft in zone coverage. when
  4. Offense has to score touchdowns. We keep coming up short in red zone. It is also tough to have offense give up 9 points today. Defense was poor in 1st half. Played well in 2nd half except on 3rd and 9 when we needed to stop Browns in last 2:30 minutes.
  5. Don't forget Raymond Chester, Roger Carr, Willie Richardson, Roy Jefferson and of course Raymond Berry . Colts had great clutch receivers in Jimmy Orr and Ray Perkins.
  6. I see the makings of a ball control offense. A solid runnings game will make our passing offense go. Mack, Taylor, Wilkins and Hines. I like it
  7. He has very good physical tools. When you stop and think about he really has not played a lot of college ball. I think he is in the right system with Reich and Rivers to help school him. He also has the benefit of a good offensive line and talent at wide receiver and running back. This team will be more of a ball control offense vs. what we had with Peyton and Luck. I think this was a good pick. HE has a lot of upside and could emerge as a top flight QB. at worse he is a 4th round pick who may be an average QB. I think the upside far outweighs the downside particularly when he falls to us in
  8. My view is that Colts will only hold onto Brissett if they do not get a QB in draft. If they get a QB that they want to groom as a back up then they may flip JB for a draft pick.
  9. CB and Safety are big needs. Was surprised by cut. I presume Colts see upgrades in FA class and may opt to sign a CB who they believe is an upgrade. We are really thin at Safety position. I am also surprised that Colts are stating that they would hold on to JB. I would guess we would trade him for a pick and look at QB in draft to groom in either 2nd or 3rd round. Primary needs are: CB/S; WR, TE, QB Secondary needs: OL, DL, LB,RB
  10. Colts need OL depth. We are very thin after our starting 5. I see us adding depth in draft. Would be nice if we can add some quality via FA - not sure how much quality is available.
  11. JB back to Pats is not a bad thought. I would trade him back for a draft pick. Doubt he would fetch more than a #3. I would like to stockpile another extra pick to fill other needs
  12. He went to Stanford and he is a cerebral kind of guy. However, I think the issue with Andrew is not playing elsewhere. It is a question if he really wants to play. As of now I think he is comfortable as a non-player. Perhaps, he gets the bug to play and dons the helmet in Indy or we trade him elsewhere. We win in either scenario. If he unretires and plays for the Colts he makes us a contender. If we trade him we stockpile some picks and that should make us better as well. For now my money says he stays retired.
  13. Hard to dismiss his first 7 starts last year when he played well. his performance fell off on his last 9 games. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that he had very little support from the receiving corps in the last 9 games due to injuries. With that said, I am not ready to declare that JB is our future. I do think he holds the starter role but I also think we draft a QB either in round 1 or 2 and groom that pick to be our future starter. I am not sold on us signing Rivers or another veteran QB to be replacement for JB.
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