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  1. Eason has tremendous talent. I would hope he gets some real opportunities in training camp to show he belongs. We got him at a bargain basement price in the 4th round. He should have gone in day 1 of the draft and would have if this was not such a QB heavy draft.
  2. I would not trade Buckner, Lenoard, Nelson or Smith for a high draft pick(s) so we can draft an elite QB. What good is an elite QB if you gut the core part of your team's nucleus. we had Luck and no offensive line and he got hit a lot and that prematurely ended his career. We have a solid nucleus so why lose that for a QB pick and then flounder because you do not have the ability to surround him with talent so the team can compete. Yes we may need to look beyond Rivers at QB and for this team that is difficult given the fact that we had Peyton and Luck back to back. Keep the co
  3. Draft Tackle in Round 2 - hopefully get a QB in round 1 or shutdown CB or EDGE rusher. I would also sign FA tackle - for depth and perhaps to hold the LT spot while a drafted tackle learns the system.
  4. Losing AC creates a hole that has to be filled - draft and FA market. We may need to find seasoned FA who can play tackle and draft hight to build depth on the roster. I think it also puts more focus on getting a mobile QB who can run and pass. Josh Allen evading the Colts pass rush contributed to the Bills win on Saturday. Both games we played against Houston showed just how much a force Watsson was in both games. He almost single handedly beat us with his mobility as well as some good throws.
  5. Colts played a very good game yesterday. They outplayed the Bills for the most part - although Allen made the plays that championship QB's need to make with his arm and his legs. Outcome might have been different if we could take back the following plays: 1. Going for it 4th and goal. should have kicked the FG. The pass to Pitman was a nice play but Rivers over threw him and Pittman could not make the catch. 2. Turray off-sides on 4th and 3. Might have resulted in a Bills FG vs. driving for the TD at end of 1st half. 3. Blankenshipp missing the FG 4. Reich challe
  6. We need to look at future for QB spot. We may Bring Rivers back for 1 more season but that does not mean we do not look at using #1 for a QB in draft unless we think Eason is the guy.
  7. We have a good team. need a solid draft and a few critical FA signings and this team can be a solid SB contender. It starts with QB. Do we bring Rivers back? Do we draft a QB? Do we give Eason a shot? Do we trade for a QB? Rivers did a solid job for the Colts - but with the personnel set up we have we really need s QB who can move around. The difference between Rivers and Allen yesterday were the plays that Allen made to avoid a pass rush. Rivers cannot give us that. On offense Colts need to find potential successor for AC. Hopefully AC comes back for a final seas
  8. We were not going to stop their receivers all day. Carrie held his own most of the game.
  9. That was a big penalty. Overall we did not get a lot of flags today, which was nice to see. Offsides in last drive by Bills in 1st half, and a few drops hurt. The missed FG hurt given the fact that Bass made a 54 Yd. kick. I do not understand Reich's call to go for it on 4th down or go for the 2 point conversion when the XP would have kept it a 7 point difference.
  10. He nearly had an outstanding pick. TJ Carrie played a good game as well.
  11. Lot of positives in this game. Overall Colts played a good game.
  12. LT, CB, EDGE rusher, TE, and I would say we need to look at QB. Rivers did well but this offense could be more potent if we had a multi-dimensional QB.
  13. What this team needs is a QB that can move around in the pocket and escape pass rushes for positive yardage. Colts OL did a good job today but we have a 1 dimensional QB. Rivers played very well - but the difference was the plays made to escape losses.
  14. It was a tough loss but gve Bills credit. They made the FG they needed. We did not. Allen made a lot of plays with his arm and his legs. Colts played well. They gave us 60 minutes of effort. I thought their defense actually played well. Had a good pass rush all day. Colts moved the ball well - could not finish a few drives had a few drops 2 by Taylor, 1 by Hines and 1 by Doyle. We missed a key FG that proved to be the difference. I have to question why Reich went with it on 4th and 4 and why he went for the 1st 2 point conversion at a point where that was not necessary.
  15. It was a good game. Colts played well. Made it interesting. Missed FG, going for TD with 4th and 4 was a questionable move by Reich and going for 2 point conversion. I thought Defense played well- tough to defense Allen. Difference was Allen could make key plays for them.
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