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  1. That was as poor a loss as I can remember for a long time. Just didn't seem to have confidence in Hoyer and that seemed to spread across the team. (from what I watched in highlights on sky UK). Let's hope Brissett is fit for the next game or it could be a very disappointing end to a hopeful season. Cmon Colts.
  2. Well, that was a bit of a rollercoaster, but we got there in the end. Yes, there was plenty wrong with the display, but better to work on these things with a win in the bag than a loss. Onwards to next week, surely we cannot be so bad again, but as the saying goes, "a team that wins ugly is a team that wins". Cmon Colts.
  3. Great effort by everyone today, excellent divisional win even if it was a bit scrappy from time to time.
  4. Just checked the score - wow, didn't expect that. Well done to the Colts. Back to sleep now (4.45am).
  5. Great start both on defense and offence, let's hope that sets the tone for the rest of the game. As it it 1.55am in Scotland, I am off to sleep and hope to wake up to a victory. Enjoy the rest of the game. Cmon Colts.
  6. Great to get another win and at home as well. Confidence must be high among the players and fans. Good foundation to build the rest of the season on. Ps, freebie tshirts looked good as well. Cmon Colts.
  7. Wow, that was close. It is difficult following on red zone/here/espn scores but we got there in the end. Always good to get any victory, but one like that could pivotal going forward. Home game next week, so hope we can take the victory and build on it. Cmon Colts.
  8. Disappointing end to the game, only ourselves to blame as you cannot throw away 4 points. However, some positives to take from the game with brissett looking not as bad as a lot of people thought he would be. We need to move onto next week and see what happens with the kicking situation. Let's keep our heads up, it is only first game.
  9. What a game, let's hope the missed points don't cost us, could come down to field goals to decide it.
  10. Can't wait for 9.05uk time for the game to start, not being shown live here so will be watching red zone on sky and keeping up to date with text updates. Here's hoping Bissett can get off to a flyer and we claim our first win there for a long time. Cmon Colts.
  11. I was very surprised to hear this news today. Whatever the ins and outs of the reasons, he needs to look after himself and his family. In every sport players come and go, some for good reasons and some not. If you support a team you get behind them regardless who is wearing the Jersey. I hope whoever comes in next will get the support they deserve and I can't wait for the season to start again. I may be on the other side of the world but will be cheering the team on each week. Cmon the colts
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