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  1. Man, if not for Justin Jefferson, JT would be a OROY candidate
  2. obsessed with shotgun runs. It makes me wonder if Phil can't make handoffs like when peyton was in denver
  3. Ooh, Blackmon gets the tfl there, but Moore set it up
  4. 42 has almost single handedly shut the run down in the 2nd half. Good lord.
  5. Houston and Turay collapsed that pocket instantly
  6. Damn, Smith held him and Chaisson still made the play
  7. 3rd and 14, 3rd and 8, 3rd and 10. Looks like this last one may have been a drop, but still.
  8. I like JB. He's a good guy. I do not want to see him again in meaningful football for the Colts.
  9. This is getting pathetic. Jacksonville has lost to LITERALLY everyone else they have played this year.
  10. Well, this isn't so fun anymore. Letting THE WORST TEAM IN THE NFL hang around and tighten the gap. Jags have the #1 pick locked up, and have nothing to lose.
  11. God, if we're BOTH of the jags wins this season... lmao (i dont think thats going to happen, for the record)
  12. I still think we'll win but this is getting a little concerning.
  13. I kind of figured Rodrigo would miss the last kick. He probably tried to kick too hard after missing a 56 yarder and threw himself off. Also, 3rd and 14. yikes.
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