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Wildcard Weekend: Colts @ Bills, Jan. 9, 2021, 1:05 PM EST


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We might need to think about this scenario. Instead of bringing in Wentz, why don’t we send them Frank and go get Panthers OC Brady who turned Burrow into a legend.  I like his concepts in the passing game. They had 2 1000 yard receivers in Carolina. 

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Holy cow. So much bad. So much dumb.


Not sure what is worse


  1. not making it a 7 pt game
  2. if you're going to go from the 1, why not sneak with JB
  3. if you're going to run up the gut, why not go under center and give JT some steam
  4. our OL not being able to create a hole with those guys spread out.



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    • Do you think Puni can play center for us? He could play guard easy, but if Fries doesn’t regress, he could solve the looming departure of Ryan Kelly this year or next.
    • Well, the trolling part isn't part of the Colts PR. I think they just do that because that's what fanbases do to each on that app.   But regarding Colts PR, Colts Twitter do not critique the team. Instead, they hype up every player and play...similar to what the Colts Twitter account does as well. It's an echo chamber...or another term that is probably not allowed here. Some of them have "sources" which clearly just use them to control narratives and drive hype.    This is not unlike the local media. But they are a bit more subtle about it. Their access is their livelihood.    This is just my cynical take on it. I interact with Colts Twitter quite often. 
    • Biggest issue for me with Wiggins is he doesn’t seem willing to tackle which is a must for Zone corners. You have to be willing and able to bring the ball carrier down. On tape he didn’t seem to always to want to stick is nose in on run plays.   If it wasn’t for that, I’d be all aboard for getting him in a trade back. But maybe if he blows up the combine, I’ll feel different.   But you’ve got a pretty good read on the corners. Thats the same way I’ve got them ranked and broken down. If you’re looking for day 2 guys, I’d look at   -TJ Tampa, Iowa State -Khyree Jackson, Oregon -Cam Hart, Notre Dame   All long 6’2” corners with long arms.
    • It's hard to name any position that isn't one of need for the Colts.      My early read on these guys:   Arnold, the most complete and polished of the CB prospects in this class, athletic, good size, tough, competitive, a little handsy when he's beat but doesn't get beat a lot. He could easily be a top ten pick.   Mitchell, going to be a Combine star, good tape but a lot of hype based on his traits. I'll be watching him more after the Combine, but I think we'll be hearing his name with a lot of top 10-15 projections.   Wiggins, mostly traits and size, not sure about his long speed, has some production, seems like a good fit for the Colts defense but I don't get the feeling that he's a top 20 prospect.    DeJean, probably a hybrid, his versatility and athleticism will be attractive, but ultimately he might be more of a safety than a CB in the NFL, which changes my opinion of his draft stock. And I don't know if he's outstanding enough to be a top 20 pick if he's going to play safety.   Kool Aid, good size and athleticism, good speed, not as quick and fluid, physical and aggressive, seems like a prototypical Ballard/Bradley CB prospect. Maybe a juiced up version of Brents. Definitely a first round guy, but on a lower tier than Arnold and Mitchell.   Any of these guys would fit our defense, but Wiggins and Kool Aid seem like they'd be the most obvious targets for the Colts. Add Kamari Lassiter to the conversation as well, but he's probably a late first kind of guy.   I don't think Bowers falls. I think Brian Thomas Jr. is a top 20 prospect, and if the Colts want him, trading back is very risky. There are other receivers that could be in play.   I also think someone like Chop Robinson is a prototypical Ballard prospect -- high level traits, not great production, but a high ceiling guy. Latu is the opposite -- highly productive, high motor, doesn't have the traits (athleticism/length), probably an over achiever, and a likely medical red flag. Jared Verse is the scheme fit with a moderate ceiling and decent production; Dallas Turner is the non-scheme fit with the higher ceiling. Neither Robinson nor Verse would surprise me for the Colts. Jerzhan Newton and Byron Murphy should be on people's radars also.   I'd be surprised if the Colts took an OT, but there will be a couple who are worthy of the pick; this seems like a good draft for OTs. I doubt we take an interior OL. We obviously won't take a QB or a RB, there's no one to talk about at RB. Outside of those positions, I think virtually everything else is in play at #15.
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