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  1. It’s kinda hard for us to see the vision. Ballard and our front office doesn’t operate with their noses to the waiver wire all the time. Oh so and so is released, we have to go after them. They probably look at it from a 1,2,3 year view. Here’s our roster holes. Here are the kids coming out in the draft the next few years. Here are the contracts coming up across the league where these guys may hit the market. I bet they calibrate that view constantly based on player by player developments, but I doubt they scramble every time someone hits the market. Hey this guy wants +20%
  2. I hate the idea of a 3rd QB. It’s such a waste of a roster spot. Bring in either a vet QB and/or another young QB with arm talent to compete with Eason in training camp. If Eason holds his own, keep him as the back up. I do agree the backup spot is probably more important this year than in years past. If Wentz sucks it up the first half of the year then he gets pulled to save our 1st round pick next year. Or if he goes down with an injury which is not an unlikely scenario given his history. If Eason is as talented as Ballard thinks - at least from a backup QB standpoint -bu
  3. TL;DR Brissetts not a great QB but everyone likes him and it upsets ppl...
  4. Was it though? I was all for Rivers being brought in. If the goal is a super bowl, getting to the wild card while does help with young player development just puts you at a poorer draft position. If we rolled with Eason or young QB, we’d evaluate his abilities and get the bonus of better draft position to draft a long term answer at QB instead of short term try to win a SB this year. Just feel like this was sort of a wasted year with clear questions at the QB position while others teams like the Bills just look to keep getting better with a set offense
  5. Yes. Being able to run the boot leg with the option of running stresses the defense at the goal line. Luck was one of the best at this. Rivers couldn’t run to the bathroom let alone a bootleg
  6. I think there’s the additional scenario that we roll with Eason and look for a better draft pick in 2022. I don’t think Ballard does this. I think we re-sign Rivers and go 8-8 next year. I think it will be telling what we do in regards to the level of trust Ballard has in Reich. Reich obviously is all in on Rivers train.
  7. Don’t disagree. But reality is, we are not playing with top talent receivers and Mahomes at QB. You aren’t going 30/30 on catch/pass attempts. You call plays that work for your offense and the personnel executing them. Too many times in the RZ and at the GL we try to force a strength in a predictable scenario; I.e. running the ball at the 2yd line. That works against the Jags. Not against a good defense. Those scenarios you have to break tendencies and be creative. That’s where I think the scrutiny of Reich comes into play. The mismanagement of timeouts, obvious errant challe
  8. TY probably demands more than he’s worth. Goes to another team like the Bills and becomes an All Pro next year.
  9. Agreed with this post. We lost too many games including this one where he had to defend poor decisions to be aggressive. If we win all the aggressive calls then he’s coach of the year. But we did not and it’s because the play calls didn’t get it done. So you call what your personnel can accomplish to win games and in that regard I think he deserves evaluation just like anyone else on the team. he brings a lot of good to the table so not calling for his head, but evaluation and adjustment moving forward. I don’t think we part ways with him
  10. I need to stop watching this game. Trying to rip my heart out by the constant ups and downs here
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