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  1. How many QBs have the Patriots drafted over the years with Tom Brady on the roster? 2014 - Jimmy G - 2nd Rd 62 2016 - Jacoby Brissett - 3rd Rd 91 2019 - Jarrett Stidham - 4th Rd 133 How many QBs have the Colts drafted over the same period? Zero. Here we are collectively questioning the QB we selected with our 4th rd pick 122 overall. No where near the investment a lot of other teams put in at the position. Like any position when largely rolling the dice on kids coming out of college, it takes patience and investment over time to get it right. I, like most, was not big on Eason, but can see the intriguing traits and can appreciate the investment at a key position. It’s going to take time folks. Ideally we get a potential starter down the road or a quality back up. Worst case we wasted a 4th Rd pick. Much better than the Jags and Browns draft history in the first round. We’re going to be ok folks. Go Colts!
  2. Interesting the Saints moved up right In Front of us to take Zach Baun (OLB/Rush) and then we trade back afterward. Baun doesn’t seem to scheme well to our defense but still interesting nonetheless
  3. Quality from NFL.com Must be Jones Drew’s take on QB ranking - something like his mock drafts. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001107890/article/maurice-jonesdrew-nfl-mock-draft-20-justin-herbert-at-no-1
  4. I don’t think we should fault CB for the QB situation just yet. Luck retired unexpectedly at a ridiculously young age for a QB. Being patient with JB is not a failure of his albeit how frustrating it has been for the fan base. QBs are not weeds growing in your yard that shoot up overnight. They are Japanese Maples. They take time, patience, and support to grow. Using Mahomes as an example is not the right way of thinking - he is the exception, not the normal. Solving the franchise QB problem is obviously not a trivial exercise - considering most franchises in the NFL do not have one. Throwing QBs at the problem hoping one becomes Mahomes is what the Jaguars and Browns have done for a decade and look how well that has worked out. None of the greatest GMs of our generation have a 100% hit rate. Occasionally you get a Basham. But getting a Leonard where the majority of the NFL and media were mocking him for taking a small school guy that high - and looking at him now - I will take that GM every day of the week.
  5. Dream scenario getting Clowney. Our DL would be formidable. With keeping Brissett however, the $’s wouldn’t quite make sense. Would leave us with little cap space. And we’d certainly be overpaying the QB position for what we have to be honest. 50 million for Rivers and Brissett.
  6. Most likely scenario: We eat Brissetts oversized backup QB contract for 2020 and keep him as QB2. Let Hoyer go. Chad Kelly TBD. If we draft a QB, not sure what we’d do because then you keep 3 QBs again, which is quite honestly a waste of roster space IMO. Ideal Scenario: Trade Brissett for a late round pick (we’re not getting a 3rd or 4th for JB and his contract) or if no trade options release him prior to Sunday. Again let Hoyer go (why the hell did we bring Hoyer in again?). Keep Kelly as QB2/QB3 to compete with QB we draft in 2nd-4th rd.
  7. Good point. Have heard others say this could be a defining year for Ballard. How do you upgrade the QB position? Do you get aggressive if you think there is a QB is worth the cost to move up ala Mahomes? Keep Jacoby for one more year and draft a QB to sit for a year? Release Jacoby and bring in a vet QB for 2 yrs - give yourself 2 drafts to find the QB of the future - maybe still draft a QB to sit. I think you got to either draft a QB or bring in a vet QB. Unless the master plan is draft BPA and tank next year for Lawrence.
  8. Love the idea of getting Jones, but I wouldn’t want to give up an early 2nd this year. I don’t see us going all in but like with Houston I see Ballard having a leg up over the competition if Jones has any say in where he goes - if the draft compensation is comparable between team offers.
  9. Certainly would be an upgrade at the CB position provided that we could get him for a reasonable cost. I don’t think Ballard pulls the trigger here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had inquired.
  10. This And this No locker room accountability. Poor game planning. Poor in game decisions; challenges, going for it on 4th, kicking FGs, etc. The worst is not forcing better game planning and coaching to protect Luck from both his porous OL and himself. Pagano was an OK coordinator but a poor HC and was promoted beyond his capabilities based on star players making him look better than he was (i.e. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Ngata). He won’t get another HC opportunity. We’ll see how long he lasts in Chicago.
  11. Pretty informative breakdown of Jordan Love on Stampede Blue. Showcases the good and bad - excellent throws along with boneheaded or poorly placed ones. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2020/2/4/21119154/colts-quarterback-draft-prospects-utah-states-jordan-love A lot of the attributes to some degree remind me of Luck. Escapability and beautiful throws with the occasional pick leaving you scratching your head. Obviously Luck had a whole lot of the former which we can’t expect from a prospect available at 13. I wouldn’t be sad if he was there and we took him; I may be if we traded too much to move up and get him however.
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