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  1. Love the idea of getting Jones, but I wouldn’t want to give up an early 2nd this year. I don’t see us going all in but like with Houston I see Ballard having a leg up over the competition if Jones has any say in where he goes - if the draft compensation is comparable between team offers.
  2. Certainly would be an upgrade at the CB position provided that we could get him for a reasonable cost. I don’t think Ballard pulls the trigger here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had inquired.
  3. This And this No locker room accountability. Poor game planning. Poor in game decisions; challenges, going for it on 4th, kicking FGs, etc. The worst is not forcing better game planning and coaching to protect Luck from both his porous OL and himself. Pagano was an OK coordinator but a poor HC and was promoted beyond his capabilities based on star players making him look better than he was (i.e. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Ngata). He won’t get another HC opportunity. We’ll see how long he lasts in Chicago.
  4. Pretty informative breakdown of Jordan Love on Stampede Blue. Showcases the good and bad - excellent throws along with boneheaded or poorly placed ones. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2020/2/4/21119154/colts-quarterback-draft-prospects-utah-states-jordan-love A lot of the attributes to some degree remind me of Luck. Escapability and beautiful throws with the occasional pick leaving you scratching your head. Obviously Luck had a whole lot of the former which we can’t expect from a prospect available at 13. I wouldn’t be sad if he was there and we took him; I may be if we traded too much to move up and get him however.
  5. All the comments around FS not being an impactful position and Hooker being mediocre... There are ways to scheme him near the ball even in zone...Cover 3. They could blitz him leveraging some of the versatility of some of the other DBs (such as Tell who can play CB and S). Get creative. The dude is rangey and can be a ball hawk given the opportunity..see the one handed pick in the end zone. He really isn’t playing in the best D scheme to highlight his abilities. He was made to play in a Cover 1 press man scheme, which is why he balled his first year under Pagano. Also wonder if the ACL took a step away from him. In any event I don’t deny CBs criticism (ie he was “solid”). I do think he has a lot more talent than ppl on here are giving him credit for. With that being said, I think with a few more hits in the pass rush department and a more effective offense will push the D to get more respect Around the league. Really just highlights that even the better GMs will hit and miss because these are 20 year old kids coming out of college. This isn’t Madden. Talent doesn’t always equal success.
  6. Bro, Hines is basically a Sproles clone. He is a RB. He is a PR. He can be moved around to get favorable match ups - I.e moving to the slot or Jet sweeps. Dude has got burners as the 2 punt returns for TD put on display. Most if not all would probably agree this guy isn’t a 3 down back. He is fast and elusive enough to garner more playing time and creativity than what we’ve seen over the course of 2019 however. If anything I think his lack of playing time is more a testament to what the Colts think they have in Mack as an all around back - just think if you put both those guys on the field at the same time, you’re bound to catch the defense out of place.
  7. This summarizes the season. Welcome to the future Colts fans.
  8. My biggest disappointment is Eberflus not using more Man coverage...where our DBs would’ve likely still gotten burned...so that people wouldn’t scapegoat the defenses poor late-game play on Eberflus’ play calling . Not to mention the Bucs having two 1000 yd Receivers. Winston did what he always does - throw too many INTs and move the ball down the field. It’s unfortunate our zone coverage couldn’t take better advantage of Winstons willingness to let the ball the rip.
  9. I was really hoping we’d make a move on McLaughlin and we did. Stat that gets me going: 15 of 15 on XPs Best FA move in season this year.
  10. Always fun to look back at draft recaps and see hopes and then get smacked down by reality. https://247sports.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/Article/Recapping-the-Indianapolis-Colts-2017-NFL-Draft-class-52580860/ “Best move: Quincy Wilson was what the Colts needed to get from this draft cornerback-wise -- a talented, confident player who can push for a starting job from Day 1. It wouldn't be a surprise.” if only if only...
  11. Offense needs to step it up if we’re going to win this one. Come on Jacoby make some plays.
  12. I bet you’re right about the aggressiveness of the Titans D. Without T.Y. or Ebron to take attention down field, zone blitz all day. The Texans showed that covering underneath while blitzing on 3rd down pretty well makes Jacoby inert. For the better part of the last game, Jacoby looked like a deer in headlights with zone coverage and blitzing to get pressure on later downs. I expect this trend to continue this Sunday. We’ll see if Reich can dial up timely screens, quick slants, and some deep routes to take advantage of the non stop blitzing were about to see.
  13. Agreed. Don’t think him being the 3rd string QB is a sign he’s playing this year. I would like to see him play in a few games if we were out of contention, but even then I bet we would roll with Jacoby.
  14. My theory on it: He’s trying to maximize his FA value and wants to leave Indy. - His numbers are down - not really something he can recover from in the remainder of the season with the QB play - both TDs and Yds - Andrew Luck was a big reason Ebron came to Indy in the first place. Blaming his subpar play in Detroit on Stafford (which is obviously not true). With the sudden retirement of Luck and Brissetts play this season, it’s clear he’s not going to get the opportunities (and perfectly thrown balls) he wants to be a marque splash TE. - Colts run the ball 4th most attempts in the NFL and are last in throws beyond 40 yds. See point above. - He’s playing to “perceived” injuries to explain his poor numbers this year. Trying to limit the damaging exposure by saying he’s been playing hurt all season; hoping teams see the one handed TD and hurdling players versus the numerous drive stalling 3rd down drops Ebron is definitely not coming back to Indy. He will probably get signed for too much money by a needy team and be out of the league in 2 to 4 years. Maybe goes to NYG...or the Patriots and becomes an All Pro. Would be the Colts Luck TBH.
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