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  1. Dasteez


    I wouldn’t put the L on him. He makes those FGs we’re still down multiple possessions. That said you can’t miss those FGs in the playoffs. That just as easily could’ve been a game winner type scenario in which we would’ve lost; Vinny did his best Parkey imitation. We we went younger across the roster including punter. I think it’s about time to look for youth at the placekicker position. It won’t be easy because there will be likely more mistakes, but better for the long run to go ahead and start the development process of a young kicker.
  2. Boy does that hurt us. Should’ve just went for it. Figured we’d see that aggresiveness.
  3. Man this is hard to watch. The colts look like a pretender right now.
  4. Dasteez


    1.) Colts defense can’t pressure Mahomes. Mahomes does Mahomes things escaping the blitz were likely going to bring ala Watson. 2.) KC Offensive weapons too much for Colts defense. Kelce has a career day. 3.) Chiefs DL pressure Luck all day. Colts offense can’t find rhythm. If we limit Mahomes under 300 yards passing and sack him more than once, I think we win the game.
  5. Big loss for the secondary going into the toughest game of the year.
  6. Not to be a negative Nancy, but I think Grant is a big reason why Inman was signed. Player | Games | Rec | Yards | TDs ————————————————— Grant 14 35 334 1 Inman 9 28 304 3 That’s 23.9 yds/gm vs. 33.7 yds/gm. That doesn’t account for big 3rd down plays but suffice to say Inman has been more productive.
  7. I think the OPs comments around Grigson were an interesting take on it. If we take a step back, Grigson probably didn’t do as bad of a job as we give him credit, although don’t get me wrong I was absolutely giddy when he was fired. There is always a factor of luck in drafting even with the can’t miss superstars. Injuries derail careers. Ebron is another case where even having the right scheme / coaching staff can be the difference between a pro bowl and being out of the league. It’s a fun thought experiment to think about all of the 1st round busts that may have been all pros in the right environment.
  8. Thats the exciting part. Getting more than everyone thought. I don’t think he knew the level of production that he was going to get out of him but I do believe he knew the nastiness he was getting and that is where you have to respect CBs process.
  9. My wife and I were debating it. It’d be awesome to go out there and support this team. Be loud for all of us! Hopefully it’s like some of the reports and there’s more Colts fans than expected.
  10. BaldysBreakdowns > All Q had a heckuva game. The pancake on Clowney was beautiful. Deactivating JJ at any point is impressive. CB for Exec of Year for sure for drafting this guy at 6.
  11. When I watched it live, it looked obviously like a touchback; especially when you see the replays with all the angles. Have no idea how in this era of NFL that was called possession when crossing the goal line; he had 2 fingers on top of the ball as it was falling freely to the ground. Clearly trying to keep viewers in an otherwise blow out playoff game. We got the W and that’s really all that matters. Would’ve loved it to be 21 - 0.
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