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  1. Ramsey to the Rams for 2 1sts and a 4th round pick. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/10/15/jaguars-send-jalen-ramsey-to-rams-for-two-first-round-picks/ The Jags are a far cry from the team that played in the AFC Championship, however in general good news for the AFC South continuing to be ran by the Colts and Texans. Playing the Jags this year just got easier.
  2. It’s nice to see him around the facility but definitely not coming back this year. Who knows with how he blindsided everyone with his retirement, he may just as well blindside everyone with his return at some point. I won’t say I’ll hope for it but I have wishful optimism that we see him play in the NFL again. If not, life goes on and so does this Colts team.
  3. Both games are on CBS, so clearly they believe Oakland vs Houston will be the more exciting match up. Makes sense Texans put up 50 last week and the raiders are on a winning streak beating the colts and bears. I’m planning to be at this game and was looking forward to the 4pm timing. Oh well
  4. I’m eating mine! What a win
  5. My god. We have no chance here. 3rd and 18 and easily throws the TD
  6. Same play happened twice in Pittsburgh today and they called them fumbles but definitely not going our way
  7. I will watch because I’m a colts fan. Not because I think the game will be particularly close. Our 2 starting safeties and starting WLB are out against arguably the best offense in the NFL. Even with the starting group, they would‘ve struggled mightily. This game will be painful to watch. 35-13 Chiefs
  8. It does feel like in the recent games we’ve just sat back more in cover 2 zone and gotten picked apart by opposing offenses. Late last year a common theme was blitzing and getting home against agile QBs like Watson. This year any remnants of pressure seems anemic. For any Tampa 2 / Zone heavy scheme, pass rush and ability to limit the rush is critical. Blitzing periodically or being aggressive also helps to limit the run and short completions on early downs to force them into 3rd and long. We’ve done poorly at all of the above over 4 games.
  9. I agree expecting the team that was carried week in and week out by Luck to be anything more than a 0.50 team in the short term post-Luck is asking a lot. I’m a diehard colts fan, but that’s some honesty. Reality hit us in the face in the Oakland Raiders. We should take what we get in terms of wins and really be 110% ecstatic if we even get close to the playoffs. Quite honestly, the pessimist in me may prefer a down year, development from young players, and good draft position to reload this team into something better than 1 player. We thought our defense was decent and look at what the Raiders did to them. Our defense like our offense has to be more than 1 player. In all due respect to them, that team was an absolute dumpster fire all off season. Our starting Dline gets 0 pressure all game. Ballard has a lot of work to do even after 3 drafts... /endrant
  10. 400 - 3 Chiefs. Mahomes 100 for 100 on 3rd down. Colts 1 Of 2 on FGs. Vinetari comes in for the 70 yarder but misses it just wide left by a few yds. In all seriousness, this game sucks especially being a road night game. Couldnt be less ready for it with all of the injuries, even without them we’d struggle to keep it competitive. We are going to get embarrassed on national television listening to Chris Collinsworth talking about Andrew Luck for 3 hours while praising how awesome Mahomes and the Chiefs are.
  11. A whole lot of honesty right here. Could agree more!
  12. Keys to the game for the raiders: shutdown our TEs, shutdown Mack, find success in the passing game. So far so good for them.
  13. When it comes to reporting factual information, neither a good GPA or being able to figure things out really help. May work well for speculation?
  14. Was at the game today. It was a good one! Just glad we got the win. ATL moved the ball seemingly at will in the 2nd half to make it a close one down the stretch
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