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  1. - Were not trading JB for anything. He will finish his contract this year and not be resigned. He wasn't released because we had ample cap and PR is one good hit away from retirement - Eason was likely drafted as a long term backup QB with upside. He is not the future. He will likely serve as our backup QB for whatever FA QB we bring in next year OR draft - PR will not get us anywhere close to a Super Bowl this year. He will do enough to keep us watching Colts games but throw enough INTs to prevent us getting past the 1st round of the playoffs if we even get there, which
  2. Like most here, I like what I saw, but too early to crown the man. Let’s see it against the Titans or Ravens. Win the games you should win and beat good teams - that’s what good teams do. On some of the comments around our defense sucking it up early on. They did but I really feel like the offense not playing complementary football was also a big contributor. Doyle gift wrapped a scoring drive early. And then poor offensive production kept the defense on the field when they needed time to regroup and adjust.
  3. It’s a statement game for Rivers. I can still win a game with my arm when we’re down big. I think it’s big for his confidence. Also showing some rhythm and chemistry with WRs now. One thing that stands out to me: Hilton’s play. Definitely diminished. He had a big TD get called back for a nonsense call by the refs, but aside from that he’s been pretty invisible; you might even say GHOSTly.
  4. That’s fair don’t get me wrong I’m on the same page. I’d take the safer route myself and run the ball. Maybe PA, screen, or short pass to switch it up. QB has got to know that where you’re at in the game a sack or throwing it away is astronomically better than a risky intermediate route. But we come away with the W, so all’s well that ends well I guess.
  5. Blackmon with the clutch pick! Defense closes it out
  6. Well that’s the predictable thing to do, so reich trying to buck that and take the risky route on the hot hand. Rivers has got to play better in the 4th. You don’t make that throw
  7. Here’s where Borrow marches down the field to seal the game. Come on Colts defense can’t let that happen.
  8. Finally a call against the bengals. Agree that was holding
  9. Agreed, the only highlights they showed were from the Bengals. Didn’t show any of those great throws from Rivers and unpack the come back
  10. Let’s go! The last couple throws have been pretty by Rivers. Too early to crown him though. He has a whole half to go.
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