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  1. Live commentary during the game. It’s ok to comment on what we’re seeing. You should’ve quoted me when I said Pittman needs a TD before he got one in the 4th.
  2. This 4th quarter play doh zone defense is killing me
  3. Hines is not having a good game. That slip was the difference between a loss and a decent gain
  4. They are expecting us to run. Run the Boot leg
  5. And it goes to commercial because they know it’s a terrible ref job there.
  6. Not looking like it. It’s supposed to run into Monday along the West coast. The same storm likely to impact Seattle game tomorrow.
  7. I don’t hate the call to go for 2. I’m not a huge fan of the play call. Run JT behind Nelson.
  8. Wentz is not looking good tonight Colts fans.
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