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  1. Finally something goes our way (as we limp into this game following a thorough beating from the Titans). Quite the advantage hopefully Rivers can capitalize.
  2. What a boss. Finds out he has cancer but still shows up to work on Sunday. Dude is gonna beat it and come back better than ever.
  3. Awareness. Something RYS does not have. Know when you have safety help and the extracurriculars aren’t necessary. The big play where he held or hands to the face. Just unnecessary. He’s a liability and results on every down not worth the rare big play. Ballard appears to now have whiffed on two high-round CBs - Wilson and RYS. He’s got to do better if we’re going to be worth damn in the next 2 to 3 years.
  4. A game like today reminds us that we are not as good as we thought; no matter how you look at it. Yes, pessimistic take. But reality. I expected this game would be close - and that the Colts would end up on the losing end of a competitive, dogfight of a game. I did not expect 5 TDs on 6 drives in the first half. Good teams can manage starter losses and still win games. You have to. Because very rarely do you make it the full season with your best players. We lost a couple key pieces today and crumbled. Not sure if it was the game planning or terrible execution th
  5. If the Titans lose this game, they are terrible. The Colts fully deserve to lose.
  6. What did I just witness? Defense holding on a run play??
  7. Throw towards RYS and run with Henry. That would be my game plan.
  8. The announcers really like Henry. Dude is getting super excited when he gets the 1st down.
  9. No OL depth.l whatsoever. Give the ball back to Henry and let him run 60 yards. Here we go!
  10. I get it we’re all doom and gloom. It does suck for us; I think it’s ok to vent a little bit here.
  11. Reschedule the game. I bet if Henry was on the COVID list we’d see this game rescheduled, not for the Colts though. This game just went from challenging to almost a give away to the Titans. Why does this stuff always have to happen before pivotal games to only our team; Titans perfectly good. Guaranteed half their locker room has COVID close contacts right now, but they’d never report it if it wasn’t positive tests (not just arbitrary close contacts). Looking forward to the game tomorrow less and less. The play offs and super bowl may feel half-baked this year with how inj
  12. That’s fair and I completely agree. Reality is we’re a small market team with few prime time games. The case can also be made our Top 2 defense is a resultant of quality-of-opponents. A 3rd round pick drafted “too early” turning into a playmaker for what is now considered a good defense. The man deserves the props. He was the difference between a W and an L last Sunday; the definition of game changer.
  13. I was surprised to see Blackmon getting some recognition as a front runner for Defensive Rookie of the Year. I fully expected Chase Young to be at the top of any list; pedigree and position. Blackmon still needs to make more big plays through the back portion of the season and the Colts making the playoffs would help solidify his case. In any event nice to see the man getting recognized for his outstanding play. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2919866-ranking-the-nfls-top-5-defensive-rookie-of-the-year-candidates-entering-week-12
  14. Likely correct but there are 3 phases of football. Hopefully your punting situation was squared up.
  15. It’s going to be tough no doubt without our best player on defense; per Ballard, the player (3T) that “runs” the defense, which we have all seen going from last year to this year. It’s going to be a hit for sure. Autry who has been having a great year. Okereke who has been productive playing in the nickel. If we lose a LB or DL to injury during the game, we’re going to be grabbing straws for the “next man up”. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer because I do think this defense as a collective unit and the scheme can overcome the vacancies. Henry is going to get more rushing yar
  16. Come on guys stand up and make a play. Are we a contender or pretender on defense? Let’s go
  17. Yeah the offensive line and a flag happy set of refs gave the packers this game. It’d be over
  18. I got really excited on those packer penalties and then we are where we are.
  19. nonsense PI call and then no call offensive PI. Would’ve called it in the Colts
  20. So true. We run a 100 of them a game. Rarely get any yards but kill a lot of drives
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