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  1. Okay I gotta know what you typed to get this lol
  2. We do not have players missing in our secondary. Absolutely ridiculous.
  3. Dear LORD. How pathetic. The players we are missing are not an excuse for this. I’m sorry.
  4. Ya-Sin needed benched last drive. Goodness gracious that was killer. Fans booing in the stadium.
  5. I will be at the game today. Super excited, even though the ‘rona has hurt our team this week. There is no place like LOS.
  6. If he’s asymptomatic, he‘d be able to come back the day before our game with Houston in Houston. If symptomatic, it’ll be after. Who is his backup?
  7. I think maybe it was Kevin Bowen tweeting out before the game - Hot Rod didn’t have ANY attempts past 44 yards all season. That missed 50 yarder was his first one. He’ll get the next one.
  8. I went to the Chuckstrong game with my cheesehead boyfriend. What was that? 2012? SO MANY Packers fans. But I remember them all being pleasant. My bf couldn’t believe the catches Reggie Wayne was making This would be a perfect game for TY to fill that role I’m still holding out hope he’ll have a baller game this year. Good luck! Here’s to a fun, clean game with no injuries!
  9. No. So happy to see Pittman getting involved and making a big impact. The talent is there. Feed him and Hines and good things will happen for our offense. Also, shout out to TY. Our offense is just better when he’s out there. Even when he’s not getting the ball.
  10. His arm strength isn’t a problem, imo. He has an ugly release though. I think Rivers has added to our team even if it doesn’t show up in the W column. The defense, including Leonard, has stated he makes them better and forces them to play smarter. I don’t think there is any division.
  11. I remember someone started a thread a while back about Taylor and people tore him up. But there is something to this. Lions fans even noticed. Wilkins was more decisive and quick to hit the hole.
  12. I would just be happy if they actually used Pittman...
  13. I hope we bring the pressure early and often. No more slow starts. If we lose, let’s lose playing aggressive D. There is nothing worse than watching QBs have all day to shred the soft zone. I’m excited for this one.
  14. Hopefully Rivers and Pinter are getting some work in.
  15. If only Houston would be dumb enough to trade D. Hop...
  16. His arm isn’t even the problem. It’s the decision making.
  17. Let’s hope we are able to put some points on the board! I think if we can bring the energy again, we have a shot. I started disliking the Browns after going to joint practices last year.
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