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  1. I don’t remember the last time the Colts have played the Texans with a healthy Fuller and Hopkins. I still have trauma from Keke Coutee looking like a top-10 WR against us...And they should all be playing if I’m not mistaken. It’ll be a fun one at Lucas Oil! I’ll be up in the nose bleeds screaming my head off
  2. This is like looking at an exe’s pictures just to torture yourself. Please just let me heal. ....... still looking good though
  3. Nvm found the Funchess thread.
  4. The locker room after the win. Definitely feels like one of the biggest regular season Ws we’ve had in a while. No more coasting for Houston anymore, huh? That 4th down stop was just huge.
  5. Holy cow! We won!!!! YAY for all the people who kept the hope, no matter how small our chances.
  6. Jesus my guy. He’s been having a stellar start. What a freaking bummer.
  7. Honestly surprised they didn’t throw a flag...
  8. I just started watching, coming back from Chicago. Sooo, is Jacoby’s arm broken. Heard them say 11 plays, 10 runs
  9. That was a horrible game. Bad news. We still almost won it and I’m not even sure how...Good news. (???) They’ll bounce back.
  10. Collie was a big reason the rules have changed with defenseless receivers I believe. Guy had the worst luck really really liked watching him.
  11. Dead serious. For some reason, I don’t have many memories about that Super Bowl. I was in high school, must have had a lot going on
  12. I wouldn’t. Contract was never signed so he was never a Colt. In a weird way, I’m appreciative to him for giving us Reich. Vanderjagt is a good one. Who is Hank Baskett? Trent Richardson was just....*face palm* but those missed Vanderjagt kicks
  13. But can we at least appreciate him enough to spell his name correctly? Come on, @Chloe6124 I need another jersey now that Luck has retired. “Big Q” would be pretty cool.
  14. JB had big bois bouncing off of him a lot through that first half. He’s tough. He could have done MUCH worse, I’m not mad at him. I think he’ll continue to improve. Those back shoulder throws last game? Beautiful. The redzone throws today? Very nice. Chuck had it right when he said things are never as good or as bad as they seem.
  15. If I’m a Titans fan, I’m extremely unhappy with that spike on 3rd and 2... As a Colts fan, A WIN IS A WIN BABY. Let’s take it home next week!
  16. Chris, do the right thing. Offer to let him go out on his terms...He’s the GOAT. But he’s done :,(
  17. THERE WE GO! Way to show up TY. Fudge Vinny!!!!!
  18. Holding them to a field goal was a W there
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