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  1. But this guy has DK Metcalf rated as a “can’t miss” player when all I’ve heard from Colts affiliated media is how overrated Metcalf is, lack of actual production, workout warrior, etc. Can’t wait to see Parris at training camp.
  2. Interesting in the video Parris Campbell is their least favorite pick d/t being “redundant with TY Hilton.” Even if he is “redundant” with TY, I wouldn’t be mad at it. But I really don’t agree...
  3. Chris hanging up on Dorsey was really funny lol love this team :’)
  4. That was awesome to see. 4 for 4 baby. Good stinkin’ job Colts and Colts Productions. (I really love Frank Reich.)
  5. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26629922/nfl-put-hill-exempt-list-week Nfl could possible put Hill on the exempt list as early as this week.
  6. I am so sad ABC did not air that McAfee intro. I am not the biggest McAfee fan but that was legendary.
  7. He got some dawg in him. I’m so excited for this season. Nyheim and Parris are going to give teams FITS. not even taking into consideration Doyle, Ebron, the potential of Funchess, and a healthy TY.
  8. I’m not sure how many will get it, but I appreciate you
  9. the Colts Twitter is on point.
  10. Crystal taped that without Tyreek knowing, I hope she keeps herself safe. The prosecutor failed the child, neither of them should be raising the kid. Trying to get “respect” through intimidation and fear is abuser 101. This goes beyond the NFL and my feelings for the Chiefs. I feel sad for that kid. Getting punched in the chest when he cries? Getting spanked with a belt when he “acts up.” Mysterious broken arm. Just no, no, no.
  11. That would be interesting. I don’t hate that either. I’d always take a first.
  12. If we didn’t have pick 34, it doesn’t look good at all, imo. But we do have pick 34 so I’m cool with it.
  13. He might be one of my faves to put on a Colts uniform...already.
  14. Indeed. It’s never clicked for me before seeing that image. Especially with what Ballard has said about a tiered system in the past. Is it possible then that CB might have a WR1, for example, at that top tier (row), then have the WR2 a few rows down based on talent/value if he thinks there is a big drop off after that in a certain position?? It’s a great way to check yourself to make sure you aren’t reaching for a guy based on need.
  15. I want to smear the Steelers. Those have been some of the ugliest losses over the years. I want Ben to have nightmares of Leonard until he retires and AL needs to get over that hump. I chose 12 wins, loss to the Saints, and normal schedule.
  16. CamMo

    NFL Schedule

    Oh I agree. It was just a talking point, especially in the media, and there was some truth to it. I’ll also go ahead and say that just because this schedule looks rough now, it doesn’t necessarily mean the teams that were good last year are going to be nearly as tough this year. But, it looks promising to be a good test
  17. CamMo

    NFL Schedule

    No more “winning because of a soft schedule” posts. I’m excited. It’s always better to start tough, imo. Even good teams can stink it up during September.
  18. CamMo

    NFL Schedule

    I entered a contest to guess the opener, and I think I guessed Carolina also. I can definitely see the Texans game getting a SNF slot. Colts versus Chiefs is also a gimme.
  19. I really like him, his work ethic, and his positive attitude. But I’m keeping my expectations low and hoping to be pleasantly surprised this season on how much he’ll actually contribute. I have more expectations for Funchess complimenting TY.
  20. If he can stay healthy, we should be in great shape
  21. CamMo

    New Jets uniforms

    They are growing on me. Green is my favorite color though.
  22. Like x100. I was wondering how they’d show serious behind-the-scenes stuff without giving too much away. They nailed it so far.
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