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  1. The Colts do not have much success bringing in free agent receivers In my mind, TY is as good as gone and we need to sign someone in free agency. But I’d love for us to take another young WR in the draft also. As pretty much everyone else has said, who knows if Campbell is someone we can rely on with all the crazy injuries.
  2. I think it’s worth noting how excited Colts players seem to be. I don’t think dude has a bad rep.
  3. Hoping they get rid of Jacoby and we can ride with Wentz/Eason. Either Wentz plays well and stays healthy, or we get to see what we have in Eason. Interesting season ahead!!
  4. Just watched a highlight reel for Fields. 2019-2020 season. He looks really good but so many of his throws seem to be guys WIDE open. Would like to know what actual college fans think.
  5. Hilton jumped back onto Twitter yesterday after a hiatus and was answering questions. Almost makes me wonder if it’s actually him or not based on some of his answers. But definitely doesn’t sound like someone whose heart is still set on Indy.
  6. Irsay is talking to the media right now for those who don’t know. sounds like Stafford and Rodgers would meet Mr Irsay’s criteria. Also commented that he wasn’t surprised Phil decided to retire but wishes they could have run it back with him again since he loved watching the team this year and loves Phil... I’d say that pretty much confirms he wasn’t forced out.
  7. Can you imagine? We sign Rodgers and he ends up retiring after one season. Haha Indianapolis Colts - where HOF QBs come to retire.
  8. Wow. I’m honestly shocked. He didn’t get to experience Coltsnation without a world-wide pandemic and that makes me sad. But good luck in retirement, Phil! Now we can really start putting resources into the future QB.
  9. Only thing going in our favor here is if it’s too close to overturn.
  10. Fumble and the Bills are way back at the 50. This is our break. Come ON D
  11. Colts. Are. Still. Alive. why do they have to play with me like this?
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