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  1. CamMo

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    I was only able to actually watch a few plays from the game yesterday. After watching that video of Andrew’s throws posted by @GusFring, I am really not worried about Luck’s health or ability. It looks like a conservative game plan going up against a very good defense in the rain. Chester should have had a TD. Ebron should have had a TD. Frustrating, but not nearly the cosmic implosion vibe I’ve been getting on here.
  2. CamMo

    Week 3 - Titans v Jaguars

    I just saw the score and thought it was a joke on Twitter...WOW.
  3. CamMo

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    I hope we’ll get our tackles healthy, let Luck have 5+ games under his belt, and look back and laugh at this thread and how worried we all were.
  4. CamMo

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    I was listening on the radio during that 4th quarter. Luck wasn’t having a good game and didn’t sound like we were even trying to run the ball.
  5. CamMo

    Stupid play calling on last possession

    Yeahhh. I was listening on the radio, but how in the world do we get all the way down to the 3 yard-line and not punch it in? Incompletions and a sack....REALLY
  6. CamMo

    What are you expecting?

    No rust for Prince Harry. Shows why he was in MVP talks last year. Colts 13 Eagles 29
  7. CamMo

    Players Ruled OUT vs Eagles

    Soooo...I should go ahead and start Ebron? We caught a break with their RB corps
  8. CamMo

    What are you expecting?

    I’m not sure about creativity, but from watching interviews following the “Philly Special”, I think Pederson is the guy that makes the risky play calls. Reich is definitely about smart play calls, just not sure how risky/tricky they’ll be. I am one of the few who do not see Wentz coming back as a good thing for the Colts. We are going to need a baller game from Andrew Luck. Those huge chunk plays will need to show up this week.
  9. CamMo

    Unrest in Steel City?

    I’m with you. And TY, AB, and AL would be quite the bromance.
  10. CamMo

    Carson Wentz Cleared for Eagles vs Colts

    It takes one W and our fanbase gets all the way gassed up Hoping for a good game. I haven’t really watched Wentz play.
  11. CamMo

    Andrew Luck

    I was drinking some apple juice last night, playing pool, and a guy, who is supposedly a Colts fan, started making fun of my Luck jersey... He told me he doesn’t like Luck because “he stays in the pocket too long and throws way too many stupid passes.” Some discussions aren’t worth having
  12. CamMo

    Darius Leonard

    I just bought a jersey. Positive vibes only.
  13. CamMo

    Great overall game

    Redskin fans are HURT
  14. CamMo

    Vontae Davis ... retires?

    Bro. After that, you have to retire. Slap in the face to his teammates.