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  1. Now it looks silly, I guess? But at the time, it was being talked about in national media as the right move. It was well-respected to give the guy you’ve been hyping as a starting talent, starting QB money and show you’re confident in his play and ability to lead the team.
  2. Philip Rivers is our QB so I’m told. Amazing they didn’t have him read off a game for the schedule video. No strong feelings about the schedule either way, just hope they are actually able to play games with fans in the stands SAFELY.
  3. That white and blue looks so fresh. Those cleats! ugh.
  4. 1. Love the part where Nick Sirianni called in and started showing his excitement for the addition of two explosive offensive guys. They really didn’t think Taylor was going to be an option at their next pick. They are pumped and so am I! 2. Chris Ballard has said 500 times during this series how much he loves when guys speak up, give their opinion, and collaborate because it makes the team better. I LOVE this. It’s a great working culture. Or Colture, if you will. 3. Part of history is right! I think the league will adopt some of the technology driven aspects of the draft we’ve seen this year.
  5. I’m sorry you think I’m bashing him, but I’m not. I know people change and people make mistakes - but mistakes DO have consequences. I’m not hitching my million dollar trailer to a horse with a record of going off the tracks. Just not the smart business thing to do, and that’s why Ballard and Reich make the big bucks. Chad Kelly has done really well in his current role when a lot of teams wouldn’t even give him that.
  6. Now if THAT happens, things get very interesting lol
  7. His myriad of issues before. I don’t think he’s done anything wrong since being a Colt. But that’s business. He’s a proven knucklehead.
  8. Chad Kelly was fun to watch in camp, but I think it’s a no brainer to have Eason take his place. Young guy with talent, and Chad Kelly has already screwed up his chance at becoming a every week starter IMO.
  9. Sorry if it’s already been said within this thread. Irsay gave an interview and spoke about Pittman and Taylor. He said the Colts had really good intel that a team “Colts fans know well” were going to take Taylor if the Colts stayed put. Hence why they traded up and took him a few spots before. here is the link for the entire interview. https://www.colts.com/news/michael-pittman-jr-jonathan-taylor-jim-irsay-reggie-wayne-nfl-draft-2020
  10. It’s like if I were drafting and I knew I had the worst receiving stats last year. Take all the WRs, one of these has to help us right?
  11. Colts receive 85th, 149th (back into the 5th round) and 182nd. lions also get our 197th
  12. I gotta say, the virtual Colts fans are doing a great job of cheering and getting loud. It was noticeable compared to some of these picks.
  13. “Described as a culture setter by his coaches” durable. One of the most productive runners in college football history.
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