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  1. If only Houston would be dumb enough to trade D. Hop...
  2. His arm isn’t even the problem. It’s the decision making.
  3. Let’s hope we are able to put some points on the board! I think if we can bring the energy again, we have a shot. I started disliking the Browns after going to joint practices last year.
  4. That was an extremely motivated defense on their home field. Good job, Coats
  5. I know that miss when TY was wide open was bad but I still choose old man Rivers.
  6. Goodness. This is how the outbreaks start. The first real test of NFL protocols. Let’s hope they can get a handle on it.
  7. Okay, I’m not one for dramatics. I think JT will be a great player for us. But I swear sometimes I feel like I’m watching T.Rich run into the path of most resistance lol dude likes contact for sure. Unlike T. Rich, he always seems to get positive yardage.
  8. Start TY in fantasy? I’ve already been burned 2 weeks. But grandma lit that fire.
  9. Indianapolis Colts versus the New York Colts. Indy wins.
  10. IMO, the most surprising thing was the lack of pass rush or any type of pressure at all from the DL. That was supposed to be our biggest strength.
  11. Let’s hope for some second half defensive adjustments. A bit more aggressive please.
  12. Oof. Well we got that out of the way Phil. Time to RTDB.
  13. Good call. Not the RB I would have went with though.
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