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  1. All I got to say is I hope they like the next guy, because they obviously liked Guge. :/
  2. CamMo

    Ballard press conference

    @HarryTheCat I had to pull up the video from the Colts page on Facebook. I can’t find it on the Colts page anymore. But if you can get on Facebook, the video is there.
  3. CamMo

    Ballard press conference

    I don’t remember ever getting so much honesty and humility from a GM.
  4. CamMo

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    When I was watching him, I didn’t really notice the Oline getting manhandled or his arm looking “weak” per se. I think he held the ball a little too long and looked like a QB who was scared to throw a pick. That combined with getting behind and not finding any rhythm = a bad day for the Colts offense. I also think it’s worth noting, Andrew Luck looked upbeat in his post game press conference. He stated he was fulfilled and proved a lot to himself this season. Imo, you wouldn’t have seen that Andrew if his shoulder was causing him problems. If he was worried about his arm at all.
  5. CamMo

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    any chance they start sitting starters? The Pats I mean
  6. CamMo

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    Woof. The Chargers D is looking mediocre right now. This is the first Chargers game I’ve really watched this year though.
  7. CamMo

    We'll be back

    Quote posted in the wrong thread. Weird.
  8. Defense is getting smoked and you want to do that right in front of the ref? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
  9. Yeah, how crazy was Vinatieri missing that? It’s like fate saying “not today, Colts.” The sad part is, I believe he would hit a 51 yarder for the win. If by some miracle we needed it to happen
  10. Not surprised by the defense getting shredded. This flacid offense though? Pretty surprised. Just because the KC defense is supposed to be THAT BAD.
  11. Time to crack open the apple juice. Catch you on the flip side Colts fans.
  12. Yup. Playing sloppy early. We can’t do this with this explosive KC team. Already down 7. Feels like the beginning of the Texans game but switched.
  13. Would be nice to have Doyle in that situation. It’s a catch and a 1st.
  14. This Chiefs team and their fans have Super Bowl aspirations this year. Let’s ruin it for them.