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  1. Kevin Bowen had some very interesting stats about elite QBS and how it shows up in the 4th quarter... Jacoby’s was awful. Drop by Johnson ugh.
  2. Some very excited expletives. Thank you, Jameis :,)
  3. Come on Winston. We just want one more turnover
  4. yup he’s done a bit of it all with a banged up offense. It’s been awesome to watch today.
  5. Brissett just loves making things hard on me. He does magic tricks like that, but doesn’t do enough at other times. that was an awesome drive!
  6. Remember when people wondered if Hines was going to get cut after muffing every punt when he was drafted?
  7. For anyone who didn’t catch the reasoning... jacoby was trying to call timeout. You can’t take 2 timeouts in a row. Therefore the play had to be run. Thank God we got the 1st.
  8. IMO you take those points....we get the ball back!
  9. Looool okay that penalty was soft but...
  10. I now have 2 Leonard jerseys. Solid investment as far as players that’ll be here for a while
  11. Anyone else hear TY Hilton’s voice from the mic’d up video? “MANNIIIACCCC”
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