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  1. I want to smear the Steelers. Those have been some of the ugliest losses over the years. I want Ben to have nightmares of Leonard until he retires and AL needs to get over that hump. I chose 12 wins, loss to the Saints, and normal schedule.
  2. CamMo

    NFL Schedule

    Oh I agree. It was just a talking point, especially in the media, and there was some truth to it. I’ll also go ahead and say that just because this schedule looks rough now, it doesn’t necessarily mean the teams that were good last year are going to be nearly as tough this year. But, it looks promising to be a good test
  3. CamMo

    NFL Schedule

    No more “winning because of a soft schedule” posts. I’m excited. It’s always better to start tough, imo. Even good teams can stink it up during September.
  4. CamMo

    NFL Schedule

    I entered a contest to guess the opener, and I think I guessed Carolina also. I can definitely see the Texans game getting a SNF slot. Colts versus Chiefs is also a gimme.
  5. I really like him, his work ethic, and his positive attitude. But I’m keeping my expectations low and hoping to be pleasantly surprised this season on how much he’ll actually contribute. I have more expectations for Funchess complimenting TY.
  6. If he can stay healthy, we should be in great shape
  7. CamMo

    New Jets uniforms

    They are growing on me. Green is my favorite color though.
  8. Like x100. I was wondering how they’d show serious behind-the-scenes stuff without giving too much away. They nailed it so far.
  9. It was always weird to me that they weren’t married years ago when he got into the NFL. Not a bad weird, btw. Just thoughts of “I wonder what they (he?) is waiting for.”
  10. Yeah I have no idea what fanbase is helping them out, but it’s 55-45 now. Oh well. All in good fun. We know who the better fanbase truly is.
  11. Love Robert Mathis and his bleed blue attitude. His tweets are sometimes hard for me to decipher but goshdarnit I love him.
  12. Too Imagine Dragons-y for a mantra, imo. It was great how well the video and story matched up with a Superhero movie trailer. Very creative.
  13. This really puts the GRRRRRR in Grigson. But seriously, I wish we didn’t have to have these talks. Support Luck, keep him upright, and watch magic happen. He will keep getting better as long as he’s healthy. And I think we now have the right guy at GM to support him.
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