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  1. I agree with most of you wanting to trade JB to the Cowboys and get something before the value comes down...After the Monday night debacle, I think JB might be a hot commodity for the Cowboys right now, b/c I don't think A. Dalton is the answer....
  2. Bring Garret back and the DC.
  3. 10-12 carries don't cut it with Taylor, need to give him the ball more so he can warm up and establish some consistency......Play calling doesn't favor JT under Reich.
  4. I think Father time has caught up to TY, no knock on him personally but to perform on this league, age is a factor in your success in the NFL to go with your skill sets and TY is affected by both on the downward side...Nice guy, but this is a business.
  5. I felt this about Reich if he was the Reich stuff for the Colts team, during the last year or so I've come to the realization that he's not the right fit for this organization. His play calling, excuses for players that do not perform well, not sure about his staff being held accountable as evident of the lackluster performance at the beginning of each game, where they've been beaten like a drum on the defensive sides, by not making the adjustment early enough so that the offense would have enough time to catch up. Also not utilizing certain key players on a more consistent basis. The team i
  6. This guy has a nose for the ball, I guess we have our Safety for the next few years. He's really a difference maker...especially late in the game.
  7. Despite playing a bad team, I'll give him credit for the marked improvement from last week...
  8. I agree the defense was mediocre at the get go, especially playing an under .500 team....Flus need to to get these guys motivated and fired up so the Offense can match their intensity...
  9. A rookie of all things is taking Rivers to school. Time for a change, Colts are going to lose this game.
  10. Eason should be ready and will be ready. Based on his skill sets and sitting for one season and gaining some experiences warrants this young man to take the Colts to the next level.
  11. It sounds like Reich thinks with his heart instead of using brain and logic....It doesn't matter if Rivers is on track to throw 32 ints as long as he doesn't hurt the players feelings.
  12. If we lose to the Bengals this Sunday, start thinking about trading JB to accumulate some draft picks. I'm sure there are some needy teams that need a QB. That's why I think we need to throw Eason in there and see what he can do, have a 25M back up QB for Eason, after we get rid of a 20M back too....
  13. Eason is our future, but I'm not sure if Reich is the future for this team either, especially if he can't get Rivers to get over the hump. Rivers even admit, he couldn't do what Eason does and that's having a cannon that can go over 30 yds...
  14. We need to straighten out our QB, O-line so our RBs can see the light of day to run in. Take a pass on Bell.
  15. Concerns with Reich's play calling, decision making, rotational of players, poor decisions. Concern of the Oline regression Concern of the pass rush Happy of JT drafted, but not happy that he's been under utilized.
  16. Yes, the coaches from HC on down suck. Play calling, red zone decisions, RB rotations, wr,te. Name it, they suck.
  17. It's the coaches starting with Reich that should shoulder the blame. Their play calling, bad decisions and rotation of rbs. Like one echoed in the previous comments about rbs, JT was averaging nearly 5 ypc and you get away from that, simply mind boggling. Rivers arm is weak to say the least.
  18. It'll be a tight one, but Colts will eke out a win barely despite Reich's bad play calling and Rivers weak arm throws. 19-17 Colts.
  19. The weapons that he(Ballard) supposedly gave the team, (Pittman,Patmon, JT) are either injured or not being properly utilized. I blame it mostly on the Coaches then Rivers...
  20. Thunderbolt


    What's wrong with running the ball and get a little breathing room, then you can decide to pass if need be from inside the 5 yd line. And what's wrong with our touted O-line, they can't even protect Rivers he was getting a lot of heat all afternoon. It's the QB and Coaches who should shoulder the blame. Bad play calling, bad decisions...
  21. All points are well taken when something like this happens like losing when you could have actually won. Bad decisions on the coach and QB contributed to the loss to the Browns. Reich got out coached again, should have utilized the running game more with Taylor. It seems like, Taylor is in on one or two plays and gets replaced. There is no consistency here. Also when you have a 1st and 5 yds, and you throw resulting in incomplete passes that ends up punting, instead of running for the first down, since JT was averaging 5 yds. Seasoned QB like Rivers was making bonehead mistakes like craz
  22. We might be lucky to get to 8-8. I don't think we can beat the Texans twice,
  23. Maybe we could use him for our Defense as the DC.
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