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  1. At least Rivers can pass over five yards a pop.
  2. We need a beast of a running back that doesn't fall down when barely touched. I think a 6-2 or 6-3 range and 230-240s lbs will complement the running attack with Mack and company...
  3. Think again, don't want you to be disappointed.
  4. SF all the way. They have the DNA to win.
  5. Game over SF to the Big Dance. Time to go back to the drawing board for the Packs.
  6. I would still take a QB at 13, we have two picks in the 2nd, they'll have solid DL still available to pick.
  7. If Ballard is paying attention to these posts, QB hopefully will be on the menu.
  8. You're kidding me, the Colts DID NOT make the playoffs, end of story.
  9. It's all about Ws at the right time and coaching. The Colts didn't have this formula.
  10. Great, sounds like Colts are really and seriously looking for a QB.
  11. K'lavon Chaisson looks pretty to me, maybe we can add him on.
  12. Let's put some players around Darius and build a monster of a defense.....Still waiting for this to happen, hopefully Ballard can find some gems in the draft.
  13. You have my vote for the #12. Like the previous post "DEColtslover36" you're spot on about Luck bailing out on the team, we owe him nothing. Just good riddance, good luck, time to move on, so the GOAT can wear his number, no arguments here.
  14. It was a celebratory tap, it's a locker room full of men, high fives, low fives tap here and there. Politically correctness is out of control...
  15. Again, I'm all for it, he can bring a wealth of knowledge in the QB position, experience, leadership, a winning attitude and besides he can throw over five(5) yards....
  16. They want a SB in Ohio before Clevelant. So. Cincinnati will not trade their first pick for all the tea in China.
  17. Yes, he can help the new QB of the future as a back up and trade Brissett to get some more picks.
  18. Herbert or Fromm 1st pick, since Ballard likes to build a team thru the draft especially on most important position on the team.
  19. Quick grab him so he can help upgrade the defense. Flus need some help I'm sure, after the embarrassing loss to the Saints.
  20. Yep, definitely need competition at this position together with the rookie QB especially.
  21. He can replace Sheard, plus draft Dline. Should improve the defense immensely.
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