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Wildcard Weekend: Colts @ Bills, Jan. 9, 2021, 1:05 PM EST


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1 minute ago, John Waylon said:

Rivers waiting until 1 to snap the damn ball every play is just making things harder for him. 

Yeah obviously that has been a strategy from the coaching staff but for the life of me I can't understand the reason other than to shorten the game.  But he is still doing it even in the hurry up.

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1 minute ago, coming on strong said:

losing two timeouts will kill us later if we make a come back .  frank man why would you challenge a clear non fumble

My guess the guy in the booth who is talking in his ear said it was a fumble, even though it clearly wasn't

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    • I would LOVE to have more talent at WR than we have today   I would ask...... who will be adding the much needed pressure to the opposing team?   This defense is ranked 24th, our offense is 15th    IF we spend big $$$ on FA , I really hope that we use the limited bucket of $$ on a pass rusher and draft 2-3 (early round defensive players)   I think if we get one rookie WR and some help on defense (1 FA DE/ draft CB / draft FS / Draft LB, we will jump up a bit)   And with some health at QB, this team could win the AFC South  
    • I would be happy to use pick 15 to trade back a few spots and THEN pick up Mitchell or Thomas   Either would be a great pick up at 20-25   Walker might still be there in mid round 3   I would LOVE to have 2 2nd round picks in this draft after drafting Mitchell or Thomas   We could get a safety like Tyler Nubin AND TJ Tampa at CB   THEN in round 3 there are some excellent LBs that could be drafted   TJ Tampa and Nubin BOTH are stars in a zone defense   Both can tackle and support the pass     3 new starters from our first 3 picks.......          
    • ok my main take away from this is that you have spent a substantial amount of time staring at and approximating the size of Jason's bulge.         As to your question, I'm gonna say Michael because, when he's not terrorizing the babysitters of Haddonfield, he takes of his mask and lives his normal life as Sabretooth. 
    • How many broken tackles were in that video? Lol. He would make a great 1 2 with Taylor.
    • If Pittman signs an extension he won’t count $20 against the cap this year.  Could be under $10m actually.  Depends how it’s structured.  Cap wise it could be much lower than $40m for those two.  
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