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  1. I think Wentz should be happy to be a Colt. He shouldn’t need to ask to wear number 11. I know he asked Pitman and was shot down and took it like a champ. I appreciate that Wentz didn’t scream Im a Diva and I have to have number 11. But Wentz performance last season was awful. Doesn’t matter if philly WR sucks or there Oline sucks etc.. Wentz just needs to put on whatever the number/Jersey is handed to him and go out there and show the world you are an Elite QB and That Philly was the problem.
  2. I don’t care what formation we run. I would like to see the Carson Wentz that comes to the line and audibles plays left and right to confuse the defense. I’m not sure if he changed plays at all during that MVP run year he had with Philly but that’s what I want to see!
  3. Tanebaum was a GM for the Jets. All he did was bring in a very old Farve that even though old still helped him keep his job longer then he should have. What butt fumble Sanchez took over and it all went down hill. Only player that was worth anything on the Jets during his tenure as GM I believe was Darrell the island Revis. The rest maybe other defend players but yeah that’s all I remember
  4. Tanebaum I believe use to key word use to a very very long time ago was the GM for the Jets so yeah see what’s he done there and the way he evaluates and scouts players??? So yeah time to move on Tanebaum lol
  5. Titans have a great D and they have Derrick Henry what Trent was suppose to be for us but different topic. Tannehill while he plays better now I wouldn’t say he is elite I put him a little above average a very very little. And Trevor hasn’t played a down in NFL so yeah What’s the bleep is going on here worst QB in the Division?
  6. Well it seems like only the Colts had faith in Carson. I know the reports was the bears was gunning for Carson too. But I don’t think so Eagles did that to make us try to pay higher for Carson. Besides Salary cap issues for all the teams that need a QB we have to ask why was the Colts the only believer in Wentz? I hope that Frank and Ballard didn’t just put too much faith in Carson I’m PRAYING Carson plays like an MVP again and we come out of this trade like we stole there franchise QB for nothing!!
  7. I’m happy to get Wentz. Scared that he won’t pan out and how long do we give Wentz the reins to the offense for before we pull him if he does bad if? I mean does he get the Rookie QB treatment where he can mess up as much as he wants as long as he shows that he can move on from those mistakes and do better? The last time the COLTS made a Trade for a high profile pick was wait for it the rolling ball of knives remember. He ended up to be the rolling ball that can’t find daylight. And for some reason the less daylight he found on the field the more he ate off the field cause man that dude g
  8. Jared Goff I don’t follow him much use to watch him play a lot during his days at California. But I swear the ESPN people’s was always comparing Goff to Rodgers. Same College and same play style. Goff took them to the SB and had monster numbers for what 2 season straight under Mcvay. Dude was injured had surgery rushed back and help beat Russel Wilson Pete Caroll and company in the playoffs. Goff can’t be that bad people are gonna say the defense won that playoff Game for the Rams. But Goff did help in that win too. He didn’t just go 3 and out over and Over and then had a couple good dr
  9. Giving up that much draft picks and money (salary cap issues) I don’t think it’s worth it for a shut down corner especially one that does a ton of smack talking. I understand Ramsey his play can definitely backup his smack talk also. But from what I’ve seen and heard the stuff he says I don’t care how good you are. And the Rams defense is great is all because of that Beast they have in Donald not because of Ramsey. He helps the defense get better overall but the guy that makes that defense tick is Donald. Don’t forget we have a beast similar to Donald too BUCKNER. IDC what people say tha
  10. I think we need To be going after QB strictly. Like all the rumors and he say she say if the Colts are in The mix it should be about QBs only!! Damn we need a QB first to throw the ball to these recievers!’
  11. Besides the injury issue with Jimmy P Star. Why don’t the Niners don’t want to keep him as there Franchise QB? I honestly don’t follow Niners much so I don’t know. Someone please fill me in.
  12. I forgot to mention also. So everybody is talking about how Rodgers wants out of GB due to the 4th down decision on kicking a FG and not putting in the hands of your MVP/Beast QB to make it happen. What if this is only a what if as this thread is all just speculation of say us the Colts will try to trade for AROD#12. But yeah so since that head scratcher decision made granted it hindsight now but hindsight or not it to me was still a stupid Fing move/coach info decision ever made. So what if at the end of the day Rodgers is like god in GB similar to how Peyton was to us. What if the owner
  13. I haven’t read what has been said so far in this thread at all. But I said it before forgot which thread. I said we go yard after Jordan Love if the Packers decide to stick with Rodgers for a lot longer then anticipated depending on how he performed this season etc.. Then I suggested if Packers front office and coaches don’t like what they’ve seen or if Rodgers doesn’t like what’s going on in Greenbay and wants to get out. I didn’t exactly say it that way but that’s what I meant lol. I’ve even said I know this is a pipe dream and other users have replied to me saying I play too much Madde
  14. Jacoby to me was worth keeping on the roster only and only because Luck decided he wants to hang up his cleats. Then I thought somehow someway Reich and Ballard makes him look like he is worth a 1st or 2nd rounder as trade bait. Besides that I agree Jacoby is a nice guy great locker room presence etc.. But being a leader and a good friend to his teammates don’t win games. Jacoby is a great backup QB for the colts but that’s about it. Jacoby doesn’t deserve the money he is getting paid so Colts need to release the dude or worst case maybe get a 5th round pick but I doubt that. Time to say
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