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  1. This draft pick will be great. We needed someone to replace J Houston and we did. Found a great freak athlete. He is gonna be a Day 1 starter. And if he isn’t he will be a day 1 starter when the season starts. I just see this kid will give it 110 percent at all times. Seeing what his family went through what his mom had to do to get him to where he is now. He has a chip on his shoulder and a momma he has to take care of well he better LOL. I expect him to get her a big big house and at least 3 cars. His family though seems very humble and the type of family that doesn’t care about mate
  2. I’m happy Fields went to the Bears. Patriots don’t get Justin Fields I’m very very happy. Now I can root for Wentz lol.
  3. Don’t tell me Justin Fields now slips to the damn Patriots
  4. Okay am I missing something why did Justin Fields slip out of top 5 let alone top 10? Did I miss read somewhere that this kid is a bust or not NFL ready or won’t be at all? Damn what if he slips pass the eagles we might have a chance at fields
  5. Going to be Wentz beat Lawrence, Lance, And Wilson this year!!
  6. Can’t believe the Niners gave away a ton of asset to get Lance. Why didn’t they go after Wentz if they wanted a duel threat QB. Wentz exact same system as Lance except more proven. I can’t believe they went with Lance??
  7. I’m only dreaming or maybe not. What if Justin Fields is there at 21 do we take him or do we pass again? Jordan Love last year most of Colts nation wanted him he slipped really far to 26 so Justin fields might slip who knows
  8. I mean I wish they trade us for Wentz if they want a Lance type of QB. And give us the #3 so we can get Fields
  9. But I don’t think they’ll take Lance either at #3. I know Niners love to scheme on offense. They move players all over the field to get the mismatch and like the OP said get a QB that can run and throw and ran this type of offense in college then it’s like pasta and spaghetti sauce right? Then why didn’t they take the sure fire QB if that’s the case instead of a rookie? They could’ve went hard at Wentz. He is Lance except with a ton of experience and was an MVP QB. Damn I wish they would get Lance and somehow we trade Wentz and we get Justin Fields that would make my day
  10. If the Niners take Mac Donald Jones then I guess John Lynch I believe is there GM? Well he is getting fired instantly I mean like on the spot. I think the Niners owners will like call into the Draft stop the live broadcast just to get into the show and say John Lynch gtho Dodge bro.
  11. Leo Nard I know he is a all pro LB and he can and will set a record for highest paid LB on any team in the NFL. I just don’t see it with Leo Nard though. I don’t know maybe he doesn’t get the hype like LBers in the past has example Ray Lewis, T Suggs etc.. I don’t know I think we maybe be better off trading him for like 3 First Rounders and 1 third round draft pick. Q omg we have to resign him I guess My priorities is OLINE first and Defense second?
  12. Brian B is a huge Colts fan. I see he his happy and is predicting that we get MVP Wentz. Hence why this tape only shows Wentz can do no wrong lol. I’m praying we get this Wentz. I’m praying that Philly Oline, Penderson play calling, and No reliable WR was the issue for Wentz. Unfortunately Wentz isn’t a rookie we drafted he is a 5th year Veteran. He was traded to us even though we didn’t use any significant draft capital for Wentz we did use a ton of salary cap for Wentz. Wentz will be expected to come in and light up the field every single game. Wentz has to be better then Rivers. Wh
  13. I think Wentz should be happy to be a Colt. He shouldn’t need to ask to wear number 11. I know he asked Pitman and was shot down and took it like a champ. I appreciate that Wentz didn’t scream Im a Diva and I have to have number 11. But Wentz performance last season was awful. Doesn’t matter if philly WR sucks or there Oline sucks etc.. Wentz just needs to put on whatever the number/Jersey is handed to him and go out there and show the world you are an Elite QB and That Philly was the problem.
  14. I don’t care what formation we run. I would like to see the Carson Wentz that comes to the line and audibles plays left and right to confuse the defense. I’m not sure if he changed plays at all during that MVP run year he had with Philly but that’s what I want to see!
  15. Tanebaum was a GM for the Jets. All he did was bring in a very old Farve that even though old still helped him keep his job longer then he should have. What butt fumble Sanchez took over and it all went down hill. Only player that was worth anything on the Jets during his tenure as GM I believe was Darrell the island Revis. The rest maybe other defend players but yeah that’s all I remember
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