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  1. When that dude said Ryan Tannehill is a Top 10 QB in the NFL that right there says he don’t know much about Football. Titans get Julio and they’re SB contenders now? When has any SB winning team was 1 WR away from taking it the year prior? Please play the Season first and Simmons best DT? What in the hell? Rams DT Colts DT both have the biggest contract ever for any DT so Simmons better start playing at an elite level before labeling him that!
  2. I was looking for my name on the poll to pick but it’s not on there. So I’m not gonna vote. This thing is rigged. I demand a poll pls
  3. I wonder like undrafted WR. Does like Ballard and Reich listen to Wentz if he says I want to keep undrafted Rookie D over 6th round draft pick rookie C?
  4. When they ranked Nelson he was ranked correctly that’s why not because he is a Colt. If he played for any other team I would still have the same reaction. These LB besides Bobby Legion OF Doom Wagyu Wagner the rest of them from 2-5 isn’t no where near better then D Leonard. Again not because Leonard is a Colts player either! ; )
  5. Phillips Rivers was gonna RETIRE no ifs and buts ors. Phillip Rivers knew he was too old to play another year. Yes he went 11-5 but he knows himself that’s the best he can do is 1 and done in the playoffs with what the Colts have. Yes we have a good team but that’s it a GOOD team. We needed to be a great team to go to that next level. Phillip Rivers knew he didn’t have that much left in the tank to make the Colts be a great team. Now that we have Wentz and he truly believes he needed a new scenery and a team with a good to elite Oline to resurrect his career. The Colts needed to upgrade that position and I think they did also trading for Wentz. Now we need 2 more pieces and we will be great on paper since we are still in the off-season. We need Julio as our WR1 and we need a healthy LT that can play instantly. Then all the talking heads at espn will say we are the Champs. The paper super bowl champs. Again the Paper version!!
  6. This draft pick will be great. We needed someone to replace J Houston and we did. Found a great freak athlete. He is gonna be a Day 1 starter. And if he isn’t he will be a day 1 starter when the season starts. I just see this kid will give it 110 percent at all times. Seeing what his family went through what his mom had to do to get him to where he is now. He has a chip on his shoulder and a momma he has to take care of well he better LOL. I expect him to get her a big big house and at least 3 cars. His family though seems very humble and the type of family that doesn’t care about materials. But yeah great pick and paired up with Buckner yeah he will learn and he will eat up all that information anc perform. He is listed at 261 isn’t that really small for a interior D line. But they say he is a Frankish Athlete so I don’t think his frame or weight will hold him back
  7. I’m happy Fields went to the Bears. Patriots don’t get Justin Fields I’m very very happy. Now I can root for Wentz lol.
  8. Don’t tell me Justin Fields now slips to the damn Patriots
  9. Okay am I missing something why did Justin Fields slip out of top 5 let alone top 10? Did I miss read somewhere that this kid is a bust or not NFL ready or won’t be at all? Damn what if he slips pass the eagles we might have a chance at fields
  10. Going to be Wentz beat Lawrence, Lance, And Wilson this year!!
  11. Can’t believe the Niners gave away a ton of asset to get Lance. Why didn’t they go after Wentz if they wanted a duel threat QB. Wentz exact same system as Lance except more proven. I can’t believe they went with Lance??
  12. I’m only dreaming or maybe not. What if Justin Fields is there at 21 do we take him or do we pass again? Jordan Love last year most of Colts nation wanted him he slipped really far to 26 so Justin fields might slip who knows
  13. I mean I wish they trade us for Wentz if they want a Lance type of QB. And give us the #3 so we can get Fields
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