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  1. Rivers is so far good for us. But he isn’t young so yes we need a Franchise QB. No NFL team will trade away a Franchise QB. So unless we give up a ton of picks and whatever else is needed to get a top 5 pick for next year draft or we get lucky and land a franchise QB in the 2nd round.
  2. TY is and always has been a speed guy. He is a great WR but unfortunately age will catch up to him and the speed goes away. Other great WR as they get old can rely on there positioning aka height when it comes to catching the ball. TY doesn’t have the luxury he is all speed.
  3. That’s great great news. Look just say as an example only okay lol. We win the super bowl this year again only as an example. But yeah we win the SB and then what we still need a Franchise QB. Phillip Rivers is old and is a stop gap player for us. Unless some team was shopping there franchise QB then I would’ve been mad that Ballard and company didn’t try to trade for him. But no team would do that so yeah no trades is good for us.
  4. Personally I like Chris Ballard. I like the way he is building the Colts. I know we don’t have a QB. There isn’t one soul on Earth that could’ve predicted Andrew Luck retiring so damn early. I mean we had a top 5 Oline no elite QB in his prime would’ve retired. Especially Lucks age he wasn’t even 30 yet. But besides the QB situation Chris Ballard pretty much has made all the right decisions. The only one I didn’t like was trading away our pick 13 for Buckner. I was hopi we hang on to it and get a young DT and take that gamble that he will bloom into a superstar. I would’ve loved Chris
  5. Dallas will give us a 3rd round pick for Jacoby. They are down to a 7th rounder and Gilbert. Dallas I believe will give up a 3rd rounder for Jacoby. It’ll help us and help Jacoby maybe next year be a starter for another team. Jacoby gets to show off what talents he he has etc.. We can use that 3rd and I’m praying hoping somehow we trade up using that 3rd and something other player/pick move up in next year draft and get a franchise QB. And I have no clue who that person is but hoping he is there lol
  6. I would like to trade away Jacoby for draft capital and use that pick and trade up in next year draft for a QB. Rivers isn’t the franchise QB he is a stop gap for us. We aren’t going far in the playoffs anyways not trying to be negative but we won’t. I’m not saying tank the season but don’t waste our picks for anymore players. I can see if we are 1-3 players away from a Super Bowl but unfortunately we are not there yet.
  7. I think Mack is done as a Colts RB. Unfortunately he went down with an injury. The RB position is already filled by Taylor and he will be the starter for years to come unless he gets injured often. We always have the draft to find a RB if we need a backup for Taylor.
  8. At this point in the season doesn’t matter what Baker Mayfield and Browns did to the Bengals and what our Colts and Rivers did to them. We have placed all our hopes on Rivers shoulder to hopefully get us to the holy land aka Super Bowl. I believe though Rivers will and still is our best chance at QB to get us there. There isn’t anyone else FA wise that would be better for us.
  9. Been on this forum for years but first time posting. After reading through this thread. I think Rivers still is the best option for the Colts. I don’t think Cam can lead us anywhere and Dalton just is done.
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