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  1. Adam why didn't you just slot 1 of the easy FG's you missed last season!
  2. People like this Kent guy are toxic. Trying to muster up something out of absolutely nothing.
  3. It's difficult to say right now but with a glaring needs at WR and CB right now, I think it would be a good idea to fill those holes in the draft. As others have said the top 4 QB's will probably be gone before our first pick so I don't know if I trust the remaining options to be the QB of the future.
  4. You clearly have a real dislike for Kelly using 'utterly irrelevant' twice! The guy is on the colts roster so I wouldn't say he is utterly irrelevant , nor would I say that about anyone else on the team. No-one is saying CB or Frank HAS to give him a chance, some people just think it would've been smart to see how he performs on the NFL field against legit competition considering we had NO chance of making the playoffs at that time. But no I guess it was smarter to play Brissett who was playing poorly, still not 100% healthy risking further injury and hey we could go 8-8 instead of 7-9 with him one the field! So what if it muddied JB's waters, the water is looking merky at best for him right now anyway. Yes, people would be singing Ballard's praises if JB performed well under his contract. He didn't. I'd say if anything those who disagreed with the contract at the time had good foresight instead of hindsight.
  5. This is very true... Then we went 2-7
  6. I think he meant similarly to how Grigs couldn't fix the O-line, Ballard couldn't fix the QB situation.. I was also very confused when I read that lol. Anyway, I have said a few times that I think Ballard did a poor job of handling the QB situation last season by giving JB the contract that he did and bringing in Hoyer who is just garbage. Brissett would've surely played the season with or without the new contract I'd have thought - then we wouldn't have this issue of trying to trade him off last minute to create more cap space. Having said that I still have faith in Ballard - his drafting has for the most part been very good and I love that we signed Houston last season and now have Buckner. Jury is out on Rivers, I'd rather we went a different route but I do think Rivers could shock us and have a decent season.. Just very curious to see what Ballard does in regards to bringing in a more permanent solution for the position. I think last season really lit a fire under Ballard's * though and has changed his mindset, as we can see he is more ruthless now and willing to make those big splashes to get our team where it needs to be. So, I am excited to see this new version of Ballard.
  7. Shame cos I actually like Ebron, but he clearly thinks he is better than he is. The drops are just a big turn off for most teams I'd imagine.
  8. I just have flash backs of Kyler running for his life half the time last season though lol
  9. Voted for Wirfs so Murray has more time to throw to his new toy and all his weapons
  10. DeShaun Watson having a bad day, loses his best receiver and has to face Buckner the beast twice a year lol
  11. It just doesn't get me excited tbh... Ah well, hopefully he proves he still has it if (and when) we sign him.
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