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  1. This thread turned into a bunch of soccer moms spamming gifs lol I'd hope the only scenario JB comes back is with a relatively small contract as a backup although I would rather see what we have in Eason as backup and bring in a proven starter in the NFL.
  2. Love this guy, so electric and looked like he could be dangerous at CB as well as kick returner. Replace rock with him for good I say.
  3. Phil is a likable guy and a decent qb but not top drawer and probably not good enough to win us a Super Bowl. I think we should move onto the next chapter, although I appreciate what he did for the team this season.
  4. hi, this is a forum where we discuss things good and bad. Welcome!
  5. A lot of mistakes on the field but the main reason for our loss was reich’s play calling and decision making in my opinion. Really was baffling at times.
  6. That was on Frank, can’t change my mind about that.
  7. Let’s not blame refs, we are digging our own grave unless we can pull something out the bag soon.
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