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  1. Phil did have a good game against the Bengals no doubt, but he has been very average or perhaps below average for the most part. I hope he can hang with some of the better teams we have coming up on our schedule but I do have my doubts that we will see more of the bengals type play from him very often.
  2. ahhh this sucks, the game will start at 00:25 for me now.. If colts could just play at 1pm every sunday that'd be great lol
  3. lol some guys on here can't handle even the slightest criticism. God forbid I be mad at our defensive performance against the Jags.
  4. Rackeen take 5 pal, come back stronger lol
  5. Having said that, let's take Justin Fields next year.
  6. Very nice, was good to see Mo bounce back from the drop and make those big plays.
  7. John Hammonds: Yeah but..................!
  8. Hooooold one a second... the Colts may have looked like the #1 defense on Sundayt, it was awesome to witness (even though the Vikings helped with that by being absolutely garbage) BUT you cannot tell me we looked like even a top 30 defense against the Jags. This notion that we are #1 defense after 2 weeks is fraud lol. You cant allow 19/20 pass completion 1 of 2 weeks and be the best in the league.
  9. The guy is an absolute truck, hope we get to see plenty more of him going forward.
  10. What a great turnaround from week 1, was a damn delight to watch. It's like there was a completely different Defense out there this time, stopped the pass and the run extremely well and on offense Taylor and Alie-Cox looking good, although there were a couple of times Taylor probably lacked a bit of vision. TY has had a bad start to the season for sure, hope he sorts it out.
  11. I am interested to see the comparison between Claypool and Pittman over the course of the season. When I was churning out mock drafts I'd always have one of the 2 in my drafts lol. Both big bodied receivers and I will admit, after the combine I really wanted Claypool but I like Pittman as well so hope he turns out better obviously.
  12. I'll be honest I had high hopes for this season, mainly because I thought our defense was going to be a lot better (drafted colts D in my fantasy teams) but after seeing last week we were really bad at stopping even the Jags from marching down the field I have changed my perception a little. Yes it's one game but it showed that the defense is not nearly what I expected them to be. Hopefully that changes but I'm not going to get my hopes up too high, I was thinking around 11-5 now its more like 8-8 or 7-9 for me. If we beat the Vikings I'm sure my perception will change once again lol, Colts ar
  13. But surely the QB can throw the ball quicker against zone coverage if his receivers are open straight away? Thus giving the front 4 less time to get to the QB.
  14. Not that I needed to refer to the top 3 sites I clicked on a google search but let's not kid anyone here, the Jags are down there at the bottom of the league. Of course it is personal opinion though.... https://www.thelines.com/betting/nfl/power-rankings/ https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2888788-nfl-power-rankings-where-does-every-team-stand-after-the-2020-nfl-draft https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-power-rankings-week-1-chiefs-49ers-on-top-at-kickoff Also, we can say there was no preseason so we were rusty, but that's the same for the other 31 teams.
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