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  1. Heard he gives a killer foot rub. If Brian Hoyer is JB's role model then I feel bad for JB.
  2. Hoyer was a terrible idea in the first place. How the # did Ballard see anything in firstly Philip walker then Brian hoyer? When we first brought this guy in people were like he is a great mentor, locker room guy and will help JB... lol I’m interested in players who can play the game - and this guy can’t.
  3. Hoyer should stick to just being ‘the locker room guy’
  4. dude the fins basically have a backup team. Why are you looking for excuses?
  5. You gotta start getting reps sometime. Hoyer is very immobile and apparently can’t pass all that well either. If alarm bells aren’t ringing for people when we are 10 down to the fins then I don’t know what to tell you all.
  6. lol do you still think so. That was * tragic
  7. I think Brady might even be a better scrambler than hoyer lol
  8. Pains me to see even the dolphins moving the chains like it’s a practice session. C’mon colts let’s sort it out! edit: maybe spoke a bit too soon lol
  9. I never thought he would be out for any time, it looked bad when it happened but he didn't seem too bad walking around on the sideline or anything... Hope he is healthy and plays the full game against miami.
  10. I’d never ever boo the man, I truly believe he is the goat kicker in the nfl over his career but reality is this season has been a very bad one for him and I think he should hang it up. Difference between booing and criticizing him on this forum.
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